‘No extradition’ for Taliban chiefs held in Pakistan

February 27, 2010

By Syed Shoaib Hasan 
BBC News, Islamabad

The Afghan Taliban’s top military commander, who was recently detained in Pakistan, is not to be extradited, the Lahore High Court has ruled.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was arrested in early February. The court also banned extraditing four other Taliban chiefs reportedly seized recently.

But Pakistan has not confirmed the identities of any other militants held.

The order was in response to a petition filed by a rights activist to prevent the detainees from being sent abroad.

“The high court has ordered that none of the leaders should be handed over to the US or Afghanistan,” Tariq Asad, a lawyer handling the petition told the BBC.

“The court has also said that none, other than Pakistan intelligence or security officials should be given access to the Taliban leaders,” he said.

The court also ruled that the government should provide answers about the grounds on which the men were arrested.

Taliban arrests

Although Pakistani officials have confirmed the capture of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, there is little clarity about the other Taliban chiefs reportedly held.

Unnamed Pakistani officials have told US media about the arrests of several leading figures in the Afghan Taliban in recent weeks.

They are said to be:

  • Mullah Abdul Salam, the “shadow governor” of Afghanistan’s Kunduz province
  • Mullah Mir Mohammad, the “shadow governor” of Baghlan province
  • Mullah Abdul Kabir, believed to be a senior figure in the Taliban leadership and “shadow governor” of Nangarhar province

The petition named all of the above as well as Ameer Muawiyia, described as a senior Taliban officer based in Pakistan.

This may be another identity for a Taliban official, Mullah Mohammed Younis, reported on 22 February to have been arrested – but there are few details on when and where he was detained.

The decision is likely to deny the US and Afghan governments access to the detained commanders for the moment.



  1. good news

  2. So yet another Paki terrorist is not being handed over to Afghanistan to meet justice….. Why am I not surprised !!

    • you will be surprised soon when Afghanistan will be ruled by Afghans and not us puppets. You will be even be disappointed when Indians will leave with their wet pants.

  3. to you he is a terrorist to us pakistanis he is a freedom fighter
    nujat pakhtoon pakistani

    • I personally don’t care. The Afghans think he is a terrorist. If you want to play the game where you want to treat terrorists as freedom fighters – remember – others can play the same game too.

      • your wrong to say the afghans see mullah baradar as a terrorist what you mean to say is the americans in afghanistan see him as a terrorist
        the afghan goverment is the tool of the americans they have no say at all in the matter right
        nujat pakhtoon pakistani

  4. Freedom fighter… ?
    Arrested by his own mentors/masters….why….?
    Only possible in the rogue nation of Pakistan… !

  5. If the slumdog’s have a problem and the courage they can come and get him!.But we all know they’re spineless!

    • How does it feel to know that the ‘spineless slumdogs’ split you in 2 in 1971 and grabbed Siachen from right under you noses in 1984. We might be spineless – but what does that say about you Losers !!

      • How does it feel to know that we originally split the slumdogs not into two but three parts in 1947 without an army,you had to bow down just to our superior willpower!.Bangladesh is independent and did not merge with cow drinking Hindustan even after 1971 as you had hoped!

        Despite being TEN TIMES SMALLER we grabbed much of Kashmir from you whilst you looked on helplessly.Had the roles been reversed i mean had we been bigger in size your sorry existence would surely have been ended by now!

        Want more FACTS!!?.The only times you fought an equal sized nation like China it kicked your butt so hard that you still remember that period!

      • err.. you didn’t. The brits did. Big difference. You Pakis want to take credit for everything done by others….

  6. It’s understandable that slumdog’s never want to give Pakistanis any credit!.The whole world knows that MA Jinnah created Pakistan against Bhindian and British wishes.

    Jaswant Singh’a recent book on the matter went down a rage as it reminded the slumdog’s exactly what we did to them in 1947!.Now wonder the Shive Sena are obsessed with Pakistan after the humiliation they experienced in 1947!

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