MUST WATCH: The Khwariji

February 18, 2010


  1. the video is not playing

  2. Very important and mind shacking message from Quran and Sunnah ……yet imagine the darkness of the one who added music (Haram in islam) in the background.

    Neither be a Khawarji and nor be a westerner moderate……be a muslim and follow the islam of our beloved Prophet and not any arbitrary deen being sold on the name of islam.

    • The scenes depicting beheaded persons are horrible and disturbing. I could not stand them.

      Look at the ominous faces of these terrorists, from no where they appear reasonable. Terror trickles down their faces.

  3. whose the person that speaking? is he an imam?

    • A wise man takes the advice and a true muslim should know his deen enough so that he may not be trapped into any misconceptions, of course, with the tofeeq of Allah (SWT)

  4. I like the message, but I wish the muqarrir (the one speaking) could speak in a calm voice and not sound like someone urging people to fight and kill. (Specially since in fact he is doing the opposite)

    • Brother if you know the Surmon of Jummah prayer from the sunnah its always like that…can you do a little research……….
      The main point is the message if the man gave you the right thing take it if not leave it…for that of course you have got to do research and gain knowledge.

  5. Reminds me of Lal Masjid.Ghazi Rasheed even did not listen to Imam Ka’aba.So-called,Pakistani Ulema could not figure out that he is Khawarji.
    He used,those who died with him,as a cover.Till last moment,he thought he would be spared because of others.

    What type of a Muslim,he was.For a moment,he did not think that why sacrifice others for his life.

    • Brother also take a look at his belive about Karbala. Kis tara bakwas kar raha ha. He is comparing Waqia Karbala with Lal masjid. Can it be compared with Lal masjid?


    “India is as much a country as the equator” – Winston churchill. Bharat has committed a fraud with the world by referring to itself as India. There is nothing such as India. The term India is cliched and was used to refer to a unified India which no more exists. The term, therefore, is invalid and misleading. Bharat is not India and India is not Bharat.

  7. Only One Line;

    Allah Almighty Protect & Blessed Pakistan With Honor & Dignity. (Amen)

    Nawaz Shahzad

  8. First Squadron of JF-17 Thunder inducted in PAF

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    “We are a peaceful nation with no aggressive designs and want to maintain peace with honour in our region. We are inducting new systems to keep pace with technology and maintain credible conventional balance of force, without which peace cannot be ensured in South Asia,” he said.

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  9. Alot of this is misunderstood, Khawarij is not simply some revolting against a leader, this has happened many times in Islamic history, from the Sahabah, Tabi’een and so on… – it is simply one of their characteristics.

    Even those who took over the Kaabah were not declared Khawaarij because though they shared one thing in common with them (revolt) – they didn’t share the Khawarij aqeedah (see what al-Albaani said about them).

    Alot of these Khawaarij stuff is used by pro Govt scholars to simply keep their Governments in power – and though they speak of attacking the Kuffaar who invade, they never do – Which country has? When USSR invaded, Fatwas came out left right and centre that it was obligatory upon the Muslims to fight and aid, yet now these stooges declare these groups Khawaarij/Deviant because they don’t agree with their governments.

    Khawaarij make takfir of people who do major sins, another sign according to hadith is that they shave their heads, another signs is that they leave the Kuffaar alone and attack the Muslims (fits all these Muslim Governments perfectly this one).

    Regarding Laal Masjid by ‘Ultra Jaahiliya’ – Imam of Kaabah is another stooge, Musharaff wants to be a Mustafa Kemal of Pakistan (according to his own book), seperate Shariah from the 5 obligations.

    Imran Hosein mentioned in some of lectures regarding the history of the UN and its formation, the kufr in its conditions of membership etc, and also spoke about Secularism, it’s pretty clear who the Khawaarij are and who they are not, they are those who revolt against legitimate Islamic rule, otherwise the fool Musharaff is Khawaarij for revolting against Nawaz Sharif, so why shouldn’t Ghazi do the same etc etc…

    Take everything into context people and read history yourselves instead of listening to some trumped up guy on tv appearing out of no where.

  10. It seems like a Qadiyani-pig trying hard to make his point

    • Astagfirillah . Pls take this back . You should not call a muslim a qadyani. Its a grave sin . If ur views differ , debate! Dont get personal .

  11. hey everyone ,
    i thought i’d share this with you all .a request to the PKKH team please post this video.

  12. @PKKH

    Please remove the above video.
    There is some sinister design.It is not Hubb-e-Ali,rather Bughz Mo’aavia.
    It is very old(1422H)i.e.around 9/11.
    Saudi Govt has clear instructions,not to name any country.The Imam named America.
    The sender is amongst those(definitely not supporting Al-Muhajiroon,whom we know who they are)
    who want Ka’aba,not to remain the centre for Muslims.She should fear from a time when her sacred places become disputed.

    • Right!
      Please don’t judge people and honestly I was searching YouTube and found this video interesting.
      If you are a Muslim you should know that making assumptions isn’t allowed!

  13. Bros/Sis’ why is it taking so long to publish my comment?

  14. War On Kharijis

    part 1


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