Indian-Made IEDs Recovered In South Waziristan

February 20, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Security forces claim to have recovered Indian-made improvised explosive devices (IED) from South Waziristan on Friday.

The IEDs were recovered from a suspected militant base near the Razmak area of South Waziristan, where military forces are currently carrying out an offensive against militants.

Security officials recovered five sacks, each containing 20 kilograms of polypropylene with the text β€œReliance Industries Ltd, Jamnagar, Gujrat, India” printed on them, DawnNews reported.

Officials said they plan on raising the issue with Indian diplomats in the upcoming talks between the two nations. β€”DawnNews



  1. What the heck, Indians need spanking now.

    • You mean the kind of ‘spanking’ we gave to pakis in 1971 and 1999?

      • No!.The kind of partition we forced on you in 1947!.Remember when so many of your ancestors submitted to our will resulting in the greatest movement in modern human history!!

  2. Over the past few years, so many proofs of Indian involvement have been claimed by the Government/Military – why don’t they make a fuss about it? When India suspected Pakistani involvement in mumbai, they brought World focus upon themselves and made some of the Pakistani Ministers jump through hoops on command – what is going on? If they are involved, do something, the awaam is behind them.

    What is odd though, IEDs are Improvised…not usually manufactured, so the IEDs were not Indian made as Dawn claims but the plastic (polypropylene) is Indian? What?

    May Allah curse the liars and decievers amongst our nation, honestly, if another country is causing corruption, deal with it on the appropriate levels, and if not, dont blind the nation by blaming outsiders when the Governments policy is at fault with regards to our internal affairs problems.

  3. Why is it all my comments are being “moderated”?

  4. Polypropelene is used to make clothes. This is a classic case where someone wants to ban “Di Hydrogen Oxide” without realising that it means water.

    • first off its not Polypropelene, but polypropylene.

      second off, polypropylene is used in plastic explosives because of its inherent strength of molecular density and high melting point than usual plastic fiber. if you read the line carefully, it said IEDs which basically are kind of dirty home made bombs for which the material is coming from Reliance Industries Ltd, Jamnagar, Gujrat, India.

      and don’t worry this is not thing pakistan has caught of bharti involvement. bombs, munitions and bharti currency are there too.

      don’t pretend you’re the most innocent thing on earth, mr.chankya.

      • … what’s a Chankya? I’d suggest that if you plan to ‘insult’ people, atleast get your history right !!! Explosives can be made from sand but a bag of sand does not mean anything – just like a bag of plastic !!

      • Oh yeh? a bag of plastic used for explosives does not mean anything to you? Perhaps yeh, it doesn’t measure up to other proof Pakistan has already caught. tell you what, you’re an insult to yourself. This is JUST ANOTHER proof of bharti involvement in Afghanistan. frankly, youre so amusing really that you imply that youre sending “Polypropelene” to help taliban make clothes and “ashnan ke baltiaan”, LOL.

        Here is something posted earlier on PKKH.


        This should mean everything for you, Chankya ! Don’t come back babbling lies now.

      • Read that article again – the link you posted. The photo of the “indian” gun – is russian. The photo of indian money – could be from anywhere. The photos of Indian shells are 1971 vintage – most likely from the Pak Army Museum.

        You guys get fooled so easily… so easily. No wonder Pakis get conned by conspiracy artists.

        By the way – what is a “Chankya” ?

      • yeh right, bharat is so innocent and brotherly. it only accepts taking “revenges” in breaking a country after its done

        thats chankya = ]

      • @layla and others

        I don’t believe there has ever been anyone of any importance in the subcontinent called “chankya”. “Chanakya” was a major brahmin scholar in Chadragupta Maurya’s court who wrote several important treatises on economics, politics and sociology.

        Therefore, if the intention is comparison with Chanakya, then it is a great compliment, not an insult πŸ™‚

      • as a follow up, here’s the wikipedia link with more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanakya

      • No

        You follow up here:

        Bharat is a cheap war wager. It attacks weak countries and when the other is weak. That’s what brahmin chankya (i dont care how its spelled) has taught it.


        The brahmin chanakya explained by Javed Chaudry

      • Is a talk show host more reliable than wikipedia? Pakistan sits on such treasure troves of the subcontinent’s history as the great library of Taxila, the ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, but a single minded obsession with Islamic history seems to shadow everything else. History seems to begin with the conquest of Sindh by Moahmmed Bin Quasim and fast forwards to Tipu Sultan.

        There is nothing wrong with taking pride in Islam and its history. but identities exist at many levels. A Pakistani is also a Sindhi or a Punjabi. Chanakya is part of your history as much as he’s part of mine. The british and mughals are also part of our shared history. What purpose does maligning past figures serve?

        Why does Pakistan continue to have a ‘siege’ mentality vis-a-vis India?Does India have nothing better to do than bring a truckload of problems on itself by invading Pakistan?

        India does’nt even invade Bangladesh which is tiny by comparison and can militarily be over-run in less than 2 days. The reason is that there is no profit by invading Bangladesh, as they have no natural or other resources worth naming. But they have a extremely high population density, and vast swathes of poverty. We would have nothing to win and much to lose by invading. So its sensible to let them be as they are, and meanwhile,focus on making our own country better off.

        The same reasoning applies to invading Pakistan. What is to be gained by India by invading Pakistan?? What natural or human does Pakistan have that India needs, and does’nt have itself??

        There is much to lose by invading. In such a hypothetical situation, what will the Indian army do with a civilian population of 18 crores that has become so radicalized that it hates anything and everything that is not Muslim. What will we do with the huge number of poor and desperate people that we will inherit from such an invasion?? Where is the profit?

        Please note that I do not say this with malice or hatred towards Pakistanis. It is unfortunately, how current reality is in Pakistan, whether economic or otherwise.

        India has enough problems of its own, which are too numerous to list here. However the last decade has seen good progress on most of them, and consistent economic growth has brought hope to the next generation. For eg: there was a time when 80% IIT’ians (India’s most prestigious technical insitution) used to emigrate. This has now come down to less than 15% , because of the vastly improved opportunities in India.

        Why would we risk so much hope and promise of prosperity by invading Pakistan??

  5. This is just the beginning, watch out for what is coming in the years ahead.

    Pakistan will be paid back in the same coin, with full interests for the last two decades … !

    • lol lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Oh for sure its payback time …lets first install the taliban and then we will determine what needs to be done with India πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Its really high time now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Radio Pakistan New Delhi !!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • Yeah – Radio Pakistan New Delhi. Keep on having such awesome dreams while your nation goes down the gutter…

      • mr amused .. u wont remain amused for long … u will find the same things happening in delhi mumbai , pune and all of india.. wait 4 the tym when we get our house in order then will be ur so called shining india,s turn … thn we will b posting such comments on ur websites.. will b heck of a fun … πŸ˜‰

      • lol lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        hahahaha..people of a country where 75% of the people defecate out in the open shouldnt really be talking about guters and toilets..

        Specially when in their own country cab drivers are being asked to speak marathi or get the hell out of mumbai.. πŸ˜€ :d

        Kashmir is on fire..

        Tamils are now demanding a seperate state..

        naxalites ..you get the picture πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        So far it seems like India will shit out in the open too very soon..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • It might be 80% defecating in the open. So what?

      • @Amused,

        You say,what if 80% defacate.
        If you want this figure to be more that 100%,we Pakistanis can come and do that job,so that you achieve a more higher percentage.

      • @Amused,

        Our new slogan will be:


    • The worst thing is that the HINDUstani people, like Neel and Amused, know that their people, government, military and the notorius RAW is supporting and conducting terrorist activities against their neighbour countries but are happy never the less and support this with full heart.

      But Hindustani game is over. Nato is tired of the whole Afghanistan thing and relise a continuation of the occupation is a security danger and is costing them money they want to use on their domestic projects in a financial crisis. The Indians can now see their 1,5 billion dollars fly away and their Krishna and Sita citizen hunted down.

      I guess there will then be a great pressure on the Pakistani security organizations by all those millions of families who lost their loved ones and
      had to become refugees in their own country because of Indian RAW’s terrorist projects against innocent people.

      • Perhaps RAW is funding baluchistanis, but I would seriously doubt they want to help the taliban, whether of the Afghan or Pakistani variety.

        If you look at it logically, the Taliban hate ‘Hindu’ ‘infidel’ India far more than their own Muslim brethren in Pakistan. If they can behave so barbarically with their own quom, how will they behave with India. It is in India’s short and long term interest that the Taliban be defeated (by Nato, Pakistan Army, Pakistani people, whoever).

        That being said, Indian agencies have been known to act in a less than intelligent manner in the past. However, at present India and its people would much rather ignore Pakistan (grow our economy and lift our billions out of poverty) than meddle in Pakistan.

        Frankly, I don’t understand why India spent a billion dollars in Afghanistan. I would like to think we did it for humanitarian reasons, but no country does anything without getting something in return. What do we get from Afghanistan? Its a rotten medieval wasteland that has been a trouble for all its neighbours throughout history. Money put there goes down a black hole. We would have been much better off putting that money on counter-terrorism. We are’nt even Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours.

  6. @ neel123
    no son i dont think so
    it is now our time just wait what you get.
    time will tell

  7. @neel123 – the toiletless malu

    Here Tamil Nadu for the Tamils

    why dont u deal with this first :http://pak1stanfirst.com/World/Politics/tamil-nadu-independence-movements.html

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Tamil Nadu freedom movement as imagined by Pakistanis. Awesome. Maybe you should make a movie?

  8. Our nation’s future is up in the air but Indian’s are already living in gutters and slumholes with mice running around for company!!!

    As for the “paying back” part we’ll take the fight to India creating massive chaos when the time comes!.We owe them big time!

    • “Owe them” Interesting words.

  9. we have villages in India celebrating a silver jubilee of life without basic light πŸ˜€ :d


    This is the next super crap πŸ˜€ :d

    • I think you spend a lot of time reading Indian newspapers to come up with such enlightening articles.

      Its quite strange to see how much print is devoted to India in Pakistani papers. Dawn has at least an article or two(sometimes more) concerning India almost every day. Indian newspapers only cover Pakistan in relation to terrorism, or peace initiatives. Recently there have been voices in the media to reduce even this coverage, and to devote it to things that matter to most Indians (governance, education, economy,jobs etc).

    • LOL…this is so funny

      Celebrating 25 years of darkness…

      i remember a mail with all modern cities of the world shown all lighted up…the last one was a totally black picture and it read: “Sorry no electricity at the moment”

      what a loser beggar country.

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