Balochistan: CIA’s Crumbling Project

February 24, 2010

Ahmed Quraishi

A photograph has surfaced that shows a terrorist wanted by Iran visiting a US military base in Afghanistan. Another terrorist wanted by Pakistan has also been spotted meeting Indian spies under American watch—in Afghanistan.  Iran arrests one such terrorist but Pakistan’s pro-US government refuses to take a stand on a terrorist insurgency openly backed by rogue US elements, with Indian support.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—After occupying Afghanistan, rogue CIA elements launched a campaign to create a new state of Balochistan out of two conjoined provinces in Pakistan and Iran.

This was done to create the shortest possible supply route from the sea to Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan.

The Sunni-Shia divide was exploited in Iran and a language-based divide was used in Pakistan. In other words, the result was a sectarian Balochi insurgency in Iran and an ethnic one in Pakistan.

This is how Jundullah was born in Iran and Balochistan Liberation Army in Pakistan. Both were armed and supported by CIA using the Afghan soil.

But this American terror infrastructure is now crumbling. Fast.

The idea of using Afghan soil for regional US strategies – against Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China, as the need be – has failed miserably. One reason is exposure. Eight years is enough time for everyone to understand the double game being played in the region in the name of war on terror, which is America’s war no matter how many millions of dollars the US government invests in propaganda in the region to convince the people it is otherwise.

Despite a pliant Pakistani government, Pakistan, for example, is not ready to cooperate with the United States if Pakistani interests are not protected along with US interests. Pakistan took a long time to take a stand. But it has come around finally. Of course CIA was not operating alone. It enlisted the help of India and several Western intelligence agencies, turning Afghanistan into a source of regional destabilization. That’s exactly what al-Qaeda was doing before 2002.

The arrest of the ringleader of CIA-backed Jundullah group, Mr. Abdolmalek Rigi, is a major development. Iran’s intelligence minister Heidar Moslehi showed damning evidence today to the media, confirming beyond doubt the terror group’s link to US intelligence in Afghanistan:

“In a press conference Moslehi showed a photograph of the leader of the group, Abdulmalek Rigi, 24 hours before his arrest at a US troops camp in Afghanistan, as well as an ID card, an Afghan passport and a Dubai visa belonging to Rigi and prepared by the US to facilitate his travels in the region as evidence to show the terrorist leader’s cooperation with Washington and certain other countries.”

Last year, his younger brother Abdolhamid Rigi was arrested by Pakistani intelligence and handed over to Iran. The younger Rigi admitted on television to meeting US diplomats, or possible intelligence agents, in Karachi and Islamabad.

The worst part of the story is that former President Musharraf might have allowed CIA-backed Jundullah to use Pakistani soil, along with Afghanistan’s, to mount operations inside Iran. Of course there were times when Iran did the same: organize and arm sectarian militant groups inside Pakistan as part of Iran’s policy of militarizing Shia minorities in neighboring countries. But that was a different time. What the Americans were doing in Iran’s Sistan-Balochistan was tied to the parallel terror insurgency in Pakistani Balochistan.

It is possible that this was one more concession that Mr. Musharraf granted US in Pakistan. But it is Pakistan and its intelligence that arrested and handed over Jundullah leader’s younger brother to Iran last year. Pakistani intelligence might have had something to do with the arrest of the elder Rigi too. But Iranian officials are denying that Pakistan helped them in any way in this arrest, and won’t say where Abdolhamid Rigi was seized.

Pakistan has been bound by many of the secret understandings and concessions that Mr. Musharraf made with Washington. The Zardari government that succeeded him is suspected of having more secret understandings than its predecessor. But the Pakistani military has been gradually relieving Pakistan of many unreasonable unilateral concessions [Example: US passport holders can no longer use a separate gate to enter and exit from Pakistani airports without scrutiny]. But at same time, the Pakistani military is bound by other government-to-government commitments made by Mr. Musharraf and now the Zardari government.

But there are enough signs that elements within the US intelligence community continue to support terrorism inside Pakistan in the name of Balochistan.

With US nod, India has recently recruited around 100 poor Pakistanis from Balochistan and transported them for training in India. New Delhi is doing this using Afghan soil.

Another evidence is a conference in Bangkok, Thailand, this week that called for breaking up Pakistan and creating an independent state called Balochistan. The conference was organized by a Paris-based group called Baloch Voice Foundation, which has not been known before. Unconfirmed reports suggest that this foundation is funded by Jamestown Foundation, a Washington-based think tank that shows a lot of interest in the potential for separatism in Pakistan and Iran. The US think tank’s website says that it provides unbiased information from Russia, China and “the world of terrorism,” which pretty much sums up how it views Muslim-dominated regions.

India actively supports terror groups that claim Baloch representation but it is American citizens and groups that have been making the loudest noises over Balochistan since 2002.  This has to do with Indo-US sharing of ideas over Pakistan after 2001 and that story makes for interesting reading.

It is interesting how the government of Thailand allowed the use of its soil for an anti-Pakistan activity. Pakistani protesters outside the Bangkok hotel didn’t miss this point and raised it on their placards.  But Pakistan’s pro-US government remains silent on this blatant act of war on the part of the Thai government.

Taking cue from Iran’s action against Jundullah, and Israel’s action against a Hamas activist in Dubai, Pakistan needs to get firm on eliminating the Afghan-based nursery of terrorism inside Pakistan.

Ahmed Quraishi



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  2. We got be the most stupid nation on this earth. On one hand we say CIA sponsors terrorism in Pakistan and on other hand we do joint operations with them and bow down to every order from lord america.

    • You are very right here Imran you know what when these thugs in the government and establishment see the dollars they cannot but bow to the lord they know what will make them do whatever is asked to them and that is show of dollar. Shame on these rogue elements I hope the people of pakistan should stand up against their corruption that they let enemies of pakistan to continue their heinous crimes against pakistan. Just another example of these thugs is that they supporting india for temporary seat of UN security council – how on earth they can do that when india has been killing our people in our cities, sending terrorists to Baluchistan, FATA and Kashmir an army of 700K terrorists and stealing our water. Come on people get these morons out of power and send them to their masters.

    • If the diplomacy and strategic planning was so simple,there would be 170 millionas diplomats,in our country.

    • @Imran

      Hakeekat nikal he gayi tere phite muh se…..

      Good to know 🙂

      Pak army/govt is taking ORDERS from its mighty LORD aka USA.

      US decides which leader to elect or fire in Pak(remember how Mushi was supported and then fired, now Mushi is hiding in UK)

      This proves that the pakistan is a modern COLONY of US.US is killing muslims through pak army.Pak army/govt is the MOST CORRUPTED organization in the world who is KILLING its OWN people by taking $$$ from US.Also US is killing pakis by drones anytime.

      Pakistan is not a soverign nation and just a colony of US.

      US will disintegrate Pakistan and it will happen sooner and later(starting from Baluchistan) because pak has become a terrorist monster.

      • …remember what a nuclear monster is capable off!The chances of India being dismantled are far greater then Pak ever falling that is only your fantasy!

        That will be best for the entire region that this fake and failed nation be made to submit and it will be!

  3. We are living in a very different time. The world and international community do not want a UN permanent security council member which is engaged in a war like situation and territorial dispute with a neighbour country.

    A further breakup of Pakistan is not possible unless a country sends in a whole army backed by a massive air and naval support and is open and ready for several nuclear strikes and counter
    strikes. No country in the the world is ready for anything like this.

    All these countries can do is to support terrorist groups end exploit powerty but breaking up Pakistan? That train left the station after the 6 successful nuclear weapon tests.

    But then comes along some idiots who would like to test the red-line of a nuclear power with a coldstart strategy. I wonder what these people are thinking: “When would Pakistan go nuclear and risk everything? Can they stand the loss
    of Lahore? Sialkot? Rawalpindi or Karachi even?”

    What do you people (Pakistanis and Indians) on
    this forum think?


    Rigi met US, Indian envoys in Afghanistan
    By: Sikander Shaheen | Published: February 25, 2010
    ISLAMABAD – The presence of Jundullah’s top man Abdol Malek Rigi in Afghanistan, a day prior to his arrest, is seen as part of covert meetings between US and Indian diplomats with Taliban and some unidentified leaders.
    This newspaper, earlier, first published a story on January 30 last and a subsequent story on February 7 that a series of covert meetings were taking place between US and Indian diplomats with Taliban leaders, however, the whereabouts and origins of these leaders could not be ascertained due to the lack of sufficient details and highly covert manner in which these meetings were arranged.
    UN based sources in Afghanistan informed this scribe on Wednesday that they were frequently getting reports regarding the presence of top brass of some banned outfits including those jihadi outfits the chiefs of which had lucrative head-moneys and were involved in terrorist activities in this region. Although the exact details regarding the visits of Abdol Malek Rigi to Afghanistan at any specific venue are still required because of his “lack of facial familiarity and acquaintance” within the locals, yet his frequent covert visits remained under heated discussions in informed Afghan quarters lately.
    The fact stands undisputed that CIA had very strong links with Jundullah and was actively backing its operations against Shiite Muslims in Iran as well as in different parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Stealthy visits of the banned militants in Afghanistan, off and on, have much to do with the incompetence of Afghan government and active collusion of US and India using Afghanistan as cross-border militancy card against Pakistan.
    Just recently, the arrests of three top leaders of Taliban by Pakistani authorities were not welcomed by Afghanistan and India at all, and soon after these arrests that had been termed by Pakistani authorities as a major breakthrough in combating militancy, voices were heard from New Delhi and Kabul that the pertinent development was a major blow to ‘peace efforts’ and arrested brass was presumably willing for talks with Afghanistan government! This policy of cribbing from both these states reflects the malice on part of Afghanistan that blindly follows the dictates of US and its cronies to avail of every bid that undermines Pakistan’s dignity.
    In addition, the role of controversial individuals like Robert Baer who call the shots in US affairs regarding Gulf, Middle East and South Asia is yet another reason in support of the argument that CIA has strong links with banned outfits like Jundullah posing grave threat to regional peace. Robert Baer, who currently serves as an advisor to US government on this region, has very strong influence in US foreign policy regarding South Asia and Middle East. Also, Baer, some years ago, had served as ‘field officer’ or in other words as a US spy in Afghanistan.
    Strangely enough, Baer admits of CIA’s contacts with Jundullah, but says that these contacts had been confined to ‘intelligence-gathering’ and Iran was in direct knowledge of this affair, an assertion strongly denied by Iran. Recently, he was quoted as saying that Bush administration was actively looking forward to enhance interactions with Jundullah “but the idea was quickly dropped because Jundullah was judged controllable and too close to al-Qaeda” Robert recalls.
    After Robert Baer’s assignment was over in Afghanistan and he was called back due to some administrative reasons, his duties were no longer required and Baer was discarded in a manner CIA usually metes out at all those who it deems useless. However, the infuriated Baer, who felt being dejected started publishing ‘revengeful’ stuff against CIA in a weekly, and was later given the position that he currently holds, to keep his mouth shut.
    Another former CIA spy Art Keller has also recently confessed that CIA had sent some 100 agents in Afghanistan to hunt Osama bin Laden. Keller says that the role of these agents was to curb militancy, but under the light of some startling revelations by some ‘hostile’ spies of CIA with related stories already published in this newspaper, it is too obvious to determine as to what exactly was assigned to the ‘heaps’ of CIA’s agents in the garb of hunting Osama other than strengthening terrorist organisations to destabilise Pakistan and Iran, and enhancing security concerns for China.
    This news was published in print paper. To access the complete paper of this day

  5. Can anyone explain please why Baluchis want to convert to Hinduism?

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