Pakistan acts to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan

January 26, 2010

By Sajjad Malik

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has successfully mobilised the defunct six-plus-two talks formula to counter the US pressure regarding giving India a “greater role” in warn-torn Afghanistan’s rehabilitation.

Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours – Pakistan, Iran, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as the US, are meeting today (Tuesday) in Turkey to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and to take stock of measures for the restoration of peace in the country.

The original “six-plus-two” also included Russia, but in the new set up Moscow representation has been replaced by the United Kingdom.

The Chinese foreign minister and senior officials from Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan will attend the conference, which will also be attended by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke’s deputy, Paul Jones.

Diplomatic sources said Pakistan has been lobbying for the renewal of talks among Afghanistan’s neighbours in order to foil Indian designs of gaining a foothold on Afghan soil.

Pakistan believes India is not an immediate neighbour of Afghanistan and therefore should have limited role in the country.

Turkey has been asked to convene the meeting, as it enjoys the backing and trust of Pakistan and is accepted as a neutral party for promoting a common approach to the conflict. The conference will urge regional players to work together in order to stabilise Afghanistan and the region.

The revival of the talks group has come at a crucial juncture – on Thursday, around 50 nations will be meeting at the London Conference to discuss the Afghan issue and deliberate on measures to help the war-ravaged nation.

The organisers of the London Conference, like the US, are trying to convince Pakistan on accepting the greater Indian role in Afghanistan.

Destabilisation: “It is not possible for us to give India a role in Afghanistan as it is using Afghan soil to destabilise Pakistan. Also, India has been traditionally aligned with Russia and played a part in the destruction of Afghanistan,” sources said. They said the last meeting of the six-plus-two group was held before the 9/11 attacks and the Taliban had agreed to give 80 percent of representation in the Afghan government to the Northern Alliance. “Since then, fortunes have reversed and the Taliban have lost the government. Now the six-plus-two group will try to pave the way for the participation of the Taliban in the new government,” sources said.

The coalition forces badly need breathing space in Afghanistan following a deadly 2009, in which the force lost at least 504 soldiers, including 305 US and 108 British troops. Sources said US-led forces were giving a thought to Pakistan’s viewpoint on the Afghan conflict, an idea substantiated by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates’ statement during a recent visit to Pakistan that said that Washington was with Pakistan and supported its efforts for peace in Afghanistan.

The presence of both the UK and the US at the Turkish initiative speaks volumes about their interest in a regional solution.



  1. Indians are fuming on this Pakistani effort to cut India to its size. Most of the pain in their neck was caused by the argument that India is not a direct neighbor to Afghanistan and its role, therefore, in that country should be minimal if not zero. Many Indians have questioned the logic by pointing out that USA has no border with Afghanistan and if the USA is having a crucial role to play in Afghan affairs then why not India. I think this silly yet misleading argument needs to be countered. USA is the occupier of Afghanistan and that occupation is a part of the problem [just like Indian occupation forces in J&K are a part of the problem related to Kashmir dispute]. America is a party in this whole Afghan issue by virtue of being the occupation force. And one rouge action (i.e. American occupation of Afghanistan) can not be used for legitimize another rouge action (i.e. destabilizing Indian role in Afghanistan). Also, USA has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on this suicidal misadventure of Afghan occupation with a dream to control the vast natural resources in this region and Central Asia. How can then the regional countries allow India trying to do the same as a proxy? Indians better forget their similar dreams too. They surely don’t have hundreds of billions of dollars to waste for unrealistic dreams (better use whatever dollar you have to feed the dying Indian populace). Also, Indians obviously lack the military muscle and technological capability required to sustain such remote ventures. Begging a role in Afghanistan from world powers is not going to get any thing for India. The past Indian role in Afghanistan since 1947 has proved that India merely used that country to create problems for Pakistan and recently for Iran and China (in partnership with Israel and other members of the evil gang). Pakistan, Iran, and China would not allow India to play that dirty game in future. Even the puppet Afghan government is not enthusiastic about active Indian role in their country. The construction of roads may be a good thing but it can be used to spread bloody and mischievous Indian tentacles in Afghanistan.

  2. dose this formal meetings anywhere in the world can impact an effect on the Indian AGENCY getting power in Afghanistan
    for example if RAW IS getting its network secure powerful and growing day by day under the umbrella of helping the afghan government and secretly operating
    HOW THE HELL CAN THESE METTINGS CAN kick them out of there when they never except it huh any explanation guyz

  3. If our neighbour (Pakistan) is going to use Afghanistan for anti-India activties, we Indians have every right to get involved in Afghanistan..as simple as this…There is no way we can allow Pakistan to run Jihadi camps in Afghanistan. Let Kiyani and everyone know that Things are not going to be so simple this time. Threats of nuclear war are not going to work. Indian public is getting ready for final show.

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