India Accepts Its Nationals Involved In Mumbai Attacks

February 4, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Indian Home Minister, P. Chidambaram on Thursday revealed for the first time that an Indian national by the name of Abu Jindal could have been involved in 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Chidambaram said that voice samples of the suspect were absolutely necessary to establish his identity. He claimed that Pakistani authorities had recorded Abu Jindal’s voice through phone conversations. The Indian home minister claims that he had asked the Pakistani government to provide these phone records but Pakistan had refused to handover the voice samples to Indian authorities.



  1. absolutely no doubt about it that Mumbai was India’s following of 9/11. They needed it to go aggressive against Pakistan with doctrines like coldstart and all. the funny part is while in Pakistan, pakistan army has an overt leverage in pakistan’s internal matters for its security, there is a greater covert influence of RAW in indian government which probably indian officials dont even know. that is why sharm al shaikh was a matter of such a sharm (shame) for manmohan when he was thrown evidence of indian involvement and all he could do was take a gasp of taken by surprise. and the RAW keeps doing things in collaboration with notorious MOSAD and CIA while indian officials don’t know a thing. after all, if your intel agencies are keeping you in dark, what much can you do. And Pakistan warned india then too and it does now too, stop the dirty game in pakistan thru Afghanistan and leave the region, you have no role to play there. Go to iraq or haiti whatever if you so want to help humanity.

  2. It is well documented that Pakistan is providing shelter, training, arming and using the anti-India muslim traitors against India, Dawood Ibrahim is the most prominent one.

    No wonder Dawood’s men would provide logistical support to the attackers in Mumbai.

    And the only way to fight the Pakistani state sponsored proxy war and terrorism, is to pay Pakistan back in the same coin !

    That is exactly what is happening in Pakistan now. Pakistan will continue to be consumed in its own fire, as long as there is no change in Pakistani state policies, long after the Americans are gone.

    • im sure it must be documented in the indian constitution in since 1947 neel. after all, its so shows in indian foreign policy.

      Although we really want peace in the region and we are striving and sacrificing but you are more than welcome to pay whatever to pakistan in whatever coins you prefer, because i believe, ultimately one way or the other india has alot to pay to pakistan for whatever it has done and is doing to pakistan.

      we already have taken care of all fires. today we stand victorious and the propaganda is finding places to hide on TOI. so please forget about pakistans fire and take care of one burning at your own home with fresh ones starting now. you dont hail from a first world and these big words do not really suit a petty mouth. you people still cant figure out what cities are for what castes and races and you talk of fire in pakistan. buy some iron cladding because as i see it, its a civil war readying in india about these so many issues of maoists, dalits, other minorities, sikhs, marathians, mumais, sena, rss, bjp, congress, and so on and so forth. please concentrate on that. but anyway, i see absorption of bharat into pakistan in future one way or the other. you people are welcome to join us, lets be one country again and let the perfect system of humanity – Islam – rule us.

  3. If pakistan was playing proxy war in india, it was finished by india back in 2002 after 9/11 [The responsibles of that incident are yet to be revealed] by the mediation of “world powers” which cannot play any role to resolve the core issues between pakistan and india. They played a greater role only for india.

    Secondly, pakistan is not burning in its own fire rather india is fuelling this fire or playing proxy war through afghanistan.

    in my opinion, 26/11 incident was also staged by indian government/officials like they staged “shooting incident on indian parliament” few years back and same was revealed by Himan Kurkure in an investigation. This was the sole reason that Himant was the very first victim of 26/11 incident. Which indicate a certain & possible involvement of indian government , offcials or indians individuals themselves.

    The india’s secularism propoganda is well described by the incident of massive killings of muslims in gujrat by the orders of Nirender Moody by burning a train. The statement of one of the responsibles of this terrorist activity remained available on you tube depicting indians’ role in terrorism and hate for muslims and especially for pakistanis.

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