JF-17 Thunder joins PAF’s fighter fleet

February 19, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The first squadron of JF-17 Thunder aircraft formally joined the fighter fleet of Pakistan Air Force on Thursday.
“The formal induction of JF-17 aircraft in the PAF is in line with our resolve to face all challenges with poise and self-confidence,” Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said while speaking at the induction ceremony held at a PAF operational base.

He said the PAF had invested in force multipliers like air-to-air refuellers, unmanned aerial vehicles and airborne early warning and control aircraft to enhance its capability to undertake complex operations.

“The new state-of-the-art inductions make it imperative that we train hard and prepare well to induct and integrate the new systems professionally and safely. The achievements of PAF leave no doubt in my mind that we are immensely capable and, as a team, can set and achieve still higher standards”.

He said Pakistan was a peaceful nation with no aggressive designs and wanted to live in peace with honour.

He said the new systems were being inducted to keep pace with technology and maintain credible conventional balance of force, without which peace could not be ensured in South Asia.

Defence analysts term the induction of JF-17 in the PAF fleet a milestone. They stress that strengthening the military has become all the more imperative in the wake of Indian hegemonic designs.

They said that although India and Pakistan were about to resume dialogue, history bore testimony that the neighbour had always used talks as a ploy to buy time.

They referred to the reckless statement by Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor and the recent incidents of violation of the Line of Control and the Ceasefire Line.



  1. now that we have our own jets….at least shoot down the bloody drones that attack every few days!!!!

  2. Alhamdullillah

  3. HAL has been making su-30mki, mig21, etc for years.

    • hhahahaha 😀 😀

      No ..uve been assembling russian products 😀 :D…we have CREATED our own indigenous Pakistani JET :d 😀

      Yes a country 1/10 ur size has SUCCEEDED and INDIA “FLUNKED” 😀 :D..yet again 😀 😀

      In other words you all are Professional Loosers in this arena …what a shame !! 😀 😀 😀

      Such a big country with all these resources and you couldnt produce a damned plane with russian, israeli or US help !!! 😀 😀 😀


      HAL just has a facility to COPY prototypes of SU-30, which is a russian jet with technology transferred to bharat because bharat is incapable to make own jets.

      Mig 21 is again a russian jet. HAL is only at most washing the jets. Bharat’s imported about 800 mig 21, almost half of which has already fallen out of sky because of poor maintenance and lack of skill of indian pilots (a fact itself reported many times by bharti defence analysts)

      If anything, HAL has only bought a dassault designed aircraft, Tejas, which has taken three decades in the making, incorporates western avionics, french design, american engine and western missiles with indian roundels and emblems.

      Bharat plans to spend nearly 200 billion $ on its armed forced to import about

      200 american/european/russian jets under MMRCA
      280 russian SU30’s
      12 american c130’s
      10 american C17s
      8 american P8is
      about 150 american howitzers
      4 israeli phalcons
      israeli radars
      israeli UAVs and UCAVs
      israei satellites
      rusiian satellite
      american air refuellers
      russian submarines
      russian air craft carriers
      american and russian jets for bharti navy
      israeli/american/french missiles
      russian tanks
      russian fifth generation fighters

      and even israeli nuclear weapons in an event of war

      This is RISING SHINING BHARAT – a fourth world

  4. for that u dont need jets!! u need imaaan and courage!

  5. u dont need imaan and courage …u need sense mr agaahi…wich clearly u dont have…
    josh se nahin hosh se kaam lo

    • Imaan gives you the right sense. Not the “sense” that tells us to airstrike our own people to please the kuffar.

  6. Squadron size? 16 jets? Someone please confirm.

    • squadron varies from 16 to 22 jets from different countries, but usually 18 jets. in pakistan, 18 jets are there.

    • right now they set up the squadron with 14 jets. by june pakistan will have 45 jf17s. they will add jets to the squadron with time.

  7. Take a look at this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8525769.stm

    Pakistan air strike kills 30 “militants” in tribal area. Why the hell is Pakistan killing Muslims???

    • those militants could have been Takfiri TTP or Al Qaeda terrorists….those people…those groups… WE NEED TO KILL OR CAPTURE….for them there must be no escape….we must bring them to justice!

      we need more specific information on the incident as to who was the target of the attack, so we can form the correct opinion

      …it was SWA….so TTP’s stronghold area in the recent past…it could have been a TTP hideout that had not previously been hit or detected…..

    • Zecchetti: you have clearly missed something.

      There can be no Pakistan without Pakistani and Pakistans armed forces (minus Musharraf and Yahya Khan) are the first and only line of defence. These terrorists which has stolen Afghan Talibans name are no jihadis. They kill innocent Pakustani people in the markets, mosques and schools while they
      ignore Afghanistan and Kashmir. These people are backed and supported by hostile forces in Afghanistan whom are working under American umbrella. Indias RAW being the formost among them.

      Just a couple of days ago these terrorists fired and shot down a Pakistani helicopter in Bajor which killed my cousin Brigadier Hussan Abbas Syed – Shaheed.

      • Khyber

      • @Shah,

        I am sorry to hear of the death of your cousin. But my point is, we need a change in policy. I don’t think it is acceptable to kill without trial. This was essentially an extra judicial killing, just like the CIA drones are. The military were aparently “tipped off”… Is that equivalent to establishing the facts about the individuals???

        Until we stop our own terror towards the tribals, it is foolish to hope that they will stop their terror towards us. As for who started it first? That would be Musharraf who first invaded the tribals under US servitude in 2004.

  8. Mashallah

  9. Excellent news and soon we will get on with our fellow humans and make even greater peace.We may need not fall out with our cousins.

  10. well done, you make all intelligent pakistanis proud. Great progress in last few years and hope we become most advance nation on earth.

  11. MashAllah!

    @ Fact Catcher

    India has been assembling Russian planes and even while assembling they don’t do a good job as over 500 planes have dropped. Not even this, India Air force has also manged to drop their latest Su-30Mki, which was assembled in India. The Tejas the Inidan attempt to built a Indigenous plane is in doll-drums. Since 1983 it is still being developed.

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