Did Hardline Comrades Give Baradar Up?

February 17, 2010

Baradar’s capture signifies a split within the Afghan Taliban, as he headed the minority faction more open to negotiations with the Afghan government and the US. His secret negotiations in Dubai may have angered hardliners including Mullah Omar, who have rejected the offers of negotiations and reconciliation with the Karzai government, and representatives of the US and NATO.



  1. Ibn `Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Messenger of Allah (sa) said:

    A Muslim is a brother of (another) Muslim, he neither wrongs him nor does hand him over to one who does him wrong. If anyone fulfils his brother’s needs, Allah will fulfil his needs; if one relieves a Muslim of his troubles, Allah will relieve his troubles on the Day of Resurrection” [Bukhari and Muslim].

    Whatever the truth is, this is shameful. Afia was also arrested in Karachi, and now…

    Allah al Musta’an.

    • ISI strings are being pulled by CIA as usual

  2. yes ISPR has confirmed that they have indeed arrested Mullah Baradar…….I dont take the govts word, but I would be surprised if the army would be lieing about this matter given how serious it is…..

  3. So the US was correct about the Quetta Shura.

  4. I need more info and detail before I form an opinion about this incident.

    • I agree with you. We should have to dig more to understand current scenario.

    • more information is that another Taliban leader has been arrested in a joint US-Pak operation.

      whatelse can we expect from a rented army.

      • @ Imran

        I need more info and detail before I form an opinion about this incident. I’ll take my time without getting swept away by some irrational forceful proclaimations.

        I’ll not be quick to jump to a conclusion particularly that of “rented army” as you have declared.


      • imran chaudry,

        u r right i agree with you. we shouldnt form opinions on partial info lest we regret. let the details come out guys.

  5. This is complete BS by PKHH, the truth is ISI and CIA are working together to defeat Taliban

    Whatver rehman malik says, take the opposite and take it as fact, if rehman malik says no CIA involved it means CIA were involved

  6. ISI is as usual pulling the strings in all aspects of Afghan policy. Baradar went behind them to negotiate a deal with the Americans which angered the higher ups in the ISI not only did they arrest him but leaked the news to the foreign news agencies so that the pressure they were facing from the west to Do More can be neutralized. There is a saying in urdu for this Ek Teer sey Do Shekar.

    ISI is getting powerful by the day in Afghanistan everyone should keep their eyes & ears open that would be my suggestion.

  7. PKKH and Zaid Hamid has been saying on this forum and his many speeches that Afghan Taliban are freedom fighters and pakistan army does not consider them terrorists. What happened here? is it a big U-TURN from our chief Kiyani. This is beyond comprehension. Come on people be fair in your comments and tell the truth what happened? Express news reported that this guy was here for talks and he also went to Dubai for talks and if it is trye that he was invited for talks and then arrested it will be biggest betrayl and not a work of a muslim.

  8. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703444804575071192027190492.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_MIDDLTopStories

    here is a US source the WSJ

  9. wtf ?? the army and ISI should explain dis .. zaid sahib should also explain his arrest.. he is reportedly one of the 20 men who were the first to join Mulla Omer to form taliban.. wht happened here has created a confusion in my mind.. there should b indeed a explaination 4rm zaid hamid side .. plz i ruquest if any1 could convey my msg to him … thnxx .. jizak ALLAH khair …

    • ISI has always followed one policy – to do what america wants

      America is now doing some big operation in afganistan suprise suprise isi find some afgan terrorist

      Pak army and ISI are separate organisations !!!

      Pkhh is the mouth piece of ISI

      • the situation is much more complex than that…PKKH is not ISI’s mouth piece….though this story may not be fully accurate….details are murky remember…but Pak Fauj had good reason to do this….i think there is something larger going on that the media hype….

  10. http://english.aljazeera.net/news/asia/2010/02/2010217125245479321.html


    both stories have athar abbas’s statement on the arrest of Mullah Baradar

  11. Some people on this forum don’t understand simple english. I’ll make it easy: (1) He doesn’t matter to the Afghan Taliban anymore. (2) He became expendable because he was not a hardliner and chose to talk to the Americans. Contrary to western media speculations his capture doesn’t affect the operation in Helmand province at all. Infact his capture will rid the Taliban of weakening elements. (3) ISI helped US capture an expendable element. In this way ISI helped the US but didn’t do any harm to the Afghan Taliban either.

    This is geo-politics my friends.

    • It is hard to believe that someone who was compromising to the US was arrested because they gave him up. There is no problem to the English here my dear and the geo politics does not mean munafakiat.

  12. I was expecting another fantacy theory from PKKH which obviously means Zaid Hamid. i think u guyz shud shut up now and stop fooling the people.

    The reality is clear that Pak army is a rented army which dances to american kaafir tunes. This was a joint operation by cia-IsI and u guyz trying to sell the story that hard line talibans gave him up. Have some shame and fear Allah swt’ for spreading lies.

    Ok here’s another story:
    Another Taliban leader captured in Pakistan.

    did the hardliners gave up this man also?
    now who’s gonna trust PKKH or Zaid Hamid……..

  13. Saying that Mullah Baradar was expendable doesnt make sense any more.

    If at all Afghan Taliban factions were against the Mullah Baradar’s peace negotiation efforts. Then they wud hve excluded him by declaring openly that he is no more part of Afghan Taliban.

    Ths news really felt me very bad that our intelligence is false propaganda to save themselves from public wrath.

  14. Here is a link of that 2nd man’s arrest http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/declassified/archive/2010/02/17/another-taliban-leader-captured-in-pakistan.aspx

  15. Mullah Baradar confirmed and reportedly Mullah Salam (a shadow governor) both arrested in Pakistan recently…Mr.Zaid Hamid needs to do another BT show of his and address these concerns…and explain in full detail to the best of his knowledge what is going on here…what is Pak fauj’s role in this why these arrests why now?

    • definitely we gonna see Mr.Zaid Hamid with all sorts of theories justifying this act. this has been the pattern, Pak army does the dirty work with american co-operation and Mr.Zaid Hamid comes with stories as a coverup.

  16. @Imran Chaudhry
    As’salam o Alaiqum,

    everything is clear that in a joint Pak-Us operation, Mullah Baradar the Good Taliban has been arrested confirmed by ISPR. All we gonna see now is different theories trying to save PA as if they have nothing to do with it and it was Martians who landed in a U.F.O in Pakistan and arrested a good taliban.

    this article is the start of these attempts, hardliners gave up Bradar, only the cattles grazing in a field can buy this story.

    These tactics didn’t worked for Musharraf-Bush and it will not work for Kiyani-Obama aswell.

    • @ Imran

      Yaar say whatever you have to without directing your comments at me. I’ll see when more info is available on this incident. I was also reading the Taliban are denying the arrest according to an udru newspaper.

      I am not in a hurry to make any jumping conclusions. It is perfectly okay to hold one’s opinion about anything and I am holding it.


      • Chaudhry Sahab,
        i respect u’r viewpoint and i’m in no way after you.


  17. i dont think this is any issue as long as he is not handed over to US authorities and remains in our custody. Plus i would like to add for the information of Mr. Imran, that Gen Kiyani has told all Nato leaders in brussels, that Pakistan’s main strategic threat is India – which obviously also refers to the Indian meddling in Afghanistan. So please don’t come up with this ‘rented army’ bullshit. Its an old propaganda that started when Army rightly began its operation against the Swat terrorists ; which ignorants like you opposed. You have absolutely NO idea of the on the ground situation. Ignorant people like you are the one’s who also supported idiots and extremists like baitullah and fazlullah. Its only due to the sacrifices of the forces that Pakistan is not overrun by terrorists. If that had been the case, it would have given the NATO/Indian forces the perfect cover-up to attack and dismantle Pakistan’s nuclear assets. This is a game of geopolitics, and individuals are just pawns. You need not start on beating your chest with ‘religious’ fervor unless you know the complete truth.

    • @ Cheeta Sahab

      I agree with you.

      That is why I did not comment on the news quickly. This is a sensitive issue and cannot be brushed away by simply blamming the army. Undoubtedly, it is the army protecting us today, not our corrupt politicians. Understanding the geopolitical situation is of utmost imprtance as you mentioned.

    • I agree that it may not be an issue if he is not handed over to the US. He might have been ‘picked-up’ by ISI without a gun-fight because the ISI might have had credible info that Baradar was about to be nabbed by other forces. It might be an attempt to save him?

    • @cheeta
      lets be clear that i’m not a cattle which grazes in the field to say that i’m not Zaid Hamid group which crosses all the limits in praising Pak army as if they are the Army of Islam protecting the honor & dignity of Muslims.

      i’ll appreciate what they do good and i’ll criticise what they do bad, Why? coz i’m not a cattle nor do i blindly follow pied piper tune.

      Go and dump TTP, i don’t have any problems with that. My problem is the co-operation of Pak army in drone attacks killing Muslims of Pakistan and my problem is the alliance of a Muslim army with kaafirs (Plz read Ayat’ 5:51)

      the innocent Muslims dieing in Fata at the hands of american kaafirs have no interest what Mr.Kiyani says in brussels nor do we have any interest in Mr.Kiyani’s saying that Islam is Pakistan’s ideology. I’ll judge Pak army on the basis of what they do on grounds and not on statements or funny theories from Zaid Hamid group (one of the stupidiest theory i heard from Zaid Hamid is that Why america doesn’t attack Baitullah Mehsud and that TTP is supported/funded by Cia and when cia killed hin in drone attack, Mr. Zaid hamid comes with another theory that our agenices fooled cia and they mistakenly killed BM)

      Ok fine, we have done with Swat terrorists,well done PA i appreciate u for that. Now when will u go after those i.e CIA who supported/funded TTP? infact they wil never go after americans instead they do joint operations in arresting Good Talibans. (i didn’t gave this theory of good taliban/bad taliban)

      America pays $$$$$$ to GOP & PA, plz don’t tell me that it’s all ‘Fi Sabeel Allah’. they simply pay us to do their dirty work and we happiliy do it.

      Who sold Dr.Aafia Siddique, where are the missing persons???? Now plz don’t say that it was one man’s (musharraf) fault. No it wasn’t one man, he was representing a institution and this institution fully supported kaafir Americans in 2001 to invade a Muslim land, even to date they aren’t ready to recognise USA as a occupation force or do they?

      Ok fine, everyone do mistakes and the better course is to rectify those mistakes but it seems that we Pakistanis are not ready for that and we want to keep bowing to America.

      These are very painful realities and we should have enough courage to accept the blunders we have been doing.

  18. by arresting mullah barader r v still licking usa’s shose .

    i can’t understand this policy of isi ………..is this and another u turn at crucial time ????

  19. Their “arrest” without a gunbattle i.e. surrender,is intriguing

    • It is a ‘pick-up’ to save him from other agencies nabbing him. He will be duly let go elsewhere in the country.

  20. these recent arrests have created alot of confusion. i believe we should wait and let the things clear up. lets not make hasty decisions here, let all kind of info come up. perhaps army will give their point of view and may be zaid hamid also clarifies the thing.

    lets wait before cussing the army.

    • ISI is seperate to army remember that

      Kayani does not oversee day to day running of ISI

      for one thing ISI should spend more time arresting domestic terrorist and dismatling terror cells in karachi and lahore

      • by day to day running, do you mean regular activities of tapping and tracking, right?

        this is not a ‘day to day’ running. you dont see it everyday. its not regular, neither is something to be separated from army as in keeping the army chief in the dark and taking an independent decision on something. are you implying that army chief didnt know of it because its a day to day matter? i hope not and i believe its not anything separate.

        again, calm down. let the news settle down.

    • agreed

      • oops sorry…meant to agree with the msg above this one…about NOT jumping to conclusions and saying bad things about the army

    • yes this is a subtle situation here….we ought to wait and see….there is something different about these arrests that have been made…different from the past musharraf era…2 more guys were caught…both shadow governors of provinces…but out of 34 provinces…33 have shadow governors…so 2 governors arrested does not seem to be a big loss…nor does the other capture…they can always find replacements…..perhaps Pak Fauj is trying to put a bone in the mouth of the dog that shouts “do more do more”? at least this way the myth of quetta shura dissapears….

      and the myth of ISI helping taliban dies too…..

      this way we can at relatively little cost to the taliban across durand line……defeat the western media campaign to malign Pakistan and Pakistan army and ISI in particular as rogue and aligned with terrorists etc….

      this takes the steam out of the propaganda being built up against us….

      we now have “proved” that Pakistan army and govt are not helping “the enemy” and are “doing enough”

  21. it is a mad move again by isi ………..can’t understand this mindset.

  22. There’s another thought on Baradar’s arrest. This was reported by Pakistan Observer.

    “Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, a Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan, denied that Baradar had been captured. He said Baradar is in Afghanistan and is continuing anti-US operations. Another Afghan Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, also denied Baradar had been arrested. He said reports of his arrest are meant to demoralize the Afghan Taliban. Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said he could not verify reports of the capture. He also denied reports that CIA and ISI conducted a secret raid that captured Baradar, saying the agencies share intelligence but that the CIA does not conduct raids on Pakistani soil.”

    More info required.

    • @Layla
      This was reported in newspaper –

      The Pakistan and Afghan analysts have cast doubts over Baradar’s status within the Afghan Taliban, saying he supported negotiations and accusing Americans of overplaying his significance.

      “He had stopped playing an active role in the fighting in december last year after developing differences with Taliban chief Mullah Omar” said Pakistani expert on Taliban Rahimullah yousufzai.
      “We don’t know the real background of his arrest in Pakistan but there are reports that he did not have good relations with Pakistan and Pakistan may have considered him dispensable” he added.

      Senior Afghan geveral said on condition of anonymity, “Baradar was in contact with Afghan government on peace negotiations and was leading a major wing of taliban who could have been part of the peace process”.
      Ahmed Sayeedi an afghan political analyst and a former diplomat to Pakistan also said Bradar was in contact with Afghan government. “Baradar wanted to come to some sort of understanding with the Afghan government and the US which divided the taliban leading council based in Quetta and after he left for Karachi,” he told AFP.

      • very much possible IM.

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