Update From Marjah, Afghanistan

February 18, 2010

It is now for one week that the invading enemy have launched military operations named “Moshtarik” (together) against Mujahideen in Marjah, a part of Nad Ali district, Helmand province. They have put more than 15,000 American, NATO and the hireling Afghan troops against a minuscule number of Mujahideen in the area. More than 60 helicopters, armed with hellfire missiles, and hundreds of tanks are taking part in the operation.

Marjah has remained in the hands of Mujahideen for the last few years. Other parts of Helmand province like Baghiran, Dishu, and Washer districts are already under the administration of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”. So question rises why the enemy chose Marjah, a small area, to launch operations. Ostensibly, the enemy say that they want to put pressure on Taliban to accept the government terms of re-integration and reconciliation announced at the end of London Conference on 28th of last month. In fact, Marjah is a geopolitically important area because it borders on Baluchistan, Pakistan where China has a vast developmental project in the shape of Gwadar seaport.

The invading America wants to control the transit way to Gwadar in order to ensure a short-cut for supply of its logistics which are now shipped through Karachi sea port, Pakistan and through Tajikistan to the north of Afghanistan. They also want to sabotage Chinese involvement in the Gwadar project. Similarly, in light of the new round of the politically tense situation between Washington and Tehran over uranium enrichment and Iran’s missiles program, the White House wants to install new espionage equipments in Marjah close to the Iranian border. In addition to this, British invaders have been extracting uranium in Sangin district which is fraught with raw uranium. Local Mujahideen say, the British invading forces have brought heavy excavation equipments to the district for extraction of uranium in Sangin.

The British are also involved in drug trafficking in Helmand province. They are secretly taking heroin in British planes to black markets in Europe. No question, the war fought under the name of terrorism has other political and economic motives including expansionist goals rather than the so-called announced War on Terror. However, the Afghani Mujahideen have been sacrificing their lives to ensure independence of their country and put an end to the colonialist game started under the unjustified reasons and causes.

Despite the media fanfare and partial reporting of the Western media, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Marjah have besieged the enemy troops. Fresh reports from the area say:

“In fact, the invading forces have made no spectacular advancement since the beginning of the operations. They have descended from helicopters in limited areas of Marjah and now are under siege. The invaders are not able to come out of their ditches. Wherever they intend to move, they come under severe attacks of Mujahideen and face explosions of planted mines. Then they retreat hastily. The enemy troops have lost their morale. The local people are beholding the foreign troops crying loudly.“

We want all freedom-loving forces in the world to support the legitimate cause of the Afghan Mujahideen led by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and save the humane values from the claws of colonialism. Right now, the occupying forces are trampling down on human dignity, freedom, security and values under the farcical name of terrorism.



  1. have we forgotten the new american project for 21st century and pictures depicting balkanization of pakistan as some “playgroup” exercise for america? marjah is exactly that. connect the dots and you see that marjah means opening the front of balochistan for pakistan. they talked of pakistan to launch operations in balochistan, well this is the start. when marjah is done, you’ll see breaking news and headings on nytimes saying terrorists have moved into great numbers in balochistan and pakistan should start operations in balochistan now. the pictures have depicted nwfp and balochistan cut out separated from pakistan. well, this is the start for balochistan now.

    • Hum, agree.

      I am certain that the Americans are “definitly” going to fiddle with Pakistan. I am also certain, Pakistan would have to blatantly defy and challange USA, what we are not doing now. Pakistan would have to fight a war with these factors. Yes, I mean Americans. Thats where we are headed.

      • pakistan has 3 choices to bring about a change:

        1. politicians do it
        2. army does it
        3. people do it

        frankly, theres no hope with politicians doing it.

        which puts great responsibility on army. it doesnt have a lot of time to play with because if there reaches a stage where people want to do it, that will be bloody and dirty and will not differentiate between army or politicians then, but more importantly will be worse as in giving excuse to usa and india to invade pakistan again whereby making excuses of refugee problems and nuclear arsenal. its a revisit of 71 that bharat wants here by destabilizing and finding excuse to invade pakistan to destroy it. we know the problem, we know the solution too, just that we need the people now.

        the big question is:

        since theres no hope from politicians, will the establishment, read army, do something before its too late or will it wait for people to reach that threshold where a civil war breaks out and gives way to bharat and usa to invade us?

        we dont have much time, i hope those sitting up there know and realize it before its too late.

      • I agree with your analysis. This is where Pakistan Army is sandwitched. No alternative political leadership and rising dangers at the borders. I can see. If there is a good civil government in Pakistan who can handle the internal situation, army can take all drastic actions about almost every issue.

        It’s like in cricket, one batsman saves one end and the other end is used for “hitting”. Army needs one safe end, and that is the political front in the country.

        I wish when this happenes, the army picks up all the politicians, lines them up and with a machine gun assassinates them and their families with them for ever.

        Or that all the politicians are gathered up and thrown into the Arabian sea without life jackets. Heck these are the ones destroying the country.

      • @Layla

        Pakistani politicians and army are both tried and tested and both have miserably failed. The reason is they both disobey the commands of Allah swt’. I have no doubt in my mind that the time is up for Pakistan infact we are living in grace period.

        I have raised this point b4 also that after all the disobedience to the commands of Allah swt’ why we still expect that Allah swt’ will keep favoring us. This used to be the attitude of Jews who thought that they are the choosen ones and Allah swt’ will not punish them.

        but when we look at the history we come to know that Allah swt’ doesn’t have any problems in punishing Believers’ at the hands of non-believers infact Allah swt’ calls those non-believers as servants.

        Remember,Nebuchadnezzar (Kaafir) ruined jerusalem, killed 1000’s of Believers of those time (jews) and made 1000’s slaves.

        We are going on the same path, plz wakeup b4 it’s too late.

        Surah 17. Al-Isra’ (4-8)
        4. And We decreed for the Children of Israel in the Scripture:

        “Indeed you would do mischief in the land twice and you will become tyrants and extremely arrogant!”

        5. So, when the promise came for the first of the two, We sent against you servants of Ours given to terrible warfare. They entered the very innermost parts of your homes. And it was a promise (completely) fulfilled.

      • imran, thank you for your reply.

        i sense great pessimism in your words. it seems like you have made up your mind that pakistan will be finished and nothing can stop it or something like Allah has given His verdict of finishing Pakistan and there’s no turning back now. I just want to ask you: Are you sure?

        And in any case, will you just let go of Pakistan and your people just like that?

        I don’t think so that’s a very sane approach. i know who’s words are you reproducing here, i don’t want to name the person because i myself revere him alot, just that i believe he is overall a pessimistic person and pessimism does not hold any confidence and influence for people. Each one of us individually has to go back to Allah, leave others, do what you can and have faith that you as one person will make Allah listen to you. I am very optimistic about the situation, because i feel, changes comes in worst times. They do not come when everything is going good. You have to touch the lowest ebbs to rise. Just bear through brother. Allah will not leave you. I agree there have been mistakes by everyone but no to an extent which cannot be fixed. This whole nation is undergoing a change now, including you army and people. They will all be changed. We have both kind of elements in the army and people also. Bear through and watch the change. Things will be completely changed as you want them. Just remember, you will not let go of Pakistan like that. Have faith in Allah, have faith in Pakistan. Even if you are pessimistic, do not say it, do no spread the word of pessimism because you as a person are creating an effect of pessimism. On the other hand, just you saying that you are optimistic will also create an effect. I’m sure you spend some time alone and talk to Allah. Keep doing that.

      • @ Imran Chaudhry

        hey, lol…i think lets take it easy at the arabian sea and all. cuz jab ghee sedhi ungli say nikal sakta hay tau tayri kyun karain? our politicians are so corrupt that only a fair court ruling can take care of them forever. after all what do we need to do? just open their cases of corruption, make them stand in the courts, pay them for their crimes in light with Islamic law. all problems solved within days and these decadent politicians never to return. im sure youd agree why courts are important. because everything should be done under law and principle. we dont need to prove them guilty, all proof is there, we just need to bring them to courts and get them tried under islamic law, but first the return of that social political economic system of islam is needed.

    • @Layla

      i assure you that i’m not reproducing anybody else’s words here. The book of Allah swt’ Quran & the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad saw’ are available to all of us to analyse the current geo politics surrounding us and produce our own words.

      Definitely Yes it’s the end if we don’t change our ways ( you say things are changing,i pray to Allah swt’ does this comes true). and if are ready to change and makeup for our past blunders than Allah swt’ is the most merciful.

      In my last post, i quoted Ayat#4-5, surah Al’Isra where Allah swt’ fullfilled the promise. Than in next Ayat#6 Allah swt’ says:

      “Then We gave you once again, a return of victory over them. And We helped you with wealth and children and made you more numerous in man power”

      As i say, it’s in our own hands what we want. Blessings or destruction. and in case it’s destruction than obviously i’ll be also going down with my own people & country as i have no intentions of running away from Pakistan.

      • and i’m proud of you. Pakistan needs people like you.

      • @Layla
        May Allah swt’ bless you,Ameen!

        As some other members have also posted by the name ‘imran’ so i’ll be posting by the name ‘imran saeed’ to avoid any confusion.

        Just to clarify that by producing own words i didn’t meant to say my own interpretation of Quran as i’m not an authority therefore not allowed to interpret Quran.

      • sure, imran saeed would be alot easier to decipher.

        bless you too. ameen

  2. and just what is usa doing in afghanistan since 2001? it control a mere fraction of the country, is not interested in expanding its reach or controlling afghanistan. they are just doing what they came for, thats not afghanistan but pakistan. break up pakistan, take out its nuclear arsenal, balkanize it and leave the region happily.

    • Yeh qaum jootey (chittar) kha kar he samjhey gee.

      • i hope that’s enuff for our share of chittars and that its time for change eventually. i just hope.

      • I hope too.

    • I feel that it’s primarily to secure the interests of US in Iraq by containing the only regime Al Qaeda & THE TALIBAN able to challenge the U.S in Iraq at the same time, trying to achieve the Balkanization of Pakistan. Which is not possible that easily @ moment, but surely providing them enough experience for future war gaming. For the time I think that they have achieved their objectives in Iraq and will be leaving soon to come on a later time…

  3. never trust the americans they say something and do the total opposite what they are doing in marja is trying to create launching pads to strike baluchistan
    this is what the keyanis and zardaris have brought upon the pakistani nation with their eneffective actions

    • @ nujat
      I completely agree with you. Here lies the “biggest” threat to Pakistan.

      • victory to the mujahideen taliban in marja
        nujat pakistani pakhtoon patrioc

      • There is no way these US chickens who are 15000 in numbers can control and invade balauchistan if our army and people are there to defend but the problem that we have always faced is that our generals and politicians are on CIA payroll so do you expect that they will defend the country or look for dollars what previously they have been doing. It is disappointing to see so far the army we trusted has been engaged in US war and now slowly they starting to talk about operation in North Wazirastan as well. 2nd tier leader of Taliaban captured in paksitan with the help of ISI. What can we expect from the army and ISI. I thought until recently that army was still not sold but now I think they are too. If they are not then why don’t they take the rivers of pakistan from india rather than fighting US war for dollars.

  4. Worst come worst.

    All our retired generals will be in action,InshaAllah.which will infuse a new blood in the masses.

    This will be a “smart coup” of Ghazees.


    Bharat is inherently a state on the edge of a civil war. To this day, there exist in bharat more separatist movements than anywhere else in the world with the communist maoists threatening the state into dozen fragments. Maoists have been declared the national threat to bharat and maintain uncontrollable presence in 20 states. The recent riots by shiv sena on mumbai are just the latest proofs of a vulnerable bharat edging towards its ultimate fate of balkanization.

    • Arre yaar keep this in context!

      India is not a small country like Pakistan.

      It has 1.2 Billion people and is 3.3 MILLION square kilometres in geographical.

      Because of its much larger economic and military capabilities what appears big to you,is a much smaller problem for us.

      Pakistan is surviving on IMF loans and handouts from the USA.It economy is in ruins.

      The Indian economy continues to grow at a robust pace.
      Indian reserves have reached to the 5th HIGHEST in the world.

      Not likely for a place supposedly tottering on the brink of civil war!


      Worry about Pakistan.

      India is more than capable of taking care of herself.

      Exaggerating or dramatising her problems are not going to make Pakistan’s problems go away.

  6. In this case we can say that afghan talibans r not only fighting for their survival but for the itegrity of pakistan too.Pakistan army should support them by any crook method it can think of becuz hook will not work.Secondly can we muslims sincerely ask ALLAH’s help for the victory of talibans in afghanistan and especially in marjah.May ALLAH grant them victory to Mullah Umar’s talibans .May ALLAH make weapons of Nato and Isaf as the booty of Mujahideens in Afghanistan.May ALLAH grant Mujahideens victory against yajuj,majuj’s army of dajjal i.e. Usa,europe and israel.Ameen Ameen Ya rabbul Alameen

  7. First Squadron of JF-17 Thunder inducted in PAF

    ISLAMABAD: Another major milestone was achieved when the first Squadron of JF-17 Thunder formally joined fighter aircraft fleet of Pakistan Air Force on Thursday.A ceremony for the formal induction of JF-17 Thunder aircraft was held at one of the PAF’s operational bases. Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force was chief guest on the occasion.

    The Chief of the Air Staff addressing the Airmen congratulated the nation and the PAF personnel on the momentous occasion.

    “The formal induction of JF-17 aircraft in the PAF is in line with our resolve to face all challenges with poise and self-confidence. The PAF has invested in the force multipliers like the Air-to-Air refuellers, UAVs and AEW&C aircraft to enhance our capacity and capability to undertake complex operations,” he said.

    “ These new state-of-the-art inductions make it imperative that we train hard and prepare well to induct and integrate the new systems professionally and safely. The achievements of PAF leave no doubt in my mind that we are immensely capable and, as a team, can set and achieve still higher standards”.

    “We are a peaceful nation with no aggressive designs and want to maintain peace with honour in our region. We are inducting new systems to keep pace with technology and maintain credible conventional balance of force, without which peace cannot be ensured in South Asia,” he said.

    He said that the JF-17 would be put through its paces in the forthcoming Exercise Hi-Mark 2010.

    The ‘JF-17 Thunder’ has the capability to undertake entire spectrum of offensive as well as defensive missions. By joining the elite ranks of PAF, the JF-17 would not only enhance the combat readiness of PAF but also form its back-bone in future.

    The ceremony culminated when an A-5-III fighter led three JF-17 Thunder aircraft in a flypast following which a single JF-17 performed aerobatics over the venue.

    • Thank you very much for this article Layla!

      • you’re welcome tareen.

        congratulations to all nation.

  8. This here seems to be a good source for Marjah updates:


    Check this out:

    A brave Afghan woman kills 3 American invading terrorists in Marjah, wounds 1 A brave elderly women out of high Islamic spirits killed three U.S invading terrorists besides wounding one in Lui Char Rahi area of Marjah, in Nad Ali district of Helmand province, on Tuesday. According to the details, the old woman known as Bedu Amah, picks up the Kalashnikov rifle when she sees some U.S invading terrorists leaning against the wall of her compound and immediately opens firing at the invading terrorists, emptying out the entire magazine into the them that ends up killing 3 U.S invading terrorists and injuring another. The elderly woman embraced martyrdom when she was shot dead by the U.S invading terrorists soon after the incident.

  9. No doubt that Pak will officially be at war soon against the Yanks.It’s gonna get bloody and nasty and the Indian’s will probably try to get involved in someway!

    However inshallah it’ll lead to our victory with the Yanks who can’t handle the poorly armed Mujahideen .Just imagine what our professional and enraged army will do to these filthy pigeaters!

  10. i dont believe so this is the case two reasons the Marjah area is about 100 miles away from Pakistani territory secondly the area in between is densely populated area.
    Marjah is just a last attempt & start of the end game so the US & Nato can start to negotiate from a position of strength.

  11. Assalam-0-alaikum : – To my all brother and sister, May Allah blessed all of us the Allah’s right Guidance, Ameen.

    We are living in a world of Great Deception watch that link please on utube

    What as Pakistani we need to do ?????

    First start Reading and Acting upon on Quran and Sunah of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).

    Secondly Try to play a role in the developement of our Social society by educating others who have no basic knowledge to survive and live.( For example if you are IT or Medical Professional than goto universities, colleges and schools and deliver free lectures of your concern field so that our young generation learn your profesional experiences which will help them in making their career much Better at an early.

    Example: didn’t you notice America is utilizing our Ex President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf in the developing of American youth by asking him to share his political and social experience with American Business Management, international relationship Students.

    If american can utilize pakistani, why not we can Professional of all field can arrange Free lecture and workshops accounting our expertise in different Universities, School and College ot other education institutes.

    This is the least every pakistani Educated Professional Can do for developing our pakistani youth.

    Believe me it’s very easy doing, you need my help i can help in this inshallah.

    But remember everyone pakistani has a role to Player for this Allah Gifted pakistan.

    Identify your Role for Allah sake.

    You will have to play your role, to lead the nation towards success with the help of Allah Inshallah, Ameen..

    Pakistan Zinda Bad, Allah-0-akber

  12. when there is a clash between moral and material,Moral always wins.The nations who refuse to surrender then no body can defeat them(Quoted from Gen. Hameed Gul’s interview).
    I think that’s what actually happening in Afghanistan.

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