A Challenging Doctrine

February 9, 2010

Brig. (R) Javed Hussain

On Dec 13, 2001, five gunmen attacked the Indian parliament building. An hour later, 12 people including the gunmen were dead. In the days that followed, India blamed the militant groups based in Pakistan for the attack.

On Dec 18, 2001, the Indian government ordered the commencement of Operation Parakaram (Operation Victory), the largest mobilisation of Indian forces since 1971. It appeared that war was inevitable. Yet, after a 10-month standoff, Operation Parakaram was terminated. India had lost face.

The main reason why this happened was the time taken by the three strike corps to reach their wartime locations from central India. It took them three weeks during which time Pakistan was not only able to deploy its forces but also to internationalise the crisis.

Until 2004 the Indian army’s strategic thought envisaged the deployment of seven corps in defensive role and three corps in offensive role each built around an armoured division supported by mechanised infantry and artillery. After the defensive corps had blunted Pakistani attacks, the strike corps would undertake counter-offensive operations aimed at the destruction of the Pakistan Army’s two strategic reserves also built around an armoured division.

After Operation Parakaram the Indian army concluded that this doctrine was inflexible because of the huge size of the strike corps — they have long deployment times, are difficult to manoeuvre, while their concentration in the forward areas gives away the general strategic direction they would adopt. And above all, the doctrine inhibited a quick response to challenges posed by acts like the attack on the Indian parliament (and seven years later in Mumbai).

As a consequence, in 2004 the Indian army announced the development of a new limited war doctrine called Cold Start to respond to what it calls proxy wars by Pakistan. It would seek to inflict significant damage on the Pakistan Army before the international community could intervene on Pakistan’s behalf, while at the same time ensuring that the conflict did not escalate to a level where Pakistan was tempted to use nuclear weapons.

The essence of the Cold Start doctrine is reorganising the army’s offensive power that resides in the three strike corps into eight smaller division-sized integrated battle groups (IBGs) consisting of armour and mechanised infantry and artillery, closely supported by helicopter gunships, air force and airborne troops (parachute and heliborne). The IBGs are to be positioned close to the border so that three to five are launched into Pakistan along different axes within 72 to 96 hours from the time mobilisation is ordered.

Cold Start thus envisages rapid thrusts even when the defensive corps’ deployment is yet to be completed, and high-speed operations conducted day and night until the designated objectives are achieved.

In a war limited by time, mobility is the single-most important factor which if used to its full potential will help attain the political aim in the desired time and space framework. But this requires a perfect matching of the physical means of mobility with the mobility of the mind, as the value of a highly mobile force can be reduced to zero by commanders whose minds are characterised by lack of imagination, initiative and flexibility. “Adherence to dogmas has destroyed more armies and lost more battles and lives than any other cause in war. No man of fixed opinions can make a good general.” (J.F.C. Fuller)

In the 1965 war the Indian 1 Corps, spearheaded by the 1st Armoured Division, had penetrated seven miles only into Pakistani territory in Sialkot sector in 21 days, while in the 1971 war, the same corps having about eight tank units did marginally better by penetrating eight miles in 14 days, that too when opposed by light covering troops. In both wars the Indian army was schematic in its operations. Changes in dispositions such as forming a new defensive line, reassigning of objectives, switching forces not in accordance with their original plan, took time. Above all, their commanders at all levels lacked enterprise, imagination and initiative.

Given this, while Cold Start is a sound concept, though not original, the Indian war directors need to question the ability of their commanders at all levels to execute it efficiently and sustain the advantage gained from striking first. The “law of the initial advantage of the aggressor” assumes critical importance, as it is the aggressor who generally sets the pattern which operations will take. The Germans in the Second World War and the Israelis in the 1956 and 1967 wars had translated the concept of blitzkrieg, characterised by surprise, speed and concentration, with devastating results against numerically superior forces because they had a flair for conducting high-speed operations with flexibility, rapidity and less military routine.

The probable objective areas for Cold Start could be (1) Ravi-Chenab corridor from two directions, an IBG along Jammu-Sialkot-Daska axis and another across the Ravi to link up with the first IBG, and (2) in the south against Reti-Rahim Yar Khan-Kashmore complex. To counter Cold Start, the Pakistan Army will have to create more armour-dominated brigade-sized reserves from the existing resources if possible, and a more flexible military system and structure.

For Pakistan the dimensions of time and space assume paramount importance as it lacks territorial depth, is opposed by a larger adversary and lacks the resources to fight a protracted war. The strategy of pre-emption is thus imposed on Pakistan in the same way it was imposed on Israel prior to the 1967 war. The fact that the Pakistani Army can occupy their wartime locations earlier than the Indian army confers on it the ability to pre-empt Cold Start; failure to do so could lead to firing of low-yield tactical warheads at IBGs as they cross the start line or even earlier.

Cold Start would be a portent of escalation, and inevitably a disaster for both. It is a doctrine that challenges both countries.



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  2. I have a feeling India is going to screw up everything for itself with this newly adopted baby of their’s. Who’s filling their heads with this junk. This thing may have worked for some, doesn’t mean it will with Pakistan too. Its far fetched to think of rapid starwars styled sci-fi ops and retreating thinking that Pakistan will not retaliate or be taken by a surprise. Probably they should give more importance to the history and geography of Pakistan and India. The past is bitter and countries hugging on world map in despise. Even when a bullet is fired on borders, both countries take it for a war. Cold crap may work where relations are cold, its a history that’s waiting for volcanic eruption. There isn’t anything cold here and india is going blind in its love for daddy SAM and Israel.

    • Layla Jaan,
      I am sure the world looks unjust from behind the burqa. pakistan is a highly unstable and terriost state dragging the world of south asia into the abyss of insecurity and conflict, and needs to be taught a lesson. The cold start strategy is rightly structured to do that. Of course, no one has discounted the paki retaliation. At worst a nuke attack! That is the last thing that you can do before invoking your own doom. After that there will be no pakistan on the world maps. It wont take much to give pakistan a nuke glass polish.

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      • burka or no burka, dont forget youre the flagbearer of secularism in the world, either understand what that term means for you or please choose to remain shut.

  3. We can not live in security as long as we have a neighbor to our east that is hell bent on destroying us in every possible way. Every day these people are thinking of new ways to invade the Indus Vally. In fact these people will not rest before they have destroyed us completely. We need to hold our ground and come up with original ideas on how to eliminate this threat. Why cant we be the one who crosses the international border for once?

    • For once ?!!! Pakistan did that 3 times already, and failed at every attempt. Read you history boy!

      1965 – Operation Grand Slam
      1971 – Operation Chengiz Khan
      1999 – Kargil infiltration

      thanx to these innovative generals Quad Post is now Bana Post. Please keep trying, we like some pink skin 😉

      • @ ask.jeeves

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      • @Indian pretending to be EmperorBabur

        That post will be renamed in short order. Just like Shehabudin Ghouri had eventually captured entire India.

      • …you forgot 1947 when we ended your dream of akhand bharat!!I can also tell you that the world looks far better from behind the burqa then in some dirty slum in polluted Mumbai or through the eyes of Hindu terrorists like Thackaray and Modi!

        Mumbai falseflag proved again that Indian’s talk tough but inreality are shit scared of Pakistanis incapable of doing anything!.Pak can do a lot worse then nuking you a few times like supporting and arming all the insurgencies in your nation ending your sorry existence that is inevitable.

        We know that India which is holding so many people at gunpoint is the worlds number one terrorist state in cahoots with Israel but we’ll do you a favour by liberating your land just like the good old days,that is best for you even if you deny it!.

        We know how much the Chinese hate you and next time we’ll be supporting them to finish you for once and for all before hoisting the star/crescent at Delhi!

      • pakistanis are allowed to imitate us bcos of inferiority complex. but we must not do the same

      • 1)Pakistan was not able to rule over its own Muslims in East Pakistan for LESS THAN 25 years!
        WHY,because the seat of Muslim power in the medieval times was North India in Delhi,Agra,which continue to be in India.

        The 160 Million India muslims are inheritors of that culture.

        2)Pakistan was granted by the India Independence Act 1947 of the British Parliament.


        Give your thanks to British dived and rule.
        3)Pakistan controlled Kashmir was taken in 1947-48 by walking across the vacant border and the kashmir state forces.

        NO LOC,NO Indian army to stop the.

        Since 1948,when the IA took over,the LOC was made,Pakistan has NOT been to take an INCH of Kashmir with India.

        Try to cope at your end.
        You cannot even make up your mind whethe pakistan must be a democracy or military dictatorship or follow islam.
        Result, TOTAL confusion in Pak since indepedence.

        How many times has the Pakistan constitution been written and re-written by whoever is currently in Power.

        WE do not even know who is ruling Pakistanis.Zardari or Gilani or Supreme court judges or USA or Blackwater or Gates

      • O hell,HOW did i leave the biggest daddy of all,
        Kiyani,the army chief!!!

  4. Guys, Fighting on the internet is like running special olympics. Even if you win you are still a retard.

    • hahhaha … finally a smart remark by a paki!

  5. I am not really impressed by the Indian cold start strategy. It has several inherent flaws that can be exploited to turn it into a trap for the enemy. Even if we agree to all the conceptual benefits of harnessing a surprise shocking Indian attack piercing into Pakistani territory at several places, Indians certainly lack the required skillfulness and ingenuity, transportation infrastructure, adequate secrecy, and needed armed punch to achieve the goal. Even if they somehow become able in achieving some surprise and attaining some advancement, it will amount more like needle-sharp thrusts into Pak territory. If prepared well, Pak forces can easily cut and surround these fast spearheading columns and dissipate them without giving any chance to Indians to rush reinforcements. Once a sizeable chunk of offensive Indian assets are destroyed, the counter attack by Pakistani offensive forces at the places of their choice will force Indians on their knees I no time.

    • Cold start strategy is not so much important as to when it will be achieved ,but as to the intent behind it.

      The most important is that it raises the consequence against adverse action.

      But the funny part is when the capabilities of the India army are derided and assumed that Indian capabilities are not there or wil not be augmented.

      Consider this:

      1)The Indian army took positions in Siachen,in 1984.Pakistan also claimed the area and resisted.YET its MORE THAN 25 years and India has not shaken a millimeter from Siachen despite whatever pakistan has done.

      2)India has maintained a logistical setup of Helicopters,aircraft and roads for all these years,in the worst of weather and battle to siachen.

      Yeh kya aise hi ho jata hai kya!

      3) Kargil mein pak kitne din tik paya????It was not able to keep the gains in Kargil for a few months even.

      4)The jehadis,mujaheedin or whatever and other outsiders have got NOWHERE in Kashmir.

      NOT one place has the Indian government ever entered into a peace deal with terrorist.

      Remember the pak army deals with the TTP in SWAT.

      The terrorist in any case have been contained in the valley.

      NOTHING is there in Kargil,Drass,Leh,Ladakh and Jammu.

      Aise hi hasil ho jata hai kya yeh sab?

      The pak army cannot even expand domestic operations.


      5)Apart from the JF-17s of Chinese origin,Pakistan AF has NO NEW fighter aircraft for decades.

      India is going even beyond the already formidable su-30 MKI,to MRCA and PAK-FA 5th generation aircraft.

      PAF has always been too busy defending itself,the pak army will have it against the IAF ground attack over the longer term.

      Have you forgotten how the in 1971,the only armoured assualt by Pakistan in longewal sector was wiped out to the last tank and Man.

      Please read about it from your own journal:


      5)It has been ensured that Pak will have to keep some forces on its west.

      Can you tell me what Pak army has done for pakistan(apart from imposing martial law)

      > why could it not get siachen vacated
      >why is kashmir not liberated
      >why was kargil given up.
      >why it could not keep pakistan in one piece
      >why does it allow USA to dominate pakistan totally.

      Pak army knows its capabilities over any war going beyond a few days.

      That is why it says that it will use nuclear weapons against cold start.
      There is simply no other way for it in a extended war.

      • frankly there have been gains and loses on both ends, so there’s no need to cry halleluja.

        Its actually really pathetic that bharat and bhartis compare themselves to pakistan, a country seven times smaller than bharat. You’ve given a good list of question and personally if you were to ask my opinion, i’d say, remain patient and watch out for answers. For now, its sufficient to say that you a seven times bigger bully is still struggling to keep itself together against Pakistan. After all the years of its making, you are still here loathing Pakistan what you started hundred years back and Pakistan still is here. The rest time will tell.

        Second, you talked of defence. What should be shameful for you is that bharat is the only country in the world of its size that is incapable of producing its own defence equipment. Leave pakistan. We are a small country and our capabilities are also limited. Your keyword is “incapable”. To this day, more than 90% of indian weaponry is IMPORTED. 70% from russia, rest from israel, france, and now usa. The Su-30 you boast about is a structurally flawed aircraft with more flaws in its FCS and technology. Don’t blame me for it, blame the russians and your government for accepting the facts. The mig 29s are a complete disaster. Russia is no more using mig 29s, they are duds. Mig21: 250 crashes in 20 years, thats like 11-15 crashes a year, that’s the record of indian air force with highest crash rates because of lack of proper maintenance, technology and skill. PAK-FA can be a good jet but nothing can be said about it now. Its not going to enter service before 2015 to 2017. Thats a long time and how does it come out as a jet, still needs to be seen. Frankly, the recent shift towards israel and usa for weaponry is a proof in itself that india does not put trust in russian stuff and is also incapable with maintaining the systems.

        Your info on pakistans inventory is wrong. FC20 aka j10b is round the corner in addition to jf17. jf17 is going to make up the large chunk of paf because its home made fighter and quite a good one. fc20 is being updated after critical paf feedback and analysts put it above any MMRCA jet except eurofighter, which is more or less the same thing. by the time you get a fifth generation aircraft, pakistan will have the JXX on its way. You cried the same stuff about LCA and all. the fact is today LCA is no where to be seen whereas JF17 is actually being inducted now. There have also been reports that before 26/11, india went on with a request to buy JF17 from pakistan because of lack of trust in LCA.

        so what happening is right now, pakistan is converging from 5 to 3 jets, 2 of which are home grown/co produced and the third is being used in lesser number (i.e. F16 restricted to 50). On the other hand, india has gone up from acquiring foreign arms (and mind you in poverty too, 34 million increase in 2009). If you put a great trust in your arms thats good, cuz pakistan believes in fight and peace on equal terms.

        And youre right, we will infact use some nuclear weapons on you if you want a war with us. you can play safe and cold because it benefits you, we will do what benefits us and also because our missiles and nuclear weapons are not fizzles, they really work. sorry dude, you’ll have to take them.

      • Faisal,
        which Muslim history do you keep talkin about.
        As far as India is concerned,there are 160 million Muslims in India.

        ALMOST as many a India.

        The seat of Muslim power in India was around Delhi and Agra.

        It was NEVER in any area of present day Pakistan.

        The Indian muslims are the inheritor of that culture and power.

        Who are you to claim our medieval indian history.

        The Taj Mahal,Agra fort,Red fort are in India,NOT Pakistan.

        Do not claim what is not yours.

        Just as in India,Pakistan also has citizens who profess Islam.

        Pakistan is not a leader or symbol of muslims for India or south asia for that matter.

        Pakistan wents its way OK.

        Be to yourself.

        Regards 1965.Google operation Gibraltar and Grand slam.Read how the SSG try to foment rebellion in Kashmir.

        In 1965,it was just 3 years after 1962 defeat with China.

        Pakistan thought that India would keel over after the chinese humiliation of India and the conflict would be limited to Kashmir.

        India launched a riposte into pakistan,causing diversion of pak forces from Kashmir.
        India saved Kashmir and there was a ceasefire.

        STUDY your own history.As I always say,myths have only caused grief to Pakistan.
        In 1965, the plan ‘Operation Gibraltar’ involved sneaking a mixed force of 70,000, trained and regulars, into Indian-held Kashmir and invoke a general uprising in the local populace. The general feeling in the army high command was that Indians had no stomach of warfare and were no match for the superior. The war plan originated in the Foreign Office. The D-day was set for August 5, 1965.

        ”Military high command took it to be as one blow, limited and confined operation, forgetting that war is not an isolated act and once started, it cannot be confined by time or space. Secondly, against defined and proclaimed logic, the military in Pakistan had taken over the political direction of the war.”


        Kargil,what did you do?


        Then what?

        Does your army not have the brains to know that we will want those areas back.

        In kargil massive Indian artillery and air power,systematically destroyed pak logistic line,positions and post as occupied.

        It shameful that your own men were blown apart day by day,while the PAF watched.

        WHO said this?



        Musharraf was a commando,good at small tactical moves.
        BUT he forgot,war is not the first tactical move.
        BUT the entire tactical,strategic,economic and diplamatic
        force in a country.

        What pakistan wanted to do in kargil is not known till date?

        Can you tell me?

        Ever thought why no kargil day is ever celebrated in Pakistan???

        Delusions ,Delusions.

        The so called million man deployment happened ONCE after the parliament attack.

        AND What happened after then.
        >Mushy flew in to agra
        >gave a cease fire in kashmir
        >agreed to bus,trade links,to kashmir
        >pakistan initiated confidence building measures
        >Infiltration declined in kashmir.

        2001till 2010 we have got a DECADE in Kashmir of ceasefire on LOC,reduced infiltration and lowest levels of militant attacks.

        SO when you guys gave up without a shot being fired,why should we fight.

        We put the money saved for our economy.

        WHERE IS pak today and where is kashmir.
        Indian troops begging in kashmir??

        Where do these stories come from?

        In kashmir,India NEVER has used helicopter gunships or artillery.

        There are No liberated zones in kashmir,no peace deals with militants.

        BTW kashmir is much more that srinagar,where some problems take place.

        THERE IS NO problems in Jammu or kargil or doda or leh.or ladakh.

        You just lost a cobra helicopter gunship in Khyber agency, a brigadier was killed along with so many other soldiers.


        REALISE.Myths and stories mean nothing.

        If they make you happy.Believe it.

        But do not make it the cause of real action.

      • Pakistanis take contrary positions.

        On the one hand its claimed that Indians are insignificant cowardly weaklings while others claim that a bigger India is threatening its smaller neighbors.

        BUT where and what is the struggle against Pakistan you talk about?

        Our struggle is develop economically and advance as a nation.

        If you are talking about a military struggle where is this struggle?

        Kashmir, Siachen, Kargil are well with us. Apart from sporadic incidents and demonstrations in Kashmir valley, the situation is largely normal in J&K.

        The Indian economy is growing at a good pace,our reserves are at their highest, debt is down, so which is this struggle against Pakistan you are talking.

        If Pakistan concerns itself with its own issues and affairs, we will not even think about you, what to talk of other things.

        Myths are not good things.

        Take defence, you have not even produced a rifle of your own.

        Your standard infantry rifle is a H&K German G3 series license copy.

        At least India has its INSAS rifles.

        Your SMG are German MP 5.Your Grenades are Austrian Arges.The Al-Khalid tanks are Norinco China design WITH ALL major sub-systems of FOREIGN ORIGIN.


        JF -17 is a china designed aircraft with western avionics and RUSSIAN engines.

        The basic design is a Russian copy and it also had ISRAELI consultancy.


        Chinese aircraft are around the ‘corner’ but Russians ones are flawed!!!!

        Which corner is the J10.
        JF -17 programme took 25 yrs to come to fruition.
        The J-10 AGAIN relies on foreign tech:


        BTW how many are you getting?

        ONLY 36.

        The Su 30-MKI alone is more than 200 in number, with top of the line further 120 MRCA to follow.

        And we are only too glad that PAF is going in for Chinese air craft.

        NOTHING can replace the lead and experience of western or Russian aircraft in the immediate future.

        Chinese still rely heavily on outside tech in aviation industry.

        Whoever gave you the idea of a structural defect in the Su-30.In 10 years only 2 aircraft have crashed.

        Reasons were FBW software issue and jet engine fire.

        Problems in air craft are nothing new as it is.
        Read this:

        Aircraft are high stress machines. NONE can build one that has not crashed EVER.

        Is this how PAF will defend itself!!!!!

        Arre jaane de yaar,usme to flaw hai!!!!

        Talking about Mig- 21,have you checked when the last IAF one crashed.Also have you checked when and how many YOUR F-7P(Chinese Mig copy crashed).CHECK IT.

        Bus aise hi bol diya Mig -29 ke liye!

        MIG-29 in IAF service has a VERY GOOD SAFETY RECORD.

        Its being upgraded with even better weapons, avionics and radars.

        The issue of body problems you talk about has already been taken care of.


        Besides these India has many other 100s of aircraft,Mirage-2000,Mig -27,Jaguar.

        Kya PAF yeh kahega,arre yaar inme to problem hai,jaane do.

        The last PAF aircraft shot down by IAF BTW was by a MIG-21!!!(Atlantic incident)

        The LCA is entering IOC by 2011-12.


        Even the trainer version is coming up.


        AND whoever gave the idea that India wanted JF-17 from Pakistan.

        In your illusions on the LCA you forget that India builds many other aircrafts of western and Russian origin.
        HAL has built hundreds of aircraft.

        And talking of ‘home made now’:

        Pls see what POF does


        Compare it with Indian ordnance:

        I do not know many pak sites;
        But i will give of major Indian defence ones.
        You give the pak comparison.
        These entities produce products from the smallest of arms till the biggest of tanks, destroyers, aircraft, weapons etc.



        There are so many others.
        India imports so many weapons since its requirements are so large and diverse.APART from Russia and USA, NO ONE has the capability of producing the netire defence need of a nation.

        It makes no economic sense and is simply impossible.

        However India is taking steps tp improve the situation. Big India private sector players like TATA.L&T.Godrej,Mahindra,etc tying up with international companies as well as developing own capabilities.
        It will not happen overnight, but in the years to come, there will be a sea change in the situation.

        Don’t take this as bragging.

        BUT Pakistanis consistently take India as incapable of technology or military strength.

        India is capable of causing immense harm; nobody should be in any illusion about it.
        No misadventure should be made on false impressions.

      • @rajk
        Now your are, in seems, out of sensible arguments and wasting your (and others’) time. You’re just falling into pointless discussion. I don’t really see what your point of view is. If more symbols of Muslim rule are found in India rather than in Pakistan then how on earth it has any thing to do with India’s cold start strategy. If any thing, these historical buildings prove that Hindus were ruled by Muslims with the center of gravity in Delhi and Agra. That’s exactly what we, the Muslims of Pakistan, are trying to restore. Yes, a Muslim state with New Delhi and Agra being the centers of Muslim power. You seem to be proud of that era, so please join the mission and help us in achieving the freedom of humanity by librating Dalits and harnessing the prosperity, under the Muslim rule, for this whole region. With hundreds of millions of Indians suffering by the worst poverty in the world, thousands losing their life out of hunger, and another tens of millions of Indians forced to sell their bodies, limbs, wives, and daughters for the sake of keeping them afloat with their miserable life, the current Indian nation-state has miserably failed. Hell with this cold or hot start military strategy; the majority of Indians need a piece of bread to keep them alive rather than tanks and bullets.

    • If you want to go back in to the history, let’s then go through earlier history too. Why did you mention merely the selective events in short Pak_India history since 1947? Why not go further back to extended period of a thousand years that Muslims have ruled over Hindus? Please do not twist history or deliberately forget the important part of the history due to your temple–inspired education and brainwashing.

      The matter of fact is, Pakistan, being a new born country, was the victim of British injustice, Hindu greed and aggression right from its creation. It was a weak country without any noticeable educational or industrial basis. As a nation, we had a very meager start in the face of our assets denied, victimized with naked aggression, had to take care of huge flood of migranting Pakistanis, many of whom lost their dear ones to the Hindu-Sikh criminals and murderers. As a new nation, we made many mistakes afterwards, suffered many setbacks, and bore the brunt of animosity of larger rouge neighbor, India, in particular and hostile world powers in generals. It was indeed not our fault. All our adversaries shared a common hatred towards the Muslims in general and Pakistan in particular since it was created in the name of Islam. There is no denial that we suffered a lot. The enemies of Islam made us fight with each other just to bleed us and exploit our weaknesses. But we have defended ourselves against an enemy many time larger than us. aND the journey to ascend by this brave nation did not see a halt. Rather, the sacred mission continued in a consistent and steady manner and still continuing. We broke the enemy’s dream of entering Lahore in 1965 by cowardly launching a naked aggression across the international borders in the darkness of the night. Afterwards, we forced the enemy bite the dust several times. In particular, Indians brought their forces on Pakistani borders several times only to retreat with dying hopes, disgrace and in humiliation without daring cross the international border or even firing a single gun shot across the border. We did grab the enemy in shock by its neck and got close to choke it in Kargil. That was not a small achievement by itself. The plan was probably not fully executed partially due to the reaction of hostile global powers and partially due to the lack of cohesion between the political and military leadership in Pakistan. But, we’ll be better prepared next time, InshaAllah. We have learned how to hit the challenges on their head and rise against the waves. In the past, India used to act or react against Pakistan in a heavy-handedly in a disproportional way just because it was numerically stronger. That was only then – not now. It still has many times more forces than what Pakistan has. But we have smashed its ability of behaving as rouge against Pakistan. We have plagued its desire to cowardly launch an offense in the dark. We have snatched the initiative from its hands. Time is fast approaching to return the favors back to India and smash the head of this poisonous snake. We’ll, InshaAllah, break its illegal occupation of Kashmir and kick their asses out from Siachin too. You can try cold or hot start strategies, we’ll blunt it and make it a failure for you. The time to liberate humanity from the bloody jaws of Hindu Brahmin is fast approaching. Our government may be controlled by shallow leaders but this nation is alive to the challenges. The people of Pakistan started mobilizing in 1990s and fighting against the Indian occupation forces in J&K. You know the result. Indians were begging the world to save their occupation troops in J&K. We’ll get you there again, InshaAllah. You better prepare for that instead of wasting your time here.

      If you want to know what Pakistan Army has done for Pakistan, you better ask this question to Indian Army and government. Ask them why more than a million monkeys were deployed on Pakistani border in 2001 (several times before also), getting rotten there for ten months, never dared crossing the border and putting their dirty feet on the land of pure, and then forced to retreat in humiliation. Please let me also know the answer.

      • rajk,

        You talk about “misadventure” but were found to be weak after the Mumbai false flag that you blamed on us!

        After a few meaningless threats you took your tail between your legs and did a runner so save your silly threats!.Much of Kashmir is still with us as is your wet dream of Akhand Bharat!.That’s what angers Thackarey and co thjat we broke them into three in 1947 so don’t deny it!

        Yeah right keep lieing that the Kashmiris are real happy…as are the Sikhs….the Naxalies…Moaists,your get the picture!.It’s a long list but our faith is in Allah and his apostle who foretold a massive final conflict with Hind that is surely coming!.Bring it on,we’re waiting….

      • Whatever makes you happy!!!!
        All we know that Pakistan govt. itself has filed cases in the 26/11 attacks in Pakistan.


        So you can take up with the Govt of Pakistan,why they filed cases against pakistani citizens,when the case was a ‘false flag’ op.

        Allah is not a pakistani monopoly!!!

        you are just 170 million People of a country called pakistan.

        You are not an important muslim country with a long history and culture like saudi arabia or turkey

        So do not pretend to be what you are not.

        Yu talk of Allah and then have an alliance with the USA.


  6. u guys are not covering up ur fear of india very well

    • yeah we ruled india for a 1000 years bcoz we feared them 😛 lol

      • and i ruled USA for 10,000 years because bcos it was fun


    #1. Bharat is the biggest maker of porn movies in the world. Interestingly, a large number of Indian population indulges in porn NOT out of fame but out of abject poverty and unemployment.

    Stay tuned people, more facts coming…

    • I’m assuming you know that because you watch those every day?

      • No because your media reported it and Indian apex court verified it. Here’s another:


        #3: India is becoming a hub of child prostitution because of abject poverty and unemployment in the country (a reason itself stated by apex court of India)

      • he is trying to get a part in them

  8. The fact of the matter is that the Indian’s have been unable to win a conclusive encounter against ten times smaller Pakistan!.Now we’ll see that when this becomes a religious war of Muslim’s v Hindu’s/Sikh’s where we’re far superior in numbers then we’ll conquer them in days!

    Ghauri,Shaheen and Hatf are ready if India wants to croess the border!

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