Hindu Suicide Bombers: US, UK, Australia issue warnings to citizens travelling to India

February 18, 2010

First Published By Pakistan Daily

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have issued travel advisories to its citizens in view of the critical security situation in India.

Recently, a bomb blast at a bakery frequently visited by foreigners in Pune has raised suspicions that Indian Hindu terrorist organization, which can go so far to block celebration of St Valentine Day, may carry out further attacks and suicide bombings on foreigners.

According to media reports, a US travel alert said “American citizens have been advised to be alert to the continued possibility of terrorist attacks in India as terrorists and their sympathizers are capable of attacking US citizens.”

In its travel alert, updated after the blast, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK government said: “British nationals are reminded to remain vigilant in public places”.

“There is a high general threat from Hindu terrorism throughout India. Recent attacks have targeted public places, including those frequented by westerners and expatriates.”

Australia, in its alert said: “We advise you to exercise caution in India at this time because of the high risk of terrorist activity by Hindu militant groups…We continue to receive reports of possible threats against prominent business and tourist locations, in Mumbai and New Delhi”.



  1. lol lol ..:D 😀

    Vow isnt this the next super crap ?..Where are all those cow loving GDP statisticians …who love to claim shining india 😀 😀 ??

    First let get fit enough to invite some foreigners …then we will talk about progress !…lol lol lol

    Pakistan Zindabad from Radio Pakistan New Delhi 😀 😀

    • Come on yaar. Indians have announced to make the most “fastest” missile system. They are trying to build it to acquire a speed of MATCH 5 to 7.

    • Radio Pakistan – New Delhi. Indeed. I’m sure you’re listening to those lovely voices in your head already, my Schizoid neighbour…

  2. This could be a response to the continued rasistic attacks which South Asians in general and Indians in particular (because of the large number of Indian students) has been inflicted upon in the rather racistic country of Australia.

  3. Interesting that atleast two western countries are now starting to use the term Hindu militant groups. Where are the Indians who used to claim that Hindu-terror is an oxymoron. It is not an oxymoron, rather it is the ground reality that was hidden behind bollywood’s @ss for so long. The veil has lifted.

  4. So much for believing in karma eh!!.These people will surely be born as wasps so better behave themselves!

  5. Such distortions might actually be believed in forums like this.

    Is this the only way you guys can get back at India!!!

    Here is one ACTUAL travel advisory,that of Australia ,as an example.

    I will post BOTH for India and Pakistan.
    Actual words:

    ”We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in India at this time because of the high risk of terrorist activity by militant groups.”


    # We strongly advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Pakistan at this time due to the very high threat of terrorist attack, sectarian violence and the unpredictable security situation.
    # If you do decide to travel to Pakistan, you should exercise extreme caution. If you are in Pakistan and concerned for your safety, you should consider leaving if it is safe to do so. ”


    Your lies are pathetic!!!!!!

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