United States of Islam: Blog Launch

February 26, 2010

Almighty Allah sent about 124,000 Prophets to this world for the guidance and salvation of mankind. The last and greatest of His Prophets was Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). What was unique about Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) was that he was sent for the whole of humanity rather than just for a certain nation in a confined region. The last and final scripture of Allah, The Qur’an was revealed upon him and it is a complete life manual from Allah to the whole of mankind until The Judgement Day. The primary purpose of the designation of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) as the last Messenger of Allah was the establishment of the rule of Allah and the implementation of His commandments on this Earth by delivering the completed version of His divine revelation.

In his life time, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) established a true Islamic State in Madina, with the system of governance totally compliant with the rules of Allah. After his demise, his loyal companions then expanded the Islamic State to include the whole of Middle East as “Khulafa” and then under the leadership of subsequent leaders the “Islamic Caliphate” stretched to span over three continents. At that time, the believers of Allah were a single nation, the entire land was a single entity under the rule of Allah.

Then the sinister game of the millenium was played to break down the Islamic Caliphate into pieces so as to weaken the Muslim Ummah, exploit and damage it in every possible way. At this point, the Muslim world is in its worst shape and suffering from all kinds of problems and miseries. But, after all this decline, Islam and Muslims are destined to rise again and the rule of Allah is going to be supreme rule. It is high time in history the Muslims of the world should come together and Muslim states must reunite to form “United States of Islam”, A single Muslim bloc where everything will be done according to Qur’an and Sunnah and the Supreme law will only be Allah’s law.

We welcome the launch of the new blog “United States of Islam” dedicated to unite muslims across the globe and prepare them for the destiny that awaits. This blog is primarily intended to be the proponent of Muslim Unity and the establishment of a single Islamic Bloc, where the system of governance will be in accordance with true teachings of Islam, Commandments of Allah and the Guidance of Rasool Allah (S.A.W.W) could be established Insha’Allah.

Introductory video for USI Blog and USI Films can be seen here:




  1. *CLAPPING* BRAVO 😀 Great video 😀 !! awesome 🙂

  2. It is a Great Great Video and very inspiring.

    Just one thing though: We keep talking about Pakistan a lot. I am not against love for our country and trying to fix her problems. I am just against too much emphasis on Pakistan.

    Our goal is glorification of ALLAH(SWT) and NOT PAKISTAN’S glorification.

    We need to think about this and debate it among ourselves. If we fight to establish Pakistan as the ruling state, then we will die only for that worldly purpose and will not be Shaheeds.

    Shouldn’t our goal be the unification of the Muslim World under one banner so that Allah(swt)’s throne is properly established in this world?

    It seems to me that we are striving to establish the rule of Pakistan. And my feeling is that we will call it “Pakistan” since we are dreaming of the time “jab Pakistan ki haan ya naan mein duniya ke faislay hongay”.

    Is this our goal? This struggle looks like glorification of Pakistan.

    That should NOT be our goal. The goal of our struggle should be:

    1) To establish the throne of Allah(swt) in its proper form where Allah(swt) and ONLY Him is worshipped. Where there is sovereignty and supermacy of Allah(swt)’s Laws. Where we REJECT all the man made laws.

    2) To end the sufferings of all Muslims throughout the world.

    3) To unite all Muslim countries under one umbrella

  3. I totally agree with the guy in the earlier comment…the muslims of pakistan needs to get their basics correct asap…there is still a lot of imitation of west and India..which should stop..I think u guys can be an example to the other “muslim countries”..if u guys can establish the khilafah in a non-violent way in pakistan..u can be a good example or a very bad example…the choice lies in the hands of the pakistani people.

  4. n for gods sake dont work for pakistan alone…islam was notmeant for pakistan, arabia, indonesia….we as muslims need to see things in perspective and have a larger goal….ur blog seems to have a lot of pakistan on it…this way u can never achieve the dream ur talking about…nationalism doesnt exist in khilafah..cuz the whole world is one nation in it..

  5. Dear you all need to be corrected.. To me personally Pakistan has to be the foundation of United States Of Islam.. not because I am only a Pakistani but..
    till today Pakistan has been on top in supporting & helping the freedom movement where ever occupied Muslim countries.
    It is the only nuclear power all Muslim ummah
    Variously other Muslim countries have asked Pakistan to help them in battle against israel or training the air force or military forces.
    Love of the Rasool (SAW) and to die for the love of Rasool (SAW) has been the way of life in Pakistan.
    The only nation to destroy isreali fighter jets in air to air combat.
    Not only this time but in the past also Pakistan has been calling for the revival of Khilafat not only this it has been one of the legislation of the constitution of Pakistan that it must implement khilafat rules in general (inside country)
    Making Pakistan the Ameen (guardian) of United Stated of Islam will not mean that its injustice but to strive to safe guard the dignaty and honor of Muslim countries and mainly Love for Madina will be a major cause… dont get me wrong but the most aware Muslim youth are Pakistanis.. never you will find such passion and movement towards Khilafat and Islam what you find in Pakistan..
    I on the behalf of my fellow Pakistani’s say that we love our all Muslim brother from any country and we welcome you to join us in making Islam and Khilifat the only way of life…
    Pakistan happens to be the only country in world made on / far Muslims and Islam (even at time of Hzrt Umer Ibn Khatab R.A – we love out minorities.. they have lived in our conserver and felt safer than their own ruler’s)
    Yes my dear Pakistan was made on La Ilaha Ilala Muhammedar Rasool Allah
    Yes dear Pakistan shell be the Ameen (guardian) of Muslim Ummah..
    Aik ho Muslim haram ke pasbani k lea… Neel k sahil say lay k taab khak-e-khashgar
    Pakistan Zindabad, Islam Paindabad..
    Love of Rasool(SAW)in our blood.

  6. Revival has started and who join this revolution are the blessed ones Islam as an Ideology no one can beat it but they managed to beat the muslim due to their inner conflicts. Time has come to join hands and get united. take lessons from the history how we lost spain, India, and syria, morocco and many more only we were not united. United we stand divided we fall. We need to become buniyanum marsoos and our enemy should release it. We are muslims our Lord is one our prophet is one our quran is one we are brothers and sisters in Islam we are hurt when our brothers and sisters getting killed by this warlords, man eaters devils. Only shaheens of Iqbal can stop them. Where are these shaheens with powerful claws and beak to tear apart these devil creatures. Youth come on get up or else you will be part of history. show them one momin is equal to 100 and 100 is equal to 1000 let them feel the powerful punch of a momin. May Allah help us all to rise and make Islam spread all over the world ameen

  7. We should move in this direction,very cautiously.In this video certain Muslim leaders have been shown as agents of America.

    As all the Muslim countries have learnt lessons,in the past 70-80 years,we should make a fresh beginning and take all 57 countries on board.

  8. Thanks for your comments. I wanted to have the debate going so that we can discuss what constitutes Pakistan-centric moves and Khilafat.

    Well if the goal is to establish Allah(swt)’s domain in Pakistan, then it is a noble cause. If Pakistan successfully established Khilafat and sustains it, and plays a major role in getting other nations to be part of it then it is a noble cause.

    If our goal is to increase just the borders of Pakistan demanding or asking other nations to giveup their sovereignty and be part of it, then it is only a worldly goal.

    From what I am guessing we want the former goal. One thing I want you to be aware, from our books it suggests that Khilafat will be formed either by Imam Mahdi or Hazrat Eesa. Which suggests that Khilafat dream, is still, many years away from us. Read what Sh. Imran hosein’s position on this subject.

    It is possible that we, Pakistanis, may be able to achieve our Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission and establish the rule of Allah(swt) in Pakistan but the enemies will be hard pressed against it. All the terrorism spectre and negative media promotion of Islam is to make the world see Sharia as a threatening force. A lot of people in the West have bought that idea.

    My advice:

    The most important part, whether or not Khilafat becomes a reality in our lifetime is to prepare ourselves for the akhira. Rise up, correct our character faults, strive to make ourselves “Paak” through following Quran and Sunnah. This means we need to, LITERALLY, start practising Islam: no lies, no pornography, avoiding as much riba as possible, covering our suttar the Quranic way, keeping our houses and city cleaned, paying our taxes on time, forgiving others, controlling ones anger etc.

  9. this is excellent , and we think that these type of programs be done in each Mosque and every School in the country on immed basis.

    May Allah guide and help us in right direction.

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