Army announces victory against militants in Swat, Waziristan

February 25, 2010

RAWALPINDI: The military leadership has announced victory formally against the militants in Swat and Waziristan and stressed on the civilian government to take control of these areas soon hence army will support it.

The announcement to this effect was made during briefing to the Senate Defense committee at GHQ here on Tuesday.

Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani also attended the meeting, who also held meetings with all the committee members.

The senate defense committee headed by its chairman Lt. Gen (Retd) Javed Ashraf Qazi and its other members included deputy chairman senate Jan Mohammad Jamali, Raja Zafar-ul-Haq, Haji Adeel, Waqar Ahmad Khan, Prof. Khurshid, Sardar Ali Khan and Maulana Mohammad Shirani.

A committee member told our sources that COAS gave replies to the questions of committee members for one hour, while Director General military operation Major General Javed Iqbal gave detail briefing to the committee about the operation against terrorism in NWFP and tribal areas.

The committee was told that more than 10, 000 army officials, FC, Khasadars, Levies and civilians have lost their lives in the military operations against terrorism and more than 20, 000 have been injured, however roots of terrorists from Swat and South Waziristan have been uprooted.

The committee was told that now it is duty of the civilian government to come forward and take control of Swat, while the federal government should take control of South Waziristan and army will help it.

According to the committee member, COAS while replying various questions said that terrorists in Swat, Malakand and South Waziristan have been defeated and we have protected the integrity of Pakistan ensured government writ in the area by giving sacrifices in large numbers.

He said that construction work is going on in the tribal areas and army is playing vital role in it, adding, army gave its big share of own ration to homeless people and each core gave its share in form of donations.

He said that we are constructing roads, schools and other facilities in FATA by taking 350 million rupees from military institutions, so that could bring peace there and facilitate people returning to homes.

COAS told the meeting that now the big responsibility lies with the provincial government and federal government to maintain government writ established by us.

The participants were told that the present, past and future of Pakistan is linked with Afghanistan and both the countries share common interests and we are its relative and our policy regarding India is also clear, which reflect the sentiments of the nation.

The participants during the meeting appreciated the role and sacrifices of armed forces in the war on terror, saying, the committee would recommend to the government to provide more incentives for the relatives of officials losing lives in the war.

The martyrs are national hero and the whole nation is proud of them, they added.

The committee expressed full satisfaction over the professional training and operational preparedness of the army.

Pak Tribune



  1. great know start declaring victory over the american drones that are killing hundreds of pakistani civillians violating pakistani soverenty or is that a step to far
    nujat pakistani pakhtoon

  2. Great Great Great. Pak Army Zinda bad, Pakistan Painda bad.

  3. Pakistan Zindabad!

  4. AMAZING timing!

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