Why Pay Afghanistan When They Can Help This Girl?

February 10, 2010

Kayvan Farzaneh, Andrew Swift

In New Delhi there are upwards of 100 construction projects underway in preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games scheduled to take place from Oct. 4 to 13. These projects — ranging from several new stadiums to a new international airport terminal — are drawing vast numbers of migrant workers from all over India to provide the extra labor needed. Contractors, already behind schedule, are taking advantage of lax labor laws and coercing their employees to bring their children to work alongside them, promising payments of bread and milk. Above an Indian girl carries a brick at a construction site in front of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Feb. 3.

India is spending billions on weapons and has given one billion dollars to Afghanistan in order to create an anti-Pakistan base there. But here’s the real India, the world’s largest concentration of poverty and health problems. But you won’t see this on CNN because US needs cheap Indian soldiers to die in Afghanistan instead of Americans.

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    #2. Bharat is sending a mission to moon. Here’s hows: two astronauts on a russian ship with russian crew, commanders and officers. Indians will not be doing anything but will just act as excess baggage and unneeded payload

    • So why then it is described as “Bharat is sending mission to moon” when they are doing nothing at all on the mission except being spectators?

      I did not get it.

      • HAHA, do i really need to say why they won’t say it? Its a russian ship and russian crew.

        Do they tell you they’re calling a french designed jet with american engine as indigenous LCA?

        Do they tell you arjun is a failure based on german leopard?

        Do they tell you they have a nuclear submarine without a nuclear engine?

        That, my friend, is India.

  2. let them come to Afghanistan we want this to happen than you will see.

  3. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth (in the minds of the Pakis anyway). India hasn’t sent soldiers to fight in Afghanistan and neither are there any plans to do so….but wait… that contradicts what the voices are telling Pakistanis… psst. medication can cure schizophrenia

    • @ Abused

      INdia has never sent soldiers to afghanistan….

      They never intervened in a sovereign nations internal matter with bangladesh… 😀

      They never sent 700 000 army men into kashmir…:D

      Babri Mosque was never desecrated 😀

      Gujrat massacre never occured 😀

      400 million dallits live a super life …lol lol

      Australians are not beating australians :D…lol lol lol

      The teja is the next f-16 …hahahahahahahaha

      one of the symptoms of schizrophenia is forgetfullness 😀

      I think guys like amused and some Indians ..first need to get their brains treated …which has led them in to this self denial mode

      Seems like i have to come down to delhi to sort out everything ! 😀

    • what rock are you living on amused amused? you really don’t know about indian troops in afghanistan? what a jester but fortunately your ignorance cannot be a punishment to the world.

  4. @ Emperor Babar… i always appreciate your well constructed well supported and logical arguments.. Good luck… 🙂

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