WakeUp Karachi – The Full Video

January 30, 2010

Part 1 of 8

Rest of the clips can be found below:

Part 2 of 8

Part 3 of 8

Part 4 of 8

Part 5 of 8

Part 6 of 8

Part 7 of 8

Part 8 of 8



  1. Jazak – Allah – Khair!!!!
    Picture quality is very low…..

  2. Ek Hou Muslim Harm Ki Ko.

  3. jazakllah, hakim-ul-millat zaid hamid,and dukhtar-e-millat maria b

    • anxoiusly waiting for 23rd March 2010..

  4. the national anthem made my eyes wet = [

  5. Ma Sha Allah,very inspiring.Zaid Sahib has created the stir.It was emotional to see standing ovation to him.

    Now that a forum has been established,the movement will gain strength.In sha Allah

    Bharati chooho,khair manao aur bilon mein ghus jao.

  6. Assalam o alaikum,

    Inshallah this vision will come true soon… ameen
    Jazakallah o khair.

  7. Amazing …
    Pakistan zindabad.
    InshALLAH we will be part of this destiny that is foretold.

    Love PAKISTAN.

    and I swear there is some magic in our national anthem , I cant explain my feelings , I dont want to limit them to words …


  8. 70 hamlay kya hotay hian ?

  9. Great, It is great services to humanity not only Pakistan.

  10. eik ho jao haram ke pasban k liye

  11. Mashallah, It was beautiful to see all Pakistanis singing the national anthem.
    Pakistan Zindabad, Pindaabad.

    • InshAllah pakistan will remain forever. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  12. dekhna aab kitna zor bazu ae Qatil mai hai
    Sarfarooshi ke tamana aab hamare dil mai hai..
    Pakistan zindabad..

  13. INSHALLAH Pakistan will remain forever.May Allah give me the strength to contribute in the success of my country and fallow the path of Allah and His PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH).AMEEN>PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  14. **********the PKKH team**********
    Please take notice of these indians who are cluttering our website with nothing but utter trash. And take notice of the insulting remarks they are regurgitating against our Prophet (PBUH). This is meant to generate a discussion amongst Pakistanis not accommodate trash talking by these social isolate low life indians. Recently we’ve seen indian masquerading as Pakistanis and using our nicks to spread their trash. They were duly caught after much prompting and their comments were removed but the very next day they were back again with the same nonsense. Now we don’t have any problems in nailing their asses to the wall but it takes the focus away from the topic at hand. As the Pakistan movement takes more and more momentum and more people visit this site, it is really disgusting to see these filthy comments by these degenerate indians. Is anyone really monitoring these posts.

  15. I always ask one question which never gets the answer i.e

    WHY ZAID HAMID and AQ typoz never bring out the corruption, evil doing by our intelligence agencies?

    And if you are thinking what i am thinking , you know well what i mean.

    I dont know about ZH but AQ is for sure an ISI puppet, may be on payment or freelancer lol

    • i advice u just think before u make any statement … there is a procedure to spend a single penny in our FORCES and as far as ur concerned on corruption there is a department inside military which inquire and check all expenses.u are not required to be so worry

  16. The question of “muslim rights” is an interesting one. I see it more as India’s response to the virulent islamic extremism unleased by Pakistan. The idealogy of Pakistan, nazariya-e-pakistan, is not threatned by India wiping out muslims from India, instead it is threatned by india ensuring the “muslim rights”. If muslims are wiped out of India, then nazariya-e-pakistan will win hands down.

    Events of 1947 led to a dislocation and dismemberment of muslims in India. It led to the rise of right wing muslim extremism in the subcontinent as never seen before. What Aurengzeb and its ilks did in subcontinent is nothing in comparison to what happened and is happening in Pakistan. What we are seeing is the most virulent strain of islamism in the history of subcontinent. We cannot wish away Islam from the subcontinent and if the hindu majority region needs to live peacefully in India then it needs to defang this islamism. By questioning “Muslim Rights” or by feeling wronged for giving muslims their rights. The hindu majority is going to make itself even more insecure and unsafe. So IM and the “muslim rights” is the only way to defang islamism in the subcontinent.

  17. In 1947 Pakistan claimed the leadership of muslims in the subcontinent, on the basis of declaring itself an islamic country and the protector of Islam in the subcontinent. 1971 showed the muslims that pakistan cannot lay claim on muslims of the subcontinent. Now after Taliban the claim of pakistan is completely weakened. Now in the next few decades India needs to regain its right of speaking of the muslims of the subcontinent and the only way of doing that is by maintaining “muslim rights” in India not by questioning or weakening it.

  18. it will be an honor for us (PAKISTANIS) to serve our Forces.thanks for reminding

  19. Islamic Republic may live forever.

  20. Assalam o Alaikum!


    S.A. Uzair

  21. pakistan zindabad
    i am proud to be a pakistani!!!!
    pakistan is in my heart
    i am proud on zaid hammid

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