Indians Targetted In Kabul Bombing

February 26, 2010

Taliban guerrillas attacked a hotel and a guesthouse in central Kabul in a dawn assault that killed at least 17 people including 9 Indians.

Three suicide bombers struck at the Park Residence Hotel and the Aria Guesthouse nearby, in the Shahr-i-Nau neighborhood, where many international aid organizations, companies and diplomatic missions are located.

The attack targeted “an Indian guesthouse,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a phone interview.

Unidentified Indian “government officials” were killed in what was “the third attack on Indian officials and interests in Afghanistan in the past 20 months,” India’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned the attack in a statement, saying the Indians who died were on a goodwill mission, helping to construct a democratic Afghanistan.

The bombs smashed the facade of a bank and windows of a multi-story shopping and hotel complex where other foreigners were staying.

The attack was an attempt by the Taliban to halt India’s economic, technical and diplomatic support for the government of President Hamid Karzai, said Ahmed Saeedi, an independent political analyst and former diplomat in Kabul. India has given $1.2 billion in aid to Karzai’s government since 2002, largely to rebuild roads and the electrical power grid.

Pakistan Suspicions

The Afghan and Indian governments say communications intercepts showed that Pakistan’s military intelligence network helped Taliban bomb the Indian embassy in Kabul in 2008, which Pakistan denies. The embassy bombing was claimed by Sirajuddin Haqqani, a Taliban commander based in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region, on the Afghan border. India’s then Defence Attaché, Brigadier Ravi Datt Mehta was killed in that attack. He was heading Indian military’s training to the Afghan National Army.



  1. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claims that the Indians who died in Afghanistan were there on a goodwill mission. He might actually be laughing off the cameras after making that statement. Manmohan tried to make a fool of the free world. But people now have a better picture of dirty Indian game in the region. Yes, Indian army officers were on a goodwill mission to Afghanistan in order to promote and expand the terror network to wreak havoc in Pakistan and to make the Muslims of this region fight against each other. The attack, however, might be indicative of the fact that Afghans are now focusing on the minor dirty players (such as hired Indians) too besides fighting the bigger evils. That shows a new level of confidence and capabilities of growing Afghan resistance against foreign occupation.

    • As an Indian, I am deeply saddened by this senseless murder of innocents. Out of the nine, a majority were doctors that were working in the close by Indira Gandhi child orthopaedic hospital.Afghanistan has a crippling shortage of health facities and trained personnel. These Indian, despite the risk to their lives, went to Afghanistan to ease the suffering of children.

      Which doctors from India will now volunteer to go to Afghanistan now? Will Pakistan send doctors from its side of the border to help the Afghans?

      Personally, the sooner we get out of Afghanistan , the better. It is a hopeless medeival wasteland. Money,personnel,assistance , all that goes there goes down a bottomless pit. We would be better off concentrating our energies at home and on the Pakistani border.

  2. I feel sorry for the people who lost their lives and I am against any form of terrorism which killes civillians of any nation and religion. But Afganistan is not a normal country and I guess this is why it is called a “war zone”!

    • Shah,

      How do you know they were “innocent” citizens? One guy was an Indian defence attache. The other were journalists. These journalists are accomplices in these unfair wars since they only show the perspective of the aggressor i.e USA.

      Just remember one principle of the war. Usually you are to spare women and old men because they are usually considered helpless. But if they conspire to kill you, or attack your directly then their killing is also justified.

      These “Missions” were really on what we call MISSIONS. They were NOT innocent

  3. Good Taliban v r proud of u.Keep blast on coward indians,americans and blacksheeps afghan government.
    Good once again.

  4. There were a couple of pakistanis who also lost their lives

  5. As long as there are Indians in Afghanistan then everybody knows that such attacks are gonna happen. Because one things for sure the Pakistani Military would hate to see is Indian Influence in Afghanistan. The Indians are causing enough problems in Kashmir and Water related. and now in afghanistan. No way. sorry for all those indians who died but this is gonna be the way whether you like it or not.

  6. Thats what Afghan Taliban need to do more frequently. Indians are the main culprit in Afghanistan. Taliban should concentrate more on Indians than Americans because it is these Indians who spurr Americans to stay in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Taliban we are proud of you…

    • And you are truly a wonderful human being for supporting murderers.

      • Thank you anirudh!!!

        What goes around comes around!! You Indians haven’t killed less human beings either in the last 20 years. The world know very well how you treated Kashmiris and Gujarati Muslims(2000 massacred).

        Your Indians in Afghanistan are not innocent. No normal person will go to a war torn area. Most of the visitor are on some assignment. Which we know is to create terrorism in Pakistan

      • When you consider yourself,still to be a human being,after seeing massacre in IHK,and of Maoists,how you expect it from others.

    • Afghan Taliban will capture all hindoo indicks who are killing helpless Afghans and also these hindoo indicks are training poor Afghans to be suiside bombers and then these hindoo indicks send them over to Pakistan. I am ashmed on Afghan roll for putting Pakistan in such a position where Pakistan is now being destablised. indicks approaching world through their RAW’s interlinking medias and this is very dangerues for Afghans and Pakistan to let these indickn terrorist networks operating against us. It is also a sigon of grave conciqunces for USA, not that I support any envasion by USA and NATO forces. indicks must leave Afghanistan. Taliban has 80% support of Afghans in whatever they do to protact our lands. indick’s stta moory kusy gham.

  7. Taliban commanded by Punjabis.

    Q: Why can’t Taliban carryout such attacks on the US but only target Indians ?

    A: Because they are commanded by people who are *very* afraid of US, but not of India.

    • What you think about 3000 Americans who were lilled in 2009 in Afghanistan.

      Probabaly you think you did that.No wonder why you rejoice when ,in India,thousands of Muslim are massacred.

  8. The diplomatic missions of RAW,CIA and MOSSAD is working on goodwill mission in Afghanistan with tanks and killing machines – what a joke??? These thugs are their all with one mission is to kill innocent people like in Iraq and Vietnam, Kashmir and pakistan. COWARDS

  9. Thanks to Musairf the traitor of Pakistan and Afhganistan these hindoo indicks are in Afhganistan. Musarif help put Hyenas after Lions. What a shame on Pakistan’s part for allowing indicks to go in Afhganistan in the first place. Get these RAW’s hindoo terrorists from Afnganistan. My country has no place for indickn khazeer and KAFIR hindooz.

    • @Mheran

      You know what my friend, talk is cheap… Anyone can be abusive under the anonymity of Internet… Forget about what gair-mulkis are doing against Pakistan, what have you done for your mulk besides spreading hatred on Internet forums like this?

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