Lecturing Pak to accept Indian domination

February 4, 2010

Following the US invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, the people of Pakistan remained apprehensive about its role and future designs in South and Southwest Asia. Majority of analysts believe that the US has a long-term broad based agenda of regional domination with the intent to contain the rising Chinese influence and a resurgent Russia. Besides, it intends to dominate the natural resources of Central Asia and Caspian region to either deny the region to China and Russia or establish its own subsequent control there.Apart from these bigger agendas, the bulk of the Pakistani masses have been concerned about three legitimate consternations, which seriously threaten the safety and security of Pakistan. The first is the threat to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal from none other than the United States. The second concern is about the growing US interest in procuring land in Pakistan and use of Pakistani air bases for the drone attacks in FATA. The third issue, which even gravely bothers Pakistan’s security, is the unprecedented Indian involvement in Afghanistan, which also is likely to have a direct linkage with United States.

In order to address the Pakistani concerns, US high officials have made extraordinarily visits to Pakistan in last few months. These visitors include; Richard Hallbrook, Admiral Michael Mullen, General David Howell Petraeus, and the US secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The last and very infrequent visitor was the Secretary of Defence, Robert M. Gates. Prior to his visit of Pakistan, Mr. Gates had visited India. In New Delhi, the Secretary audaciously supported the Indian viewpoint in regional politics and tried to convey to Pakistan that India is regional power and other states including Pakistan will have to accept its hegemony. While replying to a question regarding the possibility of future terrorist attacks in Indian soil and its likely response, Mr. Gates categorically said, “It is not unreasonable to assume that Indian patience will be limited, were there to be further attacks”. The statement harked back the memories of the period of President George W. Bush, whose only pictogram is present in the Obama’s cabinet in the form of Robert Gates, the former Director of CIA.

Secretary Gates’ statement has three undertones; first; Pakistan is responsible for terrorist attacks. Second; the US will support India to launch an offensive against Pakistan in case of any terrorist act, which even may be India’s own stage-managed drama like; an attack on Indian Parliament in December 2001, Samjhauta Express bombings of Feburary-2007 and Mumbai attack of November 2008. Third; any act of none-state actors, who may be from any country, religion or ideology can trigger war between India and Pakistan.

In his meetings with the civilian and military leadership, which also include off the record lecture cum debates and later during a selective media interaction, the visiting US Secretary of Defence tried to elucidate the U.S stance on Pakistani concerns. The Defence Secretary made it clear that, “The United States does not covet a single inch of Pakistani soil. We seek no military bases here and we have no desire to control Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.” Mr. Gates also declared these concerns as tainted perceptions and nothing more than cynicism, spread by “same enemies threatening both Pakistan and the US within the context of terrorism” and are creating dissection in the Pak-US relationship.

Regarding the Indian involvement in Afghanistan and its covert activities for the promotion of terrorism in Pakistan, the visiting dignitary expressed the view that, since either country has its concern about the other’s involvement in Afghanistan, therefore, back channel discussion should act as a forum. Debate during these meets should be transparent, while taking into account each other’s concerns. We regard the Secretary Gates commitments, but how can we ignore the ground realities. On more than one occasion, the US officials have confirmed that they have been using some of Pakistani air bases for air attacks on Afghanistan and are still using at least two of them for drone attacks in Pakistan. The US State Department also proclaims a tacit approval of drone attack against terrorists from the Government of Pakistan. Surely, this is an overt use of Pakistani soil rather a covert one.

The US may have no intention to establish military bases in Pakistan, but the people of Pakistan would like to know about the likely uses of hundreds of acres of land, purchased by the United States in Islamabad, Dera Ghazi Khan, and Karachi. This is coupled with enhanced strength of US nationals in Islamabad, Lahore, and elsewhere in Pakistan in the guise of diplomats. More so, U.S nationals have been permitted to hire hundreds of houses and were issued licences of prohibited bore weapons. Police and intelligence agencies have tried to arrest quite a few of them in Islamabad and Lahore, while carrying such weapons, but the authorities had to set them free on the orders of Interior Ministry. Does the US really need such an armed diplomatic corps in Pakistan, or else, another East India Company is in the making? Acquiring land on three strategic locations by the US gives out many speculations about its future designs. Veiled in the guise of security staff to the US embassy, there is presence of hundreds of the Blackwater personnel in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and may be elsewhere in Pakistan. Amazingly, our Interior Minister is constantly denying the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan, a truth accepted by the US Defence Secretary during his recent tour. What is not understood is why we try to be more loyal to the US than its own nationals are. Being a Pakistani national, Mr. Malik could have the courage to accept their presence as Ex, if not Blackwater. The masses would also like to know why their heavy luggage, either sealed in wooden or tin boxes, were allowed to pass through the airports without legal formalities of screening during immigration.Concerning Pakistan’s nuclear programme, how we can believe the wordings of Robert Gates, when on a fortnightly basis we receive a new version of threat and US contingency to control it, about our nuclear programme. Apart from its think tanks, and powerful media, US officials have expressed their reservations regarding the safety and security of Pakistani nukes. After having known the effective command and control system, being exercised through National Command Authority (NCA) and Strategic Plans Division (SPD), should the US and others not trust once for all that Pakistani nukes are as safe and secure as the ones with the P-5 countries. Had there been any nuclear theft case in Pakistan like India, where three such cases took place in 2009 only? Besides U.S itself being the first nuclear proliferator, India has been involved in the proliferation of nuclear material and technology to and from many countries. Nevertheless, the international community and the U.S have never pointed a finger towards it. They mistakenly expect that Pakistan would give them access to its nuclear weapons. It is indeed a hard-earned capability by the Pakistani nation, never to be compromised at any cost.

It is very unfair to believe that, America, being an occupying power in Afghanistan, is unaware of Indian activities against Pakistan, while making use of that soil. In most of the cases, the militants use Indian and even Western origin weapons against Pakistani security forces in FATA as well as in Balochistan. At the official level, Pakistan has provided evidence of Indian involvement in these terrorist activities to the US as well as to India. Therefore, Roberts Gates’ over-generalization cannot absolve him from the reality. As the sole super power, US should adopt an unbiased approach while dealing with the nuclear-armed neighbours of South Asia. Moreover, the US needs to be more judicious, while matching its deeds with its words and commitments.



  1. Competing with a many times larger and stronger India is not a viable option for Pakistan any more, now that US economic support for such absurdity no longer exists.

    Also, going against the Americans would mean a big economic mess for Pakistan, apart from the ongoing crippling social unrest.

    Pakistanis have little choice, they may chose to come out of their denial, or they may continue to be consumed in their own fire (and eat grass, as Bhutto envisaged) !

    • What is more interesting to me as a Pakistani is that we are the 5th largest country in the world (just crossed Brazil) with around 200 million people. As far as India being more powerful: why dont you start acting powerful then? What is keeping your powerful military from invading The Indus Vally people? Your power consept my be workable for those who do not know you and have not fought you in the battlefield. With the introduction of nuclear weapons of mass destruction the number game is break even. One strike is enough to finish off an whole attacking force.

      So you see Neel: Bharat can not reach its dream position as a world power unless the bhartis makes peace with The Indus Vally people and work out the Kashmir dispute. This has been stated over and over again by Western and even bharti
      think tanks.

    • Another thing:

      India can never project force abroad in a meaningful way when there is a hostile nuclear power right next door. So all in all it is in bhartis interest too to work out all the disputes they have with The Indus Vally and settle the Kashmir dispute once and for all.

  2. @Emperor

    You Pakis are still in denial mode. And talk about 1000 years rule.But you are no match to us.
    Our culture is supreme,glorious,has been and still is there.We are proud of it. Watch:

    Good luck

    • @ ask.jeeves.about.a.toilet

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      Heck even ur national anthem is written by a pakistani – Allama Iqbal .

      and the retard malu talks about some pathetic non-existant and mythical culture…

      Good Jokes

      Dimissed ! 😀 😀 😀

      • Hey Emperor

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        DIG for god sake and then cover it up !

        Culture – my ass ! 😀 😀 😀

      • national anthem is written by Tagore. The national song was written by Iqbal.

        Actually Paki national anthem was written by a Hindu … go digested that, Ignoramus!!!

      • lol lol lol

        So it is ask.jeeves ..who is posing as emperor.babur 😀 😀 😀

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    • Your culture consists of drinking cow urine and holy prostitution of devdasis…want more??? the age old tradition of sati aka widow burning is still rampant in rural India!!.I suggest you visit the Ganges too see how much shit flows around the “holy” river or better still why not participate in the next Kumbh Mela to see naked junky sadhu’s indulging in orgies!!

      You Gandus must understand that we did rule India for a thousand years…and history always repeats itself!

      We’re no mach for you because 650 million people in our country don’t live on streets or drink cow pee!.We’re not the home of AIDS and prostitution and neither do we worship cows.monkeys,snakes,tigers,elephants,nature or anything that moves!.Indians and Gandu’s are the biggest RETARDS the world has known and should be exterminted like vermin that they are.

  3. @ ask.jeeves.about.a.toilet

    lol lol lol …hahahahahaha

    Is that all you can find ur dirty malu ?…a freaking 2 second youtube video on ur generation OLD culture/..lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀

    I thought you had “plendy” of culture…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Go back and get some more !! …and by the way look at TAJ MAHAL, KUTUB MINAR, DELHI FORT, Bollywood Khans.\

    Heck even ur national anthem is written by a pakistani – Allama Iqbal .

    and the retard malu talks about some pathetic non-existant and mythical culture…

    Good Jokes

    Dimissed ! 😀 😀 😀

    • wrong as usual

      our national anthem is written by tagore. our song is written by Iqbal

      • @ emp.babur

        i understand ur jealousy of indians. but calling me names wont give u an indian citizenship.

        i am talking about national song. hope u r not too retarded to understand that

  4. Ooops,
    @Emperor,Sorry yaar.That video in the link,not yet availabe.

    Visit “symbiosis01” and watch “A Trip To Khajuraho,India”.

    Sure you will enjoy it.

    • i understand that pakistanis want to be indians. that is their biggest envy. but using my name will not give u a passport to india

  5. Guys, Is she a CIA or RAW agent?? I doubt she is one.. please check!!


  6. The quality of this discussion forum has been ruined by trigger happy pakistanis using bad language and over interested indians who has nothing new to come up with exept the same old retoric.

    I urge all that if you can not be good friends then atleast we can be good enemies: lets agree to disagree and stop posting for the sake of posting.

    Another thing: there are 1000’s of indian forums out there and our indian guests should start making use of them insted of ours.

  7. The key factor for Pakistan at the moment is to eradicate the snakes who have entered our home and the ones siting next door, be it West or East. The extent of their hostility towards us is a confirmation of our threat and strategic capability.

    Alhamdullah, we are progressing and advancing our capability with each passing day. Let them plan and scheme, as they have always done, victory is for those who have faith and are well prepared. Their game plan is now fully exposed, it is now only a matter of time before the grain shall be seperated from the stalk.

    We have 1400 years of culture to look at with an empire reining from South East Asia to Europe. Our culture and our identity is just one, Islam. We created Pakistan for this very purpose. Best judge of the depth of any culture is the level of its influence and its appeal to the masses. Why is Islam the fastest growing and spreading by conversion religion in the world? Islam is half the age as Hinduism, yet in majority? Islam has spread to all continents of the world yet Hinduism is only confined to a narrow base of Hindustan?

    Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Zindabad, Pindabad.

  8. USA is trying to push India into war with Pak, knowing that if Pakistan goes into war, it will attract young ppl from every Muslim country.

    They want reduce number of young Arab Muslims in Mid-east to encourage Israel to continue its expansion into Muslim territory.

    US is openly showing that it’s war is really against every Muslim living on the planet.

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