Zaid Hamid Lecture at PC Lahore

February 7, 2010

Lecture at the FAMILYCON-2010, Hosted by the Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians – February 6th, 2010, at Pearl Continental LAHORE.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7



  1. This congregation of all the educated elite in Lahore is in itself a slap on the faces of those who are busy spreading disinformation about Zaid Sahab on internet. These people are not fools to get confused about Zaid Sahab.

    Shame on all those spreading disinformation and propaganda against Zaid Sahab.

    • agreed

    • absolutely true….The likes of that ‘N’eocon ‘F’unded ‘P’ig who’s gotta phobia of Zaid Hamid n Islam…but hum un ko khushkhabri sunatey hain (lol..in Zaid bhai’s words) tht today in Pakistan every one know Zaid Hamid….but their names will be trashed in history and no one will ever know their Existance….This is the way of my Allah (SWT).

      • Yup, people don’t use “common sense” before speaking out about a person.

        These propaganda machines are themselves being proven wrong. Stupid characterless brainwashed individuals, whom nobody pays attention and they try to eary cheap fame by mud slandering.

        Zaid Sahab is a gift of Allah for us in these difficult times.

      • very well said bro ..i liked the NFP part

    • Bangladesh outperforms Pakistan in FY 09

      THE performance of Bangladesh economy was better than that of Pakistan in the last fiscal year ending in June 2009. Whereas Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth plunged to two per cent from 4.1 per cent a year before, Bangladesh’s economy grew 5.9 per cent, only slightly lower than 6.2 per cent a year ago.

      Pakistan’s economic growth came to a near halt in fiscal year (FY) 09 not only as a result of the international financial crisis followed by overall contraction in global economy but also because of some domestic and structural problems. These included a war on terror launched by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies in North Western Frontier Province, bordering Afghanistan, and the resultant displacement of some three million people from their home towns. Both the war on terror as well as rehabilitation of internally displaced people or IDPs consumed a big chunk of the government’s financial resources, thus widening the fiscal deficit. What else led to overshooting of the fiscal deficit from the targeted 4.3 per cent to 5.2 per cent of GDP included over-sized federal and provincial governments, reckless spending by the ruling class, less-than targeted revenue generation and a 20.8 per cent inflation that increased the cost of everything. The government made desperate borrowings from the State (central) Bank of Pakistan to plug in the gaps between its income and expenses and that further fuelled inflation. The central bank made no big efforts to force the government to keep its borrowings within the targeted limits by downsizing the government and by reducing the non-development expenses.

      On the other hand, as Bangladesh’s economy posted a handsome growth of 5.9 per cent it helped in keeping the fiscal deficit at 3.0 per cent of GDP-one percentage point below the target. Naturally then, the element of borrowing from the central bank as a key reason for higher inflation was missing in case of Bangladesh. But as tax revenues of Bangladesh slipped 20 basis points to 8.2 per cent of GDP the country was no better, rather worse, than Pakistan where tax revenue to GDP stood around 9.0 per cent. The tax-to-GDP ratios of both countries are much lower than what they should be to put the South Asian nations on a sustainable growth path and enable them to increase development spending, create enough jobs and contain poverty.

      Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation in Pakistan accelerated 20.8 per cent in FY09-almost three times the CPI inflation of 6.66 per cent experienced in Bangladesh. Part of the explanation for a lower inflation in Bangladesh has been offered in the foregoing lines but a full explanation must also include the difference in the incidence of imported inflation in both countries. In most part of the FY09 food prices remained high in the international market and food importing countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh fell victims to imported inflation on this count.

      But whereas in Pakistan imports of non-essential items continued albeit at a slower pace, Bangladesh’s imports of such items did not constitute a big part of the country’s overall import bill. And more importantly, since Pakistan ranked some notches below in governance, the inability of the government to ensure a fair inter-play of market forces also fuelled inflation at a pace faster than in Bangladesh. The Competition Commission of Pakistan-the country’s watchdog on corporate inter-market behaviour-and a very vocal media and strong judiciary all played their part in checking malpractices of the business community but a weak political will and strong political links of business tycoons kept stoking inflation through cartel making and hoarding.

      Finally, the monetary policy stance of the State Bank of Pakistan and Bangladesh Bank also differed with the former opting for a loose stance in most part of FY09 to spur economic growth and the later sticking to a tight monetary policy to check inflation.

      In FY09 Bangladesh also witnessed a relative stability in exchange rates whereas in Pakistan exchange rates remained volatile in most part of the year. Whereas the taka depreciated less than one per cent in the whole of FY09 Pakistani rupee lost more than nineteen per cent of its value against the US dollar. This huge decline in the rupee value increased local currency cost of Pakistan’s foreign debt and liabilities as well as the cost of foreign debt servicing. This further squeezed the already narrow base of domestic financial resources of the country forcing it to borrow heavily from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multilateral lending agencies as well as from some friendly nations like the USA, China and Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh had no such compulsion.

      A massive decline in the rupee value also resulted in a greater share of imported inflation into overall CPI inflation in Pakistan whereas Bangladesh’s inflation remained relatively low also because of the near-absence of imported inflation.

      Going forward, Bangladesh’s economy looks set to outperform Pakistan’s also in the current fiscal year. Key indicators show Bangladesh’s real sector as well as external sector would perform far better than those of Pakistan.

      If the government and the central bank of Bangladesh undertake a study showing how Bangladesh’s economy has performed in the last few years vis-à-vis Pakistan, it would reveal some strengths of Bangladesh and boost their confidence. At the same time, if the government of Pakistan and its central bank conduct a similar study it would expose some weaknesses of Pakistan economy, which if overcome immediately, would help Islamabad regain some of the lost grounds and prepare it for remaining ahead of Bangladesh in terms of economic progress.

      But it seems whereas Bangladesh is still shy of comparing its economy with that of Pakistan, Pakistan is too complacent to compare its performance with a country like Bangladesh. This approach is removed from realities on ground. As a humble student of economics and as an economic journalist, I can say with a degree of certainty that the two countries need to compare their economic performance year after year for a healthy competition. That is in the interest of both.

      Consider, for example, the phenomenal growth in workers’ remittances of Bangladesh that has been higher than those of Pakistan for the last four years. And even during the current fiscal year, Bangladeshis living abroad have been sending larger amounts of remittances back home than overseas Pakistanis. Pakistan’s media has not even highlighted this phenomenon so far let alone discuss in detail the reasons that have led to this situation. On the other hand, media in Bangladesh has also not been reporting comparative inflows of foreign exchange back home from overseas Bangladeshis and Pakistanis to boost the morale of Bangladeshis living abroad and increasing the confidence of Bangladeshi citizens in their own economy.

      Similarly, the fact that Bangladeshi taka has become stronger than the Pakistani rupee finds no space in Pakistani media and I do not see enough discussions taking place on this subject even in Bangladeshi media. We, the south Asians, have been talking about integrating our economic activities for years but so far we have not even decided which country needs to compare its economic performance against which. India is an economic giant. The entire SAARC region minus India stands no match to it. But at least the economic managers of Pakistan and Bangladesh can initiate the process of comparing their performance to rebuild their confidence in their strengths and to overcome their structural weaknesses.

      The writer is a freelance Pakistani journalist. He can be reached at Mohiuddin.Aazim@Gmail.Com

    • Good thing abt zaid hamid is that he realised muslims of pakistan that we r living in the end times before imam mahdi and jesus peace be on both.
      It is developing mentality of muslim youths of pakistan and thinking muslims of india( like me) that we have to prepare mentally for being a part of khurasan army against dajjalic forces.And I m amazed to see that muslim youths in big cities of india r also following people like Zaid Hamid,Dr. Israr Ahmad etc.
      We have nothing to loose and everything to get be it jannah or this world.All pakistan has to do is to get rid of zardari and co. from pakistan.

    • I tell u brothers and sisters in pakistan that we muslims in India r worried abt pakistan a lot.We know that pakistan is our last fort so hold it strongly our prayers r with u.


  3. voice quality is so bad

  4. I follow Zaid sahibs lectures but i do havea few questions…perhaps someone could answer them

    When Zaid sahib talks of much hardship….azmaishain….in the coming times….what kind is he referring to? trouble by india alone or by western countries too?

    is it casualties in war or terrorist attacks by TTP,BLA etc?

    loadshedding rationing bijlee pani gas etc?
    famine? sanctions? river blockage by india or naval blockade? intense pys ops?

    what could be as disasterous as 2005 earthquake which he mentions in this lecture? a nuclear attack or large conventional one???

    we will have to gives lakhs of kurbanis for Pakistan…
    what kinds of tests and hardships does he mean?

    what sort of trials should Pakistanis be ready for….?

    anyone have an idea??

    • salman,

      when he talks of azmaish and hardships, he basically means to be ready for pretty much anything and all kinds of hardships. whatever you mentioned is relevant. bijli, pani, gas are very little issues here. TTP, terrorist attacks are also very little issue because Alhamdulillah you and i dont have to go and fight them, we have a very strong army that knows well to take care of the nation, aint it so? we should love them all out.

      He cannot very specifically give you a time line of events or hardships in a listed form. When nations are on the verge of change, many unexpected things happen. Bhook, piyaas, khauf, killings, traitors, inflation, moral breakup, enemies, conspiracies everything counts.

      In my personal opinion, I believe 2005 was disastrous but nothing compared to what has to come. If you want a very specific answer you can ask zaid sahib himself but as far as i believe, the real hardship for pakistan will not be internal issues of bijli pani gas or leadership, it will of the war that is coming to pakistan and unfortunately pakistan has no choice but to fight this war. This war, in my opinion is the greatest of all hardships pakistan has to go through. I’m quite hopeful about pakistans internal situation. If you were to ask me my own forecast, i believe in a matter of 2 years or so, pakistan will be bestowed with an honest, sincere, muslim and pro pakistan leadership, where that comes from we dont know but it will. As a result of this leadership and the policies it adopts to save and protect pakistan, we will have this undeclared war going on against pakistan turn into a declared war. USA and India will be the two countries which will declare and wage a war on pakistan and israel will join them later on, remember the event of battle of trench of banu qurayza? i believe something like that is going to happen. Pakistan has no choice but to fight two wars at same time, at least this is what we should prepare for and we are because if it was for india alone you know they dont stand much chance. so i believe this war is our greatest hardship, rest is petty stuff.

    • @ Salman Zafar
      Kindly listen to other programs of zaid sb as well. Even in this program he Identified how Iraq was taken by american and what they did with Afghanistan.. Same they want to do with Pakistan by applying Yougosalavia doctrine of Richard Halbrok.. They have plans to take us one by one but they will fail as Muslims are now waking up.. we will defend till last drop of Blood… Be part of mission and prepare yourself and inform others…


  5. @ layla
    interesting reply… Either we face 2 countries at a time or 200 we will crush them by the will of Allah… Pakistan Zindabad !!!

    • Inshallah brother

      • InshAllah… n be prepared…keep reading Iqbal at http://www.disna.us

  6. I think Layla replied a very good answer to Salman’s question.I would like to add something more.
    Our people of Pakistan are really very innocent.
    Zaid Sahab is more focussing on develop your relationship with Huzoor Salallaho Alahay Walahi Wasalam . So please brother dont be afraid of anything.What is the most imprtant thing to any body?its his or her own life.
    If you have strong reationship of Love and Ishq with Our beloved Salallaho Alahay Walahi Wasalam then you will not be afraid of anything even sacrifising your own life . So try to develop and enhance that realtionship.
    This is the only key to success and nothing Else.
    BY ALLAH now only those people will survive who have love of Huzzor Salallaho Alahay Walahi Wasalam and fear of Allah in their hearts .So try to develop these two things .For that you must join any spirtual gathering or Path or Read Allama Iqbal Sahab.
    I hope you understand what i mean to say.

  7. Mashallah Zaid bhai is e
    emerging as the future leader of Pakistan….sir I’m sure you have a glorious role to play in building a strong Pakistan. I also follow eminent scholors like Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein. Although he believes that (God forbid) Pakistan has to suffer some sort of break down for Isreal to take over from America as the ruling state of the world. But I believe that even if we suffer initial losses, we shall rise again. And be the part of greatest Islamic resistance that would emerge from Khurasan as prophiced by our Holy Prophet ( PBUH)

    • I have heard sheikh imran hoseins bayan and he also wrote about pakistans moment of truth,but I dont think americans can attack pakistan because their supplies go through pakistan. Americans and nato are getting bogged down by the taliban in afghanistan. Americans could do airstrikes on nuclear plants for that the airforce will be on high alert and ready. as someone said after bangladesh got broken away from pakistan, that pakistan will neva break again only its enemys will break, such as soviet union broke, america/nato are breakin and inshallah india will break.

  8. what the shaikh says is his personal view and his main focus

    is on the end times on mahdi and issa and dajjal thing. he

    talks in that context and thats why he thinks israel will take

    over as world leader but as far as i believe this is far

    fetched. israel will never do that because that is going to

    draw immediate flak from muslim world. israel is already

    ruling the world and america fully. these things are no more

    controlled by religion but by a cult that is above religion.

    the cult of masons you may recall. it doesnt matter who is in

    that cult. you can have hindus, jews, christians catholics,

    protestants, or even muslims in it. that is the depiction in

    masonry symbols and all too. shaikh considers pakistan as an

    accidental country with nuclear power on the verge of

    collapse. he thinks that once pakistan is gone israel will

    take over the world and then to confront that mahdi will come.

    its not surprising that being a non pakistani, he can give

    little or no importance to pakistan. but there are other signs

    too. dr.israr says that before mahdi appears an islamic state

    in the east must be established that will go and help him.

    hadiths are that prophet used to feel cool breeze from hind.

    then there are hadits about ghazwa e hind and then iqbal “liya

    jaey ga tujh say kaam duniya ke immamat ka”. inshAllah

    pakistan will prevail, nothing is going to happen to

    pakistan…its not an accidental state and like zaid hamid

    says is ka ban jana, is ka bacha jana sab miracle hay and

    totally from Allah. It will remain inshallah. and why not? ARE

    WE DEAD???

    • Assalam o alaikum,
      I totaly agree with your assessment..and as I’ve mentioned in my comments that Inshallah we will prevail to form the army of Khurasan with our brethren from Afghanistan and Iran what I’ve learned from Zaid bhai is to follow Quran along with the Ahadith and Sunnah as faith is the only way we can defeat them. While maintaining to have minimum deterence we should not solely depend on technology…. As our Holy Prophet (PBUH) advised Hazrat Omer (RA) that we cannot defeat dajjal In his own system (technology)…. If our faith is right Allah will turn our stones in rockets..so I think that our first priority should be reviving our faith and I also think that now is the time when all Muslims abolish nationalism and become one ummah as said by Iqbal,
      “youn tou sayyed bhi ho mirza bhi ho afghan bhi ho
      tum subhi kuch ho batao k musalman bhi ho?”

      1 Allah, 1 Rasool, 1 Deen, 1 Ummah

      • 100% right…Lets get our act together, we need a force not a mob. Men of faith, honor and character is the need.

    • @ Layla

      I agree with your assessment. If you are referring to Molana Imran Hosein, then I have to say, I have the same opinion as you wrote above in your reply.

  9. انشاالله we will!

    • Allahho Akbar

  10. We have to be extremely careful of those of us who have lost direction and are playing into the hands of the enemies of Islam for personal benefit. I’m a Urdu speaking Karachi wala born in Karachi. Above all I’m a Muslim and Pakistani. My grandfather and great grandfather are buried in Pakistan. My father was born in Dehli. I speak to MQM guys in Karachi who openly claim that they are working to create a seperate independent state in Karachi. They further claim that negotiations are going on with Zardari as to where the border will be between the Karachi country and the Sindh country. MQM wants the border up-to Sukkhar. Zardari wants the border to be further south. Zardari has accepted the break-up of Pakistan. The US is supervising the negotiations. Karachi needs a operation like Swat or South Waziristan to kick out the MQM terrorists armed by the enemies of Pakistan. MQM has launched ethnic cleansing in Karachi to force non Mahajirs to leave Karachi. I expect this will increase. The plan is to have complete slaughter in Karachi which will give a pretest for the US to land its forces in Karachi and declare it an independent state. Pakistan Zindabad.

    • yaa MQM especially altaf hussain created mqm on the fact that they want to be powerful and wanted to have a representation of MUHAJIRS man what the hell they r talking about my grandpa came from lucknow india he came to androoon lahore (shalmy)city so should my family start a muhajir threeek in lahore
      NO NOT AT ALL that dosent give u representation in any city that makes for the enemies of pakistan as we all know them INDIAN,raw israeli,mossad american,cia russian kgb and maybe more to divide and rule us easily there is no mujhajir sindhi no punjabi or balochi in pakistan its just pakistani just pakistani inshallah there evil plans wud be failed no mateer what and all we just need to do is speard the word of happiness and brotherhoodin the country and cut the crap t really hurt me when the balochi traitor leader says they dont accept pakisatn as their country that really discourages me as a pakistani i dont beleive them as we all know who is inject this infection in the poor people of pakistani balochies condemnthe word and actions of MQM at every forum and everything gona be alright
      pakstan ka khudafiz tha hai aur rahey ga

      • We need to ask the question “where is MQM” getting its weapons from” ? As we know 400 containers of the US/NATO leave Karachi port every day to go to Afghanistan. Some of these containers off load their cargo in Karachi ……

    • This is a extremely important news for every Pakistani. I’m also a Urdu speaking Karachi wala. With guys like Salman Ahmed working for Pakistan nobody will be able to harm the country. The MQM fools do not realize that the enemies of Islam are using them for their agenda and will deceive them sooner or later. Karachi as an independent state is not viable. There are numerous reasons. Firstly, where will Karachi get it water from ? Allah forbid if there is no Pakistan there will be mad scramble for water between India, Kashmir, Punjab and Sindh. Since Karachi is down stream it will not get any water. Secondly, Karachi’s prosperity depends on cheap raw material and cheap labour. There inputs come from Punjab, Sindh and NWFP. If there elements do not exist Karachi’s industry will become more and more uncompetitive in the local and international markets. Thirdly, Karachi’s production is sold all over Pakistan. Allah forbid if there is no Pakistan there will be no Pakistani market for Karachi’s output. Fourthly, Karachi in such a scanario will be left to the mercy of the US and India. India will treat Karachi like Sikkam or Butan. We’ll have Indian navy and police taking over the administration of the city. Fifthly, Karachi will loose the right to share in the spoils of the US$ 25 trillion benefit which is coming Pakistan’s way from Thar coal. After thar coal is utilized Pakistan Insh Allah is going to emerge as one of the 15 most powerful states in the world economically and one of the 5 most powerful states in the world militarily. Sixthly, Karachi needs the powerful Islamic army of Pakistan to protect it from outsiders. We should remember the fate of the Palestenians or the Kashmiris. If the MQM wants to do anything good for the Mahajirs is it should follow a policy of more and more integration with the rest of the country. Karachi’s prosperity entirely depends on Pakistan. Karachi needs a strong Pakistan for it to grow and prosper. Pakistan needs a strong Karachi to grow and prosper. The destiny of Karachi and Pakistan are interlinked. Karachi has always welcomed Punjabis and Pathans. We’re totally used to seeing Punjabis and Pathans amongst us as fellow Karachi walas. They have as much right to be in Karachi as anyone else. This city since the 1850s was built by immigrants. That is the culture of the city and has always been so. Lets work together to make Pakistan a better place.
      Pakistan Zindabad.

      • P.S.

        Forgot to mention: Karachi also depends on cheap gas which comes from Baluchistan. Allah forbit if there is no Pakistan where will Karachi get its gas from ? Also, already the cost of electricity is very high in Pakistan. The only hope of cheap electricity is through building new dams. Without Pakistan (Allah forbid) Karachi will loose the chance of getting cheap electricity and thereby render Karachi’s industry even more uncompetitive in the international market. Without Pakistan (Allah forbid) Karachi’s industry will also loose the advantage of scale as is being enjoyed by mega states like China and India. Pakistan is also a mega state, Karachi should reap the benefit of scale by being a part of the mega state.

      • Thanks Saleem. Very interesting and valid points. The MQM should be reminded that there is no limit to human greed. The MQM is dreaming to eating the whole Karachi pie and does not want to share the rest of the pie with the rest of the country. Islam teaches us to share with fellow Muslims. Shame upon the MQM.

      • This is extremely important news for all Pakistanis. With guys like Salman Ahmed working and fighting for Pakistan, Insh Allah no-one will be able to harm the country. I’m also a Urdu speaking Karachi wala born in Karachi. The MQM fools do not realize that the enemies of Islam and Pakistan are using the MQM for their own agenda and will sooner or later deceive them. Karachi as an independent state is totally unviable for a number of reasons. The following points are based on a scenario of independent Karachi [Allah forbid]. Firstly, how will Karachi get its water. The water will be used by India, Kashmir, Punjab and Sindh leaving nothing for Karachi. Desalinated water is a non starter since its very expensive and can not be consumed by humans. It take huge amount of gas, oil or coal to run desalination plants. Secondly, the prosperity of Karachi depends on cheap raw materials and cheap labour which comes mainly from Punjab and NWFP. With Karachi independent cheap labour and raw materials will become non-existent. Thirdly, Karachi depends on gas from Balochistan. With Karachi independent the gas supply will dry up. Fourthly, electricity is already expensive throughout Pakistan. The only hope for cheap electricity is through building dams up country. With Karachi independent all hope of cheap electricity will end for the city. Fifthly, if Karachi became independent it will be excluded from the US$ 25 trillion benefit which Pakistan will Insh Allah reap in the coming years from Thar coal and other mineral resources. In the next 25 years Insh Allah Pakistan is going to emerge as the 15th largest economy in the world and the 5th most powerful country in the world in terms of military power. Already Pakistan is the 25th largest economy in the world measured on a purchasing power parity basis. Sixthly, Karachi’s output is sold all over Pakistan. If Karachi were independent the Pakistani market of 160 million people will be lost. Seventhly, Karachi needs the powerful army and state of Pakistan to protect it from outside predators like India or the US. If Allah forbid Karachi was independent it will be another Sikkim or Butan as far as India is concerned. You’ll have the Indian navy and police all over the city. With Karachi independent, Allah forbid, the economy of the city will die leaving the city in ruins. This is because Karachi’s prosperity depends on Pakistan. With Pakistan united and strong all Pakistanis have a better future. Good leadership will Insh Allah be granted to us. The people of Karachi, like myself, who were born here are used to seeing people from all over Pakistan amongst us. This is the culture and tradition of the city. We are used to seeing Punjabis, Sindhis, Pathans and Balochis amongst us as our brothers. They are from us and we are from them. They have every right to live and work in this city as anyone else. We are all Muslims and Pakistanis. Lets work together to make Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzafarabad and the rest of Pakistan a better place.

        Pakistan Zindabad

      • What exactly is Salman Ahmed doing?

      • I’m just trying to make an extremely small contribution for united and strong Pakistan by letting readers know the threat Pakistan faces to its existence in Karachi. If even a small piece of territory is lost Pakistan will have a snow ball disintegration effect.

        Salman Ahmed
        Muslim & Pakistani
        Pakistan Zindabad

  11. Hey thanks you guys.

  12. Mqm has gone way too far .to make them join the mainstream Pro-pak society now is gonna be very hard. Mqm is secular(anti-islam) and racist (hence anti-pak owing to pakistans huge diversity).. They act like israeli settlers do on palestinean land. I think the pak army is going to run out of options to deal with them sooner or later. But nothing to be alarmed about , once our people decide the follow the righteous path collectively mqm is going to be one of the tests to prove their commitment. How we disconnect the unaware innocent base of mqm from its treasonous leaders will be a test on its own . The leaders once rounded up and exposed will be easy to handle.
    For now lets discipline ourselves with the Quran and Sunnah .

    • This is a very important point by Muhammed. Thanks.

      The MQM leadership is playing a very devious game. They follow CIA and RAW instructions. For now they are giving the impression of being “not too nasty” although they are involved in target killing. Altaf has not publicly stated that he wants independent Karachi. However, MQM has converted Karachi into an arms storage depot. Huge [and I mean HUGE] amounts of CIA and RAW supplied sophisticated weapons have been stored in Karachi. As per the instructions of CIA/RAW the MQM is waiting for things to get nasty in Baluchistan before it starts its ethnic cleansing slaughter campaign in Karachi. That is when Altaf will declare that Mahajirs are being slaughtered and victimized and will demand help from the “international community” meaning the US. Altaf will argue that this is a human rights issue and that only an independent sate can save the Muhajirs from persecution. The US will then go to the UN for a Security Council resolution demanding independent Karachi. US implants in Islamabad will give a green signal to China to favour the US resolution. Ordinary Karachi walas do not have the means to resist the MQM terrorists given the fact that MQM has huge amounts of sophisticated weapons. Ordinary Karachi walas also do not understand the game. Also, in elections their votes are cast by the MQM’s heavily armed “larkas”. So ordinary Karachi walas are bystanders not knowing whats going on or where to go. Patriotic Pakistanis throughout Pakistan have to act immediately to force the army to act NOW to clean Karachi before its too late. WE NEED A SWAT OR SOUTH WAZIRISTAN STYLE OPERATION NOW !!

      Pakistan Zindabad

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