Saudi-Indian relations: Analysis

March 3, 2010

by Moin Ansari | Rupee News

The Bharati (aka Indian) press is full of sound and fury about the trip of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the King of Sadui Arabia. The trip itself was a major achievement for the Bharati government–a clear indication of the level of relations between Delhi and Riyadh. Only four previous prime ministers have ever been allowed to the sacred land. Of course Mr. Manmohan Singh visited Riyadh only, not being allowed to stepon sacred soil of Mecca or Madina.

Bharati leaders were overjoyed by the fact that a Bharati Prime Minister was able to reach the shores of the Arabian peninsula which seems to be a major feat for the Bharati government.

The Bharati media is also very excited by the fact that Saudi Arabia has agreed to sell oil to Delhi at market prices. Well duh! Saudi Arabia surely doesn’t want to keep its oil under the sands. It does want to sell it so that it can sustain the lifestyle it is used to.

Delhi politicians are always very excited when a country decides to sell them something–anything. Delhi is “ga ga” over the fact that their trade with China has reached a certain number. Looking at the details of the numbers, one sees a one sided trade, where China is flooding the Bharati market with cheap goods–and Bharat is not exporting much. Delhi is all smiles because the US decided to sell it obsolete Nuclear power plants which are banned in the US.

Delhi and Riyadh have also signed an extradition and prisoner exchange treaty. It is amazing that Delhi was unable to get an extradition treaty signed with Saudi Arabia for the past sixty years. In practical terms an extradition treaty is not worth the paper it is written on. If the Saudi or the Bharati government deem it important for their national security purposes, they will not send a person to the other country—extradition treaty or no extradition treaty. Therefore if this is a great success story for Mr. Manmohan Singh–then one can surely imagine the level of expectations from the trip.

There are no other tangible results from the trip, other than the fact that Bharat has now introduced Saudi Arabia as an interlocutor between Pakistan and Bharat. A few weeks ago, Delhi was up in arms where the suggestion had been made that China would smooth out relations with Delhi. This week, Bharat accepted the good offices of Riyadh to smooth over ties with Pakistan. The opposition in Lok and Rjha Sabah are waiting for the Bharati PM to return so that they can hammer him. The opposition wants to know why Delhi had accepted a mediation role of Saudi Arabia in the dispute between Pakistan and Bharat.

This mediation role can only be applied to Afghanistan and to Kashmir. In both cases Delhi had rejected a third party role. This is the first time that Bharat has accepted an “interlocutory role” for a third country. Mediation by Saudi Arabia cannot be good news for Delhi. Saudi Arabia has often been accused of supporting and arming the Taliban and the militants fighting for their freedom in Kashmir.

The relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are legendary. Nothing could be closer. Every Pakistani head of state visits China or Saudi Arabia right after taking office. The Saudis are involved in every aspect of Pakistan life. Saudi Arabia is a major investor in Pakistan and has provided funding for Pakistan’s Nuclear program. According to sources, Pakistan Armed forces have bases in Saudi Arabia and Islamabad has provided the kingdom a nuclear umbrella. Saudi princes have been allowed into top secret nuclear facilities where even Pakistani Prime Ministers have on occasion been denied access. Thousands  of Saudis live in Pakistan and many many thousands have their second homes in almost every major city of Pakistan. Thousands of Saudi students are enrolled in Pakistani universities. Millions of Pakistanis live and work in Saudi Arabia and are students in Saudi institutions. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan cooperate on each and every matter, be it foreign relations or economics or global strategies. There is no bone of contention between the two countries.

The Bharati trip came in the background of souring Bharati relations with Iran. After Delhi stabbed Iran in the back at the IAEA, Tehran canceled a $6 billion LNG deal with Delhi and has refused to revive it. Bharat is thirty for oil and gas. It cannot join the Iran Pakistan pipeline because of US pressure. It does not have oil. It needs energy. Therefore the trip to Saudi Arabia was essential to ensure supply of oil to Bharat. Saudi Arabia also seeks leverage in Delhi to pressure it to treat the large Muslim population properly.



  1. This can be seen as a counterstrike by Delhi after the latest Afghan fiasco. Where is our foreign office?

  2. “The relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are legendary.” ha ha ha ha… you need to go to Riyadh and see how they treat your compatriots. Pakis are the lowest on the rung… right next to the filipinos. And yes, even Paki men get “loved” by the Sheikhs.

    • @Amused
      Do u know indians are insulted and called ‘Mallus’. I know an Indian who went to MOE in dxb and while standing in the line an arab couple told them why don’t u go to ‘Lulu centre’ where all the Indians go and it is even known as ‘MMP’ – Mallu meeting point. I was at a supermarket and when an indian was breaking the line an arab told him ‘This is not Mumbai’. It came in the newspaper under topic rascism that an arab women got an Indian couple kicked out of a lingerie store even though there was a european couple the arab couldn’t stand the Indians.And the store did nothing coz they were “Indians” and the women was an arab!
      These are just a few of the incidents that take place! BTW do u know lungis were banned in UAE coz Indians used to purposely flash there private parts by pretending they were adjusting there lungis in front of women!

      The love for Indians in Australia is also in front of us and there are many more incidents involving Indians so cut the crap!

      • PKHH this is blatent properganda,

        India and Saudi are now friends , shame on saudi for discussing pak affairs with India

        Saudis only care about hunting animals in pakistan

      • oh plz. pakis are the lowest rung anywhere. in UK for eg, they have the highest poverty. just google and see.

      • …. and that proves what?

      • @Amused
        That’s proving the love for Indians in ME!

        @Ask jeeves
        Your 70% population is below the line of poverty and 40% of world’s poor are in India. Half of Mumbai lives in slums! Majority of the Indians in dubai are working as labour who sadly are treated worse than animals. Many of the arabs in my sisters office don’t even enter into the escalator when an Indian labour is inside coz they say they stink! Btw my sis feels sorry for the cheap labour!

      • @ask jeeves
        One more thing do u know a middle class Pakistani in Dubai helps people who are bought to UAE and thn there passports are kept with the sponsors and they force them to work with them at the lowest possible salary, do u know majority of the people he has helped are Indians he pays to the sponsors from his own pocket and teaches them work and helps them make a good earning for themselves. Even though he is not very rich . Another Pakistani collects second hand clothes which are in good condition and gives them to the labours (mostly Indians) every month and says he loves to see the happiness on there faces when they get these clothes! Both these stories were covered in the media!

    • And India is a big suplier of Municipality staff for street cleaning and sewage water cleaning as these are mostly done by Non-muslims.Muslims,as they pray five times,have to remain always clean.

      • Yes, I agree. Not all the “slumdogs” are millionaire, many go to cleaning work as well. By the way, they are millionaire in bolloywood only! Long Live Pakistan!

    • I have so many family members in Saudi Arabia and they have only positive things to tell. Some of them moved to North-America after the 1st Golf War but they still miss the old quality of life and the fact they actually lived on the holy land.

      “Amused” is also confused and clearly this Baniya has never been to Hijaz and is a victim of his own racistic mind.

    • Pakistan does not need Saudi Arabia or any arabia.. Pakistan is OK on its own.

    • Check out respected Indians in Saudi…

      Enjoy! 🙂

  3. @Amused you are more stupid than I thought you were. Dude the indians are no better in the eyes of Saudis as they still think Hindus the nation of ignorant. Go look yourself that the saudis don’t give a shit to the Indians, so don’t get very excited about it as they still theink that the indians are scum bag rats.

    • Oh – I agree completely. Read my post. Never once have I said that Saudis like Indians. You’re assuming a lot of things. I may be stupid… but atleast I’m not a Paki.

      • no you are NOT, and that’s what is bothering yopu.
        you can only DREAM that you were a Paki!

    • Look guys, The Saudis think that all foriegners are their slaves.. and we make them feel this because Indians, Pakistanis and anyone in this area BEHAVE like slaves. So stop this nonsense and be REAL.

  4. Guys i worked with some Hindus, they always behave like they are prisoners, actually still they feel taht they are Ghulam of the Muslims, and why not they have remain Ghulam of Muslims for thousand years.

    • ROTFLMAO… once you’ve finished smoking, pass that joint here bro.

  5. PKHH BS, ISI spin

    Saudi Arabia is not our ally they signed alot more than just 1 treaty , such a minimum wage and allowing indains in Saudi to serve prison time in India

    • I agree with you.Saudi Arabis is not India’ally.They have signed agreements for supply cheap labor from India to work a slaves with a bare minimum wages.

      Indians should not look to red carpet etc as this is the Saudi style for every guest.Crown Prince is the equivalent to a PM.No big deal.

      Even a clerk from any country,if sent as an official representative,and if he is given an audience by the King,he will sit on the right hand of the King,a typical Islamic gesture.



  7. READ THIS : 😀 😀

    Dr. Singh and his official delegation were received at the royal terminal of the King Khalid International Airport by Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz accompanied by his entire cabinet. In departure from the protocol norms, a red carpet was rolled out to the Prime Minister. The nearly 40-km route from the airport to the city centre was lined with Indian and Saudi Arabian flags

    • My dear, that is standard Saudi protocol 😛

      The flag and stuff will happen if you visit once in a blue moon!

      I dont know what is this great deal about Red Carpet with the Indians?

      All Head of states are received on a Red Carpet in Saudi…


      • read it again…. in departure from normal protocol…

        what has Pak Prez recieved from them?

      • Well how many Indians X have enjoyed Saudi protocol without holding Public Office???
        Just ask anyone in Saudi how Nawaz & Mush are treated whenever they visit Saudi even not being head of state…
        The text you quoted is for the Indian readers in particular to highlight that they too were received well in Saudi despite of all differences! Doesnt prove anything at all!

  8. Just look at this government which hasn’t even tried to maintain the kind of relationship Pak has with Saudis. this govt is not even giving a shit about this big issue. No doubt Saudia is a great ally of Pakistan but that too is to be managed. This govt isn’t even maintaining strategic relation we have with China !!

  9. ohhhhh ….so is there anything good in your religion …….
    we dont need your certificate to prove that our religion is great


    • @Salman Bhai

      I totally agree with you about the greatness of Islam and Pakistan, although I think it’s a bit arrogant to call ourselves the greatest…

      Let’s pledge to demonstrate our greatness to the rest of the world through our good deeds and thoughts, and not by insulting other religions or pointing out shortcomings in other nations…

  10. You fool.What about the following Professor becoming Muslim?

    Rama Krishna Rao,
    Reader and President,
    Deptt.of Philosophy
    Maharani Arts College for Girls,

    Has Bharat collapsed?May be,it is a beginning.You simply have to wait.

  11. Not sure whether Bharat or Pakistan will ever collapse… I hope we live to see the bad feelings between the two countries collapse…

  12. On the second day a formal reception was held in honour of the state guests.[6] Singh was scheduled to address the Majlis-e-Shura, described as “a singular honour”.[20] During his visit Dr. Singh was conferred an honorary doctorate by Saudi Arabia’s prestigious King Saud University. An MoU for cooperation was signed between Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the King Saud University in the presence of the Prime Minister. Later, speaking at a community event at the Indian Embassy hosted by Indian Ambassador Talmeez Ahmed, the Prime Minister praised the contributions made by the over 1.8 million Indian citizens. “India is proud of you and proud of your achievements in this country,” he said

      What hypocrisy!! At some other threads you have insulted Islam/Muslim and now you are filling the topic on how Indians got treated by KSA??

      • Dear IM,

        Unlike us Pakistanis, Indians do not equate nationality with religion… So it’s possible that they may criticize a religion in response to someone insulting their religion, however it may not translate to hatred towards a particular country that follows another religion…

      • @Reality bites
        Who has asked you to advocate on behalf of Indians? And why don’t u speak for yourself only rather than saying “WE” Pakistanis… You are new here and probably don’t know the comments posted here earlier by ‘ask jeeves/nikhil/sal’ (He’s the same person) There were article posted against arabs/Muslims by him even though no one insulted his religion. On the other hand he says he loves everyone coz Jesus said ‘Love ur enemies’. So why spread trashy articles! No Muslim over here insults Christianity for obvious reasons and only some insult Hinduism NOT everyone! FYI I’m not in support of insulting other religons!

      • @ IM
        Reality Bites is shedding his wisdom on a Pakistani blog by tossing HEADS I WIN TAILS YOU LOOSE strategy as I am sure no one gives a shit about him back home. Hez disillusioned typical Indian flying solo spreading confusion in another way that his other Indian baboons are doing and ultimately promoting the idea that we are the same people and should revert to a united INDIA!

        We have had these arguments before and I am sick and tired of reading them again. No wonder population growth is a serious issue. They just keep coming… 😛

  13. Who cares for the Saudi’s anyway?

  14. Check out respected Indians in Saudi…

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • @Catalyst

      Is this the best you can do? Please remember that for every such video you post here, Indians can find equally or even more depressing videos about Pakistan on their websites…

      My question to you is, where would this end? If educated people like you can only express your frustration in such a useless and unproductive manner, where is the hope for our nation?

      • YOU ARE SO ROTE! Glad you enjoyed it! I believe this trash is for all the trash Indians that are plaguing this forum with non sense and hatred. You I believe are new here. This is a Pakistani Blog intended for Pakistanis highlighting our short comes, achievements and to counter the Anti Pakistan propaganda. You are welcome if you are a well wisher & contributing sincerely & +vely.
        Your point is well taken, slap me and be my friend is not going to last long. I can understand your approach and contribution on this forum, but you my dear are SOLO! It’ll take quite a few of you to change my opinion about INDIAN!

      • where is the hope for our nation?<— Indian or Pakistani ???? 🙂

  15. Bhindians are just jealous that there is no other Hindu country on the planet apart for their own!

    As a resut they’re forever forced to kiss the shoe’s of the Muslim’s and Christian’s,the inferiority complex is there for all to see!.I can only imagine how terrible it must feel to be a slumdog!!

    • @Imran

      My friend, talk is cheap… Let’s not be so arrogant just because no one can catch us on the Internet… The racist tone of your postings is deplorable and not worthy of a true Muslim… I know you will try to justify it by telling me about the Indian websites that are filled with hatred towards Pakistan and Islam…

      My question to you is, if we do the same as them, how are we better than them?

      • You can continue deploring until the end of time sunshine,it’s makes no difference because i simply hate all Indians!

        I’m not a practising Muslim so save the guilty conscience attempt and yes i’m a nationalist!.I’m not your “friend” either so please F off!

        Slumdog’s stink!

      • @ Reality Bites,


        Slap and be my friend works in INDIA only.

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