An Insider’s View on Bharat (aka India)

February 27, 2010

By Moin Ansari


The Observer Reliance Foundation( ORF ) Institute for Strategic Studies website carries the transcript of the 30th Bhimsen Sachar Memorial Lecture delivered in New Delhi by its President General (retired) Ved Prakash Malik a former Chief of Staff of the Indian Army. This document is astonishing because Indian generals are not known for open criticism of the political leadership and senior bureaucracy. Perhaps General Malik is following a trend started by the retiring Chief of the Indian Army—Deepak Kumar—who advocated preparation for a two front war against China and Pakistan and spoke about ‘limited war under a nuclear overhang’—thoughts that were not endorsed by the political leadership and if anything, were seen as a foray into policy making domains by the military. General Malik takes the argument further by a display of military (retired military!) machismo against timid leaders (political) incapable of strategic thought!

He calls India a country that is about ‘forgetting and forgiving, ever ready to bleed and wail”. He uses words like passive, reactive in the context of security policy formulations. While the Pakistan Army and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) are highlighted for dark deeds there is no mention of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the Indian Army and the atrocities being committed by them on the people of Kashmir and India’s troubled north eastern areas. He forgets the role by these institutions in former East Pakistan and ignores the fact that India as the bigger country has started the events that have cascaded into the present intractable issues and conflicts. It is admitted by Indian scholars that the uprising in Kashmir was indigenous and its cause was the brutal and inhuman suffering inflicted on the hapless Muslims of that region. General Malik also does not mention the pogroms in Gujerat where thousands of Muslims were butchered nor does he talk domestic Hindu terrorism that led to the demolition of the Babri Mosque and the train disaster in which Muslim passengers were burnt alive. He obviously does not see the wailing and screaming multitudes that are at the mercy of brutalized security forces.By GHALIB SULTAN.Read full version of this article here:

The pattern set by six terrorist bombings, that have rocked Maharashtra since 2003, amply reflects the pattern followed by the Hindu terrorists; target Muslim community and then brazenly pass on the blame to “cross border terrorism” involving non-state actors like LeT as well as Pakistan’s ISI. A peculiar and recurring aspect of these strikes is their timings and the place of attack; mostly occurring on Fridays between 1.45 and 2 pm at the towns’ most prominent mosques when the attendance is maximum. The Prabhani blast occurred at Mohammadiya Masjid on Friday, November 21, 2003; Purna blast occurred on Friday, August 27, 2004 targeting Meraj-ul-Uloom Madrassa and Masjid Siddharth Nagar; the Jalna blast also occurred on August 27, 2004 at Quadriya Masjid; the Nanded Bomb that killed its Hindu mastermind was intended to detonate on Friday, April 7 at the mosque near the Railway station at Aurangabad and the Malegaon I blast too occurred on a Friday (September 8, 2006). In all these cases, the leads provided by the forensic, as well as the circumstantial evidence, poignantly pointed to the Hindu hand but were ignored by CBI. Indian intelligence and police combine alleging that Muslim extremist modules, sponsored by Pakistan, were behind such blasts simply does not make sense unless one accepts that Muslim ‘terrorists’ involved were so senseless as to target devout Muslims offering Juma prayers to raise communal frenzy so that they could invite a Hindu communal backlash.

Rupee News



  1. the author of this article , moin ansari is mentally retarded. why is he famous in this blog? is this place meant for retards?

  2. he he he he – awesome article. This fella is seriously deranged

  3. My dear Pakistani/Indian brothers and sisters,

    Before you hurl another abuse or insult at each other, please imagine if there was no partition in 1947 or creation of Bangladesh in 1971, today a united India would have had roughly equal proportion of Hindus and Muslims, creating an equilibrium of power and stability… What’s more important that we could have been invested in improving our economy and social welfare creating a strong powerful nation at par with the likes of USA and China… Just think…

    To me it seems that every time we fight with each other, throw abuses and bombs at each other, the Western powers must be so happy to see their evil plan continue to succeed for over 60 years now… I wonder why most of us fail to see this simple reality, instead we keep listening to people who continue to spread racial and religious hatred, diverting our attention from the real issues facing both the countries, and whole of South Asia actually…

    Just think, is it necessary to criticize each other’s mazhab and mulk, to show how good we are?

  4. always hate , hate and hate in typical pakistan articles . hahaha.. srry dude

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