US wants India to do its dirty work in Pakistan.

January 28, 2010

Does anyone recall a top American official publicly declaring that Indiawould be justified in attacking Pakistan if terrorists struck Indian targets again?

I don’t. Which is why I believe more attention must be paid to what United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates said last week in India, when asked whether he had counseled restraint to New Delhi in the event of another terror strike.

Gates’ reply, “I told all of the Indian leaders that I met with that I thought that India had responded with great restraint and statesmanship after the first Mumbai attack. The ability of any state to continue that, were it to be attacked again, I think is in question…” 

That was more of a threat against Pakistan than Washington has made before. Underlining that, Gates emphasized, “It’s not unreasonable to assume that Indian patience would be limited, were there to be further (terrorist) attacks.”

At that point (in New Delhi, on January 20), it could legitimately be argued that Gates was double-dealing, as America frequently does, sweet-talking India in India before heading off to Pakistan to repudiate his statement. But, this time, in Islamabad  the next day, Gates repeated to Pakistan TV almost exactly what he had said in New Delhi. His words, “I believe that after the tragic attack on Mumbai, India was restrained in its response. But no country, including the United States, is going to stand idly by if it’s being attacked by somebody.”

Interesting, especially the similar phraseology, pointing to a pre-formulated response! Was Washington merely waving the India stick to nudge Islamabad towards greater cooperation in the Af-Pak war? Or, is the US starting to believe that Islamabad is a lost cause, and that India can be used — not just politically and diplomatically, but its hard power as well — to deal with Pakistan?

Unthinkable? Remember that a government’s public positions usually lag, in both time and emphasis, what policymakers agree to behind closed doors. It would be reasonable to assume that Robert Gates, while meeting Dr Manmohan Singh , was even more forthright in signaling America’s tolerance for the use of Indian force.

America’s dwindling patience is evident from more than just Gates’ warning. At the same time that Gates visited Delhi, two former US officials — General Richard Myers, former chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and William Schneider, until recently the Pentagon’s head of technology — were in India, sounding out key opinion-makers and policy-makers about the possibility of a growing military role for India in Afghanistan.

The question at the heart of their discussions was: how best can Indian police organizations, like the Border Security Force, the Central Reserve Police Force and the Central Industrial Security Force, take on a major role in training the Afghan National Police to look after security? Neither Myers nor Schneider seemed even slightly constrained by Pakistan’s entreaties to Washington to curb India’s role in Afghanistan. Myers and Schneider, some might argue, are not from the US government; they merely represent an academic viewpoint! That distinction, however, is far less relevant in America.

Washington works closely with its think-tanks, even outsourcing research that underpins key decisions: e.g. how best can the India card be played to ratchet up pressure on Pakistan? New Delhi’s mandarins must surely wonder if America — losing patience with Pakistan and calculating that US military action against Pakistan would be expensive, bloody, and the end of all influence in Islamabad — was signalling that if India wanted to do the dirty work, Washington would look away.

For Islamabad, though, Gates’ words will be nothing other than a stark threat. Superimposing the India stick on the traditional carrots of aid, weaponry and undying friendship, is a measure of Washington’s desperation in dealing with Pakistan’s reluctance to crack down on Jihadi terrorism. Gates’ new stance will also highlight America’s shrinking interest in cultivating a benign image in Pakistan. Draining the abscess of radicalism is now a greater imperative.

Despite India’s satisfaction, Gates’ understanding is not an unalloyed blessing. Whenever the next major terrorist strike takes place –and Pakistan’s prime minister has declared that he cannot stop one — New Delhi will find its options dangerously narrowed. An inflamed public and a rampant media will challenge Indian policy-makers with the question: what now holds back India from retaliating against Pakistan? With international restraints loosened, Indian strikes on Pakistan’s territory would be a real option, and war not just an academic question.

But how ready for that challenge is the military? After the terrorist strikes on Parliament on December 13, 2001, and in Mumbai on November 26, 2008, the subcontinent stood poised on the brink of war. Despite General Padmanabhan’s brave statement, after the Parliament attack, that India would wage war with whatever equipment it possessed, the army asked the government for more time to prepare. With military modernisation remaining stalled for a quarter of a century, Defence Minister A K Antony and his predecessors have set the scene for potential embarrassment.

India has done the diplomatic heavy-lifting for coercing Pakistan on terrorism. The military preparation, however, remains sadly lacking.

Ajai Shukla

Link: http://news.rediff.com/column/2010/jan/27/us-wants-india-to-do-its-dirty-work-in-pakistan.htm



  1. Indians are using Afghan soil for terror activities in Pakistan. So next time the TTP finds a safe heaven in Afhhanistan via abandon american checkposts we might as well bomb their logistic centers as well: the indian consulate on our border region.

    This would be a proper thing to do.

    And for the hindustani attack on Pakistan: we have been ready since the 80’s. Our nuclear arsenal is there and our rockets and cruse
    missiles are ready for take off!

    With the new AWACs in service no bharti plane would be safe especially when we locked on to their fighter plane when it broke the international border and flew over Lahore after Mumbai-1. Gen.Kiyanis statement was: next time we will shoot it down!

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  2. Can india do it I don’t think india will dare to attack pakistan. If they will then they will see a tit for tat with nukes

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      A sorry race we are.

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    “The girl was bathing in the sea when a person started abusing her. The girl started crying and rushed to her mother, who was on a beach bed. She told her that the man, who we suspect is a tourist named Aman, had inserted his finger inside her,” police inspector Uttam Rautdessai said.

    The accused fled the scene when the girl complained to her mother. The girl was later sent for medical examination to a government hospital in Panaji, which confirmed penetration. //

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  6. The monolithic pursuance of hegemonic bullying policies has not only turned India into a regional rouge country, it has brought the Indians in a state of deep embracement and shame. Wrong policies without pre-requisite means to implement those policies always produce the same results. Mere hollow claims, brandishing of rusted weapons and projection of plagued muscle inevitably lead to embracement. Being a powerful country requires capabilities (in terms of economic, military, civilization, etc.) to translate the strategic policies into the fruitful influence. India has none of these capabilities. Economically, India is world’s largest hunger-house. Military is simply plagued with all types of shortages. Historically living in narrow dark houses in cities that are void of any historical signs or symbols (except those built by Muslim emperors during long Muslim rule of the sub-continent) of a great civilization leave Indians nothing to charm about. For centuries. Hindus thought of travel across the ocean as a big sin. Hindu civilization simply consists of ignorance, superficial believes, and disgraceful cast system (that still plagues the modern day humanity even when a global tide of awareness is sweeping across the world). Disgrace, disgrace. How in world then India can become a regional power? Borrowed, bought, or stolen weapon systems can not make India a power.

    Indians need to rework their security policies. Creating and spreading terrorism in neighboring countries and occasional naked aggression can not be pursued forever. Americans may want Indians to do the dirty work. And that is not the first time that is happening, by the way. You see the last five decades history. You will find the USSR and USA pulling the strings while countries like India keep buying weapons and doing dirty work (by fighting with other countries).

  7. It reminds me of a joke about Pahalwan’s Kushtee.
    When a Pakistani pahalwan challenged his Indian equivalent.Indian pahalwan put forth a mosquito like man and said “First defeat him”.

    Here,America,failing to browbeat Pakistan,is now putting forward Machchar Pahalwan,which is no match to Pakistan.
    India’s answer to America is “MARWAOGE KIYA”

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      I want to personally welcome u to delhi and hand over the government.

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  8. No way.India does not have guts to fight Pakistan.Otherwisw India will be destroyed.

  9. WHO IS BENEFITING FROM THE RECENT TERROR WAVE IN PAKISTAN? Which have been blamed mostly on India, not even on CIA/MOSSAD.

    BE OPEN.



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  11. Gates’ reply, “I told all of the Indian leaders that I met with that I thought that India had responded with great restraint and statesmanship after the first Mumbai attack. The ability of any state to continue that, were it to be attacked again, I think is in question

    That was hilarious! Maybe Gates was also served cow piss cola on his visit. Didn’t the Indians try to bomb Muridke? And we know the results.

  12. Gates’ reply, “I told all of the Indian leaders that I met with that I thought that India had responded with great restraint and statesmanship after the first Mumbai attack. The ability of any state to continue that, were it to be attacked again, I think is in question.

    That was hilarious! Maybe Gates was also served cow piss cola on his visit. Didn’t the Indians try to bomb Muridke? And we know the results.

  13. The USA does not have resources anymore to maintain a 3-front war. Hindustan has always wanted to take over Pakistan. But the permission has not been given yet. Everything will be orchestrated with a bigger picture. Pakistan has to be paralyzed if not eliminated, before their grand scheme can come to an end.

    The USA (NATO + US-Army) will damage Pakistan as much as possible from all fronts. Weakening the infrastructure skeleton of Pakistan. So a simple blow would crumble it – just like Iraq. That is when Hindustan will get the green card to destroy Pakistan, but to legitimize the aggression a false flag operation will be staged. The USA as an ally cannot really invade Pakistan. And that will be the end of Pakistan. They wish.

    And the grand scheme can be completed.

    But… they forget, since they do not believe, that Allah is the best of all planers. And he knows what we do not. So despair not inshallah. The diamond cannot be polished without friction,
    nor man or nation perfected without trials and tribulations.

  14. We Indians are smarter than you pakistanis can think.

    The US-India relation is only a few years old. There is practically nothing that can be seen as a significant development, except a few arms deals. The nuke deal is more symbolic than anything else, a reversal of three decades of isolating India in the most unfair way ! Do you think that can be erased in a few years, and a few good words ? India is in no rush to sign nuke contracts with the Americans, under any pressure or unfair conditions.

    We Indians have known the Americans for last many decades. It is only the dollar reserves and the economic growth, that makes the Americans sing a different tune now.

    You Pakistanis may rest assured, India will always keep its options open, will never be the pawn of the Americans, will never do their dirty work.

    India will only do what it takes to protect its own national interests.

    • hey neel, your a puppet and you may not know it because you lack the brain to discern so, but the strings are with usa and israel. you think that you will destroy pakistan and then take on the world. first off, you cannot pull off a war against maoists, and you dream of pakistan. Come here people, this is the indian dream: They will defeat and destroy pakistan, they will then defeat china and become the super power of this region…then they will even defeat russia to become the greater super power…and then they want to take on american and become the only superpower of the world. i mean what ever happened to their brains?

      you think you will out wit pakistan, china, usa and israel but that just to it. you just dont have the capability kiddo. and they darn know it well, thats why they keep spooning you with superpower phobia. i tell you they use you like a toilet paper and throw you. they have said it man ! dont you read ! arms and billinaires do not win wars…people do and you have no people to stand by you. how many dalits will fight your war only to see persecution again? you are deprived by default. you give no hope to the world. all you give is biggest AIDS factory, porn industry and a nation defecating out in the open. wake up !

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    Sorry neel123 but please accept it, we are colossal Idiots…and royal brain farts.

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    • LOL!! well said. It is so true, they don’t even realize that its not normal to defecate in the open.


    • I have a proposition for you. Check this out sardar jee: http://dalkhalsa.blogspot.com/2010/01/kashmiris-nagas-and-sikhs-demand-end-to.html

      And before indulging in this pakistan-india talk, ask yourself, on a scale of 1 (min) to 100 (max), how much happy are you in bharat?

      • so if Mr. beeyan singh not happy what whold he do ? come to paksitan ? for what ?

    • @ Beant Singh Khalsa


      Aap ki urdu bohat achi hai

  20. Oiy real Emperor.Babur Khan, bachha you should be glad that cheap Hindu is trying to steal your identity. High brnd is always stolen by cheap robbers and that proves that Hindus are cheap robbers.

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  21. Ta-daaaa

    World rejects India’s Taliban stand: TOI

    //A one-day international conference on Afghanistan on Thursday rejected India’s argument that there were no degrees of Talibanism.

    During his pre-conference discussion with the British foreign secretary David Miliband, external affairs minister S M Krishna had specifically said, “There should be no distinction between a good Taliban and a bad Taliban.” But this clearly fell on deaf ears. It was also unclear whether remnants of Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance, once cultivated by India, would be accommodated in any way.

    Krishna was allocated a seat in the second of three rows of attendees at the conference which in itself reflected India’s peripheral role in Afghan affairs in the eyes of the international community. This, despite India being the biggest regional aid-giver to Afghanistan, with a commitment of $1.3 million. Earlier in the week, Turkey, an ally of Pakistan, did not even bother to invite India to a confabulation on Afghanistan.//

    In doing so, the world and in particular Pakistan said: What part of no you don’t understand? After Russia, UK and USA, does India want to occupy Afg?

    The argument fell on deaf ears because it sports no pragmatic logic and intellect. If India considers that all kind of taliban are same, then we ask: What problem does it has with ANY kind of taliban taking over, be it under Pakistan’s leverage (which has a much greater influence and interest in the region)? Just let the taliban that Pakistan advocates take over, after all, all taliban are same according to india eh? What india should understand is that Afghanistan is not its kind of toy to play with. You cannot really buy off afghans for a mere 1.3 million $ charity. You’ll need much more than charities (read cutting edge intellect) to even survive in Afghanistan for a year or so.

    • Yaar yeh “Ta-daaaa” kya hota hai…..

  22. good new guys. russia-india developed PAKFA 5th gen. fighter has come out. this will replace su-30mki as the 2nd best fighter in the world!!!!!!

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  24. Sukhoi chief is also confident about the cost-effectiveness of the fighter in comparison to its American counterparts –the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II.

    ”The joint Russian-Indian aircraft will not only strengthen the defence might of the Russian and Indian air forces, but will take a worthy place in the world market,” said Pogosyan.

  25. **********the PKKH team**********
    Please take notice of these indians who are cluttering our website with nothing but utter trash. And take notice of the insulting remarks they are regurgitating against our Prophet (PBUH). This is meant to generate a discussion amongst Pakistanis not accommodate trash talking by these social isolate low life indians. Recently we’ve seen indian masquerading as Pakistanis and using our nicks to spread their trash. They were duly caught after much prompting and their comments were removed but the very next day they were back again with the same nonsense. Now we don’t have any problems in nailing their asses to the wall but it takes the focus away from the topic at hand. As the Pakistan movement takes more and more momentum and more people visit this site, it is really disgusting to see these filthy comments by these degenerate indians. Is anyone really monitoring these posts.

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  27. Look at the speed of this confrontation. Comments being bombarded from both sides.

    May be I must take a shelter…..

  28. @Imran Choudhry,


  29. well well. so my replies to toilet licker babur have been deleted. thats ok its not the first time that pakistanis have shown fear in front of indians

  30. Emperor.Babur

    Mere bhai, I fully respect your efforts to give a ‘muhn-tod jawaab’ to the Indians on this forum, but can you please try to use decent language?

    I am not sure if you appreciate how much damage your hate-filled racist posts can do to the image of Pakistan and Islam.

    Allah hafiz…

    • @Khuda Gawah, I totally agree with that. Tone it down Babur. Please.

  31. @Amused. You are no longer welcome here. I will personally make sure all ur posts are deleted for you insulted the Holy prophet (PBUH). Like I said before, we take that very seriously. Mod PKKH.

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