Wake Up Lahore 14/2/10 PROMO and BACKSTAGE

February 20, 2010



    Throughout history, the fight has never been about religion but of a socio-political-economic (SPE) system. Of all the systems that exist such as capitalism, communism, socialism or an Islamic caliphate, there is nothing such as a socio-political-economic system of Hindu pagans (and therefore offers no hope to humanity). Hindus have always been in need of borrowing & following either an Islamic SPE system (as in past, and will again in future) or a western one (presently). Starting as various implausible pagan cults, umbrella-ed under the term Hinduism over time, today Hinduism refers to mere rituals and beliefs and whereas Islam is a complete SPE system of life (desired much in need again); Islam in fact, is the oldest religion starting with Adam and Eve, completed on the last prophet, Muhammad (SAW).

    • Fact catcher bhai,

      Yeh aap kis tarha key facts post kartey rehtey ho, kaan ullu ka, naak bakrey ki, sar ghorey ka….LOL

      • elaborate, and i’ll convince you.

      • Fact catcher bhai,

        Your facts are correct, but their timing and posting under different topics is quite abrupt and funny. Their correctness yet situational inconcordance makes me laugh.

        Fact catcher bhai, aap ko meri baat samajh main aae key aur explaination zarori ho gi bhai.

      • The idea is to brush aside the overwhelming anti-Pakistan propaganda warfare imposed on the Pakistani nation by exposing the true face of Bharat to the world and more importantly the Pakistani nation. Facts may be out of context at times, that’s why they are posted as FACT OF THE DAY. Facts only need reading.

      • LOL,

        Theek hai fact catcher bhai. Aap ki baat sa aankhon par sir.

      • what’s funny in it?

  2. Wake-up Pakistan minus Maria B,

    • please don’t talk like that. we have to take along everyone with us. be patient and give time and leeway to people. who do you want to motivate if you are minusing pakistanis just from the start from a movement that emphasizes upon pakistanis in first place. shed this approach. when intentions are right, people change themselves. don’t start writing off people because this movement needs unity faith and discipline. we have already written off ourselves just too much and i think its enough. now time is to embrace each other and talk with love. please don’t damage the idea.

    • lol.
      another -1 formula.

    • @ Anonymous

      Actually, wake up Pakistain is Maria B’s movement. I think Maria B will evolve with the passage of time. She already has changed a lot.

      All I wish is the success of this movement, Inshallah.

    • Khilafat’e Rashida, iqbal ka pakistan, interestfree economy, Ali Azmat, Maria B, fashion shows, cat walks~ That’s very very interesting!

      Lahore Fashion Week ends with aplomb :

      So if someone is talking to bring an Islamic Revolution than obviously it has to be in totality. Coeme’on Zaid; show some courage and tell the ppl around u to quit their unislamic professions for the sake of an Islamic revolution and plz tell them to dress up to look like the cadre of an Islamic revolution.

      The period of Meccan struggle is the example, when the companions started joining the Revolution they left each and every thing un-islamic behind them.

      • Imran saeed,

        i agree with you totally. it has to be in totality, but i believe we have to evolve from this system, our first step is to find such people who are willing to change and bring about a change. maria.B is doing great work and i agree she has to shed some stuff that is more like a modernist approach to a twisted Islam, but we have to understand that it will take time. i believe the second reconstruction of islam will be on the same ways it was formed first time. we cannot impose everything over night, probably that is why no previous islamic movements have been successful because the people got too emotional and wanted everything to be right just from the beginning. we have to understand it takes time. you know even the ahkaam of alchohol and parda also were introduced slowly and when the time was ripe. we have to take her along because we will not leave anyone behind who is willing to work for a cause. overtime, people will change themselves as they begin to see the results. and ill tell you a secret: people who want to twist islam or of loose character will automatically be left behind unknown. you also know it. if you trust zaid hamid, trust that he knows this too but there is a proper way and time to change people and he is doing it. im sure he also doesnt advocate of open hugging as a gesture of patriotism or anything. she will change, she has to change, we all have to change – slowly and steadly, but for sure she as our sister is the one we embrace.

      • @Imran saeed,
        Isn’t it surprising that even todays,people say that Islam and its customs will evolve over a period and give an example of “Sharab”.
        They must know after Ayah “Alyoum akmalt-o-lakum deenakum”.no need to wait for evolution.

        At least say “salam” when you start talking.Fareeha does that.

        But as somebody has said,WUP is “her”program,(and not that of Zaid Sahib),then let her run the way “she”likes.

      • Surah Maidah 5:3
        “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islâm as your religion”

        step by step concept doesn’t hold true for us as we have already received the gudiance and Ahkams 1400+ years ago.

        Yes, i agree, the revival of Islam will be on the same pattern as it was the first time but this revival is for Political Islam i.e reviving an ideology, making a Ja’maat, organisation etc.,

        I do not doubt the intentions but if someone is waking Pakistan or associated with someone who’s calling for Khilafat’e Rashida, atleast these people shuold know the basics. Ok fine, they are trying to change and it will take time, my suggestion to them is till u change, work behind the scenes and don’t appear in public as the flag bearer of Islam. This can be done, right?

      • Would somebody shed some light on Ahteram Khattak,who has purchased the rights of WUP videos.

        On his site on youtube,,he calls himself:

        His Excellancy,Mr.Ahteram Khattak.

        I hope this gentleman is not fake.

  3. Oh man, he took it to next level this time…love you zaid hamid…

    May Allah bless us and keep us on sirat e mustakeem.

  4. Nara Taqbeer!!!!

  5. Her sentence'”I will lead you” and then looking at the audience for applause,shows personal aims.
    Sincere and humble people don’t vy to be at the top.They are ready to work at any position.

    Though I have no reason to doubt her sincerity,I have resevations.

    For unity of command,Zaid Sahib is enough.

    • @Anonumous, for all the hard work she is putting in and the absolute sincerity that she has towards the mission, this is what you have to say about her? You have no right to judge and make baseless assumptions about someone. Focus on what YOU are doing…the rest is being taken care of. For judgement, Allah is enough!

    i wish that he wud lead us to the glory and rise of islam and pakistan

  7. It is my humble request to the ladies/girls who are supporting the movement of Sir Zaid Hamid that by their dress and look they should present themselve as true islamic soldier of this noble movement.
    Of courese when you will coverup yourself with proper respective dress then it will help other supporter of this movement to fight against the enemies with high morale. Thanks.

  8. is this a new show? or a video related to the old Wake up Lahore?

  9. Havent u gys woken up till now??

  10. mariab,ali azmat and zaid hamid doing a great jab

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