Post London: Delhi begs Saudis for role in Afghanistan

March 1, 2010

by Moin Ansari | Rupee News

RIYADH: Shashi Tharoor, minister of state for external affairs, was at the centre of yet another controversy after his remarks here on Saturday evening that Saudi Arabia could be a “valuable interlocutor” between India and Pakistan.

The remark, in response to a question from a reporter, triggered a storm on Sunday, with many viewing it as a deviation from the country’s stand to treat the dispute with Pakistan as a bilateral affair, and reject all suggestions of third-party mediation.

Tharoor strongly argued that he had been misinterpreted as he had not used the word “mediation or anything like that”. He also tweeted, ruing the misinterpretation of the word “interlocutor”, while insisting that an “interlocutor was different from a mediator”.

But with a row threatening to build up back home, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had to clarify matters through a press statement.

“A section of the media has misread my remarks. What I basically said was that Saudi Arabia is a valuable interlocutor for India. Any other interpretation was neither meant nor warranted,” Tharoor said.

On Saturday, Tharoor had been asked whether India expected Saudi Arabia, given their close ties with Islamabad, to help address the terror threat from Pakistan. “We feel that Saudi Arabia has a long and close relationship with Pakistan, that makes Saudi Arabia even more a valuable interlocutor for, when we tell them about our experience, Saudi Arabia listens as somebody who is not in any way an enemy of Pakistan, but a friend of Pakistan and, therefore, will listen with sympathy and concern to a matter of this nature,” he had said.

With the news of “departure” playing big on channels back home, Tharoor questioned the interpretation. “An interlocutor is someone you speak to. If I speak to you, you are my interlocutor. I mentioned the Saudis as our interlocutors, i.e. the people we are here to speak to,” he tweeted. Saudi role in Indo-Pak talks? Tharoor sets off row
Diwakar, TNN



  1. rub hard rub hard as hard as ur can !!! Indians !!!
    this rubbing is good is a very good plan !!!..
    and Saudis need to get some brains in their Dumb Heads!!! tooo much money but no Morality!!!

    • No, that’s not how you speak about friends. Saudi’s have been very sincere and brotherly with Pakistan. We Pakistanis have a lot of regard for them. Above all, our Holy places are located in that country. Every Muslim is supposed to show respect for the country and its people.

      • We owe Arab’s absolutely nothing instead must always give priority to Pakistan otherwise no one else will!

        I know many Pakistanis living in KSA who tell me how poorly many are treated by Arab’s so why should we move heaven and earth to satisfy them.What have Saudi’s ever done for us Pakistanis??

        Love Islam but Saudi’s like any other people have to earn respect instead of receiving it by default through their history.We’re on our own in any Indo-Pak conflict so let’s get over this Arab complex for if they truely were our friends they’d never entertain the slumdog’s in the first place!

        Our armed forces are easily the best amongst all Muslim nations not forgetting our nuclear arsenal so let the Saudi’s dream of being us then the other way round!

      • It’s pure ignorance on your part to claim that we owe Arab’s absolutely nothing. Our arsenal that you mentioned had a big support from Arabs too. Saudi government has been supporting Pakistan generously in our difficult times, especially during the sanctions maliciously slammed on Pakistan by an arrogant and rouge US. They have been giving us a good amount of free oil for many years. Material support is just a minor side of this brotherly relationship between the two countries. Saudis have been firmly standing by us at all international forums, especially at the OIC during 1980s (a very tough time for Pakistan due to Soviet occupation of Afghanistan) when many other Muslim countries (under the Soviets influence) were siding with India at the cost of Pak interests. Saudi Arabia is perhaps the only country in world that is welcomed by Pakistanis to play a mediatory role in our internal feuds too.

        While it is true that many Pakistanis get a harsh treatment in Saudi Arabia, did you ever ponder why is that the case? I have been in SA only once for Hajj and what I saw many Pakistanis doing there is probably why they get such a treatment. Like other nations, we too have many short-comings that we need to rectify. If some silly begging Pakistanis do not get a good treatment in SA, that does not justify being ungrateful to the favors, support, and cooperation that Saudis as a nation have been extending towards Pakistan.

      • I totally agree with you.These are some ignorant and IHSAN FARAMOSH people,who have the least Idea of Saudi support for Pakistan.I would have loved to hear from you,your experince of Pakistanis,while on Haj.
        While the professional like doctors,engineers and Chartered accountant and in other areas,have kept the Pakistani flag high,there are numerous stories of cheating,killings,running prostitute dens.In fact these Pakistanis have brought with them their life style from their villages.
        One must not forget that Pakistanis held such a high position that the first Governor of the Central Bank,was a Pakistani,Mian Anwar Ali,working with King Faisal and his signatures appeared on currency notes.While other nations have progressed,we have been going down.

  2. india abb saudi arab ko use ker raha hai apna kaam kerwane k liye

  3. lol lol …:D 😀

    Pakistan Zindabad ! 😀 😀

    and hence its proven ..that the”Interservices Intelligence” of Pakistan ..got the Indians to seek an “interlocutor” …lol hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    This is just the beginning right now ur searching for an “interlocutor” next u will find urself “interlocked” in afghanistan….lol lol lol

    Then you can go to some other country begging them to “inter-vene” …hahahahahahahaha

    ” Verily then plan but Allah(swt) Plans too, and the best of planners is Allah (swt)”

    Long Live the Khurasan Empire !

  4. This is indian hypocrisy, pakistani leadership should brief the saudi friends that they should follow the sayings of our prophet SAW that muslims are like one body if the pain is on one part it is fealt by the whole body. India is causing a lot of trouble in pakistan and kashmir through its state sponsored terrorists the saudis should be made aware of what these terrorists have done and doing to us. I am sure they king Abdullah who is not a very big fan of india will listen to us

  5. uuhh ..Rupee News again aka what moin-ansari-thinks.com

  6. Faisal,

    Get over your pathetic Arab complex!.Pakistanis are not the only ones caught doing wrong during the Hajj besides i’m talking about those employed in the kingdom!.Moreover Arab’s have often used Pakistan as a playground for their Shi’ite/Sunni fighting so they can all kiss my you know what!!

    They may have supported our arsenal but we’ve also come to their rescue many times otherwise Israel would have swallowed them up by now!.They can drink their oil for all i care infact we should stop accepting any favours from them because their society is racist at heart!

    Fact of the matter is that Arab’s as a whole are the most racist people on the planet thuse deserve to be treated like garbage because they freakin’ stink!

    • Why don’t you talk about traders,human smugglers,history sheaters.
      Rice traders cheat by suplying stones in rice bags and not providing the quality as shown as samples.The result is that Saudi rice market is lost to Indians.
      Fruit traders send fruits in wooden boxes,spoiling the fruit before reaching destination.Nowhere in the world wooden boxes are used.Again cheating on quality.
      Human smugglers send people on Haj,with one way ticket to help them disappear.The number of illeal Pakistanis found in Saudi,is not comparable to any other countries.Saudi jails are full with Pakistanis,more than any other country.
      If somebody has committed a crime in Pakistan,comes running to Saudi,to save himself,as Saudis do not deny Umra visas,and no other country’s visa can be obtained.Such people,by habit,commit crimes in Saudi.

      Leave Saudi.Ask Turkey and China.

      In Istanbul,there is a big square called Takseem Square.My friend a bag written with”Pakistani Rice”
      and inside were stones.
      China purchased some tractors,recently,from Pakistan and they were sent without engines.

      My advice is to wake up,know your own weaknesses before criticising others.I bet you name me a country in the world which we can call a friend.I know your answer will be:That is why we have befriend India.
      If so,then there was no need for independance.

      P.S.It is no denying of fact that certain employees suffer at the hands of some,but this atmosphere has been created in the last few years after a general image of Pakistanis has gone bad.

      • Your comments make no sense whatsoever infact it seems that you’re writing from some cave!!.From what i gather you’re attacking Pakistanis for being smugglers yet fail to see the corrupt Arab’s for what they are,womanisers and addicted to gambling etc!

        Chine and Turkey have nothing to do with this debate so you’ve lost me but i agree that Pakistanis should sort themselves out instead of seeking employment in the rotten Gulf nations.

        Is pathtic how people like you are mentally Arab slaves who just can’t get over their complex trying to justify it with a few incidents that occur everywhere!.Not only Pakistanis but Indonesians,Srilankans,Bangladeshis and many other nationalities are also treated like vermin by your masters whose feel you are hellbent on kissing!

        You people have a strange attitude where you critisise your own Pakistanis whilst kissing Arab ass openly.Have you any idea just how pathetic you are that you make me freakin’ sick!!

      • You said it.You are mentally sick.
        Your argument that so what if we are smugglers,drug addict,running prostitution dens is Saudi,Arabs are also bad.
        The difference is that we take a ticket for Umra and do all this,for which you do not feel ashamed.

        Saudi Arabia,or for that matter other gulf countries are holding Pakistanis at gun point to stay there and carry on.

        My advice that if people like your mentality live in such places,to come back to Pakistan and do such businesses.Why go and spoil the other societirs that too in the name of Islam.

  7. But thats not the headline in the leading dailies of Saudi Arabia.. Take a look for yourself, http://arabnews.com/saudiarabia/article23589.ece

    • Saudis are very famous for prorocol.Even if this visit was from a leader of a tiniest country in the world,you will find the same level of protocol and after all it is from someone second largest.

      If one reads between the lines of your comment,you don’t think that Saudis are our friends.
      Even if it is so,it is because of our leaders who fight like children and Saudis had been helping solve their in fight,right from the days of ZAB.And Saudis might be thinking that what sort of people are these whome country’s interests are not supreme.

      • It would be nice if your comment made any sense!.Why don’t you people condemn all the Arab terrorists caught in Pakistani tribal area’s who should be killed without mercy!

      • @ Imran,
        Bro, i believe you need to look into history to better understand the Arab Mujahideen situation. Please refrain from such ignorant comments!

        no offense intended!


      Arabnews & Saudi Gazette is crawling with Hindu Indian Editors & Reporters. There’s alot of other crap aswell reported during the visit of the Indian delegation to cover as much space possible…

  8. lol – any one having any experiance on Saudi perception of “shirk”? Then imagine their distaste of what comes out from India.

    Jahan tak Hindustan ka talloq hai Saudis kabbi Pakistan kay national interests peh compromise nahin karray gay.

    This is a joke our hummay Indian kamzori saaf saaf dikhai day rahi hai. Anay wala waqt battay ga keh inn Marasi-Khatarion kay saath hita kiya hai Afghanistan may.

  9. @imran
    To me,it seems,that you are confused and posting senseless comments.
    These “terrorists”came to Afghanistan in 1979,leaving all their near and dear ones,to sacrifice their life for Islam.Thousands gave their life.Few are left.They had to flee to Pakistan,after 9/11.They got married locally and have children.
    They have vowed not to raise their guns against Pakistan,another Muslim country,but continue waging Jehad against America.They cannot go back to their own countries,as they refuse to take them.They are from all the Muslim countries.
    Lack of Islamic brotherhood forces you to say,what you said.Your example can be compared to those who opposed Pakistan,tooth and nail,whereas 50 lakhs gave their life.But once Pakistan finally came into existense,
    started shouting to be sons of soils.It is difficult for such people to imagine how Pakistan was created.

    Jehad against Soviets succeded and against Americans will InShaAllah too,as Allah has made the promise.US KAY HAAN DAIR HAI ANDHER NAHIN.

    Muslim Ummah is passing through tribulations but we are talking of killing Mujahideen.If you are good at reading,please read the book written by Salim Al Azzam,(a palestinian professor in England and came here,was martyred in Peshawar)about Jehad in Afghanistan.

    For once,I agree with you about Aiman Al Zuwahiri,who should be either sent to Egypt or killed in drone.

  10. Dear Brothers,
    It will be nice if we make our point and move on rather than insisting that all others must agree. In the process, we start gaining a degree of rigidity and abusing/insulting others. That is not the way a discussion is done. It’s not like you’re getting into a ring and to knock the opponents down is the goal. Rather, an exchange of views is what is needed to raise the understanding and awareness of participants. Often, issues have multiple aspects and a good discussion helps in revealing/exploring such aspects. Please do not participate with an intention that only you’re right and all others are saying incorrect.

  11. Guys Guys, It is very sad to see the way we are using our words to bash each other and indirectly hurting our all time brothers & friends as well.

    My dear the Saudis are no better than the Pakistanis but they do have many good qualities. Please keep in mind that many Pakistanis are serving at very high positions in Saudi and get alot of respect. Naturally the Saudis prefer Pakistani over Indians, this is a fact and need no arguments. The mistreatment is in some cases are rare. The law of the land has to be respected at all times. There are some harsh dealings but not particularly for Pakistanis but all non saudi. Hey it is their country and they are offering a great deal of Multi Nationals work in different segments. One of the most stable markets and yet enjoy a global influence. Pakistan is lucky to have a Natural Alliance with the Saudis we should never forget their great support to Pakistan in all times of need.

    They have full rights of deciding their relationships with other countries. Doesn’t in anyway mean that they have over looked Pakistan. It’s the failed diplomacy of Pakistan that we are loosing our influence with our neighbors & friends. More worst is yet to come if we Continue to bow towards America. Our Gov. already annoyed China and so far has completely abandoned the Pakistani brand. and yet we talk about Saudi’s as they owe us. It is our fault that we are in such a pathetic condition. The Indian PM didnt in anyway get a fancy reception. They entertain all their guests in this manner and for Pakistanis even if they don’t hold Public Offices, enjoy a high protocol from the Saudis like Nawaz & Mush.

    My dear friends, please change your way of thinking, I support the Saudis as this is purely Business, they shouldn’t loose this chance. Pakistan on the other hand didnt even respond to the Iranian Pipe line when their Ministers visited twice. So we blew our chances just to please the great American Bastards!

    Pakistan should go back to the drawing board and bring back it’s identity 1st. Get our house in order & should diplomatically use the Saudi Influence and financial strength to force India into submission. As India needs foreign investments & source to meet their energy needs! not the other way round 😉

  12. Paki,

    You’re just a pathetic Arab slave who has no pride in being Pakistani to the degree that your comments should be shown on the Disney channel!

    This attitude of Arab’s are the best Muslim’s by default even if they treat other’s like garbage may satisfy those with an inferiority complex like Paki and Catalyst who probably earn their living by begging or licking the boots of other people but i’m a proud man!.I’d rather go hungry then ask anyone for even a bowl of soup!

    This immature Paki bloke has no self respect so tells us about the many Arabs who have died for Pakistan,you probably believe that santa claus lives in the north pole.Respect is a two way thing and Arab’s have never respected Pakistanis thus i refuse to do them,neither am i remotely interested in visiting any Arab hellhole!

    These Arabs are partly responsible for making Pakistan their own playground preaching a violent brand of Islam so that they can keep us Pakistanis in ignorance and divided.I believe you’re a confused individual who fails to see the difference between pro-Pak Afghanis and the Arabs who may have a few pro-Pakistanis amongst them yet the percentage is overall very low.

    Your lack of intellect and commonsense is exposed when you compare the partition of the subcontinent to the subject at hand that merits no reply for their is no comparison.Only that i suggest you visit the UAE or Saudi to see how Pakistanis are often guilty until proven innocent but i’m sure you’ll continue to lick Arab boots like a good slave!.However,i agree that we’re responsible for our current woes,never have i said that we should beg the Arabs for anything rather treat them as they do us!.

    Muslim unity only matters if their is no complex amongst any group but MOST Arab’s have always looked upon Muslim’s especially of the subcontinent as vermin thus i do not sympathise with them whatsoever!.Pakistan will eventually liberate Kashmir because our armed forces are far superior to anything that the Arab’s have so we don’t need them.

    • Well said! I bet you were looking in the mirror when you came up with such an ignorant comment again. Seems to me that Zardari represents you well. My dear stop living in a delusional world and dont talk about people if you have not met them or even visited them. I believe you have the same Indian paranoia for Pak about Arabs. Just blindly hate them. Pakistan is proud. We have our status as the 7th largest Army the only Muslim Nuclear Power a resilient Nation have a role in the center of the Global politics, that our politicians are not able to cash. Thump your chest all you want. But the people you elected upon yourselves are the ones treating you like vermin. And if Pakistanis to get abused in Arab is because mostly the labour and low lives are traveling to these countries and showing their lack of respect to the law of the Land. For the innocent falling victims to the system is due to the Pak Consulates lack of ability to serve our people abroad. The GOV itself doesn’t do anything for it’s citizen probably coz the likes of you who demand respect from others but can’t get at home even. I feel sorry for you my friend, I really do. I believe this GOV should complete it’s term so that people like you come to your senses before it’s too late…

    • @Imran

      You said “Pakistan will eventually liberate Kashmir because our armed forces are far superior to anything that the Arab’s have…”.

      But I thought it’s India that has occupied Kashmir and we should be comparing our armed forces with those of India, not the Arabs…

      Sorry if I misunderstood you 🙂

  13. Catalyst,

    I’d say that life is all about experiences therefore it’s not my fault that all Arab’s i’ve met have been the worst of the kind.I treat others as they do i where as the likes of you suffer from an inferiority complex to the degree that you’d consider it a pleasure to be bashed around by an Arab!!

    Nowhere have i even mentioned being pro-Zardari or holding the Arab’s responsible for our political woes so obviously you’re seeing things!!.You probably talk to angel’s too ehh!!??

    Pakistanis showing lack of respect to Arab law whatever that his must be one of the most ignorant comments made here!!.Arab’s regularly break their own law themselves like in Dubai they get away with everything where as the poor labourer’s have no rights!.The place is like a whore house yet they give the impression of being an example for Muslim people,not for me they ain’t!!

    However,i totally agree that Pakistanis should stop seeking employment or even visiting the Gulf because it’s not worth it besides the whole region is drowning!.Yeah i’ve the same rule towards Indian Muslim’s that i treat them as they do i…they love their nation and i do Pak so what’s the problem??

    Save your sympathy for someone who cares and if you’re an Bhindian then i need not mention the zillion problem’s your nation has!

    @reality bites:

    Certainly India has occupied Kashmir.What i meant in my previous comment that you quoted was that we don’t need the Arab’s to liberate Kashmir for our armed forces are far superior to anything they have!

    The combined Arab military are nothing infront of the Israelis despite having greater manpower,they can offer us nothing and neither do i trust these ass kissers!.

    • @ Imran,
      Thou I can support you on many issues and points that you stand for, but there are some serious notes to be taken about your view of the outside world.
      Chill Pill Mate, I can understand and fully support your patriotism. You missed my point about Zardari representing you, YES you don’t support him but the fact is that he did get elected President of the country by whom? As far as the Arabs breaking their own laws, well well looks who’s talking? My advice is that we get our house in order 1st b4 we lash out at others. Pakistan values it’s relationships with the brotherly & friendly countries… FYI the expatriates in the M.E contribute significantly to Pakistan Foreign Exchange…

      • You see Pakistanis have “chilled” for too long so time to take some action whilst we still have a Pakistan!.that’s exactly what i’m saying that we should stop depending on Arabs instead sort ourselves out!

        My point on Arab’s was to tell you that they not only treat Pakistanis poorly in the Gulf region but break their own laws since you accused Pakistanis of not respecting Arab law thus their condition!!

        You’re free to disagree with me but don’t behave like a judge as if you have final authority,i similarly disagee with much that you say too regarding world politics.

      • A point well noted and the rights reserved! Nobody looks towards the Arabs, 2ndly i’ll bash the Pakistani Consulates anytime of the day for failing to protect & safeguard the interests of their citizen abroad. 3rdly like it or not but Low lives are every where and they tend to take advantage of the situation as if they’ll get away with it like they do back at home which slightly adds to the frustrations of Pakistanis abroad. FYI still Arabs know how to treat a White collar class & how to deal with the scum bags! Still Pakistanis are not that notorious the way Indians & bangoliz are…

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