India can’t impose war: Mushahid

February 2, 2010

LAHORE: PML-Q Secretary-General Mushahid Husain Syed has stressed that there is an urgent need to initiate the process of composite dialogue between Pakistan and India for the resolution of all problems, including Kashmir, and to maintain long lasting peace in South East Asia.

Speaking at a seminar on “Pak-India Relations in Changing Scenario” at the Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS), Punjab University, on Monday, he said Pakistan and India were the only two nuclear armed neighbouring countries that had an outstanding controversial dispute like Kashmir.

He said the path to a durable peace in the region lay in settling the Kashmir issue in the light of UN resolutions.

Presently, he said, Pakistan and India were evenly-balanced because the supremacy of India in terms of numbers and traditional armaments had ended after Pakistan attained nuclear power status in 1998.

“Neither India can impose war on Pakistan like it did in 1971 nor Pakistan has now any apprehensions of such a war or aggression from any quarter,” he said.

At the most, he said, India could indulge in conspiracies to isolate Pakistan through diplomatic efforts, intervene in Pakistan’s internal affairs by sponsoring acts of terrorism or subject it to water aggression by depriving it of its water share.

Mr Syed said the biggest hurdle in the normalisation of relations between both the countries was the prejudiced Indian behaviour that harboured aggressive designs against Pakistan.

He said three important developments had taken place in the world scenario recently that had made the global situation conducive for Pakistan.

He said the significance of Afghanistan and Pakistan had increased in the US priorities as compared to India.

He said the US had lost war in Afghanistan and was desperately looking for any safe and honourable passage out of the morass. He said the passage for enduring peace and stability in Afghanistan pass through Pakistan.

He said the third important emerging development was the rise of China as an overwhelming political and economic power in the world arena. So, he said, the 21st century belonged to Asia.

He said the US was becoming weaker and weaker with every passing day on account of its worsening economic conditions.

Now, he said, the political and economic leadership could work out a doable strategy in the light of national objectives and goals to seek optimal advantage for Pakistan by exploiting these three emerging favourable developments.

PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said the US was looking for a safe and honourable exit from Afghanistan due to sacrifices and historic resistance put up by the valiant people of Afghanistan.

CSAS director Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar also spoke on the occasion.



  1. i cant believe he gave this statement. i wish he is being sarcastic but if true, this guy is living in a fools paradise. india is threatening pakistan of nuclear and limited wars and all with americans talking on indias behalf instigating india to go to war with pakistan guaranteeing its support and this guy is enjoying a good night sleep. ofcourse india is going to not only isolate but impose a war too. everyone knows that, just what kind of world these politicians live in !

    • Shah Sahib is a patriotic pakistani who is talking having Pakistan’s nuclear power status in mind. He as well as we know India do not dare a full out war with a nuclear and rocket power. While it has been a Bharti think tanks dream to capture Rawalpindi and Islamabad it remains a dream. All they can hope for is a limited war with a surprised air attack followed by special ops. Again its a hope from their part. But as of now it has not been possible because they dont know at which level Pakistan will advance the war to after several statements from Islamabad and Pindi that “they will start, we will finish” and “next war will be a quick war and the last war between Pakistan and India.”

      Our deterrance is what is protecting us and as long as it is intact no one, included Hindustan, will not dare to attack as and risk everything.

      • so basically youre saying that there isnt going to be war ever cuz pak got nukes?

      • What I am saying is that India can not afford a full invation if a nuclear power. These people want to fight limited wars which can some how be controlled. But wars has their own dynamics and India can not be sure to which extent Pakistan will go to defend its suvereignity.

        But in a case where our command and control ia eliminated by terrorists, indian target bombings or american intervention then all bets are off and India will find the window of oppurtunity it has been looking for.

        As for now: all they can do is to support terror inside our country.

      • this statement should only be taken as self confidence and morale builder but you cant cushion on these things. we ve to prepare for a worst case scenario. and while youre saying as long as we have nuclear warheads nothing will happen, i can tell you a war will be imposed with us having nuclear weapons. cold start basically means the same thing. Start a war when everything is Cold, give maximum damage and retreat before the other party thinks of response. with this strategy you should remain alert for war 24/7. i tell you when will this war precisely start: when india is armed with a formidable ballistic missile shield. usa has already offered india with patriot missiles and you know basically patriots are pretty good shields. after all, russia is crying for nothing on these shields. i say, expect a war soon. pakistan has to develop much sophisticated cruise missiles because only cruise missiles can evade BMDs. baniya will attack you when it knows success is guaranteed. these preparations are for aero india shows. but yeh, morale builder statements help in another way. nevertheless, i wouldnt agree on him being patriotic. he may be a little better but i couldnt agree more with saying none of these politicians have the potential or vision of taking pakistan to its destiny. they are all pretty much of same lot. but yeh, some are better and mushahid may be a little better than rest but then these people arent any less in corruption and all. dont put too much faith in them. they are no use.

  2. indeed…. where he was when he was information minister during the kargil war! tub b sorahay thay ajj b sorahay hain janab!!

  3. Let us see the ground reality! Pakistan accusses India in engaging with it militarily, but history proves otherwise:
    * 1948 war started after Pakistan regular & irregular troops attacked Kashmir.
    * 1965 war started after Operation Gibraltor.
    * 1971 war started after Pakistan airforce bombed India.
    * Kargil war started after Pakistan occupied Kargil during cold vacant months.

    Now, let us look at who is using terrorists for strategic gains. Mushraff himself claimed that he supported terrorists. Headley’s admission come brings into light ISI involvement in Mumbai attacks.

    Some in Pakistan blame India for TTP – an Islamic Taliban that professes its origin with Sharia. Any half minded human can understand whether this makes any sense!

    I know being born in Pakistan is not an excuse to become terrorist, neither does it prove any right to attack another country.

    So far all wars started by Pakistan, Pakistan decided the time and place of attack. Please think for a moment if India was hell-bent to take revenge, God-forbid what will remain in your country

    • Bharti peoples sence of history never stop to amaze me. It is called “selective history”.

      1948: Kashmir War of Independance was conducted largely under Kashmiri (Azad-Kashmir) command. Getting help from fellow Muslims when India was to land full force in Srinagar makes sence. No Kashmiri or Pakistani recognise a Dogra dictators sign on a paper just as no
      Indian recognise the suvereign Muslim rulers of Hyderabad Daccan and Junagar to either become a part of Pakistan or be independance. This is called “selective history”.

      1965: Operation Gibraltar was Not cunducted inside India but on a disputed Muslim area as Kashmir is a disputed area even under UN resolutions. It was India who crossed the international border.

      1971: the biggest lie us often the most significant. You people are spoon fed with lies that 1971 war starded after Pakistan started bombardment over India. Rubbish! Pakistan has nothing to gain going around bombing India. That wont give us Kashmir unless it is followed by a ground push. Pluss why would the war be in the east if it is the western part which is attacking? No! The war on an international border was once again started by India. India managed to infiltrate the Mukhti Bani and ga e them full support even long before the war started. Go and check out your dates Mr. Bharti. West Pakistani Air Force only started their bombing AFTER India crossed the international East Pakistan
      border – and that too as a responce. 71 war was imposed on us and we were not even prepared for it – hence the result. This is called “selective history”.

      Kargil: why stop at 1999’s Kargil? Why not talk about Gilgit-Baltistan’s Siachen which was invaded by undian armed forces in 1984? Again: “selective history”.

      As the Bombay drama goes: we really do not care. It is simply not interesting to us. Last time I checked Hindustantimes Ajmal Kasab gave the statemwnt in court that he was forced to submit answers and he infact was under arrest under the whole drama. The Hyderabad Daccani who made a live call on Indian national TV made it clear it was a homegrown operation. How do you explain Indian bombardment of the Samjota Express which at that time was blamed on ISI. Any one with a half brain will understand that Pakistani security agencies will not bomb their fellow pakistanis.

      As far as the Indian link to TTP: it is in the open. Indians were arrested in Swat fighting alongside the TTPs and large amount of indian made weaponry was sized in Swat and Waziristan.

      The Indian support of BLA is even
      recognised by independant american organizations: just google it up for your self.

      As far as any “revange” goes: which “revange”? For partitioning Pakistan? For invading Siachen? For holding on to an entire Muslim state?

      Okey so revange then! Come on! We are right here! If you people really had it in you you would have invaded the Indus Vally long time ago.

      We have our deterrance now. Missiles are ready to be fired. Nukes are ready to be dropped. Neither India nor the world is ready for a nuclear war.

    • You need not worry what will remain of our country in case war occurs because we’ll use all our nukes on Bharat prior to that thus ending your existence much before that of ourselves!

      Remember how our jets showed you the exit door after you entered our airspace after the Mumbai attacks.Remember that if we can create Pak against all odds then can sustain it too so worry about the millions of starving souls in your country or the many insurgencies that are hellbent on breaking India.

      As for Pakistan,Allah is our protecter!.In 1947 we broke you in three parts without an army and can do so again now that we’re armed to the teeth!

  4. Nukes are no deterrence for Pakistan, because if Pakistan decides to use nukes, India’s massive retaliation will not be limited to Pakistan alone.

    Any nuke attack by Pakistan will provide the golden opportunity India is waiting for, to vapourize all the Sunnis within India’s reach from Bangladesh to Libya … !

    • So vapourizing “all the Sunnis within India’s reach from Bangladesh to Libya” is the “golden opportunity” that India is waiting for huh?

      We shall keep this in mind the next time the Indians talk “peace”…

    • What a childish remark!

      Why stop at Libiya, why not further on to Marocco, Indonesia as well as the moon. Hey, do not forget Mars too while you are at it. Fool!

      Anyway, this shows the very nature of these people. Thank God we have our own country.

      And yes Neel Kapoor, nuclear weapons are infact a very effective deterrance. Bharat deard not attack the Indus Vally even after having one million strong army right at the border. Heck, youguys even chickened out after the Mumbai drama.

      You guys are just pathetic! You talk the talk but you can not walk the walk.

      All you people can do is to kill random people in Pakisran by supporting Taliban. But that game too is up after Indian assets were taken out in SW.

      • @ Shah
        Pakistan will continue to be consumed in its own fire, long after Afghanistan is stable and the Americans are gone … !

      • LOL@dream on 🙂

        (Btw, how are the Naxals doin?)

        Pakistan zindabad!

    • lol…neel you people really lack the pragmatic sense of things…you actually want to vaporize the whole sunnis out of this world? ah…so bad dude…why go this extreme? anyway…do you know there are so many sunnis living in usa and the whole of europe? what plans do you have for them?

  5. Five dams being built in occupied Kashmir

    ISLAMABAD: India has resumed work on the controversial Kishanganga hydropower project and has taken up four other mega projects of about 3,900MW on the Chenab and Jhelum rivers in occupied Kashmir that can result in major water shortages and cause a disaster in Pakistan in the event of an earthquake.

    Documents available with Dawn suggest that the Indian government has handed over the security of the five projects to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) — a specialised division of the Indian armed forces that provides security cover to the country’s missions abroad and UN peacekeeping operations, besides private and cooperative establishments in the country. The CISF has more than 130,000 personnel to provide security in highly sensitive areas and regions.

    According to a progress report prepared by the Indian government and the administration of occupied Kashmir after a Jan 10 meeting, seven major water and electricity projects are being executed in the occupied state, besides nine road and infrastructure projects.

    According to sources in Islamabad, Pakistan has not been informed about some of the major projects although India is required under the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty to inform it about a project six months before its launching.

    Pakistan’s Permanent Indus Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah was not available for comments.

    The Indian government’s project update revealed that about 33 billion Indian rupees sanctioned for the 330MW Kishanganga project on Jhelum river in January last year had been increased to Rs37 billion. “Work has restarted after settlement of outstanding issues. The project is expected to be completed by January 2016.”

    Pakistan has been opposing the project for more than a decade because it could stop water flows into Jhelum river. Bilateral talks have so far failed to yield any result to Pakistan’s satisfaction.

    But the most crucial and the biggest is the Sawalkot project with a capacity of 1,200MW. Another is the 1,000MW Pakul Dul project for which Rs51 billion has been allocated and the executing agencies are awaiting forest clearance of 311 hectares and security arrangements to start construction.

    The 240MW Uri-II project on Jhelum river was allocated Rs18 billion, of which Rs8 billion has been spent with 51 per cent physical progress. The project is expected to be completed in February next year.

    Work on the 1,020MW Busrar multi-purpose project on the Chenab has been stalled because of inadequate security.

    Despite Pakistan’s objections, the Indian government has been successful in completing the Bagilhar Dam, having a 474m height and water pondage capacity of 37.5 million cubic metres, because the authorities in Islamabad reacted too late, when the project had reached an advanced stage.

    Indian documents reveal that the Sawalkot Dam project on the Chenab in occupied Kashmir has 646-foot height, which is more than the 485-foot height of Tarbela and 453-foot of Mangla. The project is also higher than the Bagilhar Dam and has 13 times more water capacity.

    Work on the $2 billion dam is in full swing and is monitored by the Indian home ministry, because of the law and order situation in occupied Kashmir.

    As of Jan 6, a 10.74kms access road to the project had been opened.

    The Sawalkot project is located in Doda and Udhampur districts of occupied Kashmir. The project was designed and is being developed by international consortium contractors comprising the NCC of Norway and Hochtief of Germany, including financing and construction, before being handed over to the Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKPDC) for operation.

    Arshad H. Abbasi, a research fellow at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, said the dam would inundate more than 12 square kilometres. He said the dam would be highly vulnerable to earthquake being in the seismic zone of Kashmir Himalayas. The site is close to the Himalayan Boundary Thrust zone where a number of earthquakes have been recorded in the past.

    Mr Abbasi, who had worked with Nespak after the October 2005 earthquake said the nearest epicentre was just 50kms from the project site and the Bhadarwa earthquake of 6 degrees magnitude on the Richter scale had been recorded there in 1947. The Badgam earthquake of magnitude 5.5 in 1967 had its epicentre 70kms from the site, while the strongest earthquake recorded in the region (1905) was of magnitude 8.0 and had its epicentre in Kangra, about 160kms away.

    He said three fault-lines near the place were believed to have serious seismic potential — the Panjal Murree fault close to Damkund, the Sawalkot fault just upstream of the site and the Chakka fault less than 2kms downstream.

    The dam site had some serious geological and environmental trans-boundary concerns that ought to be addressed, the expert said. Otherwise, he added, it could be an environmental disaster for Pakistan as the lower riparian.

  6. Hey guys, Ive just gotten done taking a shit here..in my bedroom.. I dont have a toilet ….can you pakistanis please donate an indian for a decent toilet ?

    Thanks you

    Ask Jeeves
    10 galir, apartment 420
    Dharvi, Mumbai

    • come on guys, don’t sweat the petty stuff…don’t waste your words on this…

  7. mushahid must stop taking hypnotic drugs.

  8. Mushahid must stop taking LSD.

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