50% Indian arms obsolete:Report

February 16, 2010

New Delhi: Fifty percent Indian military equipment is ‘obsolete’, according to a study by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the consultancy firm KPMG.

The report comes a few months after the army admitted to a Parliament standing committee that it had just over 50% of the required capability.

The CII-KPMG report, ‘Opportunities in the Indian Defence Sector: An Overview’ says India is set to undertake one of the largest procurement cycles in the world in the light of the situation.

“The current profile of the equipment held highlights the need for modernisation with ‘obsolete’ equipment currently accounting for 50% equipment,” says the report. According to the required equipment profile of the government, at any given point of time, only 30% equipment should be ‘obsolete’.

In an ideal situation, the ministry of defence contends, 30% equipment should be “state-of-the-art”, 40% “mature” and only 30% “obsolete”. The reality, says the report, is that only 15% equipment is “state-of-the-art”, 35% “mature” and 50% “obsolete”.

“During the last decade, the Indian defence industry has been in the process of undertaking one of the largest procurement cycles in the world. The current cycle, which includes the acquisitions drafted under the long-term integrated perspective plan (LTIPP), is expected to include procurements worth $100 billion by 2022,” the report says.

The report has identified three areas where industry is “seeking further government input” —the procurement process, the need for a defence industrial strategy for India and tax and regulatory incentives.

CII representatives said the government should take steps to improve visibility of the government’s defence order book, increase industry’s input and feedback into the process, improve predictably and flexibility of the procurement process and reduce bidders’ costs.



  1. India is a paper tiger and do not have the capability to run over the Pakistani mainland in the way they did in our eastern province. What is disturbing is this report of the 100 billion dollar weapon procurement. Make no mistake: this is purely directed against the Pakistani people and their country. Lowering our guards, transforming our armed forces into a counter insurgency force or sending all our forces to the eastern border would guarenteed invite a strong Indian
    agression. Maybe this was what the zionists wanted all along.

  2. This kind of report (or reports) are, in my opinion, just a forged reason and pretext to procure more weapons quantitatively. This is a tactic used by the Hindus to justify their arms purchases. BAGHAL MAIN CHURI MOUN MAIN RAAM RAAM…

    I don’t think indian army would have this bad sutuation as they portrey in media.

  3. bharat crying shortage of weapons again. at cost of housing millions of poverty hit people, the country chooses to spend 200 billion $ in coming years on arms acquisitions. their soldiers dont have enuff to eat and the nation is going nuts on wars.

    • Oh yeah! Absolutely! isn’t that what you wanted to hear all day, does that make you feel better now that Indian arms are obsolete. Man! must have even made your day.

      • 😀 😀 ..Ask.jeeves..dressed up as an emperor..lol

        I can smell something burning 😀 :D..lol lol

        Ofcourse were happy that you screwed up …but were even more happy when u chant shining India and spends billions on war when ur people dont have either food to eat or a toilet to execrete ..lol lol lol

        I have to come down to fix all this once again 😀 😀

        Pakistan Zindabad 😀 ..Welcome to New Delhi, Pakistan

  4. Although it makes me feel good that India’s weapons are obsolete but I feel that the more we highlight these failures, the more India will be motivated to modernize to our detriment.

    It will not be difficult for India to get state of the art equipments from USA and Israel. They will gladly give them to India since Pakistan is their common enemy.

    Please refrain from posting such articles on the public forum. You can mail them to your personal contacts. And trust me, the news will eventually get to the masses.


  6. Bharat is going through a major transformation of its arms. The last time bharat set for such modernization was in 70’s with complete overhaul of its forces. This is a complete eyewash to cry shortage of weapons and acquire everything from all over the world. The problem really is not of bharti arms, its of their inherent incapability to make the best of what’s at hand. There is another dimension to these modernization and acquisitions. More and more bharti analysts and RAW mouthpieces want to turn away from Russia towards USA and Israel. The current situation is that bharat is the only country in the world of its size and magnitude that is incapable of producing its own weapons. This lack of independence in defense and incapability has made bharat turn to the world to give it weapons. The article noted that bharat is going to spend 100 billion $ on acquisitions. This is not the case anymore. Latest reports tell an 100% increase in the original plans of spending 100 billion $ with bharat now vying for arms worth 200 billion $ in coming years. Right now arms are lined up from across the globe from countries like USA, Israel, France, Russia and rest of the Europe. This clear shift is a signal of obvious inclination towards USA. Infact, bharat has already canceled many deals with rest of the world in an effort to prize americans. the aerial refueller deal was one. There are others. Whatever is happening, is more political than related to defence. Bharat will give all major deals to usa and will use russia only where usa does not help it. this fact is infact also stated by russian officials. usa is still shy in giving advanced BMD and missiles, nuclear submarines or aircraft carriers to bharat so bharat will get that from usa. the fortunate thing for bharat is that its so incapable in defence that it has to import 90% of its weaponry from abroad which makes it quite a lucrative market and then bharat is also willing in fighting wars with pakistan and china. this and everything else, is going to bharats advantage but in disguise to pakistans also. this will clearly repositions pakistan’s approach towards usa and israel too. In the next 5 to 7 years expect major political shift of bharat with equipping itself formidably against pakistan in every form. until that is done, bharat will never want to go to war with pakistan or china. right now its greatest need is missile shields. i personally believe, israel will succeed in giving it the arrow or thaad systems in coming years cajoling usa of bharats intent in going to war with pakistan. what bharat however should know is that, pakistan brags less and does more. Pakistan is ready.


    A mere look at the Bharat’s defense industry yells of its utter failure in production and maintenance. Ever since its inception, Bharat’s defence industry has been anything but indigenous despite constant attempts. Even today,after 65 years,Bharat’s armed forces are composed of 95% imported weaponry with several projects waiting to fail. A trail of failures include the nuclear weapons, missiles, arjun tank, LCA, UAVs,ships, submarines, trainer aircraft, INSAS, SAMs, artillery and more

    • Perspective and facts on the ground must be considered.
      Nuclear weapons:

      Only doubt raised(falsely ) was no THERMO nuclear fusion weapons ie Hydrogen bombs vis a vis china.

      For small pakistan Indian FISSION bombs are MORE than enough.


      AGNI-3 :just tested successfully .Prithvi & Agni 1 never a problem.These are the pakistan specific missiles.
      Agni 2, retest scheduled.
      INSAS rifle:over ONE MILLION produced.
      Blowing nice holes against the terrorists in Kashmir and other places for years.
      Akash SAM:INDUCTED.

      Billion dollars worth MORE ordered


      First regiment OPERATIONALISED:


      All to be inducted by 2010.

      WE MAKE plenty.

      One of the deadliest and largest Delhi Class.
      ANd on an on:
      Google and find out.

      Check the vinatage of Pakistani T-59s,F-7ps,Mirages,it Naval frigates etecet then come back and talk.

      While you are at it also try to identify a Pakistani arms system that does not have US,Chinese,Russian,French,Swedish or Brithish origin.

      IT will not be a long list,i can tell you that!!!!


        Bharat is the only country of its size to be wholly dependent upon the world for its defence needs. Over 90% of bharti weaponry is imported from across the globe with now USA and Israel keen to take advantage of this inherent bharti incapability. In the coming years bharat intends to shift its inclination towards usa and west from russia with 200 billion $ weapon acquisition lined up. That alone speaks of inherent incapability of Bharat and needs no arguing but still:

        LCA: Originally envisioned as an indigenous project, ended up being delayed at least by 5 to 7 years, while taking three decades in the making. There are talks of making LCA a technology demonstrator aircraft. In any case, the project has found bharti incapability in being able to call it indigenous. IAF has shown obvious mistrust in the aircraft but has agreed to keep HALs face by agreeing to take a couple of squadrons. Today, LCA is “indigenous” with having a design from Dassault, avionics from a mix of west/india and an american/european engine. That’s some sheer Made in Bharat thing.

        The tank arjun originally envisioned as indigenous is based on the german leopard with all the help coming from germany in its design but screwed up when bharti interfered with incapable ideas. Today, arjun has earned its name as Arjunk because it has failed to come up to expectations but Indian army again has been pressurized by the government to save DRDOs face by taking up a few arjunks but relying majorly on Russian T90 and upgradation of T72 tanks from American firms. Need we say more?

        INSAS, again an assault rifle tagged indigenous is based on the famous russian AK47 entirely with few minor changes. During the kargil war, the rifle faced severe jamming issues but bharat chose to turn a blind eye because there is no answer to incapability. Today, INSAS is an “indigenous” gun with reversed engineered technology from Russian guns.

        Bharti nuclear tests lack in number and quality when compared to pakistan. Already there are talks of nuclear fizzle of bharti nuclear weapons. There are talks of israel supplying bharat with nuclear weapons in an event of war.

        Bharti missiles: To this day only the short range prithvi is the only missile to be fully inducted after decades of failures. Agni missiles are still in the development and by the time get inducted it will be 2020 already. The bharti cruise missiles lack range and quality owing which bharat has taken up another venture of producing a sub sonic missile than super or hypersonic.

        Moon mission: Bharat will send a mission to moon soon. The secret part: On a russian ship, with russian crew and commanders. Guess that makes indians the test monkeys.

        Submarines: Bharat has a nuclear submarine without a nuclear engine or capability to fire nuclear weapons. That is some real technology.

        The thing to ponder is its shameful for a country seven times size of pakistan to compare and keep comparing itself to pakistan. That shows the small minds and hearts of an apparently big in size nation. Pakistan has never called its Jf17 an indigenous aircraft. It already officially stated to be 50-50 partnership. Same goes for other new projects. Technology acquisition in other projects have made pakistan self reliant. On the other hand, bharat stands shameful begging the world for weapons. It is begging usa to stay in afghanistan and begging for american weapons, israeli weapons, russians weapons and other europeans weapons. if the upcoming contracts of 200 billion $ are canceled, bharat will be left with forks and spoons to fight. Such is the incapability of one of the biggest in size, smallest in heads nations of the world. Brave on media, cowards on grounds.

      • You base yourself on the sole premise that since India imports such a lot of weapons it has no domestic capability.

        You go on to claim that Pakistan is in a better position since it has entered into partnership with China and others to produce weapons at home.

        Pakistan has produce NO weapon of Indigenous design till date.

        The JF-17 is a TOTAL chengdu effort.The tooling,avionics,design,everything, was a China contribution.
        How is that self reliance??

        Here is the website of PAC:


        Forget ALL,NO major systems appear to be built by them.

        Compare this with the Indian HAL.

        It has full tech transfer and domestic capability as well to build engines,avionics,aircraft bodies.


        100s of aircraft,engines,helicopters have been produced by HAL.

        And yet you claim India is the one more helpless.

        The Arjun and LCA are not being forced on anyone.

        Please realise the India is a democracy.There is proper system for everything.

        If India had to simply force anyone to accept an inferior system.
        WHY would it not do so at the START!!
        WHO is to stop anyone to claim that the LCA and ARJUN was the best and simply induct it!!

        India is a free society with a free media.

        The armed forces are accepting the systems now ONLY after they are sure of its capability.

        THEY are the one who will fight in it and its their life.

        You may like to point out that LCA and Arjun have foreign systems.

        Off course they have.
        Economics and good sense dictate that.

        The M1A1 abrams has a German. Rheinmetal.The German MTU engine is used by several countries. Rolls Royce engines of UK power many US aircraft and vide versa.

        What is important that India has learned several key inputs.

        The LCA design,construction,composite structure,system integration,a lot of avonics is Indian.

        In the Arjun,the Kanchan composite armour,the main 120 mm gun,the comm sytems,the system integration is entirely Indian.
        These are very crucial areas.

        Ultimately this will help India in achieving self reliance in critical areas.

        ALL infantry firearms are currently based on some sort of gas or recoil operation.The bolt will be either rotating or delayed blowback or direct impingement or simple blowback or tilting block.
        Now whenever such features are common are common in a class of weapons,WILL you call it a copy!!!!

        There are only a few ways to fire a firearm and in all the bullet has come out from the front of a barrel.

        So ALL firearms are essentially the same.
        Please read this:


        Regarding performance. See how the US M16 or SW 80 of the brits functioned in the early days of their induction.

        ALL weapon systems mature from improvements made with over time and experience.

        MORE than a MILLION INSAS have been produced since Kargil TEN years ago!!!!

        The INSAS has matured into a simple,yet effective and good weapon.

        No one hit by it shrugs and says its a useless weapon!!!!!I

        t has no problem with killing terrorists in kashmir or opposing pak forces across the LOC.

        The only debate can be on the stopping power of the 5.56mm vis a vis higher calibres like 7.62mm

        BUT that s a debate with other modern armies also and stopping power will be desirable as per the nature of the operation.


        Agni 1 has been deployed long back in 2003:


        Franky Pakistan needs to be concerned ONLY with Prithvi and Agni -1.

        Givens Pakistan’s small size,India does not have to strike very far.

        PLEASE understand that missiles require to be tested, validated regularly and the crew NEED regular training.

        Agni 2 &3 have been done so a number of times.

        The Indian shaurya HYPERSONIC missile has been 100% tested and is well on its way to production.


        Cmon, we can send a space probe to the moon,launch OVER 50 satellites with OUR OWN launchers.
        So will we not get our missiles right.
        In fact you should be worried about the truth.
        SO do not confuse test trials and launches as proof of Non-induction.

        It better that a missile reveal its weakness in peacetime than during a war.

        When India is not scared to hides its failures,will it lie on it success!!!!


        All the world seismic stations recorded the waves of the Indian nuclear explosion.

        A FIZZLE does not generate such waves.
        All some people mention is that the Indian claimed HYDROGEN (FUSION) bomb was not upto the seismic signature of the bomb.

        PLS check NO ONE HAS DOUBTED the FISSION atomic bombs.T
        hey are more than enough for pakistan.

        Appreciate he point.

        It is only on confusion and weakness of Indian capability that Pakistan continues to make errors.

        MOON mission:
        You forget that,India is making its OWN OV

        And that this is a preparation for its OWN mission:


        AND THAT IT WILL BE AN INDIAN ROCKET which will be the launcher.
        THIS is typical.
        Indias Chandryayan helped discover water on the moon.
        BUT the jealous guys will say,OH NO IT IS THE US instrument which did(carried FREE BTW).
        AS if launching,guiding,controlling a moon mission is like a taxi ride.
        Oh ji ham to Indian taxi mein gaye,kam to USA ne kiya!!!!!

        Nuke Submarines:

        AGAIN know the facts;

        NO ONE TEST A NUKE sub with a working reactor.
        It is too dangerous a risk, since radiation leak will poison the seas and environment.

        THAT IS WHY the sub is tested for full integrity and systems check with CONVENTIONAL POWER.
        ONLY when the sub is stated to be 100% checked and the reactor tested on land declared safe,will a nuke reactor be fitted.


        Pls read and understand the technicalities.

        BTW India is Getting the Nerpa class Nuke sub from Russia very soon.

        As for Indian imports, i hope ypu are aware of the offset rule.
        Under this 30% of the value of any MAJOR ARMS import will be invested in INDIAN SUPPLIERS AND MANUFACTURE.So of the 200 Billion AT LEAST 60 BILLION $ will benefit INDIAN companies.
        The Indian govt committed a great error by not allowing PRIVATE Indian companies like TATA, L&T to investin defence.These are very large and technologically capable companies.
        Now under the new government policy they will also produce defence equipment.
        AND they are far far more efficient.

        The recent PINAKA rocket system was completed in record time by L&T.

        There are SO MANY others;
        Check the Indian firms in the India list/


        I repeat.It not comparing toPpakistan.
        But the tendency of Pakistan to draw misplaced and wrong conclusions about Indian weaknesses.


        Who’s importing 200 billion $ of weapons because they cannot make their own equipment? Pakistan or bharat? Keyboards do not make anyone brave or superpower. Write all you want, but take a mere look at the current and future arms of bharat. More than 90% are imported. The only thing bharat has inducted are trucks and jeeps. What an indigenous industry. Food for thought for bhartis:

        1. Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach (and write to try to hide their incapability).

        2. When all is said and done, more is said than done.

      • Either you cannot read and understand or you refuse to acknowledge what is presented to you.

        I have posted links of India making 7000 tonne Naval Destroyers.
        I have given links of HAL that show india building jets,jet engines,aircraft.

        DO you KNOW that India is building an AIRCRAFT CARRIER.

        Heres some VIDEO and pics ,since you cannot read.


        ARJUN TANK line

        HAL Dhruv line:

        Every sort of basic ammunition,small arms,arty to Tanks.

        India also need to imports since obviously the most sophisticated wepaons are made by the west,israel and Russia.

        Indian needs are far beyond present domestic capacity.
        The Indian private sector is increasingly building up their capabilty on their own and with foreign tieups.


        You deny everything and live in your dreamworld.
        Happy Dreams.

      • Dude, seriously you’re boring and lame. And you sound like a babbling senile woman. read some of your own news, cuz thats where im quoting you from.

      • Ummm,
        I give you media reports of a later date which effectively counter your position.

        And all you have are worlds and phrases.

        NO news links no counter replies.

        Guess,the limits of your arguments and understanding have been reached.

  8. India to spend further $200b for arms

    Islamabad—While Pakistani leaders and judiciary are locked in an unending internal battle and the armed forces are engaged in an ongoing treacherous terrorism network Pakistan’s arch rival India has embarked on a huge armament programme that is seen as genuine threats to both Pakistan and its strategic ally China.

    According to a latest report New Delhi has planned to spend as much as US$ 200 billion on defence acquisitions over the next 12 years acquiring state-of-the-art war planes, sophisticated helicopters, tanks and nuclear-propelled and nuclear-arm submarine.

    An India Strategic defence magazine has reported that nearly half of the Indian defence funding, or $100 billion, will go to the Indian Air Force (IAF) which would need to replace more than half of its combat jet fleet as well as the entire transport aircraft and helicopter fleet.

    According to a study the Indian army had the largest requirement of helicopters while the navy needs both combat jets, helicopters, and a fleet of nearly 100 carrier-borne combat jets.

    The details of the study is due to be published in March but according to a brief report released in India Strategic’s DefExpo show daily published Monday India’s plans to acquire surveillance aircraft, lesser in capability though the IAF’s Phalcon AWACs and the navy’s P8-I Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) are also being worked out while pilotless intelligence aircraft (drones) generally called UAVs, including those armed, are also on the top of the list of the three arms of the forces.

    The briefing noted that India’s “three services as well as the Coast Guards and paramilitary organisations needed satellites and net centricity.”

    The report further added that IAF has a plan to build 45 combat squadrons (about 900 aircraft), up from its maximum effective strength of 39.5 squadrons a few years ago. Many of its aircraft have been phased out due to simple ageing.

    India also plans to buy the 126 jets, as well as advanced helicopters and other defense equipment, to modernize its mainly Soviet-vintage defense forces. India, which is among the world’s top arms importers, has earmarked 1.42 trillion rupees ($30.5 billion) as capital expenditure on defense for the current fiscal year through March 31.

    Meanwhile there are reports that India was also considering to buy Eurofighter “Typhoon” fighter aircraft which is now being on display a defence Expo in India.

    Indian Air Force (IAF) officials are gearing to thoroughly examine the capabilities of Eurofighter as part of a plan to acquite medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) programme.

    The Eurofighter is expected to undergo trials until March in Jaisalmer and Leh particularly to test Eurofighter’s desert and high altitude performance. According to reports from Indian there is general consent that the performance of the aircraft but Indians were still looking for a special price. Defence experts say that the Eurofighter is competing against Dassault’s Rafale, Saab’s JAS 39 Super Gripen IN, Boeing’s F/A-18E/F-IN Super Hornet, Lockheed Martin’s F-16IL and Russia’s MiG-35.

    More Hercules planes for India

    Meanwhile the American Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) is also negotiating with the Indian Air Force a deal to sell an additional six Super Hercules C-130J military transport planes.

    Lockheed Martin already has an order made in February 2008 for supplying six Super Hercules planes in a deal worth about $1 billion and the first Hercules plane is expected to be delivered to the Indian Air Force in the last quarter of 2010.

    Lockheed Martin has early this month completed a third phase of trials of its F-16 Falcon fighter plane hoping to win over a $10 billion contract from the Indian Air Force to supply 126 combat jets.

    According to latest reports India is to receive from Russia Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier; six (Krivak III) Talwar class Frigates (3 already delivered); 45 MiG-29K & MiG-29 KUB planes for the Indian Navy — 16 + 29; 280 Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jets; 63 IAF MiG-29 Baaz modernisation planes; six IL-76 (Platform for Phalcon AWACS) (one already delivered); 1,500 tanks T-90 tanks; Nerpa nuclear submarine (to be leased to the Indian Navy this summer); PAK FA T-50 (Fifth Generation fighter aircraft, jointly developed with India); BrahMos cruise missile (joint developed with India) and INS Arihant (nuclear submarine) being developed by India with Russian help.

    From the United States the Indian armed forces have made the following deals: six C-130 (FMS) transport aircraft; P8I-8; C-17 (FMS)-10, Naval ship INS Jalashwa; 145 BAe M777 Light Weight Howitzer (FMS) guns.

    From Israel India has reached the following defence contracts in recent years: six Phalcon AWACS (1 delivered); Barak missile system; Spyder missile system; Heron UAVs; Ground sensors; Thermal Imaging Devices and Air Defense Missile System (Joint Development).

    India reached a deal to receive from Britain

    66 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainers and Queen Elizabeth class carriers they’re building.

    Indian navy will receive six Scorpene submarines from France and two Fleet Tankers (Finmeccanicca) from Italy.

  9. BBB = Bigtime Bharati Begging | Bharat Biggest Beggar

    Crying shortage of weapons and begging for weapons from USA, Israel, Russia, France, Italy, Singapore, UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Middle east, except China and Pakistan. The most incapable country of the world.

    • There is a difference between BUYING with your OWN money and BEGGING!!!!!

      This is begging!!!

      Turkey to provide spares of Cobra helicopter FREE of cost to pakistan.


      In a major development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is also a sugar supplier, has offered sugar to Pakistan on deferred payment to overcome sugar crisis,


      U.S. aid to PAKISTAN set to increase.


      Post-9/11, Pakistan has received around $12 billion in military and economic aid


      NO wonder your army chaps are the slaves of the USA.

      You pretend to be the afghan taliban(freedom fighters for you) biggest friend.

      YET you arrest their top leader Mullah Baradar!!!!!


      Please direct your frustration and anger to the correct people.

      YOUR own corrupt army,ISI and its leaders.

      • @ lol lol

        Turkey providing arms to pakistan is like one brother helping out another 😀 😀 😀

        By the way thats not free …their getting it in exchange for FREE PAKISTANI Farmland ..lol lol – Moron RAJK !

        First get some english classes and learn to read u MALU educated bigot …hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

        here :http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa-170es.html

        This is a bikhari nation who has recieved the most AID since its INception 😀

        Chew on this – MALU 😀 :d

        This is Radio Pakistan New Delhi 😀 😀

      • O ji babur ji!!!!

        Is your Radio Pakistan so outdated!!!!!!

        You have posted a link(full of lies BTW) FROM 1992.

        I know you guys only look backwards but for most of its 2010 as of now!!!!

        Since you have trouble in comprehending the english language,let me tell you this:

        READ THIS:
        ”Washington, Jul 24: The US is set to cut aid to India by 35% in 2008 after the South Asian nation was categorised as a “transforming” country with one of the best-performing economies in the world, in a sweeping overhaul of the US foreign assistance programme.”

        ”India’s aid was slashed to $81 million after it was categorised as a “transforming” country instead of a “developing” one under a plan developed by Randall L Tobias, a corporate veteran chosen by secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to manage foreign assistance, the Washington Post said.”

        ANd what Initial aid were they talking about anyway?

        A piffling 85 million dollars.

        Brotherly help???

        Hahahah thats a good one!!!!!!

        What about the Saudis giving you free sugar?
        Who are they?

        Your lovers!!!!!
        And the US aid?

        Gifts from an uncle!!!!!!!!!!

        You are now being forced to barter away your homeland.
        Itni begairati!
        Laant hai tumahare army aur leaders par.

  10. Like I said, Pakistan should take this matter more seriously and device plans to counter it effectively. Purchase of quality military weapons should be sought which would alter the course.

    Also Pakistan should do this modernization low-key. Element of surprise has its own value.

  11. he he he – I just love it how you Pakis amuse yourselves. Obsolete or not, we created Bangladesh, took Siachen and destroyed your Northern Light Infantry in Kargil….. with 50% obsolete weapons.

    • You are right. Your country forcefully partitioned our country and occupied Siachen which is part of Gilgit-Baltistan. We remember this. But our day will come. Pakistan is growing stronger by the day. The remaining Indian assets of BRA and TTP’s are on the run, Afghanistan whom you dont even share a border with do also look lighter, our armed forces are battle trained, the air force and navy are getting stronger with state of the art technology, our nuclear program is one if the most active in the world, our ballistic and cruise missiles are argubly more -reliable, -mass
      produced and cover all of Hindustani mainland. There is a reason why Hindustan has not dared to invade the Indus Vally despite massing one million protein starved army to the border for one whole year and an failed air force after the sorry Bombay drama. All you people can do is to support failed terrorists and scream like chickens in the media. As for the super power dream: forget it, aint gonna happen and we will make sure of it as long as our Kashmiri Muslim brothers are under Hindu occupation. This is a fact even discussed in the Hindustani media how the over half a century Kashmir dispute with Pakistan are blocking Hindustans future potentials.

    • come on amused…why are you being an amusement stock for the world? you know what kind of neighbors are you when you attack a country when its facing internal situation and was weak. you can say all the gibberish and excuses you have come up with over years, but it doesn’t change the fact that that was a cheap war Bharat waged, and backstabbed pakistan when it was weak. the funny part is you even called it a revenge, the funnier part is to this day bharat’s parliament halls have pictures of fall of dhaka and all. you people just cant get over it. and zaid hamid said it right, dont complain now when pakistan returns the favor to you, making u the size of sri lanka LOL

      i have correction for the article. there can be replacements for obsolete weaponry, but theres no replacement for incapability. the problem here is not of arms but of minds. your minds are obsolete and they need the real replacements. ofcourse as far your incapability is concerned, imports of 200 billion $ speak for themself. bharat is literally begging the world by using cheap tricks for weapons. imagine a country that fights wars with toothpicks if it doesnt get a weapons dump from across the world, wouldnt that be a sight?

    • Na!.The real joke is how Pakistan divided India into three parts in 1947 without an organised army!.Our willpower was enough to bring your Gandhi on his knee’s!

      Despite being ten times smaller we still took Kashmir therefore i’d be truely ashamed if i were Indian!.Fact is 1947 is deeply in your conscience just like 1000 years of Muslim rule!

      • By the way unlike the Indian’s we don’t give a thousand warnings then humilate ourselves by doing nothing!.We killed thousands of Indians in Kargil after initiating the war and would have finished it not been for the Yanks!

        I love it that we broke India in 1947,yeah baby!

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