Kashmiris, Nagas and Sikhs demand end to Indian Imperialism

January 26, 2010

On the occasion of India’s Republic Day, a powerful joint appeal Tuesday to the international community by key Kashmiri, Naga and Sikh leaders has highlighted the fundamental conflicts and contradictions at the heart of the Indian state, as well as the unwavering intent of their nations to secure freedom in accordance with their right to self-determination as enshrined in international law.

They issued a call to the international community to play a constructive role in dismantling India’s unlawful hold on their territories, which has been maintained purely by military means at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives since 1947, and to restore fundamental freedoms, democracy and the rule of law in the most volatile region of the world. The leaders included Syed Ali Shah Gilani, Chair of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference in Kashmir, Naga leader Th. Muivah, General Secretary of the NSCN-IM and Kanwarpal Singh of Dal Khalsa in Punjab.

Their message was endorsed by leading organisations based in the respective Diaspora communities which held demonstrations outside the Indian High Commission in London and elsewhere to once again publicly reject the Indian constitution as being applicable to their territories.

Rubbishing India’s claims to be a democratic, secular, peaceable state which complies with its international obligations, they pointed to the reality of a belligerent, militaristic state which oppresses the minorities and nations under its control, which has become a serial violator of international law and human rights.

They said Indian armed forces chief Deepak Kapoor’s recent public comments about bringing both China and Pakistan to their knees within 96 hours of a war betrays the dangerous  and aggressive mindset of the Indian establishment which has already conducted undeclared wars on the Naga, Sikh, Kashmiri and other nations using brutal means, systematically violating basic human rights, as routinely pointed out by the world’s leading human rights organisations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty international.
Pending India’s compliance with the international standards the Naga, Kashmiri and Sikh leadership urged the international community to robustly dismiss India’s pretensions to a permanent seat at the UN Security Council.

“It would be the height of folly indeed to reward a serial violator of basic international norms by giving it the means to frustrate the one international body that can hold it to account,” they observed.

They pledged to work together, along with their friends in the region and beyond, in order to promote a peaceful transition from the current unjust framework of Indian colonialism to a new order in South Asia where freedom, peace and security and justice would prevail.

The withdrawal of Indian forces from these occupied territories would be a pre-requisite for that transformation. Instead of indulging itself in Republic Day posturing, India would do better to reflect on the crimes it has committed and its own inherent contradictions.
Threatening its neighbours and inhumanly oppressing minorities may have become the raison d’etre for ‘Hindutva,’ but these policies offend the very notion of religion and will surely ultimately prove suicidal for  the Indian state.

It demanded ejecting India from all the UN’s humanitarian bodies until it improves its appalling record of mistreating its religious minorities. In August 2009, the United States Commission for International Religious Freedoms put India on its ‘watch list’ of states that fail to protect such groups.

In the UK, Muhammad Ghalib, Chair of the All Party Kashmir Co-ordination Committee,  Amrik Singh Sahota , President of the Council of Khalistan, and the Naga Support Centre all pledged to continue their campaign to enlist international support for the peaceable implementation of their national rights.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, Chair of ‘Parliamentarians for National Self-Determination’, the cross party group at the Westminster parliament which promotes national self-determination, endorsed these demands. Having been recently denied a visa to visit India specifically because of his support for these causes, he castigated the ongoing oppression of these freedom loving nations and urged the international community to hold India to account for its crimes.  Reflecting on India’s refusal to grant him a visa, he noted the move was consistent with India’s attempts to conceal its record by denying human rights groups, UN officials and independent observers access to conflict zones.

He remarked that all this was futile with the true picture is becoming ever more apparent to the global community which will be forced to act sooner or later.




  1. Where are the indian rats and why dont they comment on this article and tell us what is going on in their own backyard.

    • Busy eating rats!

  2. Where is Bindusara boy?
    Now instead of talking about this internal Indian issue, you’ll see, they will direct the attention and derail the topic towards Pakistan. You’ll see it happening if they reply here.

    • Chaudhry Saab

      Aap doctor hain aur aisee zubaan istemaal kartey hain… Don’t you think intelligent, well-educated people like you should be working towards a better understanding of each other rather then encouraging such hatred…

      A well-wisher

      • @ Truth Seeker Sahab (well wisher ji)

        Except “Bindusara Boy”, what did I say wrong, I just stated the fact, otherwise. Aap “reply” ki baat krain aur profession ko chorain. This word “Bindusara Boy” looks funny to me, thats all.

  3. All these agents of China and Pakistan are being dealt with irom fist.

    The Nagas and the Khalistanis are not raising their ugly head soon, the pro-pak Kashmiris are being crushed.

    62 years and four wars later, Pakistan is being consumed in its own fire, while India is forging ahead.

    • Bindusara Boy,

      is there any possibility, in your mind, that there might be something inherantly wrong with India?
      that according you your mind, everything is a fault of Pakistan and China?

      come on, give a reasonable reply.

    • You can’t jude world history in sixty small years!Being crushed your ass these movements are alive and will naturally have the final say!

      You’re indeed forging ahead in filth,piss drinking,AIDS and prostitution so congrats on that!.You’re too blind to see that your end is near.

  4. A chootia of the biggest kind, these gandus have 450 million people just eating, cleaning and licking shit. Nanga Bhooka India

    • Aly saheb

      Maana ke yeh Internet hai aur isme koi nahin jaanta ke aap kaun hain… Lekin aap kya khud say sharminda nahin hotay aisay comments likh ke?

  5. India is a superpower of terrorism and they have proved it time and again. When an indian talks of crushing the minorities what does it say? It says that India is an epicenter of terorism by crushing and terrorising the minorities. Unaremed defeceless Kashmiris are victims of indian state terrorism where indian terrorist army has killed over hundred thousand innocent people. None of the minorities want to live with epicenter of terrorism india. The Hindus recently have been asking question on this forum regarding China that it is not backing paksitan. Well listen banyas the scum of the earth that China has told your father America that pakistan and china friendship is all weather friendship and don’t dictate china what to say about kashmir. WELL INDIA AND COWARD GEN KAPOOR YOUR TIME IS UP AS PAKISTAN AND CHINA WILL CONQUER YOUR TERRIRST STATE WITHIN 9 HOURS SOON. GET YOUR ASS READT TO BE KICKED

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      • @ ask.jeeves.about.a.toilet

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  7. ask.jeeves(another Bindusara boy)

    I can only pity on your reading habit.Try to move around amongst educated people who have their eyes,ears open and who have some brains,and who have toilets in their homes.

    • LOL @ another Bindusara Boy.

    • sure . i’ll do that once u guys give up terrorism

      • we wont give up terrorism coz thats the only language you rat eaters understand…

        by the way india has 174 terroists organisations for it self….. better clean them up first ass-wipe…

      • @ask.jeeves.about.toilet

        Jeeves how can an citizen of a terrorist country like u ..expect us to take up something u have been born with …lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. Rashid bhai

    You say that “we wont give up terrorism coz thats the only language you rat eaters understand…”.

    Well, please speak for yourself. I am sure there are many Pakistanis who don’t share this opinion…


  10. Clutching at straws.

    A few guys signing a memorandum and ooo yeaaaaeh,Paks go into orgasm.

    Arre yaaron who are these guys????

    Syed Geelani?

    He cannot even keep the Kashmiri- Hurriyat together,and he talks about Indian imperialism.

    That guy is free to talk,publish and preach his views in the free air of India.

    Bugger should have tried to exercise the same freedom elsewhere and he would be shot out of hand.

    Nagas have been talking with India and have a cease fire FOR THE PAST DECADE.The same has been extended INDEFINITELY.

    And the sikhs.

    Indian sikhs are the bravest of brave indian sodiers.They have won PARAN VIR CHKARA award in EVERY WAR fought by India since 1947 against Pakistan.They have been our President,Prime minister,Army Chief,Navy,Air force chief,supreme court justice and in many other high ranking posts.

    They have kicked the shit out of pak army.from kashmir to kargil to siachen.

    Sikhs in any case hate pakistani with their heart and soul for the atrocities committed by pakistan during partition.

    So hang on to these losers and continue your dreams.
    To us they do not make the slightest difference.

    • Nobody is bothered about pak since they are not the ones buying US,UK and australian companies
      >apart from madrassas and terrorism they do not amount to anything
      >they nether have capacity nor the wherewithal to present any sort of competition to anyone
      >you throw a few crumbs and bones to pak leader and genrals and they will bow backwards to do your bidding
      >nobody gives the average pak citizen a visas
      >the ones who get are compulsorily stripped and searched
      aise begairati se kise kya fikar!!!!

  11. wat about malus and maharashtrians demanding seperate homeland..since bal thackeray wants that ? 😀 😀

    aur maybe brahman nagar and maybe khalistan, nagaland, assam, osmanistan, i think India can easily be broken down to 50 pieces …like it should be 😀 😀

    write on all this too ! 😀

    lol lol lol

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