What a way to grab all for the family, Mr Ambassador!

February 28, 2010

By Usman Manzoor | The News

New Pakistani Envoy to Syria “Invades” School With Family!

The new Pakistani ambassador to Syria, appointed by President Zardari, has summarily sacked the entire staff and faculty of the Pakistan International School in Damascus and appointed almost all his immediate family members for a collective monthly salary of $38,000 (Rs3.2 million).

The sacked teachers and staff members of the school run by the embassy, who were removed for no reasons and without any prior notice, have been compelled to go into litigation against the Pakistan Embassy, The News has learnt.

The Pakistan International School in Damascus (PISOD) is run by the embassy of Pakistan but within five months after the arrival of new ambassador, Aminullah Raisani, in September 2009, the management and faculty of the school was changed altogether without giving any reason and the school was stuffed with the relatives of the ambassador.

According to the list of newly inducted teachers Saeeda Yasmeen Raeesani has been appointed as Principal. She is sisterof the ambassador and is drawing $6,500 per month as salary while the previous principal Syed Tauseef Bokhari was getting $2,500. Another sister, Ms Abbas, has been appointed as Urdu teacher for $3,500 per month.

Two daughters, Amna Aminullah Raeesani and Quratulein Aminullah Raeesani, have been appointed as teachers. These two are getting $3,000 per month as salary while the school was paying only $1,700 for the same job to previous teachers.

Mohammad Ishaque, brother-in-law of the ambassador, has been appointed as accountant for $3,500 per month while the same job was previously with one Imran for just $900 a month. Attique-ur-Rehman and Syed Muhammad Ali, ambassador’s nephews, have been appointed as business teachers for $3,000 a month while the same job was done for $1,500 only before September 2009.

Nayla Atiq, granddaughter of ambassador’s sister, is working as Maths teacher for $3,000 a month while her predecessor was drawing $1,700 a month as salary. Ali Abdullah, the son-in-law of ambassador’s sister, and Muhammad Ahsan Shafique, ambassador’s cousin, have been appointed as teachers for $3,000 a month while their predecessors were drawing $1,500 a month.Another cousin of the ambassador, Rasheed Chattha, has been appointed as biology teacher for$3,500 a month while previously Ms Manal Sileman was doing the same job for $1,500 a month.

Ms Manal Sileman, one of the Syrian teachers of the Pakistani school who has been sent home without giving any notice and without any reason, while talking to The News from Damascus on phone said that it was strange that an ambassador instead of running the affairs of the embassy was keen in the business of the school.

She lamented that the ambassador has imported Chinese shoes and made it mandatory for every student to purchase those shoes at much higher rates. She said that the school was being ruined as the new incompetent teachers have been hired for more than double the salaries the previous faculty was getting.

Another teacher Saad al Hassan said that he has gone to the court with a heavy heart because he has served the school and Pakistan and now the court will issue an order against the Republic of Pakistan.

He said that he has respect for the Pakistani nation but because of a few people he has been compelled to go into litigation against the embassy and according to the Syrian laws the Pakistan Embassy in Damascus could be heavily penalised.

Saad said that the school was rated among the best in Damascus and the elite, including the foreign minister of Syria and deputy foreign minister, had started sending their kids to the Pakistan International School of Damascus but with the advent of new administration many have opted for other schools in the city.

He said that last year the school won eight gold medals in the Cambridge examination and the income of the school in 2006 was US$2,042,400 per annum and it rose to $4,774,000 per annum in 2009 with the number of students almost doubled i.e. from 600 to 1,100.

Ambassador Aminullah Raisani was too busy to talk to this correspondent. However his spokesman Zahid Ali who works as Counsellor in the embassy denied all these allegations. He said that the previous management was incompetent that was why it was sent packing while competent people have now been inducted in the school.

Zahid said that it was not true that the newly appointed teachers were drawing more salaries than the previous management. “We write to the Foreign Office of Pakistan about our tasks here,” Zahid replied when asked about some teachers going into litigation against the embassy.



  1. Andha bante rewrian,
    Apnon apnon ko day.

    As the president is Andha,so is the ambassador.

  2. What a shame!!

    This is what happen when the people of Pakistan give their vote for tested and re-tested curropt people. It blows my mind how anyone can vote for a party whose leader is Asis Ali Zardari and a kid in pampers. Giving her party away to her son in her written will shows the whole world the democratic credencials of Benazir Bhutto.

    Am I the only one who laugh every time some one mention her as “Benazir Bhutto Shaheed”? If that was not a “kottay-ki-moat” then what is.

    • Shah Sb: Don’t disagree with your comments but may suggest to avoid using inappropriate words. I’m not a ‘keen’ fan of BB either and, in fact, never liked the politics of PPP. Perhaps, the only time I may say it was a real people’s party during the times of original Bhutto – not his predecessors.

      In any case, it is indeed an awful situation. The Ambassador Sahib has lost his credibility unless he comes forward and gives explanation on his actions. Otherwise, he does not deserve to represent people of Pakistan and should go back.


  3. well said brother shah the sooner we get these currupt
    leaders like the zardaris kyanis maliks quereshis pashas gillanis etc etc the sooner pakistan will get her self respect back in the eyes of first allah tala secondly the international community
    nujat pakistani pakhtoon

  4. What a shame upon the foreign service of Pakistan. These are the people whose only job is to defend Pakistan’s interests overseas they seem doing everything except that.

    • Exactly when have these people defended Pakistan’s interests? These people are only and only fighting for their own interests, be it Musharraf (that coward harami) or Zardari & Sharif.

      We all remember how Sharif canceled the longmarch as this that could potentially change this sorry curropt system which he will eventually use to grab power.

      Are we forgetting how the NA speaker said when a british official came to Pakistan ” We are still the loyal subject of the crown”. Exactly who in this forum can say he or she is a loyal british subject?

      How about Zardari when he said “There live an Indian in every Pakistani’s heart”. La hola wala koata!!! Kissi Pakistani kay dil may koi Hindu nahin basta.

      • @Shah

        Zardari had said, “There live an Indian in every Pakistani’s heart”. You said, “La hola wala koata!!! Kissi Pakistani kay dil may koi Hindu nahin basta”.

        I think this is a crux of the problem. To most Pakistanis it seems that Indian = Hindu… Well, it is not true. India has almost as many Muslims as Pakistan.

  5. Good job to highlight such activities. If nothing, at least, these people can be shamed by posting such stories at blogs.

    Waise itni sharm hoti to aisi harkateN na karte….Khair

  6. for nujat! y u typed Allah with small”a” ? r u really a muslim pakistani pakhtoon or …
    is this raisaani family there in damascus, is the relative of baluchistan’s cheif minister who fainted when asked to hoist pak flag on 14 aug?
    paksitanis never elected these traitors and never voted for chance grabbers, idont know how usa manage to install them in govt positions.may b awam is too weak and busy in their own business of day to day life of roti n makan. need to duaa alot.

    • geuine mistake i should have typed ALLAH NAME with a capital A

  7. We should make sure these corrupt people disappear forever!

  8. He should be forced to resign and not allowed to complete his term at all!

  9. Shameless blood sucking parasites…….

  10. Its merely another lesson for all of us who claim to be EDUCATED ….look around, its one of the zillions of examples around us . Lets chose our leaders sensibly and oust these Monsters who have but one plan; to ROB pur country in whichever way they can. Why we can manage only this kind of filth to represent our sacred PAKISTAN why not people like EDHI or (Late) Hakim Muhammad Saeed Shaheed…. we have no dearth of honest people…. SOO SAD

  11. this is shameful to connect a school with a government. the paracites always become active during every revolution when the body is given with anti paracite dose to recover, then these paracites starts to cut the roots of the same organization which have been giving them life.
    this is a matter of big shame.
    pisod is passing through a great revolution.

  12. this is a very good tool to sperad bullshit about somone, without knowing someone only to take personalrevenge. this is an established fact that every great man suffers this type of ediot and backward community during a change.

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