Army won’t abandon tribals: Gen Kayani

February 16, 2010

ISLAMABAD – Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, on Monday assured the tribesmen of Waziristan Agency that the Pakistan Army would not abandon them and continue playing its role in rehabilitation of the displaced people and development of the area.

He held out these assurances while talking to notables of Mehsud and Wazir tribes during ground-breaking ceremonies of two major projects including Tank-Jandola-Sararogha-Makeen Road and Tank-Khajuri-Tanai-Wana Road. He also reviewed progress on quick impact projects for the rehabilitation of the displaced people.

These projects are being undertaken by the Pakistan Army, in consultation with local tribes and in coordination with the civil administration. The COAS emphasised the need for rapid development of the area to consolidate gains made through Military Operations.

General Kayani asked the local tribesmen to come forward and assume ownership of the development works being initiated in their areas.

Earlier, the COAS visited South Waziristan and met with Army Officers and Jawans participating in the Operation Rah-e-Nijat. He mixed up with officers and Jawans and praised their morale and professionalism.
Gen Kayani said that the officers and jawans of Pakistan Army made the operation successful by sacrificing their lives, adding the Army has complete support of the nation and the operation to be completed soon.



  1. Yes! Pakistan Army must keep their presence in Waziristan permanently and the pilitical leadership in ISB and NWFP must work for the eventual full integration if these areas and people in the provincial setup if the Pakistani federation.

  2. i agreeeeeeee with you….shah

  3. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100216/ap_on_re_as/afghanistan_taliban

    Please confirm this news.

    Is Pakistan army still continuing with the way of Musharraf?

  4. keyani would help the tribal areas of pakistan a lot by stoping the drone attacks that are bombing them night and day killing over six hundred of them he should warn the americans that enough is enough pakistan will not tolerate this anymore having its airspace violated like this
    all other talk of not abandoning the tribals is just empty rhetoric by keyani practice what you preach or
    stand down and let some other general take your position who has pakistani interest at heart
    nujat pakistani pakhtoon patrioc

    • I think Gen. Kayani feels for the tribal areas unlike Musharaf, who sold them just for the material for his book. But I agree with nujat. Remember Muhammad(SWT)had declared war on the Jews of Medina when a Muslim Woman was dishonored by a Jew and a Muslim brother fought for her and was martyred. Muhammad(SWT) immediately went to war no ifs and buts from Him(SWT)and the Jews were thrown out of Medina for their betrayal. Today when Muslims are killed by Kufar and by our Muslim ruler we look the other way. Again a story comes to my mind about the 4 bulls, 1 white and 3 black. They lived in a jungle with the wolves. Everyday the wolf pack would chase them but 4 bulls would defend each other and wolves would be fended off for yet another day. One day the 3 black bulls decided to kick the white bull out reasoning that his color gives away their location in the night. That day the white bull was taken down by the wolves easily. The next day the 3 bulls were easier to tackle and every day the wolves will take one bull down. When the last black bull was about to be killed, the wolves asked him now who will save you from us. The bull said no one, actually I was killed the same day I gave away my brother (white bull)to be your first meal. I hope you understand what we are saying, Mr. Kayani and Co. This world is a pack of Wolves and we are the Bulls. United we Stand and Divided we Fall.

      • i am glad you agree with my comments brother rufi these americans are killing our fellow pakistanis like a console game from the safety of an arm chair in america
        violating our airspace like there isnt one while these so called generals named keyanis as guardians of the state are just good at diverting attention to another useless issue this general keyani is heartless has no sole otherwise he would have stepped down over this issue as a protest to the zardari goverment stance on the drone issue we need a mujahid general a god fearing general in charge of the pakistani army one that will put pakistani interest first and be firm with the americans to stop the drone attacks once and for all we as a nation should only fear allah and nobody else ameen
        nujat patriotic pakhtoon pakistani

  5. @adeel

    It should be considered as a collateral damage.Let us wait for sometime before making any conclusion.It is accoring to Pak stance that we are not harbouring Taliban.North Waziristan is a different issue.
    Moreover his coming to Karachi and getting detected may have some purpose.


    I am sure everybody knows why I am cracking up in laughter.

    No comments. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  7. I have some questions that I need answers for.

    [I would appreciate if Mr. Zaid Hamid or Mr. Ahmed Qureshi could answer them. They have done well to restore the image of Pakistan Army badly damaged (almost destroyed) by the Qadiani king Musharraf but they still have left some serious doubts in mind.]

    1) It is clear that army has verbally denounced Parvez Musharraf and now distances itself from him and his actions. Many Generals have spoken about that and many have even said that he allowed drone attacks, bases to CIA “without informing the army”, intervened in NAB affairs to keep his corrupt men alive and kicking.

    Evidence: http://jagonews.com/2009/12/14/musharraf-gave-usa-bases-without-asking-the-pakistan-army/

    Question: Why is he guarded by Pakistan army at his residence in UK? If these Generals are speaking the truth, then he deserves nothing less than death.
    Or is it that he is being made a scapegoat for combined actions of him and armymen who have not left Pakistan while the army still adheres to his views and actions? Or is it that during his time, the Qadianis were rapidly promoted (Gen. Nadeem Taj being one !) and it is people like them who are still supporting him?

    2) Is there really such a thing as Afghan Taliban (good Taliban) and Pakistani Taliban (bad Taliban)? They may be independant of each other but does the army view them as two separate bodies?

    If yes, then why was Mullah Baradar captured in a joint operation by CIA and Pakistani intelligence? It appears from above that Mr. Zaid Hamid had been making us fool all along.

    However, there is a possibility that it was a joint effort of CIA and rogue elements (Rehman Malik like elements). Please clarify all this news. Who arrested Baradar?

    3) Is Pakistan obsessed with India to the detriment of other enemies namely USA? When USSR came to Afghanistan, it was considered the main enemy even though India was present in Afghanistan but things appear to be different now. Yes, USA is somewhat strong and the most suitable way to fight it at the moment is through cold war but is that really happening? Question 2 explains why Im asking this.

    4) I request you to conduct a program that explains how things work in the army (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie wasn’t explanatory enough). I mean, is it possible for one man to serve his CIA and Mossad masters without the will and consent of the rest of the army? In other words, can we blame Musharraf alone for everything rather than other military men alondside him as well?

    I hope you give good answers otherwise TTP is not as bad as you make it appear. Yes, they have enemy agents in them but over 90% of the fighters are just angry people whose anger was deliberately feulled by the Qadiani king / Zio poodle.

    • Forget Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi. I can answer ALL your questions.

      BUT first u have to prove to me that Musharraf is Qadiani.

    • i agree wholeheartedly with your comments brother adeel these people have taken us for fools for far to long the captuer of mullah baradar was a joint cia ang pak intelligence operation when all along we are told that there are no american agents in pakistan also as well as the cia agents there are blackwater merceneries roaming around pakistani cities covertly american special forces fighting along side pak army in the tribal areas of pakistan
      oh and not to forget the american drones dropping bombs on pakistani civillians night and day killing six hundred of them
      what a mess pakistan is in at the hands of these leaders
      nujat patriotic pakistani pakhtoon

    • you talk a lot of sense adeel


  9. @Tareen

    Well said.
    One must be impartial while discussing national issuea and personal vendetta should not be allowed to creep in.

    That Jagonews item is very old.Later,Gen.Shahid has apeeared many times on Dawn,in which he clarified his previous statements.He admitted that Mush made mistakes,but these were honest mistakes.
    Mush has been saying”all Taliban are Pashtun,but all Pashtun are not Taliban.Talk to them”

    Army has always been reluctant for grabbing power.
    It is politicians who create a situation that country goes to the brink.

    After 1947 till 1958,we saw politicians.Quaed pacified between Daultana and Mamdot.But when they reached Lahore,started fighting again.For 12 years,they could not make a constitution,even Quaed’s Mazar.

    Zia wanted to hold election after Nizam-Mustafa movement,but Bhutto warned to use Article six.It was very famous,those days,that there is one grave but aspirants

    Just because the PM has the authority to fire COAS,under the constitution,Nawaz fired Mush for no reason,which had a de-moralising effect on the Army.
    Mush himself has said,if PM did not fire me,I would have continued as COAS under him.Moreover,Mush was still in the air,but army had refused to obey Ziauddin Butt(Here Butt is very important)

    On 9/11 decision,Late Nawabzada Nasrullah is on record having said that if Mush had not taken that decision, we would have seen the stone age scenario,with India on our East.And now,who is blaming Mush of a double game? America.

    I don’t understand why people have a soft corner for TTP,after all their brutalities.If bad elements have creeped in, they must be denounced.Particularly,Imran Khan never denounces them.

    Finally,the fact that Mush is provided security in London(I only know this from Adeel),itself is a proof that he is not dumped by the Army,as adeel claims.

    • Exactly!

      This whole conflict is in many layers and is also very seriously dynamic to explain in a few paragraphs. There are many powers involved and they all have their own agendas.

      People who support TTP(Imran khan, JI, Lal masjid crowd etc) they come from the same school and want the same thing BUT with different labels. BTW this is a small minority BUT they make the most noise hence we think they are big.

      The population does not understand these complexities and does not want to worry about it. So they start looking for change and change is what people like Imran Khan offer(in words). So the people start following them just for the sake of change. Not wise!

      Once we are out of this mess, things will start to clear.

      • First of all thanks for answering my questions partially. I ask because I amconfused and do not attempt to attack.

        First of all, you spoke about Musharraf being a Qadiani. Well it is an accepted fact. My uncle used to be his senior in the army and he has also left Islam (he became Parvezi) and Musharraf became Qadiani to marry Sehba Musharraf. If you still do not accept this, then please go and ask any knowledgeable Qadiani and he will tell you that Sehba Musharraf is an Ahmedi from the Lahori Jamaat.

        Anyway for the sake of knowledge, I request you to leave this topic alone as this would result us going away from the real issueand that is to clear confusion.

        1) General Shahid clarified?
        I dont know how he can do that if he really did! I saw his statement live on Aaj TV on Nadeem Malik’s live show. It comes at 8pm. General Durrani also spoke the same in the same show in another episode but not referring to bases but for giving CIA a free hand.

        2) Nawaz and Musharraf story!
        It is no doubt that 9/11 was the work of USA and it is no doubt that they must have plannedfor this some time ago. As part of this plan, they brought Parvez Musharraf into power. Musharraf was 7th in rank but he was made the chief of army by Nawaz Sharif. Why? Because he was ordered to do so and then what happened remains no secret. It is widely believed that when Musharraf was posted at Cherat, he came into contact with CIA and thats where the rapid promotions began. Anyway, since these are not established, there is no point in debating them. I just brought them to your attention so that you may ponder over it.

        3) Mush and stone age?
        These TTP are fierce warriors. What the USA wants is destruction of Pakistan and they have seen that it cannot happen through India on the east as evidenced by the 1965 war. They have also seen that on top of that an air attack by Israel is also not going to destory Pakistan, they will have to attack from the west as well and from inside through Blackwater/Xe/Dynocorp. On the west, we had these fierce warriors but a massive campaign of agents, confusion etc was launched which resulted in the current scenario. If we destroy this line of defence on the western border, we are opening a way for the enemies. When all of the enemies attack together, we need defence on all sides and most importantly the western side.

        The tribals had agreed to all government deals but they were attacked. They had agreed to expel foreigners but they were attacked.

        Imran Khan is not against action against them but has stated that it can be done through dialogue and through intelligence work. Hidden action is much more feasible than open attacks.

        The question may arise that TTP still is funded by enemies. Yes they are but USSR also funded the tribals to fight against Pakistan andmust have planted agents to brainwash them to do so but since Pakistan didnt do anything against them, they never fought.

        However, this time Musharraf sent the army into tribal region (against the orders of Quaid e Azam who strictly said that Pakistan army will not enter FATA) and enemy agents used their anger to their advantage.

        TTP is a misguided body but 90% of its fighters are just angry and their anger can be cooled down and they can come on Pakistan’s side.

        I request someone to answer my questions I asked in a previous comment above and dont take me as someone on a mission to attack. I am confused a little bit and want to know whats happening.

      • P.S. Please dont take Musharraf’s words seriously now. Out of power, even Chaudhry Shujaat sounds like Quaid e Azam. To gain credibility, he will criticize India and the West even more and they won’t mind knowing that he is their man !

      • I wrote a very very long comment here above but I cannot see it here. 😦

        I can only see my second comment ! 😦

        I hope it has not been deleted or blocked and will be published soon.

  10. I will type again…

    First of all, thanks for replying to my answers partially.

    @ Mr. Tareen

    1) Forget Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi?
    Actually I wanted their views as they get their scripts from GHQ so they are better able to answer but still if you insist, then please do answer and clear away my confusion and misconceptions (if any)

    2) Musharraf being a Qadiani.
    This is a fact and people do not deny it. Ask any Qadiani and he will tell you that Musharraf converted to marry Queen Sehba Musharraf was is an Ahmadi from the Lahori jamaat.

    Anyway, I do not want to debate on this matter as we would divert from the real issue and that is of confusion.

  11. @ Ultra Nationalist

    1) General Shahid rejecting his earlier made statement?

    I dont know how he can do that. I saw his program live on Aaj TV on Nadeem Malik’s show where he openly made this statement and we are not putting words into his mouth or misinterpreting him. General Durrani, on the same show on another episode, made the same statement but not referring to bases but to giving CIA a free hand in Pakistan.

    My question is simply this:
    Should the entire army be blamed for the actions during Musharraf’s era or only Musharraf alone is to be blamed? If its the entire army, then may Allah help us; we are on a path to destruction !

    2) Nawaz Sharif and coup.
    It is no secret that 9/11 was an inside job and it is also clear that they must have planned for this years in advance. Musharraf was 7th in line when Nawaz Sharif made him the COAS due to orders from his supreme masters of the time! The appointment of Musharraf was part of the overall plan.

    3) Pakistan bombed to stone ages?
    This is nothing but propoganda mixed with cowardly act. On this site’s main page, you can read General Hamid Gul’s comment “Fear is no policy, surrender is no option”. It refers to Parvez if you guys didn’t know already !

    Here is what its all about: The enemies have joined hands against Pakistan. India attacked us from the eastern border in 1965 but couldnt harm us.
    Israel tried to bomb us from above but couldnt harm us. They want to attack from the west where tribals would fight them. They know that they must attack from all sides to succeed and that is what is happening in tribal region. They want the army to destroy them themselves making the way clear for the enemies.

    The tribals are our line of defence (who gave us Azad Kashmir). To destroy our defences, they created this TTP. USSR also gave ammunition to tribals but they didnt fight against the army but this time Parvez sent the army into the tribal region against the orders of Quaid e Azam who said that Pak army will not enter FATA. This angered the tribals whose anger was used by the enemies.

    When the enemies will attack Pakistan from all sides at once and from inside through Blackwater / Xe / Dynocorp etc, then who would fight for Pakistan? The army cannot fight on all sides. Therefore, friendship with angry youth in FATA is very important.

    It is agreed that they have plenty of agents, plenty of criminals, drug dealers but majority of them are angry at what they see happening around them. Imran Khan is not against action against them but insists on dialogue with them and then selective action through intelligence against agents amongst them.

    Salarzai tribe and many other tribes expelled TTP themselves to some extent but TTP had superior weapons. What Pakistan should have done was to provide them with better weapons and they would have defeated them themselves.

    Had we never attacked the angry tribal youth, they would have never fought against the army. The tribals had accepted all demands of the government, they agreed to expel foreigners, they agreed to stop cross border infiltration but still Parvez attacked them. This simply angered them which the enemy cleverly used.

    This is where the question arises, was Parvez simply a coward (nadaan dost) or a willing servant (daana dushman)?

    To end it here, dont consider me a supporter of TTP but consider me a supporter of Pakistan. The enemy didn’t infiltrate into the tribal region through army, they came through their intelligence which is what we should also use to tackle them!

    • Here is a brilliant article, please read it and ponder over it. It will clear what is happening around us and why. My comments above have touched this subject slightly:


    • the ttp is no threat to pakistan whatsoever they have just been misunderstood this hastly approach by the pak army has made the situation worse i should know i am from the same area as them and ninety per cent of the tribal peoples are patriotic pakistani citizens the the number one issue they have a problem is with the drone attacks carried out by the americans in which the pak goverment turns a blind eye to where hundreds have been killed why is pakistan tolerating these attacks on its civillians all other issues with ttp can be resolved peacefully
      nujat khan

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