Fall Over Of The Latest Stooge Of America Imminent And Fast Approaching

February 18, 2010

PKKH Editorial | Mahru Khaled and MS

“In the summer of 2001 some Predators were equipped with two of Lockheed’s Hellfire AGM-114 laser-guided anti-tank missiles [$45,000 apiece]. So far there are four reported cases of the Predator-Hellfire combination being used. Two of these attacks resulted in the deaths of at least 13 innocent civilians.”

“On February 4, 2002, a Predator drone fired a Hellfire missile at ‘three tall men’ believed to be Al Qaeda members because they were clothed in long robes. The three men were later revealed to be poor people scavenging for metal in the Zhawar Kili battlefields. Families of the villagers were furious over the deaths of Daraz Khan, Jehangir Khan and Mir Ahmed. The 16 year-old niece of Daraz Khan said:  “Why did you do this? Why did you Americans kill Daraz? We have nothing, nothing, and you have taken from us our Daraz.”

These are just few of the unheard stories of our beloved countrymen in tribal areas of Pakistan, who not only represent a very vital part of the nation’s stature, but also have stood by Pakistan in every hour of need and never have thought twice on giving any sacrifices for their homeland; who not only just live at one of our most mercurial borders but also assist our forces in guarding it.

Costing $ 4.5 million each of American taxpayers’ money, the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper, considered by US Airforce to be a Tier-II vehicle, have
been operated by the CIA out of the Shamsi airfield to “attack militants” in Pakistan’s FATA. Not unexpectedly, the targets of these unmanned flying killers turn out to be grossly inaccurate, resulting in the loss of innocent civilian life.

One only wonders, is non-American human life so worthless for the US Govt. and its criminal wing CIA, that it doesn’t really matter to them if innocent men, women and children are killed, just because they ‘thought they should also kill the ones who could be potential terrorists or militants’?

It’s almost like a hobby for the American Govt. who kill viciously and then issue statements like *”We’re convinced that it was an appropriate target, [although] we do not yet know who it was” (Pentagon Spokeswoman Victoria Clark)*. Followed by ofcourse a celebration inside the Whitehouse for a job well done!

The real tragedy, however, is that this killing spree was not spread in our tribal areas without prior knowledge of our shameless government. Infact, these unmanned killer birds were actually allowed to be used on our Pakistani brothers in FATA by then President Pervez Musharraf, a deal that was later renewed by the present Zardari government as soon as he took powers. The Obama administration authorized an expansion of the CIA’s drone program in Pakistan’s tribal belt. What were once unacknowledged, relatively infrequent targeted killings of suspected militants or terrorists in the Bush years have taken the position of a norm now under the Obama/Zardari era.

Time and again, Pakistan’s civilian government has expressed like obedient slaves what is dictated by their imperial masters* “we do not have the technology to shoot the drones down”*. This sounds nothing more than an excuse, as recently, reports have been received of the tribals being successful in shooting down drones, on atleast 2 counts.

This is indeed a significant development, but is surely not the solution. The matter requires some gutsy, brave decisions to be made by the Zardari’s government immediately. This indifference towards our own countrymen by this inept or rather obliviously shrewd government must stop.

The drone issue is however a diplomatic one, and must be dealt with in the same terms. The PAF Chief recently announced that Pakistan Airforce has full capability to shoot down any unauthorised flying in Pakistani airspace, but cannot do so with the drones since it would risk sparking a diplomatic rift between the two countries, which could have severe repercussions on Pakistan’s foreign policy as of now.

Unless Pakistan’s civilian government takes a stand and allows the drones to be shot down, they cannot be shot down independently by PAF. It would essentially be a breach of contract. It is this contract that the government needs to re-think about. Government has to comprehend that this issue has the potential to make or break this government. If they stop the drones killing their own citizens, the Pakistani population will hail them, and if they continue to sleep over it, they can expect their end soon.

With the recent announcement of Pakistan’s Army Chief that the Army will not start a fresh anti-militant operation over the next 12 months, a move seen by some as a bold cold-shoulder to the relentless US pressure to ‘do more’, the Zardari government has suddenly found itself all alone, unable to do anything more than beg for mercy from the Americans to let them be. The Americans have a track record of brushing aside any asset that becomes a liability for them. This is what the present establishment has become for the Americans too – a liablility.

Adding to this failed government’s woes, is Pakistan’s newfound independent judiciary, which has already made decisions unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. To add to this, the social and political awakening that the media revolution has brought to the people of this country, is not going to help these clumsy polticians. The people of Pakistan are waking up, they want change, they want to see a nationalist, patriotic, selfless leadership, and
now, more than ever, they cannot be fooled into believing that pre-election false promises from this bandit government will come true. They have suffered and are suffering still, but they are now waking up to consciousness that getting rid of this government, although may not change things overnight, but may be the first step towards a better future.

Time is running out for Zardari and his partners in crime. The tables are turning. Pakistan now deserves an upfront sincere leader after all that it has been through in the last few years. The tide of reform and change is on its way, and has the potential to topple this government off its feet. We are waiting, and we know that we will not have to wait for too long now.

Pakistan Paindabaad



  1. One could only say,InShaAllah.

    The only way,I think,is to channelise the anti-americanism,in Pakistan.Circles in US seem to be becoming aware of this .Otherwise,Hillary thought it is only religious extremists(Jama’at Islami).PPP,PML(N),PML(Q) and even ANP never come out openly against America.

    As per the Defence Ministry,Shamsi has been closed.These drones are coming from Afghanistan.

    As for CJ,he is nothing,but a subservient guy to Aitezaz who is calling the shots.

  2. title is meaningless. it has nothing to do with the content of the article.

    • It seems, the author means that the game is over for Zardari. However, there will be many more Zardaris and Musharrafs, but nothing will change in Pakistan.

      There is no use citing killing of innocent civilians by Drone attacks, as much worse killings are happening against the Baloch people.

    • It pays to be confused. Com, last year people saved ave £200 by simply not being confused and a million idiots upgraded their IQ level by simply googling the facts except two homoerectus who wrote this article (sorry article! for calling it article).
      What it is like to be an ignorant? This is the question which always marvels me whenever I read something like above. Ignorance is blessing they say but it becomes curse when you are more ignorant than the ignorance. Hilarious is the outcome when you pretend to be erudite on a thing which is abstruse and recondite for you. I would suggest to the manufacturer of this funny half page piece of nescient display to get hold on a book called Yellow pages and try to get enrol yourself at primary school, I am sure they will consider you for at least 4th grade

  3. awesome!! pakistan zindabad!! zardari,ur going down baby! i wish zaid sahab could take over the leadership! we really need somebody like him more than ever now..!!!

  4. zardari says we dont have the technology to shoot these drones down what a joker he is

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