Shining India: Woman Abused in Indian Jail

February 19, 2010



  1. This brings shudders through my spine. Cannot describe the feeling though.

    Speaking in general terms, without directing it at India, is this fairness, is this God-fearing, is this justice and is this equality or humility?

    Look at the poor women, she could not utter a single word, just because she is down trodden and nobody to speak up for her. Had it been a well-off lady, she could have called the police officer to wherever she had liked.

    This is the law of the world these days, where the weak become the scapegoat. Quite disturbing and disheartning.

    In our country Pakistan, such incidences are also so common. I have had come across some really horrific cases of domestic abuse and killings that makes me cry. I don’t think such incidences happen only in India. Express news Lahore have documented and presented many incidences of this nature.

    Horrible; one should be afraid of Allah before inflicting the weak humans. This happens when power rests on the foundations of faith in Allah.

  2. Dalit woman beaten up by police officer

    SULTANPUR (UP): In an instance of police brutality, a Dalit woman accused of murdering her husband was beaten up by an inspector, prompting authorities to suspend him.

    The incident occurred on Wednesday in Manyari village in Aliganj area here after a man, Deepak Kumar, was found strangulated following which his mother lodged an FIR and the police started looking for his wife Sangeeta.

    The woman was rounded up after some time and allegedly confessed to the crime, SP, Sultanpur, Satyendra Veer Singh said. Despite the confession, Inspector Kailash Nath Dubey, however, beat her up as a subordinate lady officer looked on.

  3. so you think its only happens in pakistan…
    i can bet same is happening in each city of pakistan as well.

  4. Allright! Anyone who has seen my posts know I am a patriotic Pakistan so I am going to write it as it is:

    It is very brave of the Indian media to bring this up. This is something the Pakistani media can learn from regarding our own police. Anyone who has ever had anything to do with our police know very well it is almost impossible to get anything fone without bribes. I hsve with my own eyes seen 100’s of bystanders refusing to help dieing traffic victims because of the fair of being blamed by the police them selves. How many times have not Nawa-e-Waqt written (short) articles on how rape victims has been reraped by the very same police who was suppose to help them.

    As a police chief we are related to once said
    after we confronted him:

    “Janaab, ye to battain keh aap police walay itnay chawwal bhookhay kion hotay hai?”

    Police chief: “Shah-sahab tano nai patta keh saday police wich panj galla mashoor nay”

    Pocha kia?

    “Har waqt mango”
    “Sabb koch mango”
    “Sarea kolon mango”
    “Tay mangtea kolon we mango”

    Hilarious!! πŸ™‚

  5. It more to do with a sense of power and a feeling of impunity that many police officials tend to have.

    The official has since been suspended from duty.



  7. Did pakis forget how Mukhtar Mai was gangraped??? In the country where they say Allah is the protector??

    Any videos?

  8. whats the point of beating her when she has already confessed. Let the court pass the verdict on her. Why is this police officer inflicting punishment and under what law? This is horrible.

  9. indian army is a mob of perverted felons. there are reports of indian army raping and killing kashmiris, dalits and other minorities in bharat. the perverted indian army soldiers get slapped by women. minorities in bharat are persecuted by their own army and this is a norm in bharat.

    • @ Layla,

      I’d add to your comment; Indian Army soldiers are simply perverts, indecent, indignified, AIDS stricken coward rats.

  10. this really is the true face of india…not the glamorous and all-sparkling lives of their cheap actors…these truly are the facts that should be broadcasted on a higher level…
    calling PAKISTAN a terrorist, well how do these savagees explain this? there is voilence and hatred among their own people…
    Even an american senior analyst jutted india as the biggest terrorist saying “I havent seen such a high rate of crime and terrorism anywhere in the world”

    I think these two lines serve them right
    “hum wo pattey nahin jo hawaon main ur jain
    toofanon se kaho auqat main rahin”


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