Zaid Hamid: Khilafat-e-Rashida | Episode 14

February 15, 2010

In this latest episode by Brasstacks, Zaid Hamid sheds some light on Khilafat-e-Rashida that how it was the greatest form of governance ever by human kind

part 1

part 2

part 3



  1. why is there an “OM” sign right besides the girl. It is very distracting and should be taken out. Its funny they are talking about Khilafat e rasihda with the hindu “OM” in the background. please take it out.

    • @Fan and Iheartpaf. Lets not get paranoid 🙂 That sign is in the video that is shown at the start of the program and nothing else. Kindly stay focused on the message rather than over-interpretting stuff.
      Mod PKKH.

  2. Good observation brother. I also want them to take it out almost seems like it was put there on purpose. Didn’t you see it Zahid Hamid Sahab

    • i m surprised on the way u ppl think….”OM”, “distracting, “”put there on purpose” .By God if such minors distract you , you better hear some AKON or pink floyd, because u r wasting it all

  3. Great episode! Really nice!

  4. great work by a great man

  5. Great Episode as alwayz. A job done well.

    As far as this bullshit abt this OM thingy this “fan” n other idiot is uttering, dont waste ur n ours time.

    Y is there an Om in background?? oho hoo hoo…Idiots its the set design with all the religious symbols U IDIOTS, its necessary to relate the subjects U IDIOTS. U dumb Freaks STOP wasting our time n stop these distractions that u want to lead so that the message is not well recieved, but alas….the message is too powerfull n ur dumb distractions will not astray it.

    Pakistan Zindabaad

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