Wake Up Islamabad with Zaid Hamid part 1

February 21, 2010

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4



  1. ***** Allah o Akbar **************

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Nara e Takbeeer!!!!!

  2. whenare you comming to karachi?


    The title says all ie…
    “Wake Up Islamabad with Zaid Hamid part 1”

    So at least Zaid knows that pakistan is sleeping and dreaming things like ‘Gazwa-e-Hind’.But in reality handful of Talibunnies have done Gazwa-e-Pak.

    • Yo Amit,
      The Title of Program is “Wake Up” which means “Jaago” and yes we were in state of sleep, this waking up process might not be overnight it can take time 🙂 but
      we need people like Sir Zaid Hamid to raise our temperature of Pakistaniat and reviving purpose of Pakistan 🙂 which is to purify india from groups like shiv sena, narinder modism and all that achoot brahminism that discriminate low class of innocent hindu brothers.
      your created so-called taliban, i dont even call them taliban they are your thrash which is already been washing out from our land,,,our army is purifying our land which was becaming dirt due to your agents aka “taliban” which you planned and installed after 2004!!!

      I hope and pray that Amit you will join us and help mission of Pakistan to bring peace/stability in this region which can take place only Gazwa-e-Hind 🙂
      just to give education to you that word Hindu comes from Indus, so in this way i m hindu if i was born in so-called secular india but thanks GOD I practice ISLAM 🙂

    • Gift to Amit

  4. “My dear Pak-wattan, It is Allah’s will to keep this son of yours thousands of miles away from you but the love and prayers to your pak sir zameen is always in my heart no matter where in the world kismet takes”.

    “I love you mother Pakistan”.

    • How stupid and ignorant to call pakistan your mother? Is this islamic concept that homeland is mother? Why we muslim have to follow non-muslims idealogy, concepts and norms?

  5. Ladies and gentlemen please take a min off and really THINK how the future would look like with this man as your country’s leader.

    If he’s allowed to be in office, US will be back in Afghanistan within 10 years. He’s your Saddam Hussein.

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