Zaid Hamid: Khilafat-e-Rashida Episode 15

February 23, 2010






  1. To my knowledge, this is his own show which he runs of news1 by buying some time from the channel.
    He talks about Islam and Khilafah but he hostess is sensation provoking.
    I donot understand that how a person violating very basics of islamic teachings can bring about an islamic revolution?
    I am thankful to Allah who made me muslim and I am thankful to His great blessing for all of us in the form of Pakistan. But I donot worship pakistan.

    • Ahmed,

      Very poor judgment about the show, anchor and speaker.

      If you read carefully your own post, you’d find some answers to your own objects, in your own post.

      Please try to concentrate on the “message” and not the “sensation provoking” hostess. Anyhow, it is your choice to concentrate on whatever you want to.

      I personally commend Zaid hamid for being so courageous, outspoken and his abilities to confront the harsh circumstances.

      I bet with you, you raising this stupid objection on him, wouldn’t have enough courage to say a single word about Islam or its tenents on TV or won’t have enough knowledge to project.

      So, be wise and then comment on “his abilities to bring Islamic revolution”.

      You are a big looser, with a capital “L”.

    • @Ahmed

      i agree with you~ Message of Islam & Secular looking team can’t go side by side. What’s the message Mr.Zaid hamid trying to spread?

    • I agree with you Ahmed,

      How can a person who cannot practice islamic ways in his own show be expected to bring islamic revolution in the country?

      People like imran who follow him blindly donot have a speck of islamic knowledge themselves! Islam condemns assbiyat(nationalism), a concept ZH preaches the most! His followers worship Pakistan instead of breaking all national ties and following islam!

      It is narrated by Abu Dawuud that the Messenger of Allah (PbuH) said:

      “He is not one of us who calls for `Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for `Asabiyyah or who dies for `Asabiyyah.”

      Also, the Messenger of Allah (PbuH) said:

      “Undoubtedly Allah has removed from you the pride of arrogance of the age of Jahilliyah (ignorance) and the glorification of ancestors. Now people are of two kinds. Either believers who are aware or transgressors who do wrong. You are all the children of Adam and Adam was made of clay. People should give up their pride in nations because that is a coal from the coals of Hell-fire. If they do not give this up Allah (swt) will consider them lower than the lowly worm which pushes itself through Khara (dung).” [Abu Dawuud and Tirmidhi]

      @ Imran,
      Will u still follow Zaid Hamid’s call for nationalism or follow Islam as taught by rasul (sallalAllaho Alehe waalihi wasallam)???? only Allah knows who’s the loser here dude!!!

      • @ pakipatriot


        See below, the response of sumayya and GuftarKaghazi for the answer.

        Your problem is the inability to see your own internal problem.

      • @ imran,
        people like u and sumayya chawla are so blinded by charisma of Zaid Hamid’s personailty that you are ready to overlook quran and hadith in order to defend him…
        May Allah help u!

        PS:its never too late to open to quran and derive your guidance from the ULTIMATE source!

  2. I totally agree with you Imran, how can a person like zaid hamid who is talking such INTENSE subject focusing on every minute details while referring to ppl who are writing against him in foreign and Pakistan media, and answering them point by point giving all logical arguments even from their own ppls statements…
    Can you even think to imagine that such a bz guy in his thoughts can focus only on who is sitting in front of her??? she is looking jus like a kid sitting in front of his father telling her something…
    Plz focus on msg…

    • It’s not possible to focus on the message when the team you working with or the people surrounding you have liberal/secular lifestyle along with haraam professions. Either change the team or do a series on the Social System of Islam and convince the team to change their lifestyle.

  3. Brothers point is not how one might look at or one might think about our muslim sister in islam.
    The point is what does islam say about the situation…does islam say accept what you like and ignore what you donot like……..or does it demands us to enter in islam fully???????
    I donot want to prolong this debate about what Mr. ZH is upto or capable of ……. I have got Alhamdulliah enough proofs that this man has some thing basically wrong.
    Learn islam and rewatch his programs on Naimat Allah Shah Wali and judge for yourselves.
    Please, please educate yourself with islam and donot be trapped on the name of islam by any one…..
    Answer a simple question…..what if you think following his way you make sure pakistan is secured but you loose your iman or faith……how would that benefit you here after..

    If you have good faith and iman…..insha Allah you will for sure care for pakistan and be thankful to your Lord.

    • Aoa.I request all of you not to discuss about personality of speaker.plz try to focus on the systems of khilafat e rashida,have you find something wrong or outdated in those systems?,and try to understand the basics.on the base of wisdom I wish this kind of system in akistan and all over bcz it is need of time.and love with Pakistan for only Allah, and it is a gift to us from him.I am totally Agreed with respected Zaid Hamid and I assure all of you that he is agood person,thanks

    • @ Ahmed

      Please enlighten us what is “basically” wrong about Zaid Hamid.

      Don’t just throw in “a shadow of a doubt” on Zaid Hamid and run with your tail between your legs.

      Lets see the “caliber” of your understanding.

      • my messages are being blocked with all the proofs.
        The one and only proof is that this man spreads sufi-ism and thats not islam in its totality.
        You are wise, do your homework and accept what you like.

  4. Dear People (Ahmed, PakPatriotic)

    if you aren’t comfortable watching this show with a wise man and a nice presenter who isn’t wearing sleeveles, may be you tune your tv back to the channel where you are used to watching these things.

    He is not asking you to bring the revolution and no one can bring any kind of revolution – a Revolution starts within one self.

    If you have ears and have something between them too you would be able to understand by just listening and not seeing anything on the show but just by putting your ears to it – you will learn the richness and characteristics of a JUST government and society.

    It will give you something to talk about when someone asks you “What does your religion have to offer”?

    So either stop visiting or start listening and stop watching the presenter and the person – just listen while your window minimized.

    • Completely agree with GaftarKaghazi.

    • mr kaghazi,
      the wise man can impart his wisdom with a male presenter as well… what purpose is this anchor serving? a male anchor can also nod his head in agreement as she does….. the point is the girl is sitting there to attract viewership, her role is neither intellectual nor contributory…she’s just an eye-candy for the viewers…..like any other channel, may i add..

      so what change is the wise man offering? he is practicing the same evils present in the society in his show and is talking about islamic change?? Reminds me of Obama…all words and no action…

      And my friend if u have a problem with our criticism…. then refrain from indulging in this discussion!

      • Mr PakPatriot,

        I think you are wiser then him, as you have realized his mistake of imparting his wisdom with a female presenter.

        You are right he does sound like Obama too, but there is a difference and I am sure you are wise enough to observer/notice that difference i.e. Obama talks about future and how he will bring the change, Z.H. talks about our Ancestors / Legends who already brought the change not just for Muslims but whoever came under there rule.

        I am not your friend, I haven’t got a problem and I am not criticizing you or anyone here – forgive me if you are thinking I am criticizing.

        I will not refrain if I indulge in a discussion.

        Now, all I am saying is, right we have found a BUG in his program / presentation, why not we deliver the same content in the appropriate way ? How does that sound ? Please do post a link here or email me – I will be more then happy to listen to your thoughts, lectures.

        Once again, do not think that iam criticizing you or even if you think, take it positively not personally and start writing.

        If Muslims around the world start writing about there culture, religion and the benefits – it will for sure get heard on mass media.

        As the Prophet PBUH himself has said “”The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr”.

      • @Guftarkaghazi

        Message of Islam and liberal/secular team can’t go side by side. ZH shud think abt this.

  5. @Ahmed, kindly do not spread nonsense against Zaid Hamid because u have no proof that ‘he has got something basically wrong’ , because he doesnt.

    • @sumayya
      Zaid Hamid is neither a god nor an angle free from errors. We will judge Zaid Hamid in the light of Quran & Sunnah, all his actions by words/gestures/his team etc., negating the message of Quran & Sunnah will come under criticism.

      • Imran Saeed,

        Before you allege Zaid Hamid, do as many programs as he has done, do as many public appearnaces as many he has done, come to the TV, internet, spend time, energies and money and above all, endanger your life like Zaid Hamid.

        Then and only then present the light of Quran and Sunnah to prove Zaid Hamid wrong.

        Moreover, maulvis, Mullahs, scholars are all ALIVE to prove Zaid Hamid wrong.

        Your help is not needed at this time.

      • @imran chaudhry

        i do not really have to do programmes to criticise Zaid Hamid. So far none including Zaid hamid has responded to our criticism.

        doesn’t he know that Allah swt’ stops us from allying with kaafirs and kill our own muslim brothers. Why doesn’t he raise his voice against this Muslim alliance with Kaafirs? Why doesn’t he criticise PA for allowing drone attacks?

      • @Imran, ‘we will judge zaid hamid’ – excuse me but u are not god, nor are you incharge of heaven and hell. Idiot.

        he has NEVER negated anything about the Quran and Sunnah, he is an aashiq-e-Rasool (SAW)….and everything he says and does reflects that.

        As for you, I am not so sure..who the hell are you anyway???

  6. @All, all of you who are critisizing the ‘anchor’ and her dressing…shame on you all. Out of all the amazing information and tons of knowledge that this man is giving you through this program, this is all you take away? thats all you notice? It indeed speaks of your own limited vision and one can clearly see where YOUR mind is at. What exactly is ‘sensation provoking’ about a young woman intently listening to someone who is talking about a very serious topic? The ‘sensation’ is in ur head, you are obsessed with getting everyone else to follow rules while you yourself are apparently perfect! Shame on you. Isnt Allah enough to judge or did he personally ask you to give Him a hand? GET A LIFE!

    • @ sumayyac

      These are the men who have a problem with every women in the world. What the heck, they need to clarify their own internal mental confusions first.

      These guys are clearly presenting their own weakness of getting derailed by the “sight” of the opposite gender and “loosing” control of themselves just upon the sight of the opposite gender.

      The first poster alleged Zaid Sahab of buying tiume on Channel one TV, yet he in his poor myopic vision, failed to appreciate the effort Zaid Hamid is making against so many odds. He failed to appreciate his courage and coming forward to be so out spoken to challange even the top establishment risking his own life. This guy is so judgmental to make statements about Zaid Hamid buying time from a TV channel, what is Ahmed’s problem, if Zaid Hamid buys time. Zaid Hamid is not making “Ahmed” pay for his shows. What a stupid view he has.

      And this person “Ahmed” is just throwing in some “wishy washy” statements and then runs away. A real coward rat, a LOOOOOOOOOOSER with Capital “L” and multiple capital “Os”……..

    • @sumayya
      the point of view is very simple ‘the message of Islam & secular looks or team or profession’ can’t go side by side.

      Shame on the anchor and shame on those who chose such anchors who doesn’t know the dress code given to us by Islam. Go to any scholar of Islam and present to him this case and then we will see.

      What’s next we gonna hear?
      listen to maria B and ignore the profession she’s associated with.

      is this another Enlightened Moderation attempt now by Zaid Hamid?

      • @Imran saeed, and you again have missed the point. The message of Islam will spread and through the people that Allah has chosen to spread it through. While you sit there and
        act like you are perfect and know all (naouzubillah) . people like you just focus on the zahir. Did you know that in islam calling someone ‘secular’ or kaafir when they clearly state that
        they are neither of such things, is also forbidden? Apply your logic to urself, and you will see how bizzarre and pathetic you sound.

      • @sumayyac
        Islam will be spread by those whose Zahir& Baatin are the same and their words/actions/looks/professions etc., doesn’t contradict Islam.

        When i labeled anybody as a Kaafir? (this is an accusation and u shud take this back)

        Ask our Aali martab Asif Ali Zardari, he will express his extreme love for Islam. Going by u’r argument, we will have to accept Mr.10% words.

        So it’s not only abt what one says verbally but also what reflects from his actions.

        Labeling someone as a secular is not forbidden.

    • @ Sumayya Chawla,
      imran saeed and ahmed are correct in their critism about the anchor’s dressing…they did not churn up those rules about wearing proper clothing (dupatta)themselves…these are the guidelines given to us in quran…do us all a favor and educate yourself….draw your guidance from Quran and Sunnah not from blind following of Zaid Hamid or for that matter any XYZ!here’s an excerpt from quran that ppl like you should take time to read instead of rejecting Allah’s word to fulfill your own desires in name of “freedom”

      soora Noor Ayat 31
      And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers……… and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! turn ye all together towards Allah, that ye may attain Bliss

      • Brothers and sisters,
        The anchor person is my sister in islam, neiter i like her outfit for my real sister nor for herself.
        Please, no one has called any1 or no one should ever do call other kafir……its a very serious matter.

        Point of attention to you my brothers and sisters…..beawar of ZH take what is good according to islamic teachings and donot follow him blindly.
        Many of my messages are blocked from this forum (trying to proof how this man has basic wrong understandings)

        Please please for you Akhirat learn islam from original sources….and stay away from sufi-ism (collection of false stories by false people to misguide to get their own agenda through)

      • the impression given here is that we have some sort of personal grudges with the anchor. We are not interested in the lifestyle of the anchor and respect her.

        the problem is (Zaid hamid is responsible for this)that you cannot spread the message of Islam with liberal/secular people surrounding you. The argument that concentrate just on the message or it’s the internal purity that matters etc., holds no ground in Islam. (don’t believe me,ok fine, consult a Scholar)

        So if an anchor comes in a programme meant to spread Islam with liberal/secular dress code or if Zaid Hamid blindly praises PA for everything which negates the saying of Quran than definitely they will come under criticism.

  7. @Pakpatriot, please do not try to fool us anymore, people like you have absolutely failed to build a case against this great change that is about to engulf the Pakistani nation. It was Allama Iqbal who dreamt of a seperate homeland and Quaid-e-Azam who was inspired and ordered by rasulAllah (SAW) himself to strive for Pakistan. We already know all that, so Pakistani Nationalism is not some secular nationalistic struggle, it is a struggle for Allah and RasulAllah (SAW) and will InshaAllah end at the whole Ummat being liberated and revived! Kindly get off your high horse and stop misguiding people. It’s not working.

    • @sumayya
      Allama Iqbal, no doubt’ is a great poet of Islam and gave a revoultionary thought process in the sub-continent but there’s a limitation in following him. Didn’t he rejected the coming of Imam Mahdi, didn’t he accepted the secular state of Turkey as the role model where submission is to people and not GOD????

      Zaid Hamid should stop showing dreams to ppl that Pakistan & Pakistanis are somewhat like the chosen ones like the Jews mindset. and no matter how much we disobey the laws of Allah swt’ , no matter how much we assist kaafirs in destroying a muslim land and killing own muslim brothers, Allah swt’ will still bless us and we wll be the one going to liberate Hind.

      • @Imran, your vies on Allama Iqbal, who was a great Wali of Allah are extremely misguided and frankly full of baloney. Allama Iqbal was the one who cried tears of sorrow and made the Muslims of India cry with his soul-shaking kalaam at the fall of the Ottoman Empire! He was the greatest Aashiq of rasulAllah (SAW) in a way people like you and me cannot even understand! How dare you judge him!
        Zaid Hamid has never told Pakistanis that they are the ‘chosen ones’, not in a way that you are putting it..completely twisting around his message. He has categorically repeated the we need to ask forgiveness for our collective mistakes that were made after the creation of pakistan and how we did not fulfil the promise made to Allah and RasulAllah (SAW). At the same time, what he is revealing to us is the spiritual reality of Pakistan and with that comes the huge responsibility that we bear on our shoulders for this Ummah. Pakistan was created through the special blessing of Allah and RasulAllah (SAW) . Hundreds of Auliya Allah, Fuqara and Darweishes of Allah have said the same thing for the past 100 s of years. This is not a creation of ZH’s imagination. You need to educate yourself in ‘Spirtual knowledge’ of our beautiful deen.

      • @sumayyac
        Our problem is that we don’t read books ourselves and totally rely on others. Allah is my witness, whatever i said abt Allama Iqbal is true, all we need is a little effort. the material is available for all of us to read and analyze things.

        He did recognised the release of Gog & Magog in the world which not many scholars to date recognise but he rejected the coming of Imam Mahdi. This is the reason i say that there’s a limitation in following Allama Iqbal.

    • sumayya

      They don’t have anything against Zaid Hamid. Thats why they are concentrating on the “anchor”.

      Empty vessels make much noise.

      • i posted lots of arguments against Zaid Hamid’s approach but i don’t see them, probably got deleted.

        if our arguments keep getting blocked than what’s the difference between Zaid Hamid supporters and that liberal fascist Nadeem F Pracha. Nadeem Paracha blocks every criticism against him and than he starts believing that there’s no opposition and everything he says has acceptability.

  8. Guys,
    Ahmed is the one representing those who are headquartered in London and Nigeria,having their own TV channel.

    As ZH is striking at their roots,they are after him.

    Such people talk of Islam but,in fact they are anti Islam.

  9. @Anonymous, I totally condemn your remarks about Ahmed.
    What difference remains between you and Ahmed.He is making false and baseless accusations and you, probably,also did the same thing.

    The best thing would have been to ignore him.Never pay attention to barking ……

    You might know,in Quran,”ba’az az zan ism.”You should refrain from spreading lies.

  10. To the administrators of this Forum:

    You took a link of Mr. Zaid Hamid’s programs on Hazrat Naimatullah shah wale (7-8 of those) along with all the people’s comments and objection for maintainance a long ago.

    Please update your main page with those links along with all the comments, so that we all find out how truthful thess guy are about their cliam of proofs.

    Surely you donot have to hide any thing do you.

  11. Asalam Alykum Brothers and sisters
    Are we fighting over personalities, are we really?
    Then whats the difference between us (suppose to be educated patriots) and politicians……….are politicians donot fight on each tv show everyday protecting their leaders(personalities)…….
    Is this how educated people should behaive?
    I donot know details here but the image i am getting from this discussion is that ZH & his fans are infected with sufism, as sufism is all about following the personalities (other than prophets) blindly………..am i wrong? There is no ism in islam so please follow fundamental principles, which never change over 1400 years and will not change for the rest of this world.

    • No.Nobody is talking about sufi-ism.From where you get this idea.Present day sufi-ism is a farce.What Zh talks about is spirituality.One should follow the tenets of Islam,in such a way that”Khuda Banday say khud poochay……”
      The example of Khakid Bin Waleed(RA) who drinks the poison with a Dua”Bismillah-il-lazee La Yazurru…”i.e.total faith in Allah.This is spirituality.If you want to know more,study Imam Ghazali for “ma’arefat Allah” No personalities come in between.
      The most valuable example is of “Tahweel-e-Qibla”,as mentioned in Sura Baqrah.Allah says to Prophet(PBUH)
      “WE KNOW WHY YOU ARE RAISING YOUR HEAD TOWARDS SKY…”.To this Allama says”Khuda Banday say…”

      So please correct your ideas.

      • A fancy name of spirituality wont change the contents…….Please think b4 u try 2 compare any1 with the Holly Prophet (PBUH) he received wahi from Allah (SWT)…No one after him can get the wahi….i say again no one ever…….any1 talking abt his dreams or his understanding if not matched with Quran and Sunnah is simply rejected.

        The best interpretation of islam will be taken from Sahabas (May Allah be pleased with them) and donot even imagine to compare any1 with their understanding…wheather ist Allama Iqbal or Imam Ghazali (Rehmat Allah Aleyh)….The interpretation of sahabas (May Allah be pleased with them) is preserved by the grace of Allah (SWT), have no doubt abt that because Allah promised that He(SWT) will save the Quran (that doesnot only include the text)…
        I donot know but brother do a little research and try to verify the event of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (May Allah be pleased with them) on the same basis upon which hadith are verfied….can u do that…or any1 with that proof tell us this event…I donot know any thing abt the event……..I am not saying that its wrong but verfiy it b4 u put ur belief on one person telling such kind of events.

  12. Rohaniat is not to be understood as 2+2=4.You need Qalb-e-Saleem.We in East(Ajamees) cannot understand this.Because the message is reaching us through Tarjuma,which sometimes takes away the Rooh of the Message.

    It is my conviction that the incident of Hazrat Umer(RA)accepting Islam,may even today is enacted by Allah(swt),on Arabs.It is Ejaz al Quran as Arabs do not need a translation.

    Sometime back,there was a fire in Sukkur bazar(of wooden cabins).One of the cabin owner was standing aloof.When people asked him to go and see his cabin,he said”Nothing will happen to my cabin as I have paid Zakat fully”.And in fact,his cabin was safe while others were burnt.

    So this is the Yaqeen on Allah,His Messenger and Book.

    Why we should not believe and trust Allah when He Himself says “Ujeebu Dawat al da’ee iza da’an”.(I listen to your prayers and answer it)

    You may continue to think that it is a fantacy.

    By giving the example of Tahweel-e-Qibla,I never meant that anyone else on earth can achieve that AALA TAREEN DARAJA OF MA’AREFAH,.It was just to show how Allah(swt)listens to Qalbe saleem.This is Roohaniat.
    Khalid bin Waleed(RA) was after all a Jaleelul Qadr Sahabi

    And Zh is advocating this Roohaniat.

    • I say one thing and you start on another. The subject here must not be ZH but principles. OK let me ask you what is the message of Shariah (ruling for general muslims) in Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed’s event for us common people? We donot know if that incident is true or not…we donot know ZH wot kind proofs he has..etc etc.
      Do you know about falsification test in Christianity? Can, following the event of poison drinking, ZH drink poison to prove his rohaniyat?

      Learn true pure islam and not just stories….unauthenticated stories is not shariah…….read news papers u ll find millions of incidents where a non-muslim was saved miraculously from a disaster, does that make that non-muslim a peer, a wali, or sofi or wotever names r given in sufi-ism.

      Watch Ahmed Dedat or Dr. Zakir Naik on peace TV to find out how to make an argument and how to accept a daleel…if you care abt ur deen.

      • I have personally met Sheikh Deedat,many a times and I was also on his mailing list.So much for your funny remark.
        Roohaniyat is attained,if Allah Wills,by Tazkiah-e-nafs(soul purification).
        All Sahabas (including Khalid Bin Waleed RA)got it from the teachings of Prophet(SAW),as mentioned in Quran.
        As I said earlier,we Ajamees do not,generally, obtain that level of inspiration from Quran (whose language is foreign to us)as mentioned in Quran itself:”IF WE HAD REVEALED QURAN ON A MOUNTAIN,BECAUSE OF FEAR OF ALLAH,IT WOULD HAVE BROKEN INTO PIECES”.

        Geting that level of inspiration,results in soul purification.

  13. @sumayyac
    “If all that you have is insults then you have lost your argument”

    personal attacks will serve nothing, try to counter my arguments with arguments.

  14. I request the moderators to disable the comments rather delete them ;

    All religions have alot of sects and different kinds of belief.

    The problem with Pakistani’s is “Rejection” ; they like to judge and reject straightaway.

    I am not defending Zaid Hamid or the presenter, nor bashing on her clothes, I didn’t even saw her clothes as when I listen to these lectures, I have my headphones and windows minimized as its not a movie I am watching.

    All I am requesting is that if you are PIOUS enough and have felt that he is giving the right message in a wrong way (by having a woman as the hostess), why don’t you start your own website / blog and try to convey messages of what you think are authenticated.

    What he says is written in books, he is not that old to write history himself ; he is just trying to spread the word ; Khilafat, sharia are names to a JUST LAW ;

    Dont start a argumentative war here about who is right and wrong – ALLAH is the one to decide, I only hear his lectures as he tells me what I read in books, “Qasus-ul-Anbiya”, the life of the 4 Khalifa’s (Caliphs), Buzurgan-e-Deen.

    Rohanyaat is a connection between a human and his/her Lord, it can be practiced on your own as well.

    No Buzurg in the whole world can gurantee that you will do good deeds and will excel in rohaniyaat

    Rohaniyaat is a test of one person, in which the learner / practitioner questions him/her self all the time not just on Every Action but Every Thought.

    That said – If you don’t believe in it you won’t get it, you will get your rehmat from ALLAH in your own choosen way – this is why ALLAH is the ONE Ruler whose might and power has no limit that ALLAH has written for you which path you will select and how you will divert and change.

    As I said previously, if you are not comfortable with his presentations, thoughts, clothes, appearance or the hostess appearance, you can create a blog, article, video in which you can deliver your own content – which will be according to the sharia which we all have forgotten so much.

    I request that I didn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feeling here rather was suggesting that if you aren’t comfortable either don’t visit the website or start your own with lectures and post a link here.

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