Rigi Confesses: US Offered ‘Extensive Aid’ For Terrorism In Iran

February 26, 2010

The American Dream: A Terror-Sponsoring Nefarious Terrorist State!

Shouldn’t the United States of America be declared a hostile terrorist state?

The captured ringleader of the Jundallah terrorist group, Abdolmalek Rigi, has confessed that the US administration had assured him of unlimited military aid and funding for waging an insurgency against the Islamic Republic of Iran.



  1. Rigi was arest is good news for all poor baluchies,because they want leave in afghanistan, pakistan, iran & other countries.100 million baluoch are hard worker, sincer, honest,love to their land, brave,man of principal,Its NATO ,usa, uk, israel, mi5, mi6, cia, fbi, moosad,world zionist, chirstiaen, raw,pentagone,taliban, al-qaeda, seven sister,world anarchist, &so many other agencies, who failed in this Rigi cause beddly.They wants use Rigi against pakistan, iran, india, balochistan,he was not wahhabi, he is baloch only. The greater balochistan idea is made by Germen in 1913.as like greater Kordistan, greater panjab,pashtunistan,serkistan,hazrastan,sindodesh,mahrijistan etc,etc.The Big Power,Usa, Uk, Israel,Nato,& Europ, are failed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Balochistan,Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Labnan, Pelisten,Kashmir,Wazeristan, & so many other countries. They cant fight with divil of Economic crisis. The ECONOMIC CRISIS is their ENDS of these THREE big Empires,uk,usa, israel.They must go from Islamic countries,GOD save Muslim countries & Third World.Thanks” GREAT GOD

  2. And our political leadership still thinks that American are working in our favour. Americans and these blackwater mercinaries are working on their own agenda.

    Americans shouldnt be succeeding in marjah at all. They have already captured areas adjucant to Chaman border.


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