Pakistan enhances military posts along Afghan border

February 21, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has increased its military posts along with Afghanistan border in Balochistan to keep strong vigil on the movement of Taliban militants from Afghanistan to Pakistani areas in the wake of ongoing Operation Mushtarak.

Top military sources told Dawn News that twenty six new posts have been set-up by Pakistani security forces raising the number to two hundred and eighty six.

The sources also said that Pakistan would handover militants to Nato forces if they cross over to Pakistani areas from Helmand province.

Both Pakistan and US forces in Afghanistan have also arrived on understanding of timely intelligence sharing.

Commander of ISAF General General McCrystal during his meeting with Army Chief General kayani assured that US and Nato forces would extend maximum intelligence cooperation to Pakistani forces about militant movement.

DAWN, Pakistan



  1. Fortify that bloody borden NOW already so even migrant birds from Russia have to ask for permission to enter Pakistan!!!

  2. actually it must be kept in check to stop invading farangi sipahis from crossing into baluchistan, as they might want to occupy it for all its weallth of natural resources there, which are the amanat of muslims, as for talibs, they wont come into pak, cos they got plenty of places there, where they already are.

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