Jamat-ud-Dawa Chief and India’s Most Feared ‘Hafiz Saeed’ Talks to Express News

March 1, 2010


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  1. Assalam o alaikum,

    He is a magnanimous person having kind nature a good team player who is leading JUD because it’s not a child’s play to handle these circumstances.
    He hold for other’s ground, may ALLAH SWT showerz His Blessing upon him.

  2. No Pakistani national will ever be handed out to India. Any government who do this will be thrown out of power. Personally I do not trust a man who speak with his back turned against the camera (remind me to much of a certain Beitullah Mehsud) but Saeed is right about one thing: India will never be serious on Kashmir and is building dams on our vital rivers to ruin our existance. The once mighty Chenab has dried out and trees are growing in areas which used to have strong water flow just a couple of years ago before these bloody dams were built. Jehlum is next.

    -> This is the thanks these Baniya Kahtris has given us in the return of that harami dictator’s India friendly policies.

  3. terrorist hiding his face …lol

  4. Presently handing him over to the Bhindians is no option unless they first give us the likes of Modi and Thackarey!.Afterwards we may consider taking action against Hafiz Saeed…

    Having recieved independence one day earlier we’re India’s big brother thus will use bullying tactics on kiddo if required!!.Lathon ke bhoot baaton se nehin maante!!!

  5. Rabid dogs are not to be feared. They are to be put down. He too will die a dog’s death

    • Bloody bustard u will kill with my hand if ui say any single word against our beloved Hafiz saeed
      !!!Pakistan Zindabad!!!
      Gay hind

      • @Naveed

        Mere bhai, a ‘Bustard’ is actually the name of a bird… I think you meant Bastard… One more thing, by calling Indians ‘Gay’, Pakistan Zindabad nahin honay waala… Woh hamari apni mehnat or himmat say hoga…


  7. @Imran
    If India gives its whole nation.. we will never think of giving HAFIZ SAEED , LASHKER E TAIBA and JAMAT UD DAWA , is the main factor that has kep india away from pakistan , they have sacrificed 7000 lives in kashmir to secure pakistan , may ALLAH protect them ,

    Yes he is a terror in the heart of kuffar , choose your columns , and thenm make your mindset..

  8. Hafiz Saeed rules…

    Imagine the fear of LASHKAR…

    read newsweeks

    THE NEXT ALQAEDA , by jeremy kahn

  9. Indians r liars n deceivers

    • Hmmm… How long did it take you to meet each one of the 1.25 billion Indians to make this judgment?

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