Afghan Taliban To Execute US Soldier If Aafia Not Released

February 5, 2010

The News, Pakistan

PESHAWAR: The Afghan Taliban on Thursday demanded the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist who has been convicted by the US court on charges of her alleged attempt to murder US soldiers in Afghanistan, and threatened to execute an American soldier they were holding currently. They claimed Aafia Siddiqui’s family had approached the Taliban network through a Jirga of notables, seeking their assistance to put pressure on the US to provide her justice.

“Being Muslims, it becomes our religious and moral obligation to help the distressed Pakistani woman convicted by the US court on false charges,” said a senior Afghan Taliban commander. The commander, whose militant network is holding the US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, called The News from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan and threatened to execute the American trooper if their demand was not met. He claimed Aafia Siddiqui’s family had approached the Taliban network through a Jirga of notables, seeking their assistance to put pressure on the US to provide her justice.

“We tried our best to make the family understand that our role may create more troubles for the hapless woman, who was already in trouble. On their persistent requests, we have now decided to include Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s name in the list of our prisoners in US custody that we delivered to Americans in Afghanistan for swap of their soldier in our custody,” explained the militant commander.

He claimed family members of Dr Aafia told the Taliban leadership that they had lost all hopes in the Pakistan government and now Allah Almighty and the Taliban were their only hope. Later, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also called The News from somewhere in Afghanistan and owned a statement given by the Taliban commander.

The militant commander alleged that the US soldier, whom his fighters kidnapped from Afghanistan’s Paktika province near the border with Pakistan’s troubled South Waziristan in June 2009, had admitted his involvement in several raids in Afghanistan. “Since he has confessed to all charges against him, our Islamic court had announced death sentence for him,” the Taliban leader claimed.

The same Taliban faction released a video of the captive US soldier on Christmas Day. Taliban said they had been shifting the soldier all the time due to the search operations by the US and Afghan forces. He said the only way Americans could save life of their soldier was to release 21 Afghan prisoners and the “innocent” Pakistani lady.

Most of their prisoners, he claimed, were being held at the Guantanamo prison. “We believe that like the Israelis, the Americans would be ready soon to do any deal for taking possession of the remains of their soldier, but it would be late by then,” he stressed. Dr Aafia’s family could not be approached for comments on the Taliban claim.



  1. Oh shit… not a good idea

  2. afghan taliban zindabad, And India Hindustan Murdabad

    • Chillate reh gandu… chillate reh. Loudspeak chahiye kya?

      • @amused

        Listen man, you might be an Indian but i am a higher caste than u – understand !

        The only migration i know off is when millions of pakistanis migrated out of India to pakistan…it has never gone the other way round.

        you sound like u had a dick in ur ass by a pakistani which is why u behave this way.

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  3. WHAT??????

    this is really disturbing if this is true…..i thought they were not crazy extremists….Islam does not permit this sort of tit for tat behavior….if this happens it will be a GREAT SHAME for all Muslims…….I hope this is a rumor or a statement from TTP and not Afghan Taliban…..

    • My friend i understand where u r coming from. You can disconnect yourself from this “strict” version of islam if its hard to digest but i am sure you have some common beliefs with the “ashamed” ones. like u know maybe 5 times namaz etc . Please dont leave those. Its not your fault, its the enviroment(media etc) that you have been brought up in that makes muslims look like extremists when they do prisoner exchanges and the israelis look like patriots when they do theirs.

  4. “Islam does not allow this type of tit for tat behaviour”

    your line looks pretty by the sight of it, islam the religion of peace !! how can it allow the execution of an american soldier ? A soldier who put his life at stake for the liberation of the opressed afghan women and to bring democracy n freedom to afghanistan . But u have to analyse the context and the situation . Salahuddin once said ” i do not know if islam was spread by the sword but i do know that it will have to be defended by the sword”

    second advice to you my brother in faith. Learn islam from authentic sources such as schlars/ulema and than base your arguments instead of having “personal opinions” on islam . Im sure ur personal opinions dont override your doctor’s medicine presciptions when ur standing at the medical store.

    I hope i didnt offend you in any way, if i did i apologize. Allah knows all intentions either way.

    • Dekho POW aur baat hai …execution aur baat hai….at least as long as he is alive he is a better bargaining chip. And yes i too listen to Zaid sahibs shows …he seems to be a very wise and patriotic pakistani … Dont paint with the same brush u paint liberal “burgers” with…but this statement of afghan taliban seems not like the best course for them to pursue…
      Wasalam bro

      • This is called “gherat”. It’s the moral code of honor, which prevails among pakhtuns.

        Once a sahabi also killed a jew in khaibar who was molesting a female Muslim gem trader.

        Islam permits it.

      • Bro, i did not paint you into anything. I have no right to judge you, even if you really are one of those “liberal” type(that you talk about) even then i have no right to judge you.

        It was just out of good faith i said just practice the basics of Deen and learn it from authentic sources before passing “personal opinions”. You have all the freedom to do so , i cant stop you but it would lead you further astray as you will find there is no end to it. Shaytaan will not rest until he makes you argue to the point that all you care about is arguing jut for the sake of arguing !

        Once again “dekho POW aur baat hai… execution aur baat hai , as long as hes lives hes a bargaining chip ”

        (you think thats something they already dont know )
        you have your personal statements.. please read what i posted again and you will understand what i was trying to say. (the doctor example specifically)

  5. We Love u afghan talibans.Go ahead ALLAH is with u.

  6. Assalam-0-alaikum :- Dear all brothers ans sister, first of All May Allah bless us with true rightous path of Quran and Sunnah. Ameen.

    See my fellows it’s all part of a Big Conspiracy thoeries by West (American, Israelis and Indian) against Muslim Ummah.

    Taharika Taliban Pakistan( TTP ) is American Made Terrorist Group, who are working for America’s plain against pakistan to break up pakistan. There job is being instructed by Americans, is to destroy and create and Civil War sort of Situation in the country so that pakistan internally weaksup and destroy by there own people by fighting and killing each other.
    See American now is too weak as they are facing defeat in Afghanistan by Real Taliban of Afghanistan. and pakistan is too Big for them to fight a direct war, that’s why they are waging a civil War in pakistan by Bomb Blasting in different Muslim Communities of pakistan.

    Wakeup my friends, when will you wakeup. it’s already too late, why are you cursing each other. please for Allah sake for God sake Wakeup.

    See these people’s are portraying a wrong image of Islam and pakistan. because they are actually american agents, even american indian and israeli intelligence agencies are working with these fake pakistani talibans like organization, so that there name could not be come on front and they use the name of taliban to break pakistan.

    Never forget What Quran Said about these Kafirs, Jews and Christains, they are very cunning Enemies of Islam. American government, Indians and Israelis are the real peoples behind every Terrorist Activities Taking place in Pakistan.

    because pakistan is the only Neuclear Muslim State his army is Alhamdulillah very strong and best of all we a very good Muslims. This is very dangerous thread for Satan Devil Worshipper( Zionist American, Israeli & Indian Government,because they are the follower and worshipper of Devil( Satan) just using the name of christainity, jeudaism and hinduism). Infact they are non of it.

    So my friend Dr Afia is very innocent girl, it’s a miracle that she survive for so many years and it’s impossible for her and her family that they try to contact Taliban because Dr. Afia has nothing to do with the Talibans of any type.

    it’s a fake, lier news just to badly effect the case of Dr. Afia case which already been publicize in the whole world, Americans are trying to protect there self what they did with Dr Afia, they Rape her, they shout a bollet on her, they Sexually Abuse her everyday.

    Try to Understand the real game of These Wealthy people who are controlling the world goverments for there selfish desire of getting maximum profit from Wars, killing, Bloodsheds, Violence, Civil wars etc.

    Please do not fight with each other, please do not fight with Shia’s , do not fight with christains, do not fight with anyone. because all are human and pakistani.

    Try to identify your real Enemy.

    May allah protect us from all Evils, Ameen, AMEEN AMEEN.


  7. Great Work Talibs!!!1 these ppl are the real mujahids.Aafia is innocent we all know , but shame to this paki nation and esp Musharaff in who’s era she was taken from KHI.
    On the flip side that american POW is on the wrong side invading muslim lands and talibs have all the right to execute him.
    Long live Taliban!!!!(Afghan Ones)

  8. by Jeremy Scahill

    Three US special forces soldiers were killed in northwest Pakistan this week, confirming that the US military is more deeply engaged on the ground in Pakistan than previously acknowledged by the White House and Pentagon (see ” The Secret US War in Pakistan,” November 23, 2009). The soldiers died Wednesday in Lower Dir when their convoy was hit by a car bomber in what appeared to be a targeted strike against the Americans. According to CENTCOM, the US soldiers were in the country on a mission to train the Pakistani Frontier Corps, a federal paramilitary force run by Pakistan’s Interior Ministry that patrols the country’s volatile border with Afghanistan. A Pakistani journalist who witnessed the attack said that some of the US soldiers were dressed in civilian clothes and had been identified by their Pakistani handlers as journalists. The New York Times estimates that there are sixty to a hundred such US special forces “trainers” in Pakistan. Capt. Jack Hanzlik, a spokesman for the United States Central Command said there are about 200 US military personnel in Pakistan.

    But the geography of Wednesday’s attack–in the northwest of the country in an area where the US has no on-the-ground aid presence and where Pakistani forces have struggled against the Taliban and other insurgents–reveals just how close to the epicenter of the action in Pakistan the US military is. According to CENTCOM, the soldiers were not members of Delta Force or the Green Berets, instead classifying them as “civil affairs” trainers. Officially, CENTCOM describes this mission as part of an expanding “partnership with the Pakistani military and Frontier Corps,” providing “increased US military assistance for helicopters to provide air mobility, night vision equipment, and training and equipment–specifically for Pakistani Special Operations Forces and their Frontier Corps to make them a more effective counter-insurgency force.”

    In military parlance, these above-board US “training” forces operating under an unclassified mandate are “white” forces, while operatives working for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) would be classified as working on “black” operations, sometimes referred to as Special Mission Units. Since 2006, JSOC teams have operated in Pakistan in pursuit of “high-value” targets.

    “What we’re seeing is the expansion of ‘white’ Special Operations Forces into Pakistan,” says a former member of CENTCOM and US Special Forces with extensive experience in the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater. “As Vietnam, Somalia and the Balkans taught us, that is almost always a precursor to expanded military operations.” The former CENTCOM employee spoke to The Nation on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the Pakistan operations. He characterized the US military’s role with the Pakistani Frontier Corps as “training in offensive operations,” but rejected the idea that at this stage these US trainers would cross the line to engage in direct combat against Taliban forces. That does not mean, he says, that US military forces are not fighting in Pakistan. “Any firefights in Pakistan would be between JSOC forces versus whoever they were chasing,” he said. “I would bet my life on that.”

    What has gone largely unmentioned in the media coverage of the deaths of the three US soldiers in Pakistan is the role private contractors are playing. While the New York Times reported that “The Americans’ involvement in training Frontier Corps recruits in development assistance was little known until Wednesday’s attack,” The Nation first reported on that program–and the US involvement in training the Frontier Corps–last December. A former Blackwater executive told The Nation that Blackwater was training and advising the Frontier Corps, working on a subcontract with Kestral Logistics, a Pakistani firm. The presence of the Blackwater personnel in Pakistan was shrouded from the public, the former executive said, because they worked on a subcontract with Kestral for the Pakistani government. At times, he said, Blackwater forces cross the line from trainers or advisers and actually participated in raids. “That gives the Pakistani government the cover to say, ‘Hey, no, we don’t have any Westerners doing this. It’s all local and our people are doing it,’ ” said the former executive. “But it gets them the expertise that Westerners provide for [counterterrorism]-related work.” After the US soldiers were killed on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility and said the dead men worked for Blackwater. “We know the movement of US Marines and Blackwater guys,” said Taliban spokesperson Azim Tariq. “And we have prepared suicide bombers to go after them.” The United States dismissed the claim about Blackwater as “propaganda and disinformation.”

    While the former CENTCOM employee said the US military’s training mission in Pakistan (he is against using contractors for such missions) is in the “US interest,” he cautioned that there is growing concern within the military about what is perceived as the disproportionate and growing influence of JSOC’s lethal “direct action” mentality on the broader Special Forces operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As The Nation reported in November, JSOC operates a parallel drone bombing campaign in Pakistan, carrying out targeted assassinations of suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, “snatch and grabs” of high-value targets and other sensitive action. JSOC, a military intelligence source told The Nation, also operates several secret bases inside Pakistan. These actions are deeply classified and not subjected to any form of comprehensive oversight by Congress.

    With General Stanley McChrystal, who commanded JSOC from 2003-2008, running the war, forces–and commanders–accustomed to operating in an unaccountable atmosphere now have unprecedented influence on overall US military operations, opening the door for an expansion of secretive, black operations done with little to no oversight. “The main thing to take away here is a recognition and acceptance of the paradigm shift that has occurred,” says the former CENTCOM employee. “Everything is one echelon removed from before: where CIA was the darkest of the dark, now it is JSOC. Therefore, military forces have more leeway to do anything in support of future military objectives. The CIA used to have the ultimate freedom–now that freedom is in JSOC’s hands, and the other elements of the military have been ordered to adapt.”

    The former CENTCOM member said that what is unfolding in Pakistan is part of the Bush-era philosophy, continued by the Obama administration, of “preparing the battlefield.” He sketches out a pattern wherein “black” operations are followed by “white” operations and then conventional US forces. That “preparing the battlefield” justification was often used by the Bush administration to circumvent Congressional oversight of clandestine military operations, particularly when McChrystal was running JSOC. The CIA is legally required to brief the Intelligence committees on covert operations, while JSOC has traditionally operated outside the purview of Congressional oversight. “This allows the JSOC/Special Mission Units more freedom to expand or absorb traditionally CIA missions,” he says. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy Stephen Cambone “embraced this model–so have Obama and [Defense Secretary Robert] Gates–and it persists to this day.” He added that “there is a deep, deep resentment” of the influence of JSOC within “the Special Forces community” under Admiral Eric Olson, commander of the Special Operations Command and Vice Admiral William McRaven, the current head of JSOC.

    What is clear from Wednesday’s attack on US soldiers in Pakistan is that the US military is becoming increasingly entrenched in the country. In late January in Washington DC, US and Pakistani military officials gathered under the umbrella of the “U.S.-Pakistan Land Forces Military Consultative Committee.” According to notes from the meeting, they discussed CENTCOM’s operations in Pakistan aiming to “enhance both U.S. and Pakistan Army COIN [counterinsurgency] capabilities” and “potential US COIN Center/Pakistan Army interactions.” Among the participants were representatives of the Special Operations Command, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs–Pakistan Afghanistan Coordination Cell, the Office of Defense Representative–Pakistan and a Pakistan delegation led by Brigadier General Muhammad Azam Agha, Pakistan’s Director of Military Training.

    The United States does not publicly acknowledge US military operations in Pakistan. On CENTCOM’s website, they are described in vague terms. “We will of course continue to target, disrupt, and pursue the leadership, bases,and support networks of Al Qaeda and other transnational extremist groups operating in the region,” declares CENTCOM’s Pakistan page. “We will do this aggressively and relentlessly.”

    Since President Obama’s inauguration, the administration has downplayed the role of US military forces in Pakistan. In July, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke said bluntly, “People think that the US has troops in Pakistan, well, we don’t.” On Wednesday, after the US soldiers’ deaths, his tune changed dramatically: “There’s nothing secret about their presence,” he said. One thing is certain: as the situation in Pakistan becomes more volatile and the US military presence in the country expands, it will become increasingly difficult for the Obama administration to downplay or deny the reality that a US war in Pakistan is already underway.

    • And here comes another article ; )

  9. […] Read full article […]

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