The Unabated Freedom Fight Goes On

February 12, 2010

The Afghan resistance against the oppressors is actually a freedom struggle. A retaliation against the US “terrorists” who consider it their birth right to go and occupy a weak nation and crush them for the fruition of their sinister goals. But they never learn from history and they never realize that its not always that their evil designs will work and if they gear up to oppress, suppress and torture other nations just for their ugly purposes, then they are bound to fall over their faces. That’s what happened to them in Vietnam and that is what is happening to them in Afghanistan. Taliban, the freedom fighters are getting stronger by the day and the terrorists from the US and NATO are facing defeat everyday. The Taliban Mujahideen tore apart a superpower previously and they can do it again. This won’t stop until they give up, throw their weapons and leave Afghanistan disgracefully.



  1. One should be very cautious of ‘freedom fighters’.

    They get all sorts of ideas and who they will turn against one cannot tell.

    Next,having defeated two superpowers,they may go after abolishing the Durand line between Pakistan and Afghanistan,to liberate fellow pashtoons from domination by other ‘kaums’!

  2. Freedom fighters or hand-chopping, megalomaniac, religious zealots who want to make Afghanistan into 7th century arabia? All you Pakis talk about muslim unity – in that case, why don’t you get off technology, buy a camel and join the Taliban?

    • Shut up!!!

    • who told you getting off technology and getting camels are pre-reqs for the unity?
      Did u do wat i asked u to ? Go research and read up on islam and muslims.

      Know us before you bash us.

    • Be careful next time when you post on this forum.
      Afghan Taliban are more interested in liberation of Kashmir and Mullah Omer is specially interested in it. After Afghanistan, the next battle field for Afghan Taliban Mujahedeen will be Kashmir and Assam. See you there……..

      • Well said Mohammad Amir… 🙂

      • B 4 coming to india they will cross Pakistan first!

        So i guess it will be trousers, six inches off the ground,no music and full beards for the pakistanis now!!!

      • @ Muhammad Amir
        and where our Pak Army fits in this campaign. Right now they are more interested in arresting the same Talibans who are interested in liberating kashmir & Assam.

  3. Rajik@what a child you are!

    • @Shah,

      I have posted quite a bit of serious stuff on the Durand line,its disputed nature and its non-recognition by the Afghans including the Taliban.

      It mysteriously disappeared!!

      However here is another attempt at the serious stuff.

      ”Case in point: the absolute and repeated refusal of even the Taliban government when it was misruling Afghanistan, to accept the Durand Line as the international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, despite the fact that it was a surrogate of Pakistan — propped into power; paid for; and helped militarily, diplomatically and politically by the Pakistani government and its ‘agencies”.


      If Pakistan expects that it will have total control over the Taliban or that it will act only in accordance with Pakistani interests history shall only repeat itself.

      And only to Pakistan’s detriment.

  4. the freedom struggle will go on no matter how many leaders Pakistan army arrests in a joint operation with american kaafirs.

    so it look like US-Nato-Pak army on one side and Freedom fighters-common people on another side.

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