Zaid Hamid at NUST (SEECS) Q&A Session

February 5, 2010

Zaid Hamid at NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) – Q&A Session

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  1. Sir,,,
    you said if v stop supply to NATO forces they will leave afghanistan with in 30dayz or less then y not ur govt do this.. sir,, i like ur speach but in reallity u r boosting moral of this new generation who is afraid of america and india.. form my point of view ur an agent of agenices. sir, it is more better to boost leaders and army generals reather than youngsters. answer Please, y ur govt didn’t stop supply to NATO? Y Blackwater is lottering in Pakistan? What American Army Personals were doing in Lower deer.? What the hell this Operation is? Lastly sir, unluckly i miss ur program in Islamabad. May Allah Bless You n Pakistan.

    • Well, is he not linked to any agency at all with the kind of sensitive information he has ?…NO, HE SOME HOW IS ! But did gen kayani or dg isi pasha ask him to keep wasting time of students and bring up a revolution of public support so that we stop the supply of NATO and throw away black water ??? Thats too absurd…..If army could walk in waziristan with public opposition, and find it correct in retrospect today y would it require a public opinion now for anti americanism which by the way already exists !!!…So if someone is going door to door ,college to college at least give him the credit of not wasting time watching 3 idiots in cinepex! You dont feel lyk supporting him DONT, but dont turn down some one doing something useful in this country by supposed allegations..cheerz

    • its not youngsters who r afraid of amrika or endia, its u who is not only afraid but also trying to make others afraid of those back-stabbers.

  2. Plss reupload it with good picture and audio quality.. its not understand well.

  3. Zaid Hamid zindabad!

  4. I love this man he is the sheer example of human stupidity a certified Idiot. Keep it up your idiocies and don’t deprive us of your comedy. Long Live Zaid Hamid Comedy

    • well , f u like the comedy you will hear it from delhi radio station soon ! U r burning nside, that does half the job, you do the laughtar therapy to call it a comedy, that does the rest of it brother Indian :p

      • Kick start your old Vespa and go to the shrink and tell him you are suffering orthogonal disease called Zaidionist syndrome he will give you wake up to reality testerones injection in your derrière after that every thing will be fine

    • @ Guess who

      For the time being, you, yourself, sound like a joker and comedian. Continue your comments for a while, you’ll be famous very soon and may leave “Jerry Louis” behind.

      Good Luck.

      • indians, u can say anything but accept it that zaid is hitting you hardest where it hurts the most…he s totally shattered your ideology and shining india…guys you are going down…u r doomed !

  5. I support this guy Zaid Hamid but sometimes he gets so hyper it feels that he is getting out of control and I have the same questions as Rizwan Ahmed . If anyone can provide the answers then I will really appreciate it.

    Your Unknown Brother!

    • i’m also in search of the answers raised by Rizwan. i have sent an e-mail to Mr.Zaid Hamid, lets see if he responds back.

      ok fine Mr.Zaid we appreciate you for u’r effort but u’ll have to tell us what where the american soldiers who died couple of days back doing in Dir?

      Why Pakistan Army is allowing the passage to Kaafirs & Why Pakistan army is assisting kaafirs in killing Muslims of Pakistan in drone attacks.

      If Cia is a big threat as you have been saying in u’r series than why our army is still in luv with America?

      • sorry for the spelling mistakes above.

      • i think these questions are no big deal…moreoever zaid has already answered them many times…for e.g u have a gov working above army also…army cannot go all by itself and bring down the drones..there has to be agreement of decisions otherwise what happens is similar to what happened in situations when pakistan army went it all alone without informing anyone…u cant do the mistake again…what youve to understand is that pakistan is going thru a transformation right now and everything, every change needs time…what do you guys expect ? that everything changes overnight? take it easy, whats messed up in 65 years cannot be fixed in one night…its going to take time…

        pakistan army is in agreements with usa for God sake…and this is called tactical warfare…u dont start fighting like hooligans…youve to care for thousand of things here guys…chill out…watch for the change..its coming…

  6. Awesome…. America is going to disintegrate… indeed. I wonder what this fellow eats for breakfast? Bhaang salad, followed by whiskey??

    • lol…hey nice joke…but u know what…whether or not america breaks up…india is going to break up for sure…

      aray yaar…u cant even decide what city is for what caste lol and ure going to moon…lol

  7. A small piece from a recent article written by a Senior American Journalist, Seymour Hersh published on November 16, 2009:

    “During my stay in Pakistan—my first in five years—there were undeniable signs that militancy and the influence of fundamentalist Islam had grown. In the past, military officers, polit…icians, and journalists routinely served Johnnie Walker Black during our talks, and drank it themselves. This time, even the most senior retired Army generals offered only juice or tea, even in their own homes. Officials and journalists said that soldiers and middle-level officers were increasingly attracted to the preaching of Zaid Hamid, who joined the mujahideen and fought for nine years in Afghanistan. On CDs and on television, Hamid exhorts soldiers to think of themselves as Muslims first and Pakistanis second”


  8. …@Guess Who & Amused………….Enlighten urselves by the words of Allah himself……” Only if I had wished, could have given Hidayah(Direction) to all the humanity in no time……but since i’ve given my word to Shaytaan, that i’ll fill the hell with a plenty of the non-believers, so be that way”…..KAISI COMEDY MAARI HAI ALLAH NE….Right!
    Its just that u guys have rotten belief in Islam/Quran and therefore cant comprehend the preachings/teachings of someone whose entire struggle, thought process and belief is based over what Allah and his Rusool(SAWW) has to say. Just remember……..Zaid Sbs sources are far beyond what the News and Media has to deliver

    • Kayeusuf

      Allah Maaf karey, That is no way to deliver the words of Allah to your polytheistic-indian friend. If you want to fight like babies and hurl personal insults please do not involve quotes from the Quran.

      There is a WAY to do everything and this is not the way to use Quranic statements.

      Please discipline yourself , Allah is watching each and every word you type.

  9. Indian’s actually fear Zaid Hamid and his quick tongue that reminds me of Muhammad Ali!.By contrast no one cares what Bharat Verma has to say so their envy is understandable.

    One must understand that the enemy will never accept that it’s afraid so lets not accept miracles!

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