Hafiz Saeed To Chidambaram: ‘Meet Me First Before Heading To Islamabad’

February 5, 2010

‘India Has Always Betrayed Pakistan’ – JuD Chief

LAHORE: Banned Jamat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed says that India has always betrayed Pakistan in the name of talks.

Addressing a Kashmir Solidarity Rally here on Friday, he has asked Indian Home Minister Chidambaram to meet him first in Lahore before heading to Islamabad. Earlier, he led a rally from Chobrgi to Punjab Assembly to mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day. The participants of the rally were holding placards inscribed with Kashmir slogans.

“There is only one solution to all the problems – liberate Indian-held Kashmir. Otherwise the option of JIHAD is open for us,” Saeed said.

He also warned India that the liberation of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad was also on the JuD’s agenda.

Saeed, also the founder of the banned Lashker-e-Taiba, warned the Pakistan government not to fool the people in the name of the composite dialogue with India.

“Our rulers get happy whenever India expresses its wish for talks with Pakistan. I want to tell them that India will never talk about liberating Srinagar and Jammu and Pakistan must understand this,” he said.

“When the United States is failing to stay in Afghanistan, then how could India remain in Kashmir,” he said. The JuD chief stated India has always deceived Pakistan in the name of dialogue.

Thousands rally for Kashmir in Pakistan

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan — Thousands of people rallied across Pakistan on Friday to denounce Indian rule in Kashmir, the disputed mainly Muslim state divided between the nuclear-armed rivals.

A Pakistani public holiday, Kashmir Solidarity Day, supports the region’s right to self-determination in line with UN resolutions that call for a plebiscite in Kashmir on whether it should be ruled by India or Pakistan.

This year’s event came a day after it emerged India had proposed foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan, a breakthrough in relations that were frozen after the 2008 Mumbai attacks, blamed on Pakistani militants.

Banners and hoardings calling for Kashmir’s freedom from Indian rule were put up by main roads and intersections across Pakistan.
In the capital Islamabad, several thousand activists from hardline party Jamaat-e-Islami demonstrated and formed a human chain, an AFP photographer saw.

In Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city, thousands of people took to the streets chanting “Allah Akbar” (God is greatest), “We want jihad against India” and “Kashmir will become Pakistan”, an AFP reporter witnessed.

Pakistan observed a one-minute silence at 10:00 am (0500 GMT) as a mark of respect to the more than 47,000 people killed since an insurgency broke out in mainly Muslim Indian Kashmir in 1989.

In the Pakistani-administered zone, hundreds of people from the hardline Sunni Muslim party Jamaat-e-Islami rallied in the regional capital Muzaffarabad, while hundreds of other people formed a human chain in the town of Kohala.

“I warn India to stop human violations in Indian Kashmir and pull out its forces from there. The UN and America should also stop India from its cruelties,” Raja Mohammad Naseem, a provincial minister, told participants.

Demonstrators rallied in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi and the other major cities of Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.

Kashmir was split in two in the aftermath of independence on the subcontinent when British rule ended in 1947. Both India and Pakistan claim the entire territory, which is divided by a heavily militarised Line of Control.

India accuses Pakistan of sponsoring the Islamist insurgency in Kashmir. Pakistan denies the claim but has often spoken in support of the fighters.



  1. wow uknow whatguyz i wuz ther in the speech he gave what a power full person he is and absolutely right chobugi walli masjid choti par gayi thi for thousands of persons so they used the ground in front of it where ever i see i cud only see heads in the jummah prayer he totally expalined the whole scenario of the nowadays we see in the world he said within this last one year from last 5 February to this 5th February ALLAH HAS SHOWN US who is the greatest planner of all i declare today next 5TH FEBRUARY wud bring change in look of the world map his every sentence hit my heart stronger than the last one and what an energy he has such a firm believer he is of and only Allah and his prophet muhammed(pbuh) he understands each and everything in the world is happening from USA TO INDIA trying to do with us the support of Israel

  2. http://amuntazir.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/i-am-not-against-pak-india-dialogue-hafiz-saeed-in-first-public-speech-after-mumbai-attacks/

    this is a gooood summary of the event i m talking about
    proud of being a Muslim a Lahori and a Pakistani

  3. A muslim bigot in denial, 62 years and four wars later, still hopes to achieve the impossible…while Pakistan is being consumed in its own fire of hatred !

    • @neel123 – penis worshipper

      lol lol lol …hahahaha

      A 2 cent statement from a bunch of penis worshippers ..who are responsible for the demolition of an ancient mosque…neel, can you please for once dislodge ur head out of ur royal menstruated cows ass ??

      and has ur supreme court taken back the verdict according to which a man’s penis in UR ass is a fair game ?? 😀 😀

      People who have slaved 400 dalits and other lower castes…forced them to eat rat shit …and whose women and mothers can be seen dancing naked on international television ..shouldnt be preaching morality ..u understand

      Ur own minister chidam-bastard has admitted the involvement of none other than but ur OWN indian citizens.

      40% of naxalites territory is not in pakistan

      Kashmir is not burning in pakistan

      khalistan is not in pakistan

      and Hyderabad is certainly not in pakistan 😀 😀

      The world can see which country is being consumed from the inside 😀 😀

      welcome to a failed state India 😀 😀

      now go and have urself penetrated from the back 😀 😀


  4. @Neel

    Now the ball is in PAKSITAN’s court. Now you can bark watever you can.

    You played with fire since last 8 yrs in Afghanistan.
    Now its reaction would completely perish you from this earth.

    Inshallah our demands now are just limited with KASHMIR. We wil not keep quite until INDIAN administration disintegrates….

    We wil not keep quite even if your ministers come on our land bending on their knees.

  5. We will not keep quite until STATE OF HYDERABAD is granted freedom.

    Awsome……Inshallah we will support every other insurgency in INDIA now. We wil give freedom to all the indian states who wants freedom.

  6. What more evidence does one need of this man being a terrorist. He is openly calling for Jihad. And the Pakis still pretend he’s oh-so-nice…

    • Jihad is the pride of every “practicing” muslim just like our beloved prophet Muhammed pbuh. Ans yes inshAllah not only the deccan but the entire India will be liberated but Allah wont give this honour to just anybody. We must prove to Allah we are worthy, and guess how do we prove it ? By coming closer to Allah . Loving what he loves , hating what he hates .
      “none of you is a true believer until his wishes are parallel to the shariat i brought’ (rough translation pls check hadith source for proper) -Muhammed pbuh

  7. .. But I still think PC needs to meet him. It’s time to talk to everyone – even a terrorist. Let’s not make the same mistake as the Americans made in Afghanistan (no talks) and the Pakis continue to make (denial)

  8. @abused

    I think u were involved in a horrific incident where u lost ur self dignity and have been suffering from a manic depression ever since.

    Have u ever looked at ur open terrorist bal thackeray and his cronie gang of shiv sena ??

    The world over knows the kind of rat shit he comes from and finds support in a piece of trash such as urself …where the world has seen the biggest supporter of terror as the indian government. 😀 😀

    Why dont u go and catch the mumbai perpertrators sitting in RAW who are the real bastards..

    Otherwise we pakistanis will be next to kick ur ass..if the as whopping u got in Australia wasnt enough 😀 😀

    Happy penis worshipping 😀 😀

    • We have Bal Thakrey you have Hafiz Saeed. For every nutjob we have, you guys seem to have ten. Fortunately, unlike Pakistan, Thakrey has support only in a few suburbs in Mumbai (but ofcourse, you didn’t know that did you)

      And regarding Pakistan kicking our asses, I believe we chopped you in two in 1971 AND we grabbed Siachen in 1984. I’d suggest you go back and hide in your dad’s salwar and wear bangles

      • @Amused
        Get a life no one believes the fake $h!t u guys have spread about Hafiz Saeed. If you do have credible info why don’t you ask you government to go to interpol??

        I dunno why before telling us about 1971 u guys forget 1947 when we created pak and when we took Azad Kashmir from you guys? I would have suggested u to go hide in toilet but coz u guys don’t have any I suggest you apply vermillion and hide in ur dad’s LUNGI!

      • “For every nutjob we have, you guys seem to have ten”

        …wait a second, that really dont add up. We are around 200 million people not 12 billion as you would have us to believ Mr.

  9. India is heading for the dialogues with pakistan. Like in the past India has always used dialogues for time killing and kashmiri movement and people killing. It does not look like india is serious about solving problems which is proved by the BJP spokesman in this program


    Check it out yourself what they think about resolution of kashmir. Pakistan army and leadership should be careful althogh one should not hope for much good from Zardari but if he at least shows some guts and not compromise pakistani and kashmiri stake and interests of pakistan then it will be appreciated by pakistanis. Well said by Hamid Gul in Frontline (listen it yourself on 5th Feb Frontline – Expressnews program) that India in the past has done the same thing and their leadership is in disarray after the decision what NATO and Yanks have taken on leaving Afghanistan that they will be in trouble once they leave and pakistan and China are going to kick their ass and sooner or later their pussycat superpower dream is going to an end and thats why they want to come to the dialogue but it does not look like they are serious.


  10. @Dan Qayum
    we shouldn’t be using word “Sunni Muslim” ,”Shia Muslim” or ” Wahabis Muslim” in our articles. These r the terms of enemies who want to tear ummah apart. There is only one word Muslim n that’s it. Do not fall for western n American trap.

    • ha ha ha…. this coming from a person who’s country did not recognise it’s only nobel prize winner because he was an ahmedi muslim. Funny… but blame that on CIA/RAW/MOSSAD as well.

      • err buddy Ahmadis do not fall in any of the categories.

        Please do your research before commenting

        they are NOT muslim. they have their own prophet .

      • Just checked. Pakistan is the only country that does not recognise Ahmadis as muslims. Everyone else calls them Ahmediyya Muslims. Since when has God given your country the right to decide who is and isn’t a muslim 🙂

      • Pakistanis are psthetic.

        They claim to all for islam.

        Yet they are the biggest receivers of aid from USA ,a christian country, and china a country which persecutes muslim minorities of xinghur.


        And look at them,even shia processions and mosques are not safe from these sunni fanatics.

      • @Amused
        Pea brain the most basic thing in Islam is to believe that ‘Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h is the last prophet’ and people who go on believing that there is some new prophet they can’t be considered Muslims! No sane Muslim would accept such crap which clearly goes against the Quran.
        FYI many Ahmeddis are serving as high ranking officers in the Pak army!

        Dumb@$$ if you read articles here people are against the aid taken by our corrupt leaders! Nobody is supporting them for taking aid which we all know is never going to reach the general public!
        I dun really like to get into the Shia/sunni thing coz I consider myself Muslim only but just for your info last year a ‘sunni’ high ranking cleric Sarfaraz Naeemi was killed during Friday prayers for speaking against the fake Taliban! In jan when a bomb attack took place during Shia procession the sunni were with them and even announced 3 days of mourning and attended there funerals in large number! So stop talking crap!!

      • After a long time – hearing from 2 Pakis who can actually talk instead of going mental 🙂

        Agree with your premise of Mohammad being the last prophet as a tenet of Islam, but surely you can’t kill people because they believe something else.

        Remember – judgement is something for God to do… and not bearded muppets in the Lal Masjid.

      • Its the elite and corrupt leader who are running pakistan and its policies.

        Your Army,ISI,FC and other forces are all heavily dependent on US and foreign aid.

        They have no option.

        If they do not take it,the defence gap with India(which as it is wide) will be even wider.

        The USA has always armed pakistan .

        The anti-shia SSP (Sipah-e-Sahaba) and the LEJ (Lashkar-e-Jhangvi)are very much strengthened by the rise of Taliban and Al-queda in Afghanistan.

        The afghan taliban was and is supported by Pakistan.

      • @Amused
        Who said you should go around killing non Muslims just coz they believe differently?No one said that… It is forbidden in Islam to kill innocent ‘human beings'(Jew, Christian, Hindu etc) and they should be punished for doing so. One can only invite people to Islam but if they are not interested they should not be forced and they should be given freedom to worship whatever they want.
        I don’t like the morons of Lal masjid and just coz somebody has a beard that does not mean he is a real Muslim and represents what Islam is all about!

        We know our leaders are corrupt we don’t need confirmation from you!
        If our army was so interested in US aid they wouldn’t be speaking against the KL bill.

        Defense gap is definitely big you guys need tank which can be used at night! Your air chief has said ‘as far as the defense goes we don’t even match up with Pakistan’ etc etc.

        Yes we know Pakistan created Taliban and US/KSA were with us in doing so! The Afghan Taliban are doing nothing wrong they just want to get rid of the Americans/Nato soldiers they don’t give a damn to what happens in other countries and are not even interested in attacking and killing innocent people!

  11. “Amused” must be workless after the yanks didnt renew his companys telemarketing contract so he got a lot if time to kill on Pakistani forums.

    Judgement is for the court of law – on earth atleast, yes? According to them Qaidianis are what they preach.

    • I may be unemployed, but atleast I’ll have a job. I won’t need to end up a suicide bomber like you Pakis seem to end up !!

      • @Amused
        Ahem ahem ‘Pakistani suicide bombers’ eh??
        Read this by an Indian –
        Recently Lt. Col. (retired) Jayant Rao Chitale once again openly admitted training suicide Hindu bombers although he tried to reject that only Hindus are part of suicide squad by saying that the suicide squad was secular.
        Lt. Col Chitale, the dictator of “Maharashtra Military Foundation”, while speaking to the media said “Ours is a truly secular suicide squad. Every Indian is welcome to join my suicide squad.” The training session for the suicide squad, takes place near Vasat village at Ambernath, an industrial town, which is over 50 km from Bombay, from where according to Chitale a batch of 30 students has passed out in the last 15 days.

        Earlier another Hindu terrorist Shiv Sena called for forming ‘Hindu suicide squads’ to tackle terrorism in India. After openly admitting training Hindu youth for suicide bombing, Chitale said:I have been requesting the government for the last three years to form this suicide squad. “I have sent letters to the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, President Abdul Kalam and the army chief about the formation of these suicide squads, but there was no response. So, I started the training programme.”

      • @amused: as i said you have to do your research before you post .

        Islam does not have any boundaries. Be they nationalistic,racial , language etc .

        After the dissolution of the ottoman empire and the caliphate in 1924 the muslim world was cut up in nation states by the european colonisers so we could not unite and threaten christiandom like we had for 1300 years . (But prophet Muhammed pbuh prophecised this time and also the revival of the caliphate(christian europe cudnt control the muslims united under ond caliph so they broke us in secular democratic states after working on this plan for 400 years . We ruled a sizable portion of the world united til the 17th century when our fall started And we were finally defeated in world war 1 .3 march 1924 was the day our last caliph sultan abdul hemid the second was deposed by the new secular leader of moderm turkey mustafa kamal who chose to wage war againdt islam and he failed! I feel sorry for the punishment awaiting him ) (to know the golden age of islam under the caliphate watch “qurun-e-aula” and muslim conquests under the caliphate watch “yeh ghazi” )both are available on the home page of this website. Even if you hate our beautiful religion and zaid hamid you can still watch it to learn about us from our perspective . It will give you better points to argue with us next time 😉 )

        back to what i was saying : since islam does not recognise any national boundaries any large body of muslims today like pakistan , of the state muftis/scholars of pakistan rule the ahmedis/qadyani as heretics than all the muslims in the world can not go against it unless another mufti/scholar club refutes it with proper proof from the quraN and sunnah . Pakistan as a state recognises them as heretics because the parliament passed it as a law . The other countries do not recognise them as their parliament did not pass it as a law. Islam is not dependent/limited to a man-made systems (democracy) parliament where people are passing legislative laws(which is against islam because only Allah decides the legislative laws) the muslims duty is only to pass administrative laws to better safeguard the holy-legislative laws. Hence otherr countries(be they secular democracy or monarchy) not labelling ahmedis/qadyanis as heretics do not save them from earning Allahs wrath after they die.
        If you knew all of this you wouldnt have made your last 2 comments which were on the bases of either ignorance or disinformation.

        About the other pakistanis arguing with you and hurlimg personal insults i sincerely apologise they may be representing the un practicing /un disciplined muslims but not the practicing muslims of pakistan . Our beloved prophets pbuh behaviour was so beautiful that even his polytheistic enemies saw the true light of islam . Yes when the polytheistic enemies didnt understand nicely he destroyed them on the battlefield like the way inshAllah we willl destroy india with the help of Allah the almighty. I would like you to come and discover the truth-islam our a muslim perspectice for once instead of your media or the jewish owned western media. I want you to be on the right side when the war takes place . Mark my words my friend – victory will be ours and if you have any doubt go study history.

  12. We muslims have our own set of laws . Islam is the only religion which has a economic , social and political system defined. And we prospered under them for 1300 years until the caliphate was destroyed in 1924 . The era started after this has seen the worst part of our history because we are divided under man made theories like nationalism , secularism , communisn etc etc . InshAllah the caliphate will be revived again soon , prophet Muhammed pbuh promised it than again we will rule the world. Thats why im saying to argue with us you have to know what we stand for,our beliefs and our history, i suggest you start by qurun-e-ula and yeh ghazi available on the home page . Also FYI islam didnt start 1400 years ago . The last prophet pbuh came then . Our prophets(pbut) include the first man on earth Adam ,Noah,abraham , Moses , Jesus etc . If christianity is the name of the set of rules/beliefs prophet Jesus pbuh brought than we muslims are more christian than christian themselves because we practice Jesus’s pbuh practices better !

  13. Also Lal masjid was not what you saw on tv . It has its own inside story and guess what ? It dosent concern you . My advice like always go do your hw , research before you comment next time.

  14. islam is the religion of peace and security.it aimed at well wishing of all the segments of the world.islam is a practical religion and it emphasizes on practical course of peace and security.to attain peace and security muslims are bound to struggle against the evil forces to restore peace in the world.islam is being targeted now a days by anti islam forces to give it a bad name,but insha Allah islam will dominate on all the hostile and evil forces one day.i advise west and america not to terrorise the peaceful islam.jihad is done for the glory of peace and security in the world so i invite all the anti islm forces come and know/learn islam.all the problems will be solved.

  15. To, emperor babur and shoib,
    You think you want to take away kashmir, and still you not gonna rest? Take away whole of india ? And what do you think we hindus gonna do? Haath pe haath dhare baithenge? Kashmir is what keeps India secular. If, god forbid kashmir secedes from India, India will become a hindu rashtra, and we will do to muslims minority 12% in rest of India, what you did to hindu minority in kashmir. Try taking away amarnath, the holiest hindu shrine equivalent of your haj . See what happens in India. I will unleash my strom troopers to wipe out islam in India in 3 days flat. Oh, I am from mumbai and belong to shivsena , try fighting me. Forget about our internal problems. If there is one thing that unites ALL indians is hatred for pakistan.

  16. If there be a plebiscite in India-occupied Kashmir there must be the same in pak-occupied kashmir. This is the only condition put forth by India which ‘al-pakeezah’ read ‘Pakistan – Weapons of self destruction :D’ reject each time. Why?Is Pakistan insecure of it’s own governing policies in the region? Is the Pakistan “government” or whatever the joke it is, capable of handling a sensitive region like Kashmir? Will military and jamaat-sponsored terrorist insurgence stop then? If the answer to the last question is yes ,then what else is needed to prove that all acts of terror against India have their roots in Pakistan?
    People in Pakistan feel that all India has is hatred for them . Name one terror-act in Pakistan which was sponsored by India as opposed to the numerous ones originating from Pak.The pak handlers didn’t think twice b4 attacking temples.It’s not like India can’t retaliate in military fashion.But people here are opposed to the killings of innocent people alongwith the conspirators.Protecting people like Hafiz Saeed openly symbolises pakistan’s hatred for India.
    Besides even if people in kashmir were to vote they did rather do so for an independent state rather than cede to Pakistan even in which case I wouldn’t think terror acts against India would stop.As there is a saying in Hindi “Kutte ki dum kitni bhi nalli main dallo tedhi ki tedhi hi rehti hai”

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