CIA Threats To Pakistan: Episode 10

February 1, 2010




  1. plz swap part 3 and part4 they are wrong in sequence….

  2. Bohat ala

  3. V really need to strive hard to achieve our goals n trust only n only Allah then there will b no 1 who can stop us from success.Insha Allah

  4. Allah save Pakistan,aaameen. the puppets in govt. r so corrupt and inefficient and above all big traitors of Ummat, they r still not telling awaam that what happened in the darkness of abu-dhabi palaces, what they did there? have they sold the country and the izzat of Muslim sisters, brothers and their children? i cannot imagine what kind of azaab they gonna get in Aakhirat, because of selling the lives and honour of Muslims.

  5. certainly an eye opener

  6. United we stand, divided we fall. Lets unite to protect Pakistan. I volunteer to be in the Reserve Army. We are sons of a free nation and we shall Inshallah die that way. Pakistan Zindabad, Pindabad.

  7. india is finished, believe me guys.

  8. Thanks for the upload !!!

  9. May Allah swt’ save Pakistan from the secular ruling elite (civil+military)which keeps dancing to American tunes.

    • Ameen
      And we should prepare ourself as reserve army (as my brother said above)
      we are ready to sacrefice for ALLAH(insha-ALLAH) and for our nation.

  10. We r ready to secrifice our lives on this beautiful country.

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