Srinagar Under Siege, Senior Leaders Detained Police, Protesters Clashes Continue

February 6, 2010

Srinagar—Indian authorities deployed thousands of police and detained top leaders in Indian-administered Kashmir’s capital Srinagar on Thursday to halt protests over the death of a Muslim boy.

The 14-year-old child was struck by a teargas shell fired by police on Sunday during a demonstration and his death sparked angry protests against New Delhi’s rule over the region.

About 100 protesters and policemen have been injured in clashes. Security forces on Thursday enforced restrictions in most parts of Srinagar, to prevent further rallies.

The government has banned the assembly of more than four people in Srinagar “This has been done to maintain law and order,” police officer Pervez Ahmed said. Residents said they were ordered to stay in their homes, though there was no formal curfew.

Senior Kashmiri leaders were either detained in police stations or confined to their homes. “I have been placed under house arrest,” leading separatist Mirwaiz Umar Farooq told AFP over telephone.

Farooq said if New Delhi continued to “kill people in Kashmir, then violent rebellion would return to the state.” Shops, businesses and government offices in Srinagar were closed and public buses stayed off the roads for a fourth day Thursday.

Kashmiri separatists have held regular rallies, which often turn violent, since 2008. More than 60 protesters have died in the protests since then, most of them during firing by the police.—Agencies



  1. Indians are bastards! They have guven us nothing since they forcefully landed their troops in Srinagar. Every other day another person is killed, taken away never to be seen again or raped by Indians.

    I am a Kashmiri from Srinagar and I can state this once and for all to the denialists:

    We do not consider us Indian but Pakistanis. We consider Indians to be an occupation force. We share cultural, geographical, religious, civilizational and blood tied with Pakistan and consider Pakistan to be our mother country.

    Every time there us a cricket match we cheer for our brothers while the security forces are dumb stuck watching. Every time there us a war we cheer for our brothers and pray for them.

    India is molally wrong to occupy our state as it should have been part of Punjab, NWFP, Sindh and Balochistan under the Muslim-Hindu paryition plan where the Muslim majority provinces become Pakistan and the rest Hindustan. We are NOT HINDUstanis.

    Indians are bastards! While they have choked our people and land and the information flow the Internet us here and we will use it to spread the message.

    • Boy,

      People give shit about your wishes and Srinagar..I been to srinagar at least 4 times.. and you people litterrly beg agianst tourist coming in srinagar… The point is whenther you cheer for Paki cricekters or not it does not matter.. The point is Indian forces will not move out of it .. and the main thnig is Pelting stones on soldiers or forces not solving the question.. its destroying srinagar fast … so ultimately its destroying your city only … Your Indian muslim brothers not even bother of killing of kashmiri muslims (mainly terrorist) by security forces.. I suggest you burn srinagar .. then only Indian forces will get out.. hahahaha

      • Quote, “Indian”: “People give shit about your wishes and Srinagar”

        – We dont!

      • Not only my dear brothers of kashmir cheer for pakistan cricket team or for pakistan but majority of muslims does it (even in UP or bihar or bengal or assam, or maharashtra or rajasthan or any other part of india).
        @Indian we muslims in other part of india pray for our kashmiri muslim brothers and sisters don’t u dare think that muslims r separated by boundaries.We r one.yes the time is against us but inshallah we will conquer it and soon we will b one.We love kashmiris as well as pakistani muslim brothers and sisters.We dont believe in boundaries or countries.Muslims r one nation under one Quran and soon the world will realize it.inshallah.

  2. Indians are in denial: the 5 western units if Britush India belong to the Islamic Civilization and not to the Hindu Civilization. Our people: P-unjab, A-fghania, K-ashmir, S-indh, Balochis-TAN, willl one day come under the historic sabz-hilali-parcham of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Inshallah!

    • islamic civilization, hindu civilization, —- this guy is smoking crack

      • Seems like you know a great deal about crack 🙂 Good for you Jeevo!

        How do you explain the two majority nations in British India parting their way Under the two-nation-theory in 47 if not for the stated above.

        You cant.

  3. One picture speaks more then 1000’s words: Kashmiris stoning Indian occupiers.

  4. Keep dreaming.

    • about who amused ?..your mom ??

      • dream about my mom if you want to. I don’t care… and neither will she. Speaks a lot about your upbringing though.

  5. Brother Rashid, we to consider Kashmiri ppl our brothers and Pakistani, Inshallah we will unite soon!

  6. @Rashid,

    We Pakistanis salute you.You are bravely and continuously facing cruelty at the hands of india.Your determination for independance has made blood thirsty India to say that they will only leave Kashmir after finishing every Kashmiri.
    By the way,as Quran says,that David killed the enemy with a stone,after which he was made the king.Your stone throwing is quite Islamic.Hamas is also using the same method to trouble
    Indian ally,Israel.


    The despair and jitter expressed by you itself is a proof that you,with all your naked intentions, are losing.

  7. Pakistan will reclaim Kashmir and all the muslim brothers left in Hindustan INSHALLAH, the day is not so far away.
    We muslim brothers need to stay together and strong against these idol worshiping non-believers.

  8. this protest started with the accidental death of a boy using tear gas can. yes?

    look at china. they are slaughtering tibetians and muslims regularly. say something about that

    • You would not be saying the same thing if it was a boy who you cared for. Who says killing protestors is Fair?

      • Good point.

      • who says protesters were killed delibrately? do u know what ‘accidental’ means

  9. Afghanistan, NWFP, Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab and our crown jewel Kashmir will become a part of Greater Pakistan Inshallah. Our day is very close be patient and ask Allah for forgiveness.

  10. Pakistanis have toilets …

    Chinese also have toilets…

    The whole world has toilets

    But OUR FU*king India has NO toilets…but i will build a very big toilet one day

    and take a BIG SHIT in it and i wont invite any of you guys…

    only the ones who donated

    here is my address

    420 zaleel gali
    dharvi, mumbai
    India (south pakistan)

    • Try sh*tting in Pakistan. Apparently, they all have toilets there and they want all muslims all over the world to sh*t on them because they have an “atom bum”.

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    No Registration needed for ur comments..


    Momin Ansari

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