Indians are a riot

February 24, 2010

By Alan Howe

Grief and anger: friends and relatives carry the coffin of murdered student Nitin Garg for burial in India. Source: Herald Sun


Indeed, there are about 60,000 riots reported in India each year.

It boasts it is the world’s largest democracy, but that “democracy” is very much a work in progress, and the progress is slow.

Much of the country still has well-populated pockets of feudal brutality, deadly caste war, and murderous religious conflict.

Indians still carry out so-called honour killings, an unpleasant business in which concerned male family members, worried about the class, religion, background, or maybe just the look of a girl’s fiance or husband, brutally kill one or both for bringing shame upon them. Apparently no irony is intended.

Along with the popular takeaway chicken tikka masala, honour killings are a notable Indian export.

Just last month a young secretary and mother was found dying in a London street, bashed and with her right hand missing. Her husband and his mate have been charged with her murder.

It’s reported she’d wanted a divorce. I can’t think why.

Geeta Aulakh’s family is from Punjab, India’s most socially and economically advanced state, but life there can be barbaric. It was also home to Nitin Garg, the young graduate murdered here recently.

Were it not such a tragic and serious matter, you could almost have found amusing Indian politicians, and that country’s sub-standard media, lecturing Victoria on our “racist” attitudes.

Among Indian politicians calling for more action to prevent “racist” attacks was External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna, who threatened: “This heinous crime on humanity, this is an uncivilised attack on innocent Indians. It will certainly have some bearing on the bilateral ties between our two countries.”

Another minister rudely dismissed our police chief with an impertinent insult.

He inherited a Victoria Police that has been unnecessarily secretive and defensive for years, ever since Neil Comrie had the top job.

So it was like a breath of fresh air when he loudly went in to bat for his officers, and you and me, telling his Indian critics “there are over 33,000 murders in India every year; 8000 of those are actually brides being killed because the dowry’s not sufficient”.

Like more than a few Australian men, some Indian chaps are hopeless in the kitchen, but they are also more careless; their stoves so often blow up, killing their wives. It is called stove killing or bride burning. What really happens is that the grumpy husband douses his inadequate wife in kerosene and sets her alight, blaming his jerry-built cooker.

I don’t suppose they’re all guilty; I’m sure you’ve been in a few houses yourself when the stove’s blown up.

I’ve had my moments with the missus, but I’ve never looked to the Hotpoint for an answer.

According to the United Nations, more people are murdered in India than in any other country. The figures should shame the Indian Government and its police, but they’d rather demand, as Mr Krishna did when Mr Garg was murdered, that Australia “speedily” catch the killer.

I have some advice for Mr Krishna. In 2007, the last complete year for which figures on Indian murders are available — but you’ll appreciate there’s a lot of adding up to do — 32,318 murders were reported. The conviction rate was 35.5 per cent.

India’s Minister for Police should get on his bike — or bullock cart — and “speedily” chase down those 20,845 scoundrels who escaped conviction.

Punjab’s police chief is P.S. Gill and, like Overland, he is newly appointed. He has his work cut out for him.

According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau, Mr Gill has to deal with perhaps 800 murders a year, and as many kidnappings and abductions among a population only somewhat greater than Australia’s.

His officers are kept busy, sometimes on matters that less commonly clutter the diaries of their Australian counterparts: for instance, about 1000 unidentified bodies turn up each year in Punjab. Bodies, not missing people.

Since Mr Garg was killed, many Indians — not just those indolent thugs burning effigies of Kevin Rudd — have turned on Australia and Australians and lazily and reactively branded us as racist.

The head of the Right-wing Hindu Shiv Sena party, Bal Thackeray, said he would bar Australian cricketers from playing locally. “We will not allow kangaroo cricketers to play in Mumbai … Our boys are being stabbed, burnt and shot at in that country,” he said.

I am unaware any of “his boys” have been “burnt”, but maybe he’s confusing himself with local cases.

There were also calls for a trade embargo, a predictable call to suspend the recruitment of students by Australian universities and, hurtfully, “Bollywood superstar” Amitabh Bachchan’s rejection of an honorary degree from a Brisbane university.

Who? I looked him up on the internet, and just last week he won a local best-actor award. Receiving it, he said: “It feels strange to win a best-actor award. I mean, what exactly am I doing here?”

I have no idea, mate, but keep talking.

Nitin Garg’s death is a tragedy. For him, his family in Punjab, his friends, and for our community.

We don’t know yet who killed him. It probably was an opportunistic robbery gone wrong, but he may have been killed by someone out to harm an Indian. He may have even been killed by an Indian. They have form, home and away.

So let’s solve the crime and get the facts. Let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Well, maybe one: Australia is a safer and more tolerant country than India will ever be.

Herald Sun



  1. While there is absolutely no comparison between Australia and India the fact remains that Australians are very sceptic to Asians which has in too many occations turned racistic. This is the country which did not even considered their own natives as humans up to the 1970’s (?) when they changed their constitution.

    • About Australia…

      “WHEN it comes to committing sin, Australians have been declared world champions.

      In the latest issue of BBC Focus magazine, British researchers number-crunched the global differences in the seven deadly sins and found, when you add up the wrongdoings, Australia is at the top.



      The FACT is aussies are racist and jealous of anyone who has capability to overscore them, be it Cricket or anything.Indians are overshadowing them and the ONLY way poor aussies can come back is attacking Indian student who are giving aussi economy billion $$’s.

      In US 1% of Indians have taken over 50% of hospitality industry and the RICHEST ethnic group even better than the whites.Poor aussies think they are the natives of Australia.

      HAHAHA 🙂 Aussies your days are over now.

      • @Amit yeah yeah if your india is a superpower as you bloody claim every single day then why the hell indian students rushing to Australia. I tell you why? because your stinky india is absolutely a load of rubbish even the indians don’t want to live in it. Don’t say that pakistani students also go overseas!!! well they do because we don’t claim we are superpower. By the way how many americans (so called sole superpower) or chinese (the rising and real superpower) students come to india superpower of stink?? No one, None at all because it is a piece of crap. Your indian students want to go to Australia, US, England and other part of world just to stay there and that is why Australia has now made its immigration nearly impossible for all the students because of black magic and lies of your students by torching their car to claim insurance and then blaming on australians that it was a racial attack. LIAR LIAR SUPERPOWER OF LIES AND STINK INDIA

      • @ Amit…the gay brigade ..lol lol 😀 😀

        Amit, its very easy for indians to hide their blunders by making other nations look bad :D. Not that i love australians any much, but atleast they have a country which is decent and doesnt defecate in the open 😀 😀

        Progress made by a country is self evident and is not dependant on indian bogus certification ..which by the way is the trademark of ur cheap malu education system.

        Not to mention that indian graduates are available a dime a dozen in the gulf and in western countries they cant land a job till they re-certify themselves :D…lol lol

        So Australians have already gotten their country to an aspiration level enough for INDIANS such as urselves feel compelled enough to go to their country in droves 😀 😀

        Ur students were not invited their BUT they went theyre after waiting in visa lines to somehow get in and work Illegally !! 😀 😀

        This is what the australians are pissed at 😀 😀 – Indian Cheating !!

        As far as their cricket goes Australia are ODI world champions and Pakistan are 20/20 champions 😀 😀 😀

        Sachin played well …but one single performance doesnt make a World Cup Winning Team – It needs to be a TEAM EFFORT 😀 😀

        India in that department is far off 😀 😀

        Goes to show who are the worse sinners 😀 😀

        dismissed !

  2. btw… coming back to the topic… Poor pakis care so much of 60,000,000,000 riots in India BUT…BUT… DONT even know that since 2003 about 30,000(Thirty Thousand Only) pakis are killed in war in pak itself.

    WATCH OUT before opening mouth against riots in India.

    ISLAMABAD: According to figures made available to DawnNews by senior Pakistani military officials, at least 30 thousand Pakistanis have lost their lives or were injured since 2003.

    More Pakistanis have lost their life in the ongoing war against terror compared to two full scale wars against India in 1965 and 1971.

    The casualties include death or injures to at least 22 thousand civilians and policemen in various acts of terror or suicide bombings.

    Pakistan’s military, which launched operations against the militants in the tribal areas, suffered at least 8 thousand casualties, including at least 23 hundred officers and soldiers who lost their lives.

    Senior military officials say at least six thousand soldiers and officers have been injured in the war against terror since 2003.

    Military officials say the number of casualties suffered by Pakistan is manifolds as compared to those suffered by the US and other international forces in Afghanistan.

    • Amit, just a question to you: isnt it strange that you are talking of the Aussies being racistic while you continue to refer Pakistanis as “Pakis” which is considered a racistic word or slag?

      This tells us a lot about you doesnt it.

      By the way: of all the Australians I have met in my life far from being jealous did not even talked about India or Indians. And why would them. You people are so far away from their culture to even be considered a discussion topic.

    • @ Amit – The Gay Brigade ..lol lol

      Another lame comment …We pakistanis sacrificed 5 million people in the creation of pakistan 😀 😀

      And we are proud of it 😀 :d..Because it was a great cause… India has 60 000 riots and thousands of people die all for a BAD cause 😀 😀

      Because the misery of the Indian people remains 😀 😀

      If 30 000 people die in a country like pakistan where we have world powers and their pet dog india sitting in afghanistan and were suffering because of them …Then were proud of the sacrifices we have made 😀 😀

      You worry about urself …who will save u from us when we decide to rock ur ass 😀 😀

      It has happened and we succeeded ..it will happen again and we will succeed again 😀 😀

      Take Care !!

  3. btw…… there is a 60,001st RIOT going on in India… its CALLED RUN RIOT…Sachin Tendulkar scored a WORLD RECORD 200* against MIGHTY south africa today…India scored 400 2nd time.

    WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saeed Anwar must be sad today 🙂

    • Difference is that Saeed Anwar scored his 196 against India in their backyard where as dwarf Teenda did it home against RSA!

      No record stands forever but one FACT is that the Indians in their entire history have NEVER produced a worldclass fast bowler!.That’s why you look on enviously at Akram,Shoaib Akhtar,Imran Khan and Waqar!


    Rigi met US, Indian envoys in Afghanistan
    By: Sikander Shaheen | Published: February 25, 2010
    ISLAMABAD – The presence of Jundullah’s top man Abdol Malek Rigi in Afghanistan, a day prior to his arrest, is seen as part of covert meetings between US and Indian diplomats with Taliban and some unidentified leaders.
    This newspaper, earlier, first published a story on January 30 last and a subsequent story on February 7 that a series of covert meetings were taking place between US and Indian diplomats with Taliban leaders, however, the whereabouts and origins of these leaders could not be ascertained due to the lack of sufficient details and highly covert manner in which these meetings were arranged.
    UN based sources in Afghanistan informed this scribe on Wednesday that they were frequently getting reports regarding the presence of top brass of some banned outfits including those jihadi outfits the chiefs of which had lucrative head-moneys and were involved in terrorist activities in this region. Although the exact details regarding the visits of Abdol Malek Rigi to Afghanistan at any specific venue are still required because of his “lack of facial familiarity and acquaintance” within the locals, yet his frequent covert visits remained under heated discussions in informed Afghan quarters lately.
    The fact stands undisputed that CIA had very strong links with Jundullah and was actively backing its operations against Shiite Muslims in Iran as well as in different parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Stealthy visits of the banned militants in Afghanistan, off and on, have much to do with the incompetence of Afghan government and active collusion of US and India using Afghanistan as cross-border militancy card against Pakistan.
    Just recently, the arrests of three top leaders of Taliban by Pakistani authorities were not welcomed by Afghanistan and India at all, and soon after these arrests that had been termed by Pakistani authorities as a major breakthrough in combating militancy, voices were heard from New Delhi and Kabul that the pertinent development was a major blow to ‘peace efforts’ and arrested brass was presumably willing for talks with Afghanistan government! This policy of cribbing from both these states reflects the malice on part of Afghanistan that blindly follows the dictates of US and its cronies to avail of every bid that undermines Pakistan’s dignity.
    In addition, the role of controversial individuals like Robert Baer who call the shots in US affairs regarding Gulf, Middle East and South Asia is yet another reason in support of the argument that CIA has strong links with banned outfits like Jundullah posing grave threat to regional peace. Robert Baer, who currently serves as an advisor to US government on this region, has very strong influence in US foreign policy regarding South Asia and Middle East. Also, Baer, some years ago, had served as ‘field officer’ or in other words as a US spy in Afghanistan.
    Strangely enough, Baer admits of CIA’s contacts with Jundullah, but says that these contacts had been confined to ‘intelligence-gathering’ and Iran was in direct knowledge of this affair, an assertion strongly denied by Iran. Recently, he was quoted as saying that Bush administration was actively looking forward to enhance interactions with Jundullah “but the idea was quickly dropped because Jundullah was judged controllable and too close to al-Qaeda” Robert recalls.
    After Robert Baer’s assignment was over in Afghanistan and he was called back due to some administrative reasons, his duties were no longer required and Baer was discarded in a manner CIA usually metes out at all those who it deems useless. However, the infuriated Baer, who felt being dejected started publishing ‘revengeful’ stuff against CIA in a weekly, and was later given the position that he currently holds, to keep his mouth shut.
    Another former CIA spy Art Keller has also recently confessed that CIA had sent some 100 agents in Afghanistan to hunt Osama bin Laden. Keller says that the role of these agents was to curb militancy, but under the light of some startling revelations by some ‘hostile’ spies of CIA with related stories already published in this newspaper, it is too obvious to determine as to what exactly was assigned to the ‘heaps’ of CIA’s agents in the garb of hunting Osama other than strengthening terrorist organisations to destabilise Pakistan and Iran, and enhancing security concerns for China.
    This news was published in print paper. To access the complete paper of this day

    • Yawn….. another copy paste paki 🙂

      The problem with pakis is that they think they are RIGHT and the whole world is WRONG.WHOLE world is calling pakistan a TERRORIST state but pak is saying its a peace loving country who has sent peace loving terrorists all over the world like Osama,Mulla Omar,Hafiz saeed and thousands of terrorist groups 🙂

      Go and tell these boring stories to you LOCAL audiance who would believe it.


      next paki please 🙂

      • Another slumdog obsessed with Pakistan after getting his ass whooped!.I’m waiting for the release of Slumdog Millionaire 2 so release it soon to give me a belting laugh!

        Don’t talk of terrorism after Gujarat,Babri Mosque Hindutva fascists but then again Hindu’s have no demographic power thus they kiss Jewish and Christian ass!.I’m sure you’d die for a job in the Middle East!

  5. Great stuff.! Alan..
    all the stats. tht u have been talking abt. in ur mesage is abt. those ppl who are very poor and don’t have an access to the media in india.. letz not forget.. india is, financially, a very fragmented society.. and the strata and layers of financial hierarchy is quite steep and indeed, very broad.. so the stats. mentioned don’t matter to a family whose ward is in australia.. because they are the middle class of india, enjoying all amenities, good in english, liberally educated and well off here in India..
    Whn wards of such families go to aust. there is not even the remotest thought tht. they wud be treated as badly as is shown up in the media and as is really happening.. now..

    Tht this matter is blown up in proportions is similar to this anectode “The topper of the class gets caught while copying”… which does mean tht most of us take the australians and australia in such a high respect and dignity tht such act wud naturally blow itself out of proportion unless it is really backed by a disciplined and bold steps by the govt.. of australia.. which respectfully the govt. reciprocated well and implemented…

    Most of ur report, which is statistically driven, including the one quote by Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray, is not realistically documented.. and it wud be appropriate tht. the incidences are put into perpective of the AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY’s behaviour in general and not HAVING A COMPARITIVE view..
    I hope, if you could argue, you would probably write me a message on:

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