Pakistan’s Roaring Missile Arsenal: Enemies Beware

February 25, 2010



  1. The first one I could not open while the second one left out Pakistan’s cruise missiles: the land, ship (and air as well) based Babur and the air based Ra’ad. These can also be used to deliver nuclear bombs while evading missile defences as these are ground hugging and stealthy.

    The next German U-Boats will have the capability to launch Babur cruise missile with a nuclear payload from underwater because of the larger tubes compared to the current French ones in our inventory. This will fit PN designs of being a true brownwater navy as well as the larger design of arming all the three services of the Pakistani Armed Forces with nuclear weapons.

    Our last nuclear test was of an advanced compact but powerful plutonium design which is perfect for the use of PAF and PN.

  2. Was the first video from Israeli Tv,because there were Hebrew sentences.

    If so,shows Israeli intentions alongwith Indian and American.

  3. Pakistan Army Zindbad
    Pakistan Paindabad

  4. If india does not negotiate the water and kashmir in the dialogues then these missile should aim the indian dams as the water is life and death issue for pakistan

  5. i love the way u guys keep overestimating yourselves. makes it easy for the enemy to destroy you

    • Which enemy are you talking of? The one who massed 1 million soldiers but chickened out when it came to an actual invation? Or is it the one who screamed liked a tortured dog after Bombay before falling down to it knees and realising their own cowardness? Or us it Indias palto kottay who were hunted down in B’tan and Swat?

      Hehe, you people are pathetic 🙂

    • your momma didn’t feed you today ??

  6. In second vdo Indian as always was lying.. in the end he self contradict that Pakistan is now preparing to make Shaheen 3 while earlier he said that all latest technology is acquired from China.. 🙂

    My own brother works in a govt organization, where these missiles are designed and developed by our Pakistanis only and i am proud of being Muslim and Pakistani… Alhamdulillah…

  7. he he he he…. a successful test of a north korean missile with a chinese warhead, assembled by a rogue nuclear scientist who is now a prisoner in his own country…. funny.

    But hey – it works…. well done. And don’t worry. We are not scared. Keep on making more missiles. We want you lot to spend all your money on weapons and conspiracy theories.

    So, in the end, you’ll just go bankrupt and we’ll be laughing…

  8. pakistan zindabad
    pakistan paindabad…..

    hehehehe……ye hindu kesi kesi khabrey phela rahe hein apni hi nation me…hehehe pagal hogaye hein buddhi barast hogai indians ki…..MASHALLAH ALLAH PAk pakistan ko ek azeem taqat bana rahe hein…or gazwa-e-hind k liye tayyar kerahe hein……ek or baat…ye indians ko paseeney kiun arahe hein hamarey missile dekh ker just like SHAHEEN….india walon tayyar raho…ye missile kuch nahi ab larkey shaheen ban ker dehli aayenge inshallah!!!! pakistan zindabad inshallah!!!!!

  9. ek or baat…paksitan army chupne ki mohtaaj nahi….hamarey jawano ko kisi ka dar nahi..or pakistan kisi se chup ker kaam nahi kertye.
    1st of all pakistan army kisi se chup ker kaam nahi kerti…pakistan army ko kisi ka dar nahi….sub k saamney misslie banaraha he…agosta. fregrate p sub marine and ships banaraha he…or jf-17 thunder fighter plane bana raha he..or inshallah or bhi banaye ga…kisi k under dam he to rok ker dikha de…..pakistan zindabad!!!!!!!! pakistan armed forces zindabad!!!

  10. India is so kind of clever , this is “MOUN ME RAM RAM OR BAGHAL ME CHURI”

    sary fasadat ki jhar yhi hay , or kehthi hen pakistan k missiles ka rukh india ki trf hy , these are too much devious people.
    very funny indians

  11. Pakistan is the most powerful nation in Asia after their partner China.

    • If wishes were horses…

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