Army investigates reports of Hakimullah Mehsud’s death

January 31, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani army said it is investigating reports that Pakistani Taliban leader Hakeemullah Mehsud has died from injuries sustained in a US drone missile strike.

Pakistani army spokesman Gen. Athar Abbas said the army is using its agents in Pakistan’s northwest where the death is reported to have occurred to try to confirm or deny the reports.

Pakistani state TV reported earlier Sunday that Mehsud died in Orakzai tribal area, where he was reportedly being treated for his injuries. It cited ”official sources.”

Pakistani intelligence officials have said that Mehsud was hit in a US drone strike in South Waziristan on Jan. 14, triggering rumors he had been injured or killed. Mehsud issued two audio tapes after the strike denying the rumors. The state run TV also claimed that Mehsud had been buried in Tajaka village in Mamozai area of Orakzai Agency.



  1. I guess it was a bad move to make a video with that Jordanian who killed those CIA’s in Afghanistan. Made him an obvious target. Fool!

    Going around killing us in our own homes. May all anti-Pakistan terrorists roast in hell.

  2. what a fool!!!

  3. Shah ji…May ALLLLL Terrorists roast in hell not only anti-pakistani.

    • Agree!

  4. Also the faces of these two are not like Mujahideen looking Makroh. Mujahideen always have noor on their faces.

  5. The fool’s video was to implicate Pakistan in Afghanistan. Now that the decision is made to get out of Afghanistan, it is cleanup time to eliminate assets.

    • Ho sakta hai. Possible hai. But the yankee presence will continue in one form or the other. They will most likely keep their bases and operational capabilities. Afghanistan will continue to be a CIA and a RAW base.

      But we have our interests too. We want to see a stable, secure and prosperous Afghanistan which is a friend to all its neighbours and which take actio. To eliminate foreign bad influence: RAW.

      We can not afford to have a RAW presence on our eastern border involoved in anti-Pakistan terrorist activities.

  6. Making a video with the jordanian to claim cia killings makes him anti-american and goes against the zaid hamid idea of him being an american asset funded by mossad/raw out to destablise pakistan. Why would HM want to cut the hand that feeds him?
    Explain please.

    • Intelligence is a dirty business. There is no such thing as a friend or foe as your friend can be your enemy and your enemy friend. While TTP do get their support from occupied Afghanistan there us no way one can trust fanatic terrorists no matter who try to use them for their own interests. As some one wrote: “Maybe the CIA is doin a cleaning job now that a date has been fixed for a pullout”. Allah knows best.

      • MashAllah Zaid hamid is doing a great job but this one really dosent make sense. Instead of blindly believing everything you see on this website do you have a better answer for this one:
        baitullah dies in a CIA drone attack when BT claimed he was anti-pak hence pro cia-raw . Zaid sahab says pakis provided false intelligence and cia hit him thinking he was afg mujahideen boss and not their unstability-creating-fake-mujahid baitullah. Baitulah is replaced by the new guy hakeemullah who appears next to the jordanian double agent taking responsibility for the hit that took out cia 7 agents in khost . This guy was also supposed to be anti-pak and on cia’s payroll. Yet again him and cia attack each other. Now a cia drone hits him and yesterday reports emrge he died of the burns he sustained. Pls clarify this whole episode for me. Why are the pro-cia fake talibans attacking cia and vice versa.


  7. Imran TTP Khan must be very sad on this news. He lost another brother ; )

    • I consider Imran Khan to be genuine interested in Pakistan and for the future of this country unlike the morally weak criminals PPP’s, PML-N/Q, MQM and the mullah grouping.

      But Imran Khan is wrong about these TTP’s. People responsible for 1000’s of death can not be talked to. These people crossed that point long time ago. My dinner was about to revisit me when I saw TTP psyco commanders cutting Pakistani peoples heads off in Swat.


    • Interested or not interested, mark my words, Imran TTP Khan will prove to be the next dictator. And under him, these fanaties(TTP and Wahabis) will continue to radicalise the country. Mark my words.

      • tareen dude, imran khan is not coming into power ever with current form of stooge democracy in pakistan, so cool down. pakistan army has already eliminated TTP. today news is hakimullah is also gone and pakistan is not going into north also. so things are getting well now. don’t propagate TTP. nothing is going to happen with a bunch of terrorists. we have already and we are in future also capable of controlling these mobs.

      • Well said L.

      • Tareen these are absolute words of BS I heard from anyone from this forum yet

        Dictators or no-dictators we’ve been living under dictators for the past 60 years now…. what matters the most is it will be ballot that will elect him to lead the country. He already has contributed alot in the past and has his achievements underway. I think he deserves more than Hilal-e-Imtiaz for the contributions he made for Pakistan and surely he is the right man to get presidency

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