Pak overture to Turkey for attack drones worries India

January 27, 2010

NEW DELHI: Finding the US not overly helpful on arming it with drones and drone technology, Pakistan has now made overtures to the Turkish army

During his recent visit to Islamabad, US defence secretary Robert Gates promised the gift of 12 drones for surveillance. But the 12 RQ-7 Shadow drones cannot send in Reaper or Hellfire missiles which would make them truly lethal and would have provoked an immediate outcry from India. However, experts believe this is dangerous stuff anyway, and it will not take much for Pakistan to reverse engineer them or tailor them for needs other than spying on the Taliban, in other words, to target India.

Needless to add, Pakistan was less than overwhelmed by the offer. Therefore, Indian sources said, Pakistan is now approaching their its friends in the Turkish army for this technology. The Turks were given drones, both attack and surveillance ones, by the Israelis as they battle the Kurds. Whether they are persuaded to part with these for the Pakistanis is another matter, and likely to involve a lot of pre-emptive Indian diplomacy.

India is finding less and less to be positive about in the Pakistan-Afghanistan theatre.

Apart from gifting surveillance drones to Pakistan, the US may be winking at a more robust reconciliation policy with the Taliban in Afghanistan. This will include a greater Pakistani role in the mediation process, which means the ISI will be able to give them greater say in what kind of Taliban gets to be in power in Kabul. This, Indian officials argue, will happen despite US and British “oversight” on Pakistani efforts.

“Their knowledge is pretty flawed, and they remain beholden to the ISI. This is likely to influence their decisions,” said sources. The Pakistani presence in the negotiations comes despite Afghan evidence that attacks like the one in Kabul last week was done by the ISI-friendly Haqqani network.

The reconciliation programme has acquired urgency in the backdrop of President Barack Obama’s withdrawal strategy for 2011. This is of greater concern to India, because it could put a huge question on India’s own participation and future in Afghanistan. Ahead of the London conference on Afghanistan starting on Thursday, foreign minister S M Krishna will try and get a sense from other leaders about the US-led western presence in Afghanistan.

A glimpse of how things may turn out was given by US general David Petraeus when he said, “The concept of reconciliation, of talks between senior Afghan officials and senior Taliban or other insurgent leaders, perhaps involving some Pakistani officials as well, is another possibility.”

Gen Stanley McCrystal, in an interview to Financial Times, said he hoped increased troop levels would weaken the Taliban enough for its leaders to accept a peace deal.

India is increasingly coming round to accepting the reality that some sort of a peace deal could be made. In recent statements, Indian officials have admitted the possibility that people who renounce violence and the Taliban as well as disarm, could be accommodated into Afghanistan’s establishment.



  1. I simply can’t get it. What about the reports that Pakistan has superior technology drones? Why look up to Turkey?

    • imran,

      see, it’s simple. Pakistan has been asking for drone technology from USA to better fight the WoT using its own drones. But what you’re getting confused with is between UAVs and UCAVs. UAV are unarmed drones, UCAVs are armed drones. The reaper drones that USA is using in afghanistan (along with their latest addition sentinel, the beast of kandahar stealthy drone for testing in a live war arena) is a UCAV. While pakistan already has developed UAVs (unarmed drones), it still lacks some advanced knowledge in making of UCAVs. This is so because making advanced drones with enhanced endurance and fighting capability is indeed an advanced technology. USA has deliberately created a confusion over this issue by announcing offer of RQ7 shadow drones. These are unarmed UAVs that are not really need for pakistan because pakistan already has made the falco UAV which is quite an advanced UAV for spying only but cannot be used to arm missiles. Pakistan for this purpose wanted the reapers UCAVs which the USA does not want to give to pakistan, because first off bharat acts like a spoilt child crying everytime pakistan gets a bullet while with them they have the israeli herons and other UCAVs already inducted. They just lack the balls to fight eyeball to eye ball, face to face and on equal terms. They just want that pakistan is left with a basic trainer to fight a war. One F16 and bharat starts crying like a kid going to school first day, while with them they have sukhois, migs, mirages and now MRCA induction lined up, probably going to F18s or eurofighters. But its not only about bharat, theres israel and usa also involved. usa does not want to arm pakistan because it knows it will fight back and spank hindus just too well, may be not even leave usa when the time comes. As for drone technology, pakistan is already in negotiations with china and turkey to produce advanced UCAVs that can be armed to create a balance of force. That will be done soon in a couple of years only. The RQ7 shadow drone is probably what pakistan might take, but wont be of much help because its a much smaller drone than falco and lacks specs and endurance falco is already capable of.


      And here’s a news: USA continues to arm bharat with weapons against Pakistan while restricting Pakistan’s weapons to WoT only. such is the cowardice of bharat, israel and usa.

      US okays howitzers worth $647 million for India

      //Asserting that its sale to India will “improve interoperability with US Soldiers and Marines,” the US defense agency tasked with transfer of military hardware and promoting military-to-military ties has notified the US Congress of the Obama administration’s intention to sell 145 M777 Howitzers to India in a deal worth $ 647 million.// [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/US-okays-howitzers-worth-647-million-for-India/articleshow/5506969.cms]

      Govt set to ink record $2.2bn arms deal with US

      //The stage is being set for what will be the largest-ever Indo-US defence deal till now. New Delhi has now formally approached Washington for a direct government-to-government deal for acquiring 10 C-17 Globemaster-III giant strategic airlift aircraft, each of which comes for over a whopping $220 million//


      • Thanks a lot Layla for an elaborate reply.
        Very helpful for me and very much self explainatory.

      • what happened in 99,84 and 71? dint india kick ur ass?

      • @ ask.jeeves.about.a.toilet

        What happened after the mumbai attacks ?…why did ur fart force pilots run away like mice from lahore after being confronted by our lions ?? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • jeeves, 71 was your mistake and you know it. it was pakistan’s internal matter and you interfered to deliberately harm and and yeah you did, but so what? we’ll return you the favor and there’s nothing your cheapest and biggest porn-making nation can do about it.

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        @ Emperor.Babur, please don’t spread disinformation here. mumbai attacks were not carried out by pakistan. the interpol has already rejected indian proof and their courts cant produce a verdict against pakistan to this day. just because we have some traitors sitting in our gov, doesnt mean all the nation accepts it. no pakistani speaks marathi blah blah. stop axing you own self.

      • @ ask.jeeves.about.a.toilet

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    • Yes Ibrahim soon there will be payback time for the epicenter of terror india when they will be kicked out of kashmir and arunachal by pakistani and chinese army. The coward gen kapoora is saying he can control both china and pakistan in 96 hours. What a joke? He is forgotten the humiliating defeat from our tribes in Kashmir in 1947, In 1958 from China and again in 1965 from pakistan with all their superior weapons. Let this stupid gen kapoora know that wars are not won with the superiority of weapons alone but with courage also which india and its hindu army lacks. Let them pile up these weapons and eventually we will be controlling this stockpile anyway.

      • ur info is 80% wrong

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  7. @thanks saffronslayer

    Anything glorifying India can only come from the back of my rear…lol lol

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  9. I am not sure if finding faults in India and calling Indians by bad names is going to help us improve our own society in any way… Please remember that outsiders coming to this site will read our comments and may form wrong impressions about all Pakistanis… Just think…

  10. Ahem,

    Okay, I think PKKH teams needs to look at the quality of comments posted here. I really don’t think this looks nice on a Pakistani Blogg.

    Pakistani Bhaiyo,

    Yaar, please use a decent language, even if you want to bash and lash someone.

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  11. @ ask.jeeves.the.malu

    thats not India and russia ..thats only russia πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    stop shitting outside in the open..lol lol lol

    secondly its only a prototype and has no advanced avionics or weapons systems because they havent been developed yet. The prototype was still running on washed out soviet built avionics which are no better than a 30 year old jet :d πŸ˜€

    But check this out , India a shitting super fart , with one billion plus population out of which 70 % defecates in the open…cant make a single fighter jet ?

    Yet Pakistan has made the Jf-17 fully operational and now we are moving on to 4th generation aircraft πŸ˜€

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    • india and russia developed PAKFA. indian contribution – 25%.

      what is jf17 anyway? chinese copy of mig21. a second gen fighter.

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      indian made LCA will be out by 2012.

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      • lol….
        LCA projects started in 1986 and still not operational ………

    • Sukhoi chief is also confident about the cost-effectiveness of the fighter in comparison to its American counterparts –the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II.

      ”The joint Russian-Indian aircraft will not only strengthen the defence might of the Russian and Indian air forces, but will take a worthy place in the world market,” said Pogosyan.

  12. the money he sends will only be used by his family

  13. **********the PKKH team**********
    Please take notice of these indians who are cluttering our website with nothing but utter trash. And take notice of the insulting remarks they are regurgitating against our Prophet (PBUH). This is meant to generate a discussion amongst Pakistanis not accommodate trash talking by these social isolate low life indians. Recently we’ve seen indian masquerading as Pakistanis and using our nicks to spread their trash. They were duly caught after much prompting and their comments were removed but the very next day they were back again with the same nonsense. Now we don’t have any problems in nailing their asses to the wall but it takes the focus away from the topic at hand. As the Pakistan movement takes more and more momentum and more people visit this site, it is really disgusting to see these filthy comments by these degenerate indians. Is anyone really monitoring these posts.

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