Kashmir – Past, Present & Future with Mr Zaid Hamid.

February 6, 2010

Mr Zaid Hamid tells a brief history of the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan and how it effected the relations between the two countries.



  1. Again a great program. extremely informative and educational. Zaid Sahab, you are great person.

    • so is bal thackery, narendra modi

      • HA HA HA
        WAH WAH WAH
        Kya joke kiya hai.

  2. Although I am an Indian, I wanted to bring forth the frustrations of one of my fellow Indians who was frustrated by typing the following comments to the article on Times of India called “Is India’s neighbourhood set to get even more dangerous?” link here “http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/south-asia/Is-Indias-neighbourhood-set-to-get-even-more-dangerous/articleshow/5541012.cms”

    These are his comments:
    “M N Panini,Inida,says:This is an unpardonable goof up by the Indian government. Pakistan, as usual has outsmarted India. When will India learn that non alignment, the philosophy that has guided its foreign policy is a passive, pacifist policy that would lead India stranded in mid stream. Pakistan is eating the cake of terrorising the world using its terrorist card and keeping it to by ensuring that the western powers continue to pour in money to that country while leaving out India in the cold. India has been humbled by being forced to resume dialogue on Pakistan’s terms. The assertive posture that Pakistan is taking towards India, the statement by Pakistan’s Prime Minister yesterday, the presentation made by the Pakistan’s army chief Kayani at the London Conference, the sabre rattling of Jaish e Muhammad in Lahore yesterday and the utter silence of the opposition parties to these aggressive postures by India’s political opposition, the media’s interest in Shiv Sena antics, Rahul Gandhi’s response and its almost total black out of the London conference, leave no doubt that there is a big conspiracy of silence that is brewing in the country. Even God cannot save India because he is Allah, on Pakistan’s side.”

    After reading these comments, I know you guys will laugh your way out shouting fear and cowardice. But let me remind you something, that, this time If India goes to war with Pakistan, I am absolutely positive that Pakistan will lose big time while India will be shattered.
    And Pakistan will lose because this time Allah taala is not with the Pakis. Allah is with India. The reason being a hadeeth of rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam “Unless a people will return to Quran and Sunnah, Allah will impose a zaalim agressor upon them as a punishment for their sins” and this time the force imposed by Allah on the Pakis is called “INDIA”.The only way you can survive the Indian onslaught is by returning to the Quran and Sunnah. You guys have the worst aqeedah of quran and sunnah ( and this applies to the Indian Muslims too). you are still immersed in poetry of Iqbal and the nut head Zaid Hamid who is preaching Iqbal instead of correcting his Manhaj. He is doing a commendable job by awakening the masses about the corruption of the political elite and the the conspiracies made towards pakistan. But he is also misleading everyone by asking them to revert to Iqbaal who himself went astray from the quraan and sunnah.
    Mark my words, Unless all the Pakis revert back to the Quraan and Sunnah, you will not survive the coming war against India. Because the basic rule for victor is the help of Allah and all you have now is the wrath of Allah.

    • thx for hardwork and long type, and sincere advice 🙂 but be prepare for war

    • thnx for the advice
      wait for the time to come we will show you what is this help of ALLAH or …
      and past one year has shown us that ALLAH pak is helping us ….

    • I aint good at swearing or talk bad to people, but yes All I know, As long as I and my fellow brothers and sister of Islamic republic of Pakistan are breathing, this aint going to happen mate.
      Best of luck to you; hepo you can gather up all your gods and hanuman etc etc for the same that is yet to come.

      “Faith is all I need, cause faith makes me stand one more step near to Allah”

    • “I am absolutely positive that Pakistan will lose big time while India will be shattered”, i totally agree with you brother but put BUT where you used while….and u get ready to be shattered cuz v have nothing to loose, all to gain…u r big brother v accept but how about the proposition that “big made the small smaller in 71, was small still small ! no problem , i think small making big smaller would work better” that would be a significant change….but remember brother u annihilate us , v will still prevail MASHALLAH there are numerous Muslim countries on map…but HINDU country only ONE, so watch your steps or count your days ! We exactly know “Baghal mein churie = coldstart” and ” Aman ki ashsha = ram ram” ! You wont change, we wont either … So c u in Panipat. Dialogues wont work , i too wasted our time

      • @Rizwan, L@iQ and David,
        You are asking me to be prepared for war. My dear brothers, sadly you people are far away from even the realisation of preparation. Because, when war will be enthrusted upon you, most of you will be destroyed and wiped out by the wrath of Allah upon you and the same will happen with the muslims in India, untill and unless you people come out of shirk, bidaah, shayaree and return to the true Quraan and Sunnah.
        Look at the state and eemaan of muslims in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Victor kissed the feet of the sahabaah becuase they were firmly upon the Quran and Sunnah and whenever they strayed from the sunnah, they were punished as in the Ghazwa-e-Uhud. As far as the muslims in the Indo-Pak are considered, they are completely deviated from the Quran and Sunnah and hence rightfully bound to be punished from Allah through India and Israel.
        Don’t believe, recal the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, when Israel kicked the butt of the Arab armies combined. They Israelis had the help of Allah while the Arabs did not. They haven’t learnt that lesson yet and will never be victorious until they learn that lesson of sticking to the Quran and Sunnah. When you guys try to become religious, all you people can produce is monsters and Traitors in the form of TTP and BLA. They are from your own. So you need to fear the coming war, not India. The day when the whole of Pak and the muslim ummah returns to the Quran and Sunnah, thats the day when India, israel , NATO etc will have to fera you. Sadly that day is no where near and there are no signs of it anywhere.

      • FYI… TTP and BLA are products of India… You know nothing about preparation… I belong to Army family and know lot more then you can imagine… If war happens, India will loose as India has the quantity but they lack the quality.. They use B grade weapons from Israel and Russia which will not help them win any war… This reality stopped india from attacking Pakistan in 2002 and even in early 2009. Let the time come and we will see with whom Allah’s support is. India must pay for its evil doings… God Bless Pakistan.

    • Dear Indian Brother,

      Why don’t you mark your words on something physical, so you and we can refer to them later on when the time comes?

      What you should understand is: the war is not between people, the war is between an India (non muslim state) and Pakistan (muslim state). If you, the indian muslims, were the rulers there, things could have been different, but this is purely a showdown between kufaar and musalmaan. Who will you standby? Indians or Muslims? Choose your side please and remember that its said: whosoever sides with kufaar against muslims will be counted amongst them (kufar). At a personal level, if you intention is to destroy a muslim state then protect it, you can account for yourself. When Pakistan did not come into being, many muslim scholars opposed pakistan, but when Pakistan came into being a renowned indian muslim was asked: what do you say about pakistan now. His reply was: When a mosque is not made, you can have disagreements but when its made, its your faith to protect it. We may not be the best muslims in Pakistan, but at least we are muslims and this is a muslim state and whereas you speak to standby hindus against muslims speaks for yourself. I do not need to say anything. Remember who lead the namaz e janaza of Quaid e azam? An indian muslim adversary of Quaid e azam when our prophet told him that muhammah ali jinnah is my soldier. Make up your mind brother, before its too late. And i’ll tell you a secret: Somehow if you think that you will side with hindus and defeat and destroy pakistan, they will let you make a state of your own or what? Uh, gimme a break dude. We are inviting you people also. Only that its upto you.

  3. ‘Kashmir bazoray Shamshir’. That is the only solution.
    We have every moral responsibility to disintegrate this shit-hole of a country named India.There won’t be any peace in Pakistan , Kashmir or the region till that is achieved.

  4. u are amazing God send u for muslims hum ap k hukam k talb gar han islam k liay ap jo khan gay krnay ko hum tyar han contect 03328051801

  5. Brother n sisters..kindly don’t use abusive language in comments..
    jazakAllah..Zaaid Sahab for using the media in correct way an direction..

  6. Kashmir solution lies in war – sadly – as the banya khatris can not be trusted with CBM’s.

    While Hindustan has occupied a whole Muslim state their dream of a future world power can never be realised as the 5th largest country in the world – Pakistan – whith whom it shares all western as well as northren border remains an enemy.

    The Bharti dream of invading The Indus Vally went down the toilet when we exploded our 6 different sized uranium and plotonium nuclear
    weapons and with it required the capability to evaporate whole of Hindustan at the same time.

    Bhartis are a bunch of sad creatures. They scream like dogs after the Bombay drama but do not have what it takes to go to war. They scream like dogs after the parliment drama, even station their forces at advances strike formations but again prove they do not have what it takes to invade the Indus Vally.

    Sad sad creatures like this Neel123 fella who can only scream like dogs on our online forums.

    These banya khatris are simply frustrated by their own lack if will. Chickens!!

  7. hahaha, thats called the slap of truth…

    hey indians, you like zaid right ? he hits you and your friends just where it hurts the most,

    we love him…such truth treatment…LOL

    • Yes layla you are 101% right
      Zaid And our patriots are hitting all of them very hard …..

  8. inhallah….we will rise with valour….PAKISATN KA KHUDA HAFIZZ..ZAID HAMID ZINDABAD,,,,

  9. All hitting and all is on paper and screen.. its simply rehtoric .. nothing concrete.. the fact is all 1965, 1971, 1999 Kargil war has not even moved 1 inch of LOC in kashmir… so Mr. ZH has liberty to speak anything.. whatever he speaks there is constraints the only thing is all this is wishlist .. reality on ground is different.. Kashmir has only one solution .. convert LOC in International Border and promote free trade across the kashmir border.. its kind of deadlock situation..
    War has already fought in 1999 but not inch of Kashmir under Indian occupation is re-captured ..

    • this is not on paper friend….this will be the future….have faith……Ghazwa e Hind kay Hadith ko parho ja kar……India is ours….we will destroy hindustan and rename it PAKISTAN

    • forget 48,65,71,kargil yada yada…we know what we won…your certificates are not needed not you are worthy of giving one…

      if zaid hamid isn’t anything important then leave the man alone for those who want him..why are you people so obsessed with him…he hits you very hard…

      • kargil ki har ki wjha humaray politician thay humari foj to jeet rahi thi

  10. we MUST bury india for good! support all insurgencies especially our Kashmiri brothers!!! enough is enough…..indian scum we are coming for you……

  11. F**k india..i dont give a shit about india anymore. im from the state of bihar and biharis are being treated like sh*t all over india especially in mumbai. f**k all that indian nationalism sh*t. i just want dignity for my people.

  12. @Pakistani
    You also seem to be one of those toilet-less guy.

    Doctor,this is your case.

  13. Zaid Hamid is a big mouth rabble rouser …. ! He can vent his frustrations on TV, but the truth is, Pakistan is isolated and cornered, it is time for the Pakistanis to come out of denial and see the writing on the wall.

    62 years and four wars later, only after the Tibetians get Tibet and the Baloch get Balochistan, will there be any change in India’s stand on Kashmir.

  14. Screw you hundred times asrehole NEEL

    • aray bhai take it easy…why swear the poor guy? they’re simply scared to death of zaid hamid…just pity hindus and ignore em…kyun kay “jau honay ja raha hay woh tau hona hay”

      • @ Layla

        Agree. ****smile****

  15. War is not an answer … I agree with Zaid Saheb made occupational Cost for them to high ….

    and I think we r achieving that…

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    To Reach wider audience


    Momin Ansari

  16. Zh. has not learnt any thing from the past.Violence has been an integral of Pak. scince its birth see what it has earned,as soceity,as peopleand as acountry.your country is a MESS.IT would help if you retrospect,and see where the nation has gone wrong.Zh. is not the answer,he is full of hate.first free country and then think of Kashmir, which much better off at present

  17. look @ this idiot….blatantly accusing Bhutto of Kashmir offencive During Ayub era which was clearly a ISI intelligence failure…..How funny is this shit…..Zaid Hamid…pagal…awam ko bewaqoof samjha hai kya tu ne…

    Someone tell this moron dat it was Bhutto who laid the very foundation of Pakistan nuclear program, who practicaly strived for Ummah Union……Bloody Liar

    Is beghairat ko sirf PPP hi corrupt nazar aati hai….when the truth is all the money of PAK army Generals is in UK banks…..read the stats…

    Khalifa bane chala hai schiczrophenic Pagal……..LOL

  18. Instead of going crazy and laughing at Indian , take his comments seriously and take heed of his warnings

    return to the Quran and Sunnah and practice your deen ! InshAllah i hope Allah will grant victory to the muslims but you have to be a momin/practicing muslim to achieve those blessings . Remember Allah helps only those who walk on his path , the arabs being defeated by israel in 67 is a prime example. They took pan arab nationalism to the next level even beyond islam . We pakistanis must keep” the obligations we owe to Allah” before “the obligations we owe to Pakistan” . Only then will Allah will grant us victory.

  19. And for those who think The hadith about ghazwa e hind is for this man made entity called Pakistan have not researched on the ahadith. It is meant for the mujahideen of khurasaan(modern day afghanistan,nwfp and one province in iran) with black flags(caliphate flag)

    • brother, why are you so against pakistan? frankly speaking, i dont believe pakistan is a man-made country at all. 27th of ramadan, on the night of friday and on shab e qadar cannot be man made. If everything about pakistan that zaid hamid has explained is true, this cannot be called a country at all. It has something to do with Allah, don’t you think? But nevermind, i endorse your thoughts about indians. We should indeed invite them with love.

      • Dont get all hyped up and start labelling anybody who does his own thinking anti-pakistani. I am as anti- indian as you are ,maybe even more.

        Zaid hamid is doing a great job mashAllah . But lets get somethings clear

        1)our country was formed on the basis of Islam and since 1947 we have been betraying the same god who blessed us with this land by having haram economic,political and social systems. The pakistani govt. In 2001 allowed USA to bomb innocent afghan civilians . Now just because there is a awareness these days that USA is the bad guy and we shouldnt have supported them back in 2001, majority of which is due to our own city’s getting bombed by fake islamists dosent mean you can kick the americans out right away and Allah will forgive us. He will test us and he will only grant us victory if we are true believers who follow nothing but the Quran and Sunnah like Indian said.
        2) pakistan may be a miracle ok but Nationalism has no recognition in Islam . Muslims cant divide themselves and say hey that kids palestinean i dont care if the israelis kill him or that guys iraqi who cares about blackwater murdering his family. The ummah is like one family and you cannot draw boundaries and divide yourselves under man made identities like ‘pakistani,saudi, bosnian etc . Check my comment in the hafiz saeed post to understand why the muslims are divided today . I support pakistan but Islam comes first and foremost. We must be muslims first and then pakistanis if we want vixtory over our enemies . Muhammed pbuh said ” those who support asabyet(nationalism,tribalism ) are not one of us”

      • Thank you for your reply Muhammad.

        You said: “We must be muslims first …”

        I say: We must be calm first. what do you say? Lets act like a ummah, not an intolerant mob =]

        And i’d skip commenting on your answer since i found you somewhat angry and uneasy. You’re fearful.

        God bless you.

      • Yes definitely . Discipline is key !
        Angry ? Nope . I was just explaining to you that we have to analyse things ourselves and set our priorities right. if i do some thinking it will not make me anti-pak . pls go ahead if you have anything to say ,I apologize for being so blunt.

      • Well Muhammed,

        I don’t really appreciate your unwavering “bluntness” which you termed as discipline. Until then, i think i’ll pass because answering you in the same ‘disciplined tone’ is not really what i dispose.

        Nevermind. Bless you.

      • What ever rocks your boat my friend. There is no obedience to the creation over disobedience to the creator. If the blunt truth makes you doubt my allegiance (calling me anti-pak), and Me clarifying it makes you fearful by all means take your time to heal.

  20. By man made i meant the identity of the nation. Since Allah only recognises Us as muslims , not as pakis or saudis but yes he will help us if we defend it for the right reasons. If we become too proud of our superior army and differentiate a non pakistani muslim as an outsider and betray them like we have been betraying the kashmiris,bosnians, afghans, palestineans , somalians, gujratis, biharis etc Allah will destroy us and raise another nation which will protect the entire ummah instead of just its own backyard (so fake terrorists dont kill our ppl in khi,lhr and isb.)

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