Haqqani In Capital After Aafia Case Flop

February 11, 2010

ISLAMABAD – In a bid to clear his position after he badly failed to pursue Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s case efficiently, Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA Hussain Haqqani called on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday.

Although, Haqqani’s meeting with the premier was not a top secret as Media Section of the PM Secretariat formally released details of the meeting soon after it.

According to details shared by the PM Secretariat, the Prime Minister asked Haqqani to convey US that Pakistan wanted the Obama Administration to give due respect to the sentiments and expectations of the people of Pakistan to help bridge the trust deficit and bring the people of both the countries closer.

However, top level sources told ‘TheNation’ that Hussein Haqqani visited Islamabad to get some relief against the criticism of him by certain quarters after he badly failed to present Dr Aafia’s case before the US court.

According to some diplomatic source, Presidency and PM Secretariat were proposed by certain quarters to replace Hussain Haqqani by a suitable career-diplomat.

Feeling the heat and following the same reports, Haqqani silently landed in Islamabad on Monday and met his friends (belonging from corridors of power indeed) to get support to avert the pressure.

The sources told ‘TheNation’ that one of the purposes behind Haqqani’s visit to the town was to get bail from court after a case was re-opened against him following the NRO verdict.

It is pertinent to note that Haqqani was accused by NAB in a case filed in 1997 and was reopened after the verdict on NRO.

“We have challenged the inclusion of Hussain Haqqani’s name on the basis that this was a fabricated case in which his name was added in 1999 that remained under investigation for more than 11 years after the registration of its FIR in the year 1997 and investigation agencies persistently failed to even file a reference under NAB,’ Haqqani’s lawyer told this correspondent when contacted.

Despite trying several times, this correspondent could not contact Hussain Haqqani for getting his version till filing of this report.



  1. Dont let that son of a bitch leave the country, and he must be tried for treason and hanged.

    • Letter from Aafia Saddiqui – My Dead Nation

      My name is Dr. Afia educated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) with three children and aim of helping my nation with my high class education is very pleased from your help.

      I was kidnapped from my own country by my brothers and sold to America. I was brutally treated, raped, tortured, again and again given name prisoner 650. I prayed for my Muhammad Bin Qasim for every second of my years in prison in a Muslim country Afghanistan.

      I am sister of 1/5 world’s Muslim population . My nation is historically famous in defending and protecting their citizens right from the beginning. Hazrat Omar (RA) Said, if a dog dies near river Arafat, Omar will be responsible on day of judgment.

      At the moment I can’t walk on my own, one kidney is removed, bullet wound in my chest, denied any medical and legal aid and not sure whether I will be alive or not.

      I would like to revoke my status of sister. I am a proud Muslim, follower of Hazrat Muhammad SAW, daughter of Hazrat Abubakar, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usman and Hazrat Ali and Companions and their true followers. I don’t want to be your sister.

      They are my protectors and I will seek Allah’s help not yours.

      I don’t want to be Pakistani who has 600,000 troops and special force SSG but fail to protect me, they sworn to protect me but refused when I was looking at them for help.
      My so called Muslim Ummah having millions of soldiers, guns, tanks. Automatic weapons, fighter plans, submarines and yet they failed to save me.

      Don’t worry about day of judgment you won’t be answerable as you are not my brothers in Islam. You are Arabic, Persian, Palestinians, African, Malaysian, Indonesian, South Asian but not Muslims.

      I am sorry if hurts you but you can’t imagine how hurt I am.’


  2. Good call but a little too early. Let them work their way deeper into the whole they are digging.

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