Gen. (R) Hamid Gul And Mushahid Hussain On Current Geo-Strategic Scenario

February 25, 2010







  1. PKKH claims that it doesnt support any political party but ye mushahid hussain k chamchay hain…. hes as much an asshole as any other politician including shujaat hussain, nawaz or any ppp member….. otar kar to har koi he sahi baat karta hai but power mein hotay hoay koi sahi kaam nahin karta…. y not post imran khan or some other politicians speach or interview. imran khan talks much more sense then this git??? oh i forgot-u dont support any political party

  2. best talk show in a long time 🙂
    gen saab is so honest MashAllah 🙂 ,he has qualities to be a leader , listens to everyone and respects their view 🙂 i dont c that much these days , the most brilliant thing is he does not hide anything 🙂 fearless 😀

  3. Nah I reckon he is one of the very few who ave got a bit of a vision….. Imran is not cut out fo politics i think

  4. I support the collective wisdom of anyone who is a Muslim and a Pakistani over any individual. As long as that individual speaks in line with the Quran, the sunah and the Vision of Pakistan in accordance with the Khilafat-e-Rashida, and then works to implement these 3 things in totality, at an individual and state level then I support them.

    Now whether its Zaid hamid, Gen Hamid Gul or Imran Khan or anyone else …as long as the person has these qualities and implements them for the betterment of the people then we must support him !

    Why not support all 3 of them ? all of them including each of us who think like them ??..Why should we have to choose between good people ??

    We should take the good in everyone one of us and improve our nation. Lets not break away into “parties” by supporting one and not the other good person.

  5. Mushahid your knowledge is limited and you have no vision, you are part of Musharraf regime. So please dont mess with us again.

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