Hindu Extremists blame Pakistan for bombing in India

February 14, 2010


NEW DELHI — Hindu extremist leaders demanded Sunday that new peace talks with rival Pakistan be canceled after a bomb blast in a crowded bakery in western India killed nine people and wounded 57.

The explosion Saturday, caused by a bomb left in an unattended bag, was the first major terrorist attack in India since the 2008 Mumbai massacre.

It ripped open the German Bakery in the city of Pune, 125 miles (200 kilometers) southeast of Mumbai. Thick patches of blood and severed limbs littered the popular hangout, which is close to a meditation retreat and a Jewish center officials say were previously scouted by a terrorist suspect now detained in the U.S.
“I came running to the bakery after hearing the explosion. I found people lying all over the place,” said Abba More, who lives nearby.

Security forces were put on high alert Sunday at airports, train stations and markets across the country.
Hindu extremist leaders blamed the attack on Pakistan and demanded the government call off next week’s peace talks, the first between the nuclear-armed neighbors since the Mumbai siege.
“India’s initiative to hold peace talks with Pakistan is misconceived and adventurous,” said Arun Jaitley, a top leader of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party.

He said India shouldn’t restart peace talks until Pakistan stops allowing terrorists to base themselves there and punishes those involved in the Mumbai attacks. “Terrorism and talks can’t coexist,” Jaitley said.
There was no immediate response from Pakistan’s government to the claims.
Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said he would wait for the forensic experts’ report before commenting on the opposition demand.

Meanwhile, the Indian army accused Pakistani soldiers of unprovoked firing at Indian positions along the cease-fire line dividing Kashmir, the Himalayan territory claimed by both countries.
Pakistani troops fired automatic guns and rockets for nearly two hours on Saturday night in the Punch sector, said Lt. Col. Biplab Nath, an Indian army spokesman. He said Indian troops returned fire.
“We will lodge a protest with the Pakistan army,” he told The Associated Press.
There was no immediate comment from Pakistan’s army. The two sides often exchange gunfire in breach of a 2003 cease-fire accord.

Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram visited the bakery and the wounded in hospitals on Sunday. He told reporters investigators were trying to determine what explosives were used and how the bomb was triggered.
One foreigner was among the dead, but his nationality was not immediately known, Home Secretary G.K. Pillai said, adding that the three victims identified so far were Indians.
Pillai also said four Iranians, two Sudanese, one Taiwanese, one German and two Nepalese were among the wounded.

The blast occurred at 7:30 p.m. Saturday after one or two people posing as customers left behind a backpack containing a bomb, officials said.

“It appears that an unattended package was noticed in the bakery by one of the waiters who apparently attempted to open the package when the blast took place,” Pillai told reporters.
The bakery is about 200 yards (200 meters) from the Osho Ashram, a renowned meditation center that Pillai said had been surveyed by David Headley, who is facing charges in Chicago for allegedly scouting targets for the Mumbai attack.

Chidambaram said Headley had also observed the Chabad Jewish center near the bakery.
“This particular area has been on the radar (of terrorists) for quite some time,” Chidambaram said. “Police were sensitized that Chabad House was a target, so was the Osho Ashram.”

The bombing was the first major terrorist strike in India since 10 Pakistan-based gunmen rampaged through hotels and a train station in the financial hub of Mumbai for 60 hours in November 2008, killing 166 people.
Recently, ties between India and Pakistan appeared to be warming. Talks scheduled for Feb. 25 in New Delhi would be their first formal negotiations since the Mumbai attacks.



  1. indians ki baghair saboot k ilzaam lagane ki to aadat hai

    • Aadat to aapki bhi hai. Har dhamake ke baad aap RAW bolte ho aur koi saboot nahi dete. Same game being played here mate.

      • ap apni adat badlo hum apni jab baddalo tab baat karna


  3. Rising India…shining India …Whining India..Crying India….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Once a Rat shit in the indian parliament 😀

    Indian Minister : Whose rat shit in our parliament

    Indian Servant : I dont know sir, but seems suspicious

    Indian Minister : I think i know who it is

    Indian Servant : Who sir ?

    Indian Minister : It must be an Indian Rat working for Pakistan and the ISI…lol 😀

    hahahahahahahahahaha 😀 😀 😀

  4. Pakistan keeps asking for restraint from bharat and keeps inviting it to full fledged talks, bharat keeps denying it everytime and when eventually it apparently says it wants some talks, (its funny )yet another explosion in bharat and bharat starts pointing fingers at pakistan without any proof. its so funny, how this whole nation has become a victim of media rulings. this nation has gone nuts. some reporter throws off a rumor of pakistan being involved just like that and now the whole bharti nation will go mad and start making das kadam pakistan khatam pathetic stuff, stuff that only makes bharat brave on television.

  5. Bharti cinemas NOT to show shah rukh khan’s new film, my name is khan, after threats by hindu extremist faction shiv sena and the government cant do a bit about it. the eyewash is an eyeopener for shah rukh and bharti muslims. how closely it resembles with the babri mosque failure of bharti government and bharti courts in giving a fair ruling. this just shows who REALLY governs bharat and in what capability. Stooge democracy. Stooge government. Stooge media. Stooge courts.

    • Dunno where you get your information from. I saw it last night in Mumbai

      • too bad, that’s your own media and the film could not be widely released, don’t lie, you know it.

        the thing is mr.amused, i’d say, neither is the world blind, nor deaf nor a fool to not understand what kind of country bharat is and what a fuss, a havoc, your hindu extremist countrymen have created on a mere statement for pakistani cricketers. now you can belittle all incident like babri mosque that no one cares about shiv sena, they are losers, no one gives them any importance and all ( i know thats what all indians keep saying all over) but it doesn’t change a simple fact that you have an impotent (or if not impotent, biased) government which has no control over hindu terrorists and extremists because of which the hindu population in general is persecuted and afraid to do anything that these hindu extremists do not support of (and you can again belittle it but id say, dude, you’ll have to do alot more to hide that ugly face)

  6. Who in Pakistan or the wider world cares what a bunch of Hindu extremists thinks anyway. These people are burning in their own fire. This is a no-news.

  7. One of the centuries old Hindu tactics is to make a horrendous act of terrorism act against a soft domestic target and then put the blame on adversaries by unleashing a propaganda blitz. That shameful policy of deception and blackmail has successfully used in recent history by the Hindu India even during these times of civilization. The past success in deceiving the world community, the rouge Indian nation only gets more emboldened to commit more such acts of terror against vulnerable Indian minorities to get political and diplomatic mileage. One can recall several incidents of mass killings of innocent Sikhs by occupation Indian forces in J&K just before the visits by high profile foreign dignitaries (such as US president Bill Clinton). Indian propaganda machinery would then switch over to hyper mode, blame Pakistan for the cold blooded mass murders, and started blowing hot and cold against Pakistan’s ISI – all to generate diplomatic benefits for India. In another more recent act of terrorism, Indian Hindu terrorists, who have become a part and parcel of Indian military establishment and state machinery, put on fire a part of the Friendship Train, which was carrying visiting Pakistani passengers returning from India, and burn about a hundred innocent Pakistani passengers including children and women. Filthy Hindus were then quick to put the blame of that horrific crime on Pakistan’s ISI. Later, it was discovered that it was an act of state terrorism perpetuated by the serving officers of Indian security establishment. Another group of rouge Indian army officers was found involved in many bombings at different towns in India only to put the blame on Pakistan’s ISI. Indian role in so-called Mumbai terror attacks still needs to be fully investigated. Surprisingly, the police officers, who were investigating Indian military officers for their direct involvement in terror bombings in India, were among the first victims of Mumbai attacks. Cellular phone SIM cards that were used by the attackers in Mumbai were actually supplied by the Indian undercover agents. Now the Indians, according to their past practices, are blaming Pakistan for this bombing in a German Café prior to any formal investigations. The timing of this terrorist attack is also worth noting. The so-called peace talks are about to re-start towards the end of this month. Hindu terrorists of BJP and RSS are not happy with that initiative. It will not be a surprise, especially for Pakistanis, if Hindu terrorists get exposed during coming weeks and months for committing this heinous crime against innocent people.

  8. No investigation, no proof, no evidence; just embark on blamming and accusing Pakistan.

    Same old rhetoric.

  9. Here comes another staged drama by Hindu to pressure pakistan through their masters USA. Like Mumbai once again they are blaming it on to Pakistan. There is no ending to the banya lies because it is written on their forehead that they are liars and prejudice. They will burn in their own fire and they will fall in the well they dig for others. INDIA THE SUPERPOWER OF LIES AND EPICENTER OF TERROR.

  10. Hindu extremists blame Pakistan. Pakistani extremists blame India for every blast that happens in Pakistan without any evidence. tit for tat. You get what you give.

    • No, you are dead wrong. Pakistan has always showed restraint and respinsibility which is also rwflected in our news. India on the other hand start firing all kind of blanks on national TV, built up a hype and then only yo be expised as total lues and fabrications. Samjota Express is of the case and so is the two time failed
      war retoric after the parliment episode and Bombay drama. Pakistan on the other hand gives the Indian PM a dossier with evidence of RAW terroris involvement in Sharm al-Sheikh. Two vast different way of doing business.

      The only thing India accomplished those two times when it tried to…no, built up the hype to as it hardly tried…was to
      make fool if it self in the world press by masding forces close to a nuclear power.


  11. What a shameful story even now “Chadamparam” Indian minister has him self accepted that the Mumbai attack was a drama staged by Hindu extrimists with the help of Jews which was designed to achieve to main benifits
    (1) to kill “Karkary” who has collected almost all the evidences against Indian terrorist army personal who was involved in train attacks killing around 70 innocents Pakistanis visiting India to meet their family members their. (which they achieved)
    (2) Blaming Pakistan for this terrorism act to bring Pakistan in defensive position and get worlds sympathy like America did in 9/11 drama n attacked Afghanistan. buh in this goal they badly failed (Alhamdullilah our nationals who @ 1 stage was going far from thier customs n love for their country n tridition bounded again by this servile blame) in mean while they also launched “operation Blue Tulsi” which was to disintigrate Pakistan n anex Baluchistan n in this malicious operation our interior minister (Ghadar) Rehman Malik helped them buh Alhamdullilah our brave force by the help of Allah tackled it bravely. so the crux is look who is pointing fingers on us “Hindu & Israeli & American terrorists”

  12. mr amused we r not blame u and ur agencies always but ur ministers always blame us on every incident and cut off every peace talks bcoz they r follow the policies of usa they do not want peace in asia change ur behaviour we also follow u. u say t it for tat i also say tit for tat

    • Well… peace talks have started again. That’s what we all wanted as well – but governments have strange ways of functioning.

  13. Assalam-0-alaikum :

    this a never ending drama India is playing Since it’s independence, It’s a common sense India’s Agency Raw and Hindu extremist Parties is itself involve behind Mombay Attrack and now in Bomb of Bombay Bakery in it’s country.

    India is using the same technique like Americans who did Newyork 9/11 Twin tower attack itself on it’s own people to get the support for it’s Sinister and Evil plain by attacking on Iraq and Afghanistan for Oil and Gas and Maximum profit India similar Need a solid reason to Wage a War like Situation on Pakistan to pressurize pakistan and to mobilize U.S.A to impose and create more problems for pakistan Army and the Weak Government of Pakistan. India’s altimate plain is to breakup pakistan into small new region what is he trying to do Since the Independence of Pakistan.

    But Inshallah Pakistan will live united Till The Judgement Day and Inshallah India will pay for it’s Evil Act’s against Pakistan.

    Just reminding you India and It’s Media is very smart in Deception, Lying and satanism because India is a agent of Master of Evils Israel, Britain and America.

    So please Try to understand your Enemy Even American, British, Israel and Indian Government are not Sincere to their own Peoples. How could they be sincere with any other nation.

    Wakeup Wakeup people

  14. @Amused,
    The fact is that it all started in mid-90’s,with the start of Hindutwa,that Hindu terrorists began their anti-muslim activities.All is recorded in S.M.Mushrif (ex-IGP,Maharashtra)book “Who Killed Karkare”.Main features can be seen at:

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